Glenn: Establishment GOP is over

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If the past few days have revealed anything about the state of the country, it’s that the establishment Republican party is over and done. On radio this morning, Glenn took serious issue with several prominent establishment Republicans in office and in the media and came to the only conclusion possible after Tuesday night: Their influence over the country is coming to an end and it’s time to start something new.

“I think that the GOP is the Whig party,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Glenn took issue with House Majority leader John Boehner, who came out after the election and said that GOP leaders in Congress were willing to discuss a compromise on the upcoming “fiscal cliff”, saying they were willing to look at new government revenues through an overhaul of the tax system.

“Now after putting up this fight for years you’re going to cave,” Pat said.

“He’s got some conditions. What do you say we throw John Boehner out. I think we should throw the GOP out,” Glenn said.

Glenn went on to call the Republicans in Congress irrelevant, and that the number of people who came out to support Obama prove they have lost their influence.

“John Boehner, ridiculous. Karl Rove how much money did you spend?” Glenn said. “These guys blew it.”

He pointed out that the percentage of Catholics who voted for Obama actually increased compared to 2008 despite the administrations policies which are not friendly towards Catholicism.

“He has fundamentally transformed us. We’ve done it ourselves. You know it’s like we’re going into a doctor’s office. Man I feel great. I feel great. And I think I beat this cancer thing. It’s working. And the doctor does the scan, and actually you’re getting worse. What? Yeah. No you made a little progress here and there. Actually the cancer is getting worse. That’s kind of what happened. They grew in the youth vote? How did that happen? How did they possibly — hey, dummies in college have you seen what’s seen with your opportunities. Dummies in college have you seen what happened to your bill.”

“The people that should be the most pissed are the ones my daughter’s age. Our 8 years old kids should kick us in the shins every day when we come home. ‘Thanks a lot for the debt dad.’ Yet they are screaming for more debt. It doesn’t make any sense.” It shows how detached we are from any kind of reality. And if this isn’t enough pain to make you wake up, and with the media left unchecked, and the Republicans being the same old story where are we headed? Where are we headed?”

“It’s autopsy day. And we’re going to look at this body but then we have to find the way because what we’re doing is not working. Well it is for them because all they’re doing is depressing the vote. They didn’t have as many people voting for him. Fewer people came out. On both sides. And I think that’s because they’re just disgusted by the whole thing. I know I am. Boy, am I disgusted by Washington and the people in there. I look at John Boehner. I didn’t want to see him. I don’t want to hear from the President any more. I’m really kind of I’m going to take care of my school board. I’m going to take care of my mayor. I’m going to take care of my town and I’m going to — because I can’t fight that huge machine,” Glenn said.

Yesterday, Glenn announced that he planned to rapidly expand TheBlaze to provide an anti-establishment and truly conservative alternative to the rest of the networks out there and to provide a platform for people frustrated with both parties in Washington.

“I told you yesterday we have to more than double our efforts. And we have been in the last 24 hours – I think I slept maybe two hours last night – we have got to find a way to get our network into a position in the next two years, that may take us four or five years, but I’m growing as past as I possibly can both in my pants size and on the network. If you haven’t subscribed to TheBlaze would you please consider it?”

“We need to start a 60 Minutes replacement with real journalists, real quality hard-hitting. Not the new 60 Minutes. Remember when they used to make them sweat. Holy cow. That’s one of the most expensive shows we can could possibly consider doing that. I think that one is $4 million to produce.”

“The other one that I want to do is a Nightline that is specifically on the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel, the Middle East, Benghazi, the things that are happening overseas. It is coming. It is coming. And one that is in touch with correspondents that are like-minded all around the world that can show you the creep of Shari’a, and Islamic extremism. That thing has to be funded by subscribers. That thing is going to be the most politically incorrect show ever done on television. I need you to subscribe.”

“There is also the other one which is the American Dream Labs which is I believe is my most important work that I will ever do and even people in my company don’t understand it yet. When we start it up you will see and understand, I really believe it is — I think it’s the most important thing I can do. I really do. But I need you to subscribe.”

“If you haven’t subscribed yet please do. If you have subscribe get one other person to subscribe. I’ve got to double. I need your help. Go to And subscribe. The election should have told we’re farther behind than we thought we were, and we’ve got to change the media.”

“The other thing you can do if you don’t have the money to subscribe is stop watching the mainstream media. Stop. Stop giving them power. Stop giving them ratings. It’s not good. It is not good what they’re doing, and all of them have made their choices, and some of them are drifting even farther left now I ever thought possible but they’re drifting. And it is an intentionally course correction, and stop giving them power.”

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard a lot of talk – post election – that the GOP should cater more to the minorities – I guess the new thinking is – if you can’t beat-em join-em….when what is needed most, is a candidate who is not afraid to speak his mind – Romney tried playing it safe…not mentioning Benghazi and other important subjects. His first debate should have been followed by a second, and just as much or more potent as was the first. The final debate should have been a knockout punch. We need a candidate who is not afraid to stand up and fight for conservative principles.    

    • Sandie

      That’s right – we should not keep slowly moving in their direction – they need to move in ours. We need a candidate who will campaign on bringing them up to middle class level not bringing the middle class down to their level, which is what Obama’s policies do, regardless of his claims.

      • Anonymous

        When little girls tell their third-grade teacher, “My mommy say’s,’We can’t vote for Romney because he’ll take away our food-stamps'” something is very wrong.

        That one idea alone, should be enough to get the GOP motivated, in reaching out and proclaim a positive message of the life changing benefits that Capitalism has to offer.

