Did a lifelong Republican voter claim Mitt Romney was too extreme to vote for?

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There are some pretty ridiculous callers into local radio shows today claiming to be lifelong Republicans that find Mitt Romney “too extreme”, leaving them no choice but to vote for Barack Obama. Seriously?!? Glenn and Pat weren’t so sure this was a real caller when they got on of their own on the radio show today.

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    I listened to some of these calls on the morning broadcast: someone is trying to spoof us or pull our legs with idiotic (but comedic) antics.

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    Anyone claiming to be a Republican who votes for Obama is:

    An outright liar
    An shill
    An quisling
    An turncoat
    An traitor 
    An bad actor
    An bad comedian.

    Or Barak Obama desperate for any vote making an effort to disguise his voice. Of course it could be Pat or Stu having fun once again as well.

    • landofaahs

      Or they are bought and paid for by soros.  Money talks.  

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        True – could you imagine what a thrill Glenn would have if old Soros called in by mistake to his show?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Desy-Nurul-Azkiya/100001601301792 Desy Nurul Azkiya

        :[     :                                do  you  know  gone  will  be  happen?   :[

  • VindicatorX

    I feel this was either a pathetic attempt to influence votes, or a bit. He sounded a little like Pat if you ask me. Personally, I can’t believe anyone in the Obama camp would be stupid enough to do this, but we’ve seen stupid beyond imagination from that side before.

  • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

    Was this a joke or is an Obama staffer doing prank calls again? Maybe it was Joe Biden.

  • Anonymous

    Its hard to figure what goes through the minds of some people. I read an article from a well published German news paper, discussing how most Germans think that Romney is the evil candidate and Obama the good.  Of course, it certainly doesn’t help that Madeleine Albright was recently over-seas proclaiming that “Mitt has a shallow understanding of foreign affairs” and accuses the Romney ticket, as running a “demagogical campaign” 

    A couple things the article did get right, is “the unnoticeable growing hatred plaguing the American political system”. And “Americans have no one but themselves to blame for their growing problems facing the nation – it seems they would rather be lied to than face the truth”

    • SoThere

      I just returned from Germany and you are correct. The Germans don’t want Mitt Romney because he’s not a Socialist and they’re afraid that Germany won’t be able to keep the EU together alone and they are depending on Obama to give the EU money so the Germans won’t go broke. It has nothing to do with good or evil, it’s all about the money!

      The Germans have had to cut back on many of their social programs because they don’t have the money to fund them and they can’t tax their citizens any more.

      • Anonymous

        How right you are, but New York’s governor Cuomo, has just put in his bid for uncle-sam to bail out New York city. It seems they’re broke and are asking the federal government to burden the cost of an estimated $6-Million worth of clean up left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

        The city is tens of billions behind in pension funds, and it knows it can’t just print money it doesn’t have out of thin air – but – the US government can.

        • Anonymous

          EDIT – My bad…that would be SIX BILLION in clean up costs

    • Sandie

      They can see that Obama and the media are lying, and that his millions of dedicated sycophants just lap it up.

      • Anonymous

        Right, who wants a fiscally responsible American administration anyway…”whats in it for me”…seems to be the attitude going around doesn’t it…

        • Anonymous

          Don’t forget the verse that warns…in the end…Everyone will seek another mans wealth. I have a problem with that…I live by “If you don’t work…you don’t eat”. God is a capitalist.

          • Anonymous

            The other day, my wife showed me a small catalog we received in the mail. In it, there were several gifts displayed that could be bought for gifts, things such as goats, yes goats – at a cost of $110.00 Everything from hens-n-chickens and other sorted delicious meaty products, that could be bought by us here and then, sent overseas to Middle East nations – rather friendly to the United States or not. The organization who were pushing these items, simply want to fed to poor and destitute of the world. So I told her, if she could find a fishing-pole for-sale (in the catalog) I’d by one. There wasn’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SpongebobKariuki Richie Tipsy Kariuki

      It appears that most of the world agrees with Germany. It’s not all that shocking if you happen to live outside the U.S. I’m in Australia and support for Mitt Romney and the GOP itself is very low.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah that seems to be the case, but soon, the world is going to see the results of the policies of dumb and dumber, for they will push us even further into the gutter.

