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More and more election numbers and breakdowns keep coming in, among the surprising results were how much of an impact Hurricane Sandy had on the election. According to a CBS poll, 42% of voters felt that President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy was important to their vote. With Chris Christie, an early and prominent Romney supporter, praising President Obama’s response to the disaster, does the New Jersey governor hold some of the blame for Romney’s defeat?

When going through a list of potential 2016 candidates posted on TheBlaze, Glenn and Pat said they would not support Christie after his praise for Obama in the past few weeks.

“Dead to me. I would never vote for that guy. Never,” Pat said.

“Dead to me,” Glenn added.

“Did not help himself at least for future prospects in the Republican party,” Stu said. “I like Chris Christie when he talks about education. He did not help himself the way he acted.”

Stu added that with the exit polls showing the importance of Hurricane Sandy to the voters, Christie’s praise for President Obama likely had some impact on the election.