        • Sandie

          Obama ran a dirty Chicago-Politics campaign. Early on they started by defining and attacking Romney; vilifying him and lying about him, while constantly misdirecting from his faults and his own incompetence and inept leadership. They made false claims about how no middle income people had or would have their taxes raised, lied about Al Queda being weakened, about Benghazi and a multitude of other things. Romney should have done much more with exposing Obama for the corruption he orchestrated and his outright lies.

          • SoThere

            Obama had the Media to deflect from his faults and hide his complacency in matters that were critical to the American people. No one was going to defeat Obama in the past election. The propagandists saw to that.

            When you have non stop campaigning for 4 years, the media to do your dirty work and look the other way, combined with a “stupid” electorate, the results were a foregone conclusion.

            The further dismantling of our freedoms will accelerate until the people in this country stand up and say “Enough”.

            That usually happens when the IRS comes knocking on the door and that’s just around the corner. Someone has to pay for the free stuff, Pelosi and Reid aren’t going to.

            Remember the USSR, it came crashing down in a matter of months? It was a strong government, brutal in it’s tactics and it came down like a house of cards. Children yet to be born will suffer because of the policies of this government and the peoples complacency all because of free stuff. Why do you think that the Liberals push abortions on the blacks and the poor in this nation? They have enough poor people to vote them in but too many poor usually end up starting revolutions. A fact born out by the history of man.

            I’ll sit back and watch. Obama has already shown his hand when it comes to protecting the American people and Bin Laden was only a campaign move. Nothing more. Al Qaeda is already in the White House and they fit right in with the Marxists.

          • Sandie

            SoThere, you are right on the mark. Funny how Obama is advertised be the leftist media as saying how he will work with the Republicans and entertain new ideas, but then in the same breath shows his lie by saying he will not tolerate anything that is not “balanced”. …. ie ; same old same old. How stupid can the public be to swallow this crap? They only listen to the first part of his sentences? I guess when people say he got the ‘stupid’ vote, he surely did! He lies saying he has a ‘mandate’ from the majority of the American people to do his deal just because he won the election … and fools these ‘stupid’ people because they can’t think past his words to see that those people who voted for him were not only far fewer than who voted for him first term because the others were so disilussioned with him and couldn’t bring themselves to vote for him, but that they were certainly not the majority of the voting age population. Just another lie, more Obama propaganda.

            When the gimmes who voted to keep him to assure their continued handouts can’t get them anymore because there are no more cookies in the cookie jar start to revolt, then maybe he will finally get it. I hope then he gets ideas conjured up in his head about Quadaffi and others and what happened to them.

          • Anonymous

            So true. It must be, many on the left are totally illiterate – Obama is an easy book to read…unless of course, they prefer fiction, that may explain it.

          • Sandie

            I contend that fiction is Obama’s book!

          • BentGhazi

            He’s modeled everything on the Communist Manifesto.

    • RichInIowa

      Romney can’t fight for Conservative principals because he
      is not a Conservative!  

      You can wrap yourself in the Flag and still not be a Patriot…

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      All we will be doing if we “move towards them”, at the expense of the principles we know to be good and true, is establishing a political-connection-driven society that looks a lot like what they left behind in their respective Old Countries.  We would be doing them a disservice if we did that … expanding the disservice the Progressives have done, with their encouragement of ordinary people, to outsource their initiative and responsibility to  the DC elite.

      Maybe HOW we say it could use some refinement, but WHAT we are saying transcends culture and ethnicity in its applicability and wisdom.  We should not dump the WHAT, in order to get some votes.

      • Anonymous

        I was listening to “the great one” – (Mark Levin) last night and a third grade teacher called into his show with an interesting story – she told of a young child attending one of her classes, speaking up before the past election, saying, “My mommy say’s we can’t vote for Romney because he’ll take away our food-stamps”

        That innocent statement, coming from the mouth of a babe, should become the battle-cry of – HOW….we conservatives must find a way to break through the destructive thinking of the left, which encourages dependency and instead, build confidence in those of us less fortunate. Real HOPE and CHANGE comes from self respect and missions accomplished….not from going to bed hungry.

    • Anonymous

       Now with 4 more years Michelle and Valerie will attempt to invade every womb of every woman in Communist America

      • Love Macione

        How are THEY invading the wombs of women? You are an idiot.

        • XenaWP80

          Folks, this is why people are getting sick & tired of the two parties. We have cortney saying the left invades wombs by giving abortions, and we have macione saying the right invades wombs by not giving abortions. Meanwhile, our constitution is under attack by enemies from the inside. But lets only worry about abortions. Distractions from real issuses.

      • Anonymous

        So it wasn’t Romney after all, who’s waging a war on women.

        • XenaWP80

          LOL…no. The fake war on woman is a progressive propaganda ploy to bamboozle uninformed single woman. AND IT WORKED!! The progressives know that the majority of people are too busy with their day to day lives to pay attention to the goings on in the world, and they used that to their advantage. The war on woman was a catchy slogan that the single woman could remember in the voting booth. The progressives should feel ashamed of themselves for using woman. And I’m ashamed that woman were stupid enough to be used.

          • Anonymous

            Yesterday, throughout Pakistan, many celebrated Malala Day. Remember she was the 14 year old girl who was ruthlessly shot in the head by the Taliban, for supporting – not birth-control – not same-sex marriage – not abortion – not running for political office – not equal pay – no…… but for the simplest of basic rights for all humans – education for girls. This young girl represents a cataclysmic change from the statuesque and this young soldier represents a real threat. So in order to carry-on with – business as usual – the war on women continues.

            How many women here in the States (especially on the left) even knew about Malala Day.

          • XenaWP80

            Exactly! Thank you! When I first heard this nonsence ‘war on woman’ I was so insulted and filled with anger that the progressives would dare use & lie to woman to further their propaganda. To actually tell American woman that there 2nd class citizens…..I