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“Alan Grayson is back in and Allen West is out,” Glenn told listeners this morning.  “Elections have consequences.”

Looking deeper into the results of yesterday’s election, it’s easy to say that may be an understatement. This morning on radio, Glenn shared some of the bleak results across some of the statewide elections that you may not have heard yet.

Washington (state), Maryland and Maine all passed gay marriage.

In California, they’ve decided that the three strike rule for violent crimes is too harsh.

In Minnesota, you will no longer have to produce a photo ID before voting.

Maryland passed the first-ever state-level DREAM Act, allowing in-state tuition for children of undocumented immigrants.

In Colorado and Washington (state) they’ve decided to legalize and tax marijuana — not medical marijuana — recreational. Colorado also voted to limit your ability to give to campaigns.

Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana, while Montana upheld theirs.

Florida failed to strike down the use of public funds for abortion.

Corporations in Montana are no longer entitled to Constitutional rights. (If you’re a small businessman, that’s you.)

“Elections have consequences,” Glenn repeated, “and here they are: The dollar fell last night.  It fell against the Euro.  That’s the place with Spain and Italy and Greece.  It is, of course, the chiseled monument to stability.  The Euro that they said would break up, possibly soon, the dollar fell against that.  Inflation is still on the rise.  Ben Bernanke, good night for him.  That’s why the dollar fell:  Because your dollar is going to be worth less because Ben Bernanke is going to be printing more.”

The fiscal cliff is staring us in the face now, and even right-wing cable news organizations were already caving, telling you to accept the financial cliff and compromise, because the election was “a mandate.”

“Excuse me?  It was?  I’m sorry,” Glenn commented. “What?  Have we even decided who won Florida yet?  It was too close to call when I went to bed.  Did you see the margins?”

“The financial cliff is coming,” he added.  “It will gut many things, including the military.”

Glenn also commented on the effect this election will have on our ally Israel, noting that those who believe that Barack Obama is a friend of Israel may find out that is not the case within the next four years.

“One of us will be proven wrong.  I was proven wrong last night.  Let’s hope that trend continues,” Glenn told listeners.

He added that healthcare costs are going to be more expensive, your medical decisions are going to be more limited, and there is going to be added strain on your employer. And many important health decisions will be given to a board or “panel” as many care calling it.

Glenn likened it to the ideals of the Fabian Society and George Bernard Shaw who said, “We all know somebody whose life isn’t worth living anymore.”

“Or as the president said, “You know, maybe it’s best if somebody tells you, instead of that procedure, it’s probably best just to take the pill.”  Mmm‑hmmm.  I’m glad we’re continuing to devalue life on both ends now:  Abortion and doctor‑assisted suicide,” Glenn added.

Doctor-assisted suicide, by the way, nearly passed yesterday in the state of Massachusetts.

“Elections have consequences.  And when your friends say, “Wait, wait, what happened?  I mean, we were the pioneers of so many great things in medicine,” you just point out to them that elections have consequences.”