WATCH: Stu and Glenn talk backstage at “The Revolution Rises”

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  • Bill

    Glenn my friend. I was thinking while watch the video and you should see some t shirts with the blaze logo on them. I mean you charge $15 and you get free advertising! I love the Blaze and I know I would proudly wear a shirt like that, as I know others would too. just saying.

    • carolyn.perl

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  • Anonymous

    if obama wins again, no revolution because he signed law to obtain anyone “occupying” this year.  If Romney win no revolution because all republicans to comfortable in life to protest anything. prefer check there IRA and by a gun instead using there tablet, wifi from comfort of there gated community.

  • Anonymous

    if you don’t like taxes END the WARS on the people of Earth

    • Anonymous

      all people same, want security, family, clean water and food, and pursuit of happiness.

      “Live simply so others can simply live”

      Politricktions in all countries manipulating people for own personal wealth and gain.

      Bush no different Obummer, Putin no different Romney wake up people

  • Sam Fisher

    This 25 year old doesn’t buy socialism. To do so would be to ignore history. History has shown us socialism is bloody and could mean the deaths of millions. Socialism makes everyone poor and helps no one. Obama proved socialism does not work why because there are 23 million people out there who can’t find work and are underemployed and I am sorry left that is not and never will be a recovery. It is time to vote out the socialist.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I just found your site here. last time I checked to get a hold of you had a monthly cost I couldn’t afford because i am still unemployed, even though I have a Masters in Accountancy.

    I miss your show and learning your views daily, and now after the election results fell hopeless. At any rate Glenn, God Bless you.

    Mary Moore
    Still unemployed in San Diego, Ca

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