Ann Coulter “heartbroken” that loss deprives America of President Romney

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Ann Coulter has been one of the most vocal personalities in the media in the months and weeks leading up to the election. A staunch Mitt Romney supporter, she told Glenn on radio this morning that she was heartbroken that America was denied a Romney presidency, believing the candidate would have found solutions to a lot of problems facing the country. However, in the interview she addressed two key reasons for his defeat: the power of incumbency and the immigrant vote. You can read a rough transcript of the interview below and watch it in the clip above.

Below is a rough transcript of the interview:

GLENN: Let’s see we couldn’t get Ann Coulter to call the fat bastard the fat bastard from New Jersey last time. At least admit that the pictures of Chris Christie, and Barack Obama walking down the tarmac together look like Larry the cucumber, and Bob the tomato. Now —

PAT: You’re a veggie tails fan.


GLENN: We thought Larry the cucumber. Archibald the asparagus he kind of looks like Barack Obama. If Barack Obama would use a monocle, and Bob the tomato, that’s who they are.

COULTER: I’m really enjoying this today.

COULTER: I will put in an emergency call to Chris Christie to find out if it’s true that he wept when he met Bruce Springsteen. That may be the first thing that’s going to knock it down.

GLENN: Say it.

COULTER: But I do have an important update for you.

GLENN: You have a Chris Christie problem. Say it he’s a fat bastard. I think that the hurricane hurt with or without Chris Christie.

PAT: Chris Christie certainly didn’t help.

COULTER: And I think it’s the real problem and I certainly hasn’t thought about it. That was the whole reason I was so wild about Chris Christie midway through Obama’s term, and famously if we didn’t run Chris Christie, and we’d win Romney and I was wrong about that. Romney was the best candidate we could have run this time. But the reason —

GLENN: But he did lose.

COULTER: I do know that. I think Chris Christie would have lost by more. I hope I’m wrong about that because we may run him in four years. It’s almost impossible to take out an incumbent. Republicans have done it in 80 years and that was Ronald Reagan. I thought Chris Christie was the galvanizing star. I know so many people that have never worked in politics. And I would say half of them if that man ever runs for President I’d come and work for him. He was exciting like Ronald Reagan. I don’t think Sandy made a huge difference. And but incumbency was the main thing of all. One important update I have because neither Chris Christie is not going to be our President at least today, and Obama is, and he did Obama did the same thing with the Michael Bloomberg. That’s why he wrote that endorsement in the “New York Times”. I got that tip from insiders in New York. That was a shakedown for an endorsement playing with federal relief disaster funds. Why I said Chris Christie invited Obama in. He had to care about New Jersey. He needed federal disaster relief funds, and as quickly as possible. And if you read Bloomberg’s story in the “New York Times” after Sandy hit get down to the last paragraph, and see if that sounds like a ringing endorsement.

GLENN: I got news for you the Chris Christie is even less the man he is. Believe me I’ve seen the picture. He’s quite a man. What I like about Chris Christie when he standing in front of people, and he knows what he believes and he says it. He stands in front of the cameras, and I’m sorry that’s just the way it is. He’s real. I love that. But if folded —

COULTER: I think he knew what happened when he became governor the first time. At the beginning of the Obama Department of Justice said no no no left child funds for you because you didn’t produce the October 2006 numbers.

GLENN: There’s an difference between an education number that nobody can get your arms around, and Chris Christie getting on television. The one thing he’s good is the television camera. But I didn’t kiss Romney’s butt either, and Obama’s butt. And our state was affected by it. I think people would have lined up to help him.

COULTER: It’s very hard to prove that the government is being more incompetent than it is. When they’re working hard it’s difficult to tell the difference that they’re purposefully getting there slowly.

STU: That’s a good government that states shouldn’t be dependent on federal funds.

COULTER: Yes. That’s why $1 million I’m heartbroken that Romney was going to be our President. He was going to fix so many things. To have America deprived of having this President who could have fixed so much that is broken is heartbreaking. But I do think we’ll — we’re going to work hard. Not only do you have the law of the incumbency President. The other side of the is 2004. It didn’t occur to me until two nights ago because I thought John Kerry was a jackass. And yet still two years later Republicans were wiped out in the congressionally Lexis. Which suggest that Americans were not thrilled with Republicans. Yet they voted to reelect George Bush. This is all segment of the society including us what we ended was the exact same President, and basically the same Senate, and basically the same house. Nothing changed after all this, and how powerful incumbency is. But the other flip side to reelect the other side the power comes roaring over. And no more Sharron Angle’s, and Todd Akins. When it comes time to pick a President. I think Romney was hurt. And sometimes this is inevitable. It wasn’t inevitable to have that the primary go on and go. It definitely hurt Mitt Romney. Obama was spending money denouncing Romney as a rich elitist out of touch Country Clubber in Ohio. He always knew that Ohio was in play. Even more than them I loved Herman Cain, and 999 but if you haven’t won a major election and not just in a little house seat you’re probably never going to be President so you shouldn’t run.

PAT: I like that.

PAT: So no former pizza skew tiffs, and no other members.

COULTER: Nobody has won an election. I think preferably for governor. I don’t think that a house member can do it.

PAT: Governor or Senator.

GLENN: Ann, take a deep breathe.

COULTER: But that probably won’t be until 2024.

GLENN: Take a deep breath. Remember you’re the one that like Bob the tomato. You remember this. — this country is split right down the middle, and everybody everybody on the right is saying maybe we should be more moderate. Are you out of your mind.


GLENN: I’m so sick of this, and John Boehner, John Boehner I have to tell you. What a fat bastard that guy even though he’s not fat. He’s growing in size in my mind every single day. What is wrong with that guy.

COULTER: You have to keep the pressure on these guys. I would like to think that he was saying that for media consumption.