        Obama won with style – the only substance the guy might have, is something that can be roll-up in a Zig-Zag.

    • Anonymous

      Well the scripture states that the abomination and desecration is when up is down and down is up…bitter sweet…sweet bitter…black is white…good is bad… We need to perk up our ears because it also states when we see these things happen…the time is short. I saw a great man with a great family and high morals be called a thief-liar-tax cheat-murderer…and then the guy who elevates in his book that he attended school infrequently-smoked-did drugs-experiments with sex-and involved in Marxist professors and Chicago mob like thuggery is elevated as the good guy! I think we have very little time from what I have seen! Abomination? Obamanation? Sounds the same when you say it out loud.

      • Anonymous

        …both will end with the same result…a world smoldering in dust and ashes.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder which progressive will win?

  • Anonymous

    This is pure hilarity (except the fact that this caller represents so many of the unthinking masses) – the man giving three different start dates to his voting just says it all – the rest of the call made as much sense.  They handled it beautifully, just laughing!  What else do you do?

  • Anonymous

    I think Stu was “Barry”.  At first, I thought Barry was a real person and I thought, “This dude has to be high because (a) he’s so happy and (b) delusional.”  Then I realized the voice sounded like one of Stu’s other characters.  So, yeah…  I think Glenn and the gang were in on the joke.

  • bucketnutz

    Our country has been morphed into this welfare state where a hand out is more valued than a hand up. Our banks will collapse under the twisted Obamanomics and our country will be torn apart within the next four years.. Close your bank accounts and buy hard assets like gold and survival supplies including weapons and ammo enough to protect what you have. Seek Rural ground.

  • G S
  • G S

    Romney lost – Glenn licks an ice cream cone like it’s all a joke. We should drop this rodeo clown.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C_bu2ykjO4

  • Anonymous

    Sadly Glenn..youve really missed the point on this one. There were LOTS of people faced with that exact same feeling. That was no joke..and a contributing factor to Obama taking a second term. From where you are standing, you missed the reality of this. This was a very real factor.

  • Anonymous

    The conservatives mis-calculated the actual make up of their own Republican party. IThe party was greatly divided, but along lines the conservatives would have not guessed, or found unfathomable if they had. The makeup of our country is much different philosophically than the Republicans banked on. Obama read the market exactly right. ( one valid example of a Republican voting for Obama would be as follows)..his campaign knew fundamentalist Christians would not vote for a Mormon , viewed still as a non Christian cult ( these are not my words, but what was observed surfacing in comment sections of the Romney vs radio dj video that went viral a day before the election).. Here America heard, maybe even for the first time, the Mormon specific, view of ” the end”.. where Jesus rules from The middle east AND Kansas City Missouri? That was all the cultic non Christian proof they needed, and their conscience would not let them vote for Romney. Its not a stretch to say that Obama recd their vote thinking, fine, he’ll ruin the country in 4 yrs, and we will finally see the death of the Democrat party..bring it on sooner than later, Im in..this is over..Which is exactly the flip side of what many far left Democrats also felt..fine..if Romney wins..the Republicans will die trying to save the nation, they will fail, and we will finally see the death of the Republican party..Fact being..this is a valid and existing scenerio..real American voters, in each their respective party, with a similar ” lets just get this over” view point. If you dont believe there were Democrats who voted for Romney out of anger for Obama not fulfilling their wish list as promised, you are mistaken. Spite happened, they voted for Romney, and said fine..when he fails, we’ll get a real candidate in there who will do what we want..To ignore this political fact is putting your head in the sand. To call them traitors is childish anger..they were fed up. This is why I say..the country has taken on a very different politcal and philosophical dynamic..and the Republican party either completely missed the point, or, completely baited and switchd conservative and Tea Party members ( and took A LOT of campaign money in the process) with a candidate put in that was there soley to loose..thus solidifying their own positions, in a status quo maintained scenerio..Theres only a few things this could have been..but the reality of it is..these Reps did vote for O..and they did it not as traitors..but out of conscience.

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