Updating: What’s going on at TheBlaze TV studios in Dallas, TX on Election Day

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Update 11 (11:34pm ET):

A pool of experts and commentators look at what four more years of Obama tells us about future of America, Republican party:

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Update: 10:29pm ET:

Glenn gets to break the fast

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Update: 9:24pm ET

Mike Opelka has been watching what the other networks are doing:

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Update 16 (8:31pm ET):

Someone’s ready to start looking at 2016:

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Update 15: (8:15pm ET):



Update 14 (7:37pm ET):

Producer Dan Andros tweets@glennbeck just now on @theblaze coverage “we’re in the break vomiting blood” … yep, it’s nerve-racking…

Update 13 (7:35pm ET):

There is brisket and grilled chicken being served outside of the studio. Those of us updating and working inside are stuck. Fair?

Update 12 (7:33pm ET):

Will Cain and Stu look at the first results that have come in:

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Update 11 (7:17pm ET)

The impact of Libya and the Middle East on this election:

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Update 10 (7:00pm ET):

The first results are in on TheBlaze TV PLUS!

Update 9 (6:45pm ET):

Is there a “War on Women”? The Real News team examine the impact of women’s issues on the election:

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Update 8 (6:30pm ET)

The Real News team is leading the coverage while Jay films in the background

Update 7 (6:21pm ET):

#TheBlaze2012 is trending nationwide (or was, keep tweeting!):

Update 6 (6:00pm ET):

Glenn, David Barton, and Pastor Robert Morris examine the faith factor:

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Update 5 (5:48pm ET):

Glenn kicked things off with a look at the news from the polls:

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Update 4 (4:10pm ET):

Glenn and Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Creative Officer, talk before the big night begins:


Update 3 (4:00pm ET):

We’re going to start updating more and faster now that coverage is starting on TheBlaze TV.

Some pictures from lunch at TheBlaze studios. The menu? All-American hot dogs and bacon wrapped…everything.


And Glenn participated in a BlazeCast this morning during lunch:

Update 2 (12:30pm ET):

Update 1 (11:43am ET):

This morning, Glenn held his morning meeting with the producers of his television show inside the massive Studio A:

It was a long meeting for Glenn, who took a moment to try and relax before things got crazy

After the meeting, he gathered his staff for a prayer before the start of the show:

  • Anonymous

    My Special Election Day Message to Glen Beck Followers… You have put
    your faith in a man who is a dry drunk and believer in magic underwear.
    This is the man who tells you what you should believe. You march in lock
    step with a person whose only interest is to make money for himself. He
    was a failed disc jockey who finally found a way to attract an
    audience by telling uneducated individuals the most bombastic lies about
    American history and current events. He has kept stirring a cess pool
    of confusion among the uneducated. All he wants is an audience to sell
    advertising to and you are it. He is a liar. He is a cynic. He DOS NOT
    LOVE AMERICA. He wants to dismantle our government instead of pay for
    it. This is a guy feeding you crap because he doesn’t want to pay his
    fair share of taxes. He would rather see your sons and daughters die
    then to have a law that makes it illegal not to give people insurance
    for having preexisting conditions. He wants you to lose your house if
    your medical bills become to high. He wants you to choke on polluted
    air. He wants you to be taken advantage of by Wall Street banks. Glenn
    Beck doesn’t want equal pay for women. If you are hit by a tornado he
    would tell you, wow that is too bad. You are on your own! So just
    realize as you sit here getting all PO’d at me for what I wrote, that
    you are now reading some truth on this site. Glen Beck is just another
    in a long line of demagogues like Father Caughlin, Joe Pine, David Duke,
    Jerry Falwell, Rush Turdbaugh and Hannity. They are pawns of the super
    rich. They have no concern for the middle class. They confuse people
    with lies of omission. They have fooled you into voting against your own
    self interest. So, please don’t come at me like I am some kind of
    welfare recipient. I own a 4mil a year company. I am in the 1%. I am a
    job creator in the midst of the recession.  I am willing to pay more to
    keep the things we have as a country. You should be too. So stop
    listening to this idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.wojtowicz.528 Robert Wojtowicz

      “Me doth think thou art a LIBTURD”……..Shakespeare said it many years ago, and it’s still true today.

      • Anonymous

         You vote against your own self-interest and are too stupid to know it. Perhaps your next generation will get an education and learn how the world works.

        • Pitty Zip

           Well Thank the Lord from up above that we have genius’ like you in Washington smart enough to tell us how to live our lives. And you, showing that people like you only feel good about “giving” if others are also forced to. Oh and not giving to organizations/charities you so desire, but also and mostly to government because they are far more wise about how to spend others money.

          If the next generation is anything like you they sure will get an education. Soviet style!

          Bless your heart.

    • Pitty Zip

       Who is upset other than you? And how wonderful it is that you want to pay for this and that to give government the opportunity to be so magnanimous with other people’s money. Go right ahead if you feel so inclined.

      Yet, let’s be clear, do not deceive yourself that if government is freely given the power to use force in one area over it citizens lives that it will not actively seek to do it in all areas. Regardless of party affiliation. Yet, people such as yourself deserve all the government you get.