GLENN: No he’s not. Even “The Blaze” is running this. Everybody is publishing their list who can run in 2016. If somebody tells me one more time Jeb Bush I’m going to hang myself.

COULTER: Thank you. And he and his rotten family, and the “Wall Street Journal”.

GLENN: You say that about the Bushes and but you won’t call Chris Christie a fat bastard which is half true.

COULTER: One teeny tiny mistake he made. All of these Republicans who have telling us all this time don’t worry immigration. Illegal immigration it’s fantastic we’re going to turn the Hispanics into Republicans just like the Italians. When the Italians came here. This is back in the 20s 30% of them went back home because they didn’t make it. We got the creme de la creme. You get here, and the Democrats immediately start giving you government assistance. Thus I was in despair for the first 16 hours after the election results came in. Because we are heading for a tipping point. Whether we hit that in this election or not. It was all 1965 Teddy Kennedy’s immigration act. 60% of the legal immigrants come from the third world, and government gets them on assistance, and they have automatic democratic voters. Maybe we can get them in 100 years. But it’s too late. They vote by race. And a white person could vote nor a Democrat or Republican, and no one will say you voted for the Democrat. How could you vote against your race. That is sad to immigrants from Senegal, to blacks and Mexicans and Hispanics. There is this ethnic voting, and Democrats have gotten them, and it has nothing to do with the economic opportunity. We ought to get as many as we can. I think Mitt Romney was right in the first debate. We can appeal to them by offering them freedom.

GLENN: I have news for you. I think if the Republicans if they don’t change their behavior in this 2-year period they’re not going to have anybody left. They’re not going to have anybody left. I don’t care about these guys.

COULTER: There was nothing wrong with Mitt Romney’s position on things. It wasn’t like he was John McCain.

GLENN: I think Mitt Romney was the best candidate we have run since Ronald Reagan.


GLENN: You know you don’t know anybody anywhere. But I thought.

COULTER: He was a little that way with Reagan though he had spent a lot more time in public life, and but he didn’t run as the caricature as the liberals portrayed him as.

GLENN: No, he didn’t. He was a great candidate. I thought he was a great candidate. The thing though is in four years from now this country is going to be — either this Utopia works or we’re a full-fledged fascist nation or we are coming into because executive orders exist, but we could get into the 2015 and this nation has been pounded into the ground because we did nothing for four years except make it worse, and if we’re still standing, I’m sorry but the John Boehners of the world are not going to be it. You’re going to look for somebody like Rand Paul. And Rand Paul may not be strong enough at that point.

COULTER: I love Rand Paul. The only thing I’d say about him. It reminds me one of my points what we need to avoid, and that is I think people saying we need to be more conservative. I think they’re fighting the last war. Mitt Romney was plenty conservative. He was the most conservative on issues like illegal immigration, on tax reform and on government. He was the most conservative is and fact that he was presentable, and attractive, and didn’t call Obama a Kenyan anti-colonialist, and demanding some form of the poorism that isn’t related to the issues. The poorism in craziness.

GLENN: But we’re getting to the point. We have three Supreme Court justices that are going to die in the next three years.

COULTER: We’ve got to pray for them.

GLENN: Look how that worked out. So we’ve got three Supreme Court justices. The principle thing that the only thing that will save us in four years will be the constitution. We will be so far off the rails in four years. There won’t be anything left in four years. Other than there’s somebody making stuff up outside of the margins.

COULTER: Which is why we can’t be running — I think there are no Rockefeller Republicans any more. There are no liberal Republicans who’re pro choice as they say whoever run as a President as a Republican anymore. I think that the problem is more the poorism issue. Rand Paul it was the same thing. It is the same thing with poorist libertarians. Berry Goldwater contrary as I describe him, Barry Goldwater nearly destroyed the Republican party by his civil rights act. He wiped Republicans out.

GLENN: You know how I feel about progressivism. You have to take it step by step. You can’t eat the whole thing. It won’t work. But you’ve got to start moving in that direction.

COULTER: Yes. And demanding purity or crazy positions — we can’t do any of this unless our candidates get elected. They talk about their positions that are popular, and not suppress the ones that are unpopular.

GLENN: I’ll come your way if you just say he is a fat bastard.

COULTER: Good to talk to you.

  • landofaahs

    We need to prep for separation.  That is the only hope for the decent people of this country.  We need to preserve the original intent of the constitution and get rid of the nanny state.  But that will only be possible when a crash comes.

  • Karthik Ganesh

    You are wrong….. and Reagan would have lost the election in 1980 if he had not had George H W Bush as his VP.. Then why such a conservative Reagan should select a progressive like George HW Bush as his nominee???? … The real nonsense is the American voters have not understood till today about GOP machine..and you all can see the pattern for yourself. GOP had put the Bush infront of the country… and everybody will pay the price…

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure what point you are making here. Is it sarcasm or what you really believe. Did you know GHWB was only Reagan’s second choice of V.P. running mate? He had first chosen Gerry Ford (an incumbent who’d lost, btw) and was reportedly furious when Ford declined. Reagan didn’t need any help to win the ’80 or the ’84 election. 

  • Anonymous

    I love you guys! So truthful. Ann actually came to my school a couple years ago (UTC) awesome stuff! God’s got a plan for America and he is leaving it up to the people to start on that plan and do something about it. I’m excited. When I get out of nursing school next year GOTTA go into politics… you’re my inspiration Glenn, you and the tomato.

  • Al Castagna

    The country needs to collapse before it can come back. I dont think the Pres. will make four more years.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, let it collapse and the chips fall. Riots like in the streets of Greece and Spain are heading this way…

  • Brad Harris

    I have just read where many companies are laying off workers and many of them are Union workers.  I hate to see this, but what did you Obama voters expect.  Start printing more food stamps for these Obama Union members who are losing their jobs.  You are getting what you voted for sooner than I thought.

