Someone’s already campaigning for 2016

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  • Madelyn Thide

    Hillary? then we may as well keep obama in… she is not for america, she is for clinton.

    • Paolina

       This is why I say at this point secession may be the only option.

      If you think the Obama election was hard just wait for Hillary in 2016. She’ll be triple as difficult to beat and by 2016 the demographics will shift another 1.5% against the GOP.

      So basically the GOP is done. Kaput. The only hope other than leaving the union would be to disband the GOP and infiltrate the Democratic party and ensure a conservative gets elected in their primary.

  • Bb King

    If a comprehensive Benghazi investigation ever takes place, I suspect Hillary will end up with some mud on her.  She won’t run in 2016.

    • Linda . Strub

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    • John Kostick

      And we can only hope that obama is impeached and sent to federal prison where he belongs

  • Anonymous

    unbelievable real men lose over a black hispanic indian  gay vote…..i am truely sick to my stomach, hillary and obama next with rules like putin in place?
    Wake up america we have to be smarter….obama machine moves people ethnic to areas he is weak for votes changes rules in election and allows blacks to intimidate whites at polls and wear obama gear and have nails painted obama at polling places what country is this????

  • Anonymous

    we need a revolution being taken over by commie thinking

    • Anonymous

      Speak english man!

  • Anonymous

    benghzi hope still there we need to oust him and her that way demand he answer and recall him

  • Janet McEwan

    oh yay total evil

  • Sam Fisher

    This blows. How can people be so stupid and vote for an idiot that is hurting the country.

  • Marie Doyle

    Thanks “Rust Belt” – from now on I am buying foreign cars.

  • tdubs82

    And now Israel must act since the US does not have its back.  All because many want free stuff and voting purely for the color of the skin.  This is a sad day when people will look back in time and state our downfall started November 6th 2012.

  • Emily Hope Horn

    Well isn’t it ironic they re-made RED DAWN… which my husband and I both want to go see

  • John Fiorella


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