      Good Day.

      • Anonymous

         The boogie man is not the government. The government protects people. The boogie man is the unscrupulous business interests who take advantage of people. The drug companies that cut corners, The power companies that pollute the air you breath and water you drink. The meat packers who put out bad products. The pharmaceutical companies that are unregulated in Massachusetts causing an epidemic of meningitis that Mitt Romney didn’t regulate when governor. Obviously you don’t know who is most likely to take advantage of you. But go ahead and keep believing it is the government. When you house gets taken away from you because you can’t pay your medical bills tell me how bad Obamacare was then.

        • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

          Yah the government did a great job of protecting Stevens and
          three others from terrorist. 

        • Anonymous

          Interesting argument… I think there are some regulations that need to take place in the marketplace… no question…… you are correct…. but to take it to the extreme of Obamacare and centralized government… Russia is taking citizens because most people are trying to leave.. much success there….

    • Justone View

       Thank you for you keen observation. Now, go get a life. Surly you must have something  important to do.

    • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

      Go away troll. You sir are a lying moron. Because no one who owns a 4 mil company can think that this is the truth. http://youtu.be/8hJ2RYiN0q4
      I guess the Clinton years at 89 cents a gallon where the dark ages so I know you not a company owner because no company owner will be so stupid and vote for a clown who doesn’t understand basic economics so take your bull and go to media matters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pjdub John Wilson

      Blah blah blah blah

    • http://twitter.com/JoanneinSimi Joanne Abruzzese

      You are one of the most uneducated person… Wow… talking about drinking the Kool-Aid… you are drunk with it.  Gas is over $4.00 a gallon, I spend today more for groceries per week for my husband and I than I did when my kids were home.  Clothes cost more… this is all due to the policies of the liberals in the White House and Senate… who have not passed a budget in 4 years.  How does all this help the middle class?  It isn’t the evil rich, it is the endless regulations that the administration has put into place without even going through the legislative branch.  Study the constitution, understand our history, and maybe just maybe you will have an understanding that when George Washington decided not to be a King, he and our founders wanted people to be free from government and did not believe in shared responsibility but personal responsibility.  

  • Anonymous

    It is an intriguing proposition.  I would love to have my life, finances and health taken care of for me.  I would love to do nothing more than go to work and live my life without the worry of paying my mortgage, utility bills and insurance.  I would love to know that the automobile I am given is not polluting the environment and everything I touch is healthy and good for the earth.  I would love to work at a job that allows me to have the money I need to support my family, although my wages wouldn’t really matter if the government was taking care of everything for me.  I would love to have the same stuff as my neighbors instead of having to save for the television and new washing machine I would like.  That would be so easy…work, give everything to the government so they can pay everything for me and allow me to have what they think I should.  Easy life, but at what price? 

    • http://twitter.com/JewelJohnson16 Jewel – Johnson

      @samfisher123:disqus just as Anthony replied I am stunned that a student able to get paid $8939 in one month on the internet. did you look at this website…Key14.Com

  • Anonymous

    Big victory for the main-stream media–they effectively kept the truth at bay. My heart just breaks for the country I no longer recognize. How could our people fall for this? I just got back from Afghanistan–looking from an outside perspective, we are a spoiled, lazy people looking for a handout instead of an opportunity to excel. Barack can now fulfill his whispered promise to the Russians….

    • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.vanderklein Darryl Vanderklein

      I refuse to recognize those who turned away from American values as Americans. I vote for secession.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, thank you for all you do.  But when you said to move to Texas, I’m afraid I cannot.  Dallas went blue.  My state, OKLAHOMA, went all 77 counties to red.  Two elections in a row.  We held the line here.  And it is here I will stay to carry on.  I’m standing with you and your network to be fruitful and continue the charge to FREEDOM.  I have stopped relying on the regular media of which I have been a part of in the past.  Every story given 30sec to cram insignificant information that gets looped with the same b-roll on every show with every anchor, every hour.  It is a shame that car chases become the excitement to draw ratings.  That a crass celebrity going through their umpteenth rehab stay is someone I’m ‘supposed’ to look up to as a role model.  I’ve had my fill.  I can no longer stomach giving my hard earned money to people who live off my back toonly to squander it for debauchery and disgusting behaviors.

    I have had the best education in my life in the last 6 years.  I could almost say that I received my bachelor’s degree in the last four.  I used to hate homework.  Now, I can’t do enough of it.  A switch went off in me that I can’t turn off.  Nor would I want to.

    I’m standing strong today because their are men and women in uniform who didn’t get their right to vote and they stand in ditches fighting still for me to be where I am.  I WILL NOT let them down.  They stand on the wall.  They stand on the front line facing the horror of death.  I will stand my ground here.  Facing an uncertainty of economic proportions unseen before.  I owe them that much.  I owe them so much more, though.  I wish for one more moment to hug my dad and thank him for his fight in Korea.  I am not defeated.  Battles fought are lost and won.  But the war is not over.  Stand Strong.  Thanks for the education.

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