    • Anonymous

      Good!!! I dont feel sorry for them at all They will not be getting my pity for what they did to this country!!! They deserve their just desserts. Sweet….

      • Anonymous

        Be careful what you wish for pypy…that pink slip may land in your hand in a month or so and you will be joining them at the food stamp line.  Then what will you crow about?

        • Anonymous

          Sorry to disappoint you CJM2. I wont be doing any crowing. I am self suffificient thank you very much.
          I do feel very sorry for those who think that Gov is the solution to their problems and woes

        • Anonymous

          Crow about? How’s about laying the blame at their feet. They voted for another 4 years of this 2-faced bastard closet muslim, and now look what you’re doing to everyone else because of your stupidity! That’s how it would start, and, no, it wouldn’t end pretty.

          • Anonymous

            It is BO intention to collapse the economy and add more to his food stamps payroll. Once he locks up the votes, it will ensure that in 2016, the Dems will win again! These food stamps recipients are now totally dependant on Govt. So who do you think they are going to vote for? So, I dont see a rosy picture for the GOP or for this country. Can someone tell me how we can ever pull this country back? I thought if something bad happens during this 4 yrs (not sure what and I know it is not right to wish for bad things to happen but is there any other alternative? ) then maybe some of the moderates with at least 1 brain cell left would demand for some law to be passed?? I dont know.

            ps: I fear we may get a Tunisian event here

          • Anonymous

            Here is my answer to every one, STOP LETTING IN UNEDUCATED IMMIGRANTS ,bring people who are educated and willing to work,until than all this poor masses will only pull this country down and in 20-30 years their will be no UNITED STATES of AMERICA and this is what the demboRATS dream of they like SOCIALISM,when you have a lot of poor the country will elect only IDIOTS who can give things.HATE demboRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Anonymous

        Damn Skippy!

        • Anonymous

          yeah thats the problem a lot of people think that way,they want handouts and don’t want to work.they have no pride in themselves.
          dont understand America and its freedoms!

      • Anonymous

        Not They Are Getting, We Are All Getting The Crap-stick Even The Ones Who Didn’t Vote For Him! We All Lost Our Freedoms! We Will Have No More Elections! When Hussein-ObamaDontCare comes to fruition we will be in a dictatorship socialistic state! Where Will Everybody Come When There is No More America! Union States of the Socialist Republic! the only ones who came out to vote were all the so-called minorities!

        • Anonymous

          It’s too bad you can’ bottle stupidity and sell it, then you all would have quite the stockpile. Keep your little tirades going, the rest of us are moving forward, and in two more years we can marginalize you even more. You all must feel like the dinosaurs, looking into the sky, seeing the asteroid coming….as for minorities and business, I’m a 50 yr old white guy that owns a business – and I was very proud to vote for Obama!

  • Sara Bustamante

    What a bunch of fat sour grapes!  Glenn, have you looked in a mirror lately, Mr. Not So Slim and Trim?

  • Brad Harris

    I have done it and my list is long of those Hollywood Liberals and Liberal musicians who have supported Obama.  Stop buying their products and maybe they will get the message when their incomes drop.

    • Anonymous

      I will not watch a movie that has the vicious Longoria in it! It is about time we make their pocket hurt. See how they like it!  I did like Gov Christie but I think he went OTT during hurricane Sandy. I know he needs to do what he can for NJ but he didnt have to go OTT! He did some damage there.  maybe it is because he wanted to run in 2016 and didnt want to run against Gov Romney whom he endorsed. If he did run in 2016, I will not be voting for him in the primary.. I know it is petty but I “unliked” him on FB.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right about Christie – and what has Obama done since HE politicized the devastated New Jersey shore area? Nothing. What has he done for New York, especially with this next storm blowing in? Nothing, unless you want to include closing the FEMA locations. No, his first order of business is to leave town. Surprised? Not this writer. I thoght he’d wait a week before loading up Air Force 1 for another tax-payer funded trip. Well, I hope the idiots freezing in the storm ravaged areas can use this to keep themselves warm while the President takes a vacation on them, because you know he’ll be thinking about you. Yeah, right.

        • Anonymous

          You got it rght there! Once a upon a time ago, I would have felt sorry for those who are suffering in NY and NJ but these days I hate to say it, I try not to, anymore. When you try to be nice, you get walked all over!!! I dont go out to be nasty bu like I said, I try hard not to give them my sympathy, anymore. I know I shdnt feel like this but just take a look at the GOPs, after McCain lost they went to meet with BO to compromise and what did they get? “elections have consequences, I won, you lost!” then you have Cong Paul who was invited and was stabbed in the back and for the past 4 yrs they got nothing but blame despite the fact that they tried hard to work with him. It will be the same this time around. All this talk from BO about working with the others is all BS. He will pretend to try to reach across the aisle for photo-op then blame Cong and bypass them. afterall he fooled many of the voters once before and there is no reason why he would not be able to do it again!! Speaker Boehner better start growing a spin sooner and cut out all this, “we are ready to be led” c**p!  
          The only way some of these people who voted for BO would wake up is, the suffering gets worst. Someone I know who has a small business is not going to hire anymore cos if they expand and makes over $250K, ObamaCare tax kicks in!!! Yes, ObamaCare taxes him it he makes over $250K!!! Incredible isnt it? THe next 4 yrs small business will either go out of business or will not be hiring. The knock on effect will be huge!!! Then you have this legaliszation of pot. Someone in CO told me becos of the law, many druggies are flocking there! there are meth labs there too!! Yeah folks, with BO, your children gets turned into potheads, without morals afterall contraception is being handed out like candy. They dont have strive hard anymore, afterall BO will “look” after them. They are not your childen anymore. Nov 6th at 11.15pm, they became his “debt slaves” President Lincoln freed the slaves, BO gave us the new age slavery

          • Anonymous

            Agree with all you say. I am heart broken that Mitt Romney isn’t our President! Everyone reading this needs to educate themselves about the extremely ultra-liberal branch of the Dem Party that BO is aligning his views; this progressive democratic party is a branch of the Dems that began in 2004.   Google Progressive Democrats of America to get to the party’s website.  Trust me, we need to educate ourselves; what you will learn will surely make your stomachs turn inside.

          • Anonymous

            Me too. I cant believe that many chose to rely on Govt over having a decent paying job! A friend of ours who is a small business will not be expanding anymore. If he expands, ObamaCare will tax him!! Unbelievable isnt it? A Healthcare reform is a tax!!! The next few yrs we will all see, small businesses either closing down or remain as is No disrespect, I am already sickened to my stomach and dont need to read or educate myself anymore. For those of you who stayed home or voted for him, yeah he is your priority, FYI he is jetting of to Burma and Thailand!!! I cant say you didnt deserve him but drag us all down with your fatal votes!!!

          • Anonymous

            Concur.. They made their bed and now let them enjoy the fruits of their vote. They want big government, so lets see how that works out for them. So far, it is exactly what they were warned about.

          • Mary Ozee

            This $250,000 rule is something I find confusing. If a business makes that amount, it barely covers costs of operation. If a person makes it, it’s a very nice life. Now, tell me, is the repeal of the Bush tax cuts going to apply to the first situation, or the second?

      • Mary Ozee

        I did this a long time ago, and you know what, it hasn’t worked. There aren’t enough of us to make this happen. I’m sorry, but we have to be realistic. That being said, I still won’t buy anything the “Left Coast” movie and music stars are offering. But man, it’s been about 30 years I’ve been doing this. Arrgh!

    • Anonymous

      @ Brad, Can you post the list here, and everywhere? Thanks for your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    Too many people did not vote in this election.
    Too many of them were busy watching sports, playing with video games
    or fudsing aroung with their phones.  They advertised on the news that
    young people were calling each other asking each other, “Who should I
    Vote For.  Ignorance and voter fraud won this election.

  • Steven Ewing

    Will the space (or other) aliens that kidnapped the real  Ann Coulter please bring her back and take the screwy clone you left behind with you.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Christie went OTT during Hurricane Sandy. I think he wants to run in 2016 and with Romney out of the way,  I think it was very selfish and I for one will not vote for Christie in the GOP primary!

  • Anonymous

    Totally disagree with Ann’s analysis. This purity crap is just that. Apparently Ann has forgotten who it was that campaigned for AUH2O in 64! How do you define “crazy” positions Ann. This electability argument has been amply discredited. This is precisely what the Progressive Republican establishment has argued for years. Ann’s version is just neo-con repackaged progressive dogma. Do you remember hearing it, “everyone knows you win elections by moving toward the center during your campaign”. When Reagan came along, the Republican Party hated him, “he’s unelectable”. GHW Bush didn’t call him crazy, but “voodoo economics” wasn’t meant as a compliment. Plus he had the audacity to utter the name of Diety and call the USSR an EVIL empire.

  • Robert Wayne

    We need to look at Iceland as an example of what is to come and how we should react to it.

  • Renae Ginther

    I also feel heartbroken that America will not see the fruits of a Romney presidency.  Forgive my ignorance, but is there any circumstance that would see Romney make another bid for it?  These difficult situations will only magnify in the next four years, and then, we are REALLY going to need Romney’s special expertise.

  • Robert Wayne

    I was really excited to see someone that reminded me of Reagan lead us again. I literally woke up the next day in disbelief and with a heavy foreboding that ObamaJarette is finally going to do what they have planned all along – the last 4 years was just a warm up.

  • Anonymous

    America has to many mently delusional blind people for the election to turn out any different then it did. Now everyone suffers. For Gods sake people wake up, time is very short.

  • Anonymous

    Hog wash and poo, folks. Although I am LDS, I felt like I was forced to vote for Romney since the REAL John Galt of the 21st Century was run out on a rail, politically speaking. I’m talking about Ron Paul. He stood for all points constitutional. He pulled no punches and he had spine and chutzpah to say what he felt was right without taking a poll to see if it were the right politically correct answer. It is time for some aggression on the part of those who KNOW the constitution was divinely inspired as our  forefathers did and then most assuredly TAKE ACTION ACCORDINGLY.

  • Anonymous

    Coulter the cougar sounded like an elitist, statist, deciding by fiat decision who can run for president in this so called free country. The audacity of the woman. I have lost any remnant of respect I once had for her. I already disagreed with her during the primary. She proved she was wrong about R. he was NOT electable. 3 million conservatives stayed home and did not vote for him. 1.6 million voted for the “other guy” R got 2 million less votes than McCant. Half of Catholics voted for the marxist.
    There is nothing wrong with Conservative principles and social values having moral ideals, believing in the Constitution. What we lack is someone who believes in them enough to explain them in simple english for the “Takers”. Conservatives win when it is properly explained.

  • Catherine Scerbak O’Brien

    “poorism?”  Doesn’t Coulter mean “purism?”

  • Anonymous

    From a teacher in the Nashville area – –

    “We are worried about ‘the cow’ when it is all about the ‘Ice Cream. ‘The most eye- opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching 3rd grade.

    The last Presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest. I decided we would have an election for a class president. We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members. We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot. The class had done a great job in their selections. Both candidates were good kids.
    I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support. I had never seen Olivia’s mother. The day arrived when they were to make their speeches.
    Jamie went first. He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place. He ended by promising to do his very best. Everyone applauded and he sat down.
    Now it was Olivia’s turn to speak. Her speech was concise. She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream.” She sat down.
    The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want ice cream.”
    She surely would say more. She did not have to.
    A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure. But no one pursued that question. They took her at her word. Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it…She didn’t know. The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream…
    Jamie was forgotten. Olivia won by a landslide.
    Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and 51.4 % of the people reacted like nine year old’s.
    They want ice cream.
    The other 48.6% percent know they’re going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.” This is the ice cream Obama promised us!

    REMEMBER, the government cannot give anything to anyone that they have not first taken away from someone else.
    Did you vote for the ice cream?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone stop to think that this hurricane wasn’t an act of God but quite possible and act of satan?

    • Anonymous

      It ws an act of nature, nothng more, nothing less.

      • Anonymous

        Oh really, says you.  Thank you for what you consider your great wisdom, now you realize that is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I love Anne, but even she doesn’t get it.  We lost, and will continue to lose, because the evangelical right continues to threaten a woman’s right to choose and gay rights.  They continue to alienate, and even anger, a huge population who would, otherwise, agree with their fiscal policies.   Our country is becoming a lot more secular and our leaders on the right need to leave their religious views and prejudices at home.  You can still be against abortion but also pro choice.  We do not have the right to deny others their basic rights to choice; choice to terminate a pregnancy or choice to marry whomever they love.  I’m a staunch republican who is socially liberal.  You are lucky to have my vote.  

    • Douglas W. Cooper

       Against abortion but also pro choice? Against murder but unwilling to outlaw it?

    • Anonymous

      How does the so-called Evangelical right threaten a tart’s right to choose……what? No one with morals is saying you can’t be gay. You, the people with, what shall I call it…moral judgement, Aren’t getting it, are you? No one is denying anyone from committing their own folly.
      You want abortion? Done! You want a same sex partner that includes the benefits of married heterosexual couples? Done.
      Evangelicals have prevented what? Wow, the power of the mind!

  • Anonymous

    I am so done with the republican party.  Fed up with coulter….the mouth that roared and her boy toy christie.  From the pathetic excuse for a keynote address he gave at the convention to his kissy kissy face time with obama.  Romney was shoved down our throat from the beginning. The other primary candidates didnt stand a chance with the washington pundents and the press.  And romney did what every other moderate republican running for pres has done.  He played it safe.  Tried to cruise through the last 2 debates and mostly took the high road with calling obama what he really was.  I am flat out done.  It’s time for a 3rd party.  We can’t work within the republican party, there is too much against us.  I’m done!

  • msdebtor

    Ann is right I felt a loss when Romney lost his bid for President. I think his decency came through at all times. I’ve never felt any type of connection with this president.Romney was demonized from the very beginning. Obama defined him before he defined himself and the damn media protected Obama from any criticism.

  • Anonymous

    felt that Romney was one of the weakest candidate during the primary.
    In reflection his batting average during the primary debates did not
    change as the GOP candidate.

    Coulter though the primary process was to long and we had too may
    candidates. Romney obtained the nomination not by beating the
    other candidates with substance but by smearing his primary
    competitors and out spent them significantly.

    are the Romney words to match, “There you go again,”; “Were you
    better off four years ago,” and “I am not going to exploit my
    opponents youth and inexperience.”

  • Terry Riney

    Does anyone besides me think that Romney is just another RINO progressive that would not have been much different then Obummer???    The only true conservative was pushed out by the progressive republican leadership.  That of course was Ron Paul.    I really like Glenn but pushing another progressive like John McCain is just nuts.  
    All the so called conservatives talking heads got behind a loser from the beginning.  Rush says the Republicans base did not come out and vote.   WHY???? you ask.
    Because Romney is not a conservative and so the base said why bother.  
    So I hope all the conservative talking heads that are puzzled about the outcome are proud of what they did.   
    I want my own network radio and TV show to push a real conservative.  
    I think I am going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • tony

      Terry, really. You and the Paulites don’t have a clue. There is a huge difference between liking someone and seeing them elected president. Ron Paul has some excellent ideas. But the man is a buffoon on camera. And it’s not relevant what Dr. Paul feels about economic policy. the typical American voter can’t even pry themselves away from their ipod long enough to even consider what Dr. Paul is saying, let alone vote for someone older than their grand-grandfather. Please, stop with the Ron Paul for president routine. it would have been Obama 110,000,000, Paul 27.

    • Anonymous

      Romney is NO rino…he is the best one to have gotten us out of the mess ozero got us into.  But, if that’s your opinon, sobeit…a good many of us do not share your opinion.

    • Madelyn Thide

      if you look at Romneys foreign policy it would be another benghazi type situation though he would have sent in help asap but he still wants to run guns to terrorist freedom fighters to take out their terrorist dictators… IMO we need to build our military to be such a threat and get out of the mideast and let the arabs fight among themselves… the economic policy needed to focus on getting the fed the hell out of our government which would have greatly reduced the national debt… we need a radically pro American, pro Constitutional, pro US military candidate… social programs need to be dealt with properly and cuts need to be from the top down…

  • Firstjasper

    Done with the Republican Party.  We are now living the Zombie Apocalypse, if by Zombie you mean Democrat.  #WalkingBrainDead

  • Anonymous

    Good bye Chris Christie! I will never vote for you not even for dog catcher. He may not have done Romney in but he built obummer up. a lot more then was necessary. Thank you stupid women who valued themselves above their children, blacks who put color above character, illegals who are coming to this country for its life style and now want it turned into a mini Mexico. I’ll be glad to see unions fall and coal mining states you will get what you voted for unfortunately we will all pay. I won’t go to a movie again EVER! You can do it, I haven’t seen one other than 2016. The Republican Party Drop Dead! Tea Party I am on your side from now on. Glen Beck, love ya!

  • Anonymous

    I like Glenn Beck, but honestly, he needs to stop with this idea that Obama could run for a third term. They would have to repeal that amendment, which takes a super majority vote in Congress

    • Carol Morgan

       scary but the congress has let obama run all over them for the last 4 years, and almost  made congress irrelevant. i would like to think it can’t happen.

    • Brian Bertha

       It also assumes there will be elections.

  • Anonymous

    What has just transpired is like the passengers on the Titanic voting to allow the Captain of the sinking ship to navigate their life boat.

  • Anonymous

    Obama sold a big LIE and the majority bought it!!!!  They won’t be blaming me when the economy really goes south, the dollar crashes, Iran has the BOMB, and Israel is left to fend by themselves!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Christie pulled a classic “pull-the-rug-out” move on Romney … with Republicans like Christie and Colin Powel, who needs Democrats? the Republican party has some serious systemic problems.

    • Brian Bertha


  • Anonymous

    I am very much surprised to see the Republican Party’s gross failure to win the presidency and the US senate in 2012 elections. The leadership of the GOP presented Mitt Romney as a presumptive nominee even before the IOWA Caucus while they were supposed to remain neutral. Some of us commented online saying “choosing Romney as a presumptive and eventual nominee” is simply giving a red meat to the BHO’s campaign and the DNC in order for them to carry out a class warfare and defeat him very easily. For those who believe in class warfare, Mitt Romney is an ideal candidate to run against. The Republican Party leadership, liberal media and some pundits and commentators said “moderate Romney is the only one who could have a chance to defeated President  Obama.” They were all wrong. Republicans have never won the presidency with moderates (liberals). Ford; Dole; McCain  and now Romney were defeated in 1976; 1996; 2008 and 2012, respectively. While the democrats run their campaign on all issues (economic, political and social), republicans in most cased limited themselves to economic issues. The grass roots of the GOP supported candidates like Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. The leadership of the republican party did their best to discourage others except Mitt Romney. For the failure in on November 6, 2012, they should be held responsible.I did make some research on about four candidates during the primary season. Santorum has a family friendly and
    manufacturing centered economic policy that could grow our economy and jobs.
    Not only in social issues is he strong but also in national security &
    foreign policy better than any one of the remaining candidates. Please read
    online his Iran freedom & Support Act & the Syrian Accountability Act
    which he authored in 2004. His humble beginnings (lived in public housing, from
    a coal miner grandfather) with almost no political baggage’s unlike Romney
    & Newt & Ron Paul (with his reckless foreign policy and libertarian
    views, anti-Semitism views and his racist newsletters) make him immune to class

  • MadMaxNJ

    Ann Coulter is a joke and is the new Republican Moran replacement for Mary Matlin who screw up with that fax remember?  All mouth and no knowledge of what we Real Conservative Republicans want and support. 

    I live in NJ and have worked for over 20 years within the Republican Party and I tell you Christie is a fraud and useless.  What has he done for NJ just shoot off his mouth about the unions while at the same time playing grabass with George Norcross, the Democrat state Godfather with no balls to admit it.

    As Mark Levin (a real Conservative) said tonight on his show, a Moderate was defeated, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mit Romney but a real conservative got elected twice, Ronald Reagan in recent times.  I worked and supported Rick Santorum in the primary and I almost stayed home on Tuesday so where do you think the other 3 million republicans went? 

    If you look at the numbers the other night, I saw where Romney was ahead in various districts with numbers like 51% to 46% while the Dems numbers in the crime ridden, abortion capital districts had numbers like 71% to 38% and I said he is not getting enough votes in his own districts.

    The Republican establishment is trying to cover up for itself as usual because that is what they are best at covering their own ass.

    And I am an old white man, Vietnam Vet, Prolife and proud of it.

    • Brian Bertha

       You hit the nail on the head. Ditto From another Old vet stuck in the Socialist State of New York soon to be joining the Socialist States of America

  • Anonymous

    I keep reading the lines “Barry Goldwater nearly destroyed the Republican party by his civil rights act. He wiped Republicans out.”

    I’m not certain Ann has a firm grip on any political history that precedes her birth. This statement is palpable nonsense.

    • Brian Bertha

       LBJ said if I voted for Barry Goldwater we would have a war in Vietnam (remember the Mushroom cloud commercial?) Well I did and we did I also go a free trip to see it in person. Then LBJ creates the great society and the Republicans help get it passed and 6 Trillion dollars later what do we have to show for it? Ann she’s trying to become the new Mort Sahl

  • Take 2

    (1) Make sure your HOUSE member’s crack down on the Executive Power Act…! (2) And question the Infrustructure BANK for Obama to avoid other branches of governing, (hidden in Jobs or Highways Bill in past.)

    The above 2 items is how Hitler took over complete power to move Forward transforming the German Nation.  

  • Anonymous

    Looks like coulter is learning how to lie and cry like glenn and rush.
    This same “person” bashed Romney and predicted his inevitable loss but is now crying?
    Get real coulter!!!

    • SoThere

      Strtlk the spamming cockroach is back again.
        It’s not his fault, he’s been eating those round things in the urinals again and drinking the blue water in the toilet bowl.

  • suz

    i really like ann, but she’s wrong for cryin’ out loud.  BHO IS A MARXIST!  IT’S NOT THE INCUMBENCY.  half of this country is stupid and lazy.

    by the way i have not heard any real conversation about THE VERY REAL PROBABILITY THAT THIS ELECTION WAS STOLEN.


    we had a fine turnout — they ditched romney ballots. this is not hard to figure out.

  • Anonymous

    Is Ann Coulter a rhino?

    • Matt Herres

      Yes she is.
      She’s only a “pragmatic Republican” which means she will cave to win an election… like the RNC.

      • Brian Bertha

         They havent done a very good job at that either have they Matt

  • lamb

    New term for democrats ……dependocrats, get people hooked on free crap and they will vote for you forever.

    • Anonymous

      The democraps have been doing this since inception. You people just started realizing itI. This is hundreds of years of manipulation and deception; They have always been painted as the champions of the down trodden and the poor. Nothing could be further from the truth! They are and have been the cause all along! They have been allowed to get away with it because ppl are intrinsically selfish and lazy. They want the ppl dependent; How else do they get votes? The wealthy left also have a stake in the equation; Greed and power. The sheeple, The ones with lower intelligence were waiting on the sidelines…waiting to be lead and yes, deceived.

  • Anonymous

    Ann Coulter hit the nail on the head about Christie meeting with Obama.  Soft bribery.

  • Brian Bertha

    Yeah Yeah Romney was a nice guy and he ran a campaign that way. Obama ran as as street fighter and WON. Republican fight to save our country? Or only to save their jobs and influence?  Bunch of wussies! The one guy with grit they purposely throw to the wolves (Allen West) They want to remain a party they better find John Wayne’s close ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn, This is the crappiest transcript job I have ever read! What moron (s) did this transcript —This interview with Ann was outstanding and reflective of the exceptional insight and “compassionate” intelligence I associate with your program — but this transcript? It quality is horrible. It is not a transcript at all its not even an accurate outline. HEADS SHOULD ROLL– it is pure incompetence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shane

    The GOP must do more to attract young women and Latinos without compromising on their principles. If the GOP agrees to a mass amnesty for illegal aliens in order to get Latino votes, they will lose their base. Media Perpetuate Ugly Campaign Tone by Labeling E-Verify as ‘Harsh’
    By Jeremy Beck, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 4:36 PM EST

  • Anonymous

    What a hypocrite!  I heard a clip of Ann Coulter played several times on the Ed Show saying that the Republicans should nominate Christie and that if they nominated Romney they would lose.  Now she’s a big Romney fan?  Either one would have been a disaster. Not  as big a disaster as W but a disaster nonetheless.  Glenn you and Ann are two nut jobs to the core. 

  • Anonymous

    I AGREE WITH YOU 100%! Please,republicans leave abortion ,gay rights and many other social issues alone,worry about big things like the 16 T deficit,unemployment,education. And get inclusive look at the Tea Party as an example.

  • Anonymous

    IF anyone would go back and look at the polling (not that they are any degree of accuracy), up until Christie did that ass-kissing photo op with HOe-bama, Romney was in the lead. So yes, Mr. Christie, you did change the course of the election and you are not only a RHINO, you are a turncoat Benedict Arnold!

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Rightwing media, Beck, Coutler, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Fox News, Clear Channel Communications and the rest lost the election.

    Their message of divisiveness doesn’t resonant with America.

    You are no longer relevant.

  • Anonymous

    As I predicted, the GOP just received an invitation to the WH to discuss the “fiscal cliff”. It is nothing but a photo-op for BO. THat was what he did last time with ObamaCare and he is up to his old tricks again!!! I hope Boehner and his pack is well prepared this time. the only way they can defeat BO is to play him at his own game! If not then the GOP will come out full of blame yet again. I think it is time, someone other GOP Congressman or woman with a spine challenge Boehner’s leadership!! He is a nice man but too weak!!!

  • greywolfrs

    Herman Cain called for a third party. There are some problems with that. One problem is the stranglehold the Democraps and Republicans have on our system; the different laws regarding who is on the ballot in different states. What it takes to even be invited to a debate. The time it would take to make that happen would be too long. We do not have that kind of time. The unsustainable debt and deficits could collapse the system long before Conservatives could make that come to pass.
    The establishment and media keep telling us that the two-party system is our option. They want us to believe that we have to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. They are trying to keep us ignorant. It seems to be working when it comes to left wingers, but Conservatives are not letting them have their way. The Tea Party is proof of that. The establishment thinks they can continue to control the people. Conservatives need to stand up and prove that this is not the case; we certainly cannot count on the left wingers.
    After 41 years, the Libertarian party has done most of this leg work. With a little support, we CAN turn this around. We can get back to what the founding fathers intended. This will take a change with Conservatives. Conservatives need to stop pushing their social agenda; let the Democraps do that. If Conservatives change their message to FREEDOM for ALL, Democraps will never win another election. Conservatives need to elect people that will follow through. Conservatives already have an advantage that left wingers do not, we have the Libertarian Party. The left wingers don’t. We have been failed by the monopoly of the two-party system. Republicans want to take freedom away and so do Democraps, the only difference is what they are taking. They have shown us this by passing the Patriot Act and the NDAA, all in the name of “protecting us”. Both of these are power grabs; both of these are designed to take away our freedom. Freedom is not a left or right thing; it is a people thing. This is why we need to go this way. This will resonate with Conservatives, Independents and even those “Blue-Dog” Democrats that are still with us. This is the way we get back to our founding principles.

  • Lincokn Okada

    I will no longer buy/vote american.  i will only vote/buy my own pocketbook.  may ohio go to hell.  may nj and ny go to hell.  they can continue to kiss the kenyan’s ass for sustainence

  • Take 2

    The 2/3 vote to remove God was revealed live on TV…! All America watched and still chose to help throw God overboard. 

    Those that went along or did nothing (not voting) or the Chris Christi’s (paid off) are just as resposible.  May God forgive us all…

  • BryanLoberg

    You people are absolutely disgusting. No wonder Mittens didn’t win. Listen to yourselves, you are a bunch of children. Go straight to hell all of you losers. :)

  • O SPT

    CAP-stone ’90’s Show’ smarm just does NOT cut it
    in Republic USURPED ——Globalist RED China handover 
    ——hard copy imminent 2012.

    ALmost half did NOT VOTE in ‘issue free’ —-candidate free
    —choice ‘free’  —-2012.

    The capstone ‘CON–vergence’ is tooooo naked to even
    be a matter of debate.

    od our past CFR front op —-RED China handover enabling administrations.

    For the larger picture?

    —–The ‘FED’

    ———The trillionaire funded, Globalism— EUGENICS tax free NGOs

    —The unelected, wholly illegitimate, self appointed, banking and EUGENICS ‘U.N.’

    —————-The forces of Globe wrecking, nation destroying, unaccountable USURY

    ——-The debt serf ‘I.D.—ALLLL ‘CALM—-‘MON’ —–WEALTH” rollout

    ————-The full spectrum, 24/7 surveillance state

    ————————————HUAC/ Nuremberg 2013—————————————–

  • c s

    That Romney was the best candidate since Reagan is nonsense.  He got less votes than McCain did, who Beck & crew despised.  If Romney ran in 2000, Gore would have been a runaway winner.  Lets face it, Romney’s Mormon roots hurt him somewhat, especially in Colorado, where he could not even win the Republican primary.

  • Jean Terry

    I think Romney was great and believe he would have been a great president.   Sadly this is not happening.  What a waste.   I truly don’t understand people who voted for Obama or Republicans who did not turn out to vote for Romney.  It is a sad time for our country as they knoweth not what they do.

  • Chris Diamond

    I laugh at the notion that Mittens Romney is a fiscal conservative. At best, he is a moderate who amped up the campaign rhetoric in hopes of attracting a conservative crowd, which he could not do because he has been on all sides of important issues over the last 15 years. He disenfranchised the fiscal conservatives and those concerned about the erosion of civil liberties and continued warfare, completely losing the Ron Paul crowd…

    You guys wanna know what the ‘fix’ is? It’s simple, really: honor the Constitution, like Glenn talks about (but doesn’t really mean). Quit with the welfare-warfare-police state, end the nanny state, and truly commit to the reduction of government morass, largesse and waste. Tell people the uncomfortable truth: we’re broke. We can’t pay for all that we promised you. Sorry. And then stop taxing them to death to fund the most monstrously large government we ever imagined. Tell people you are committed to their FREEDOM, even if you do not agree with how they exercise it. You wanna do drugs? Fine. But if you hurt someone or damage their property, you will be held accountable. And don’t come to us to pay your medical bills for your abuse of drugs, alcohol, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Take the responsibility that comes with the freedom you demand. You want a gay marriage? Have it. Who is government to tell you what you can and cannot do when that action does not harm anyone else or deprive them of life, liberty or property? Expose the corporatocracy. Out those who act on behalf of corporate or bankster masters. Demand an end to the Federal Reserve. Demand a return to full reserve banking to protect wealth of savers (REAL capital for investments that create jobs) instead of this money-printing scheme that awards the well-connected and rich at our expense, and DEBTORS through the devaluation of the dollar through inflation. Expose the military industrial complex, and those who have financial motives for keeping us at war. End foreign aid so we’re not taking money from poor people here to give it to rich people elsewhere. All of these things would be a start. 

  • Take 2

    The Media Take Over in 1930″s Germany and France caused the same or simlar results. Barry Obama is any thing but an American. Hitler was not German but fooled Millions via Media…!
    WE need to establish our own people that walk into and through full house doors in DC. and report back in live feeds. Who track down executive orders and force all other branches to remove such a power that Hitler used (Enabling Act) in 1930’s. After all we have us a little Hitler that or who just thinks he got a clear path to Take complete power.

  • Anonymous

    Too funny, the wing-nuts get their arses handed to them and Ann mourns the loss of the candidate she predicted would loose. Meanwhile, Glenn responds by asking for more money. LOL!

  • Porphyry

    GB: “We have three Supreme Court justices that are going to die in the next three years.”

    That sounds *way* too definite.

  • Mary Ozee

    Everyone keeps talking about how the Republican Party needs to do a better job of reaching out to people of color, but I don’t see anyone doing anything. What would they say? I would say that the Republican Party was the one that pushed for freedom from slavery, and that the Democrat Party fought emancipation. I would say that President Eisenhower, a Republican president, enforced integration, which took a lot of courage, and was still re-elected. Beyond that, I don’t know what Republicans have done to support (in a good way, not the “new slavery way) people of color. Help me with this, people!

  • WSA

    Romney is the best candidate since Reagan?  It sure is fun “reading” these two looney tunes talk 100% utter nonsense and live in a complete alternate reality.  Mitt Romney was not just the worst Republican Candidate of all-time, he was the worst candidate for President of the United States off all time representing any party.  If you cannot beat a sitting President with 8% unemployment then you must be the most unlikeable politician of all time.  Guess what?  Nobody liked Romney outside of his immediate family (and I wonder about some of those) and there is no such thing as a “Romney Republican.”  There was a great reason that Mitch Daniels, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie (among others) did not run in 2012.  They knew they could not win.  Romney had no chance.  His team had no chance against the Obama Team even with President Obama giving away the first debate. There is a reason that Romney was a 1 for 4, .250 hitter when it come to winning elections. PEOPLE JUST DO NOT LIKE HIM. 

  • WSA

    That is alternative reality and “of” all time.  Sorry for the mistakes but not the content which is 100% accurate you looney tune right wing idiots. 

  • WSA

    That is when it comes to winning elections.  

  • WSA

    Just keep listening to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and all the zero i.q.s at Fox Propaganda fake news channel and The Extreme right wing Republican Tea Party will become extinct by 2020 if not sooner. 

  • Dweetta Adams

    Ann Coulter is a horse face long teeth bitch that needs a douche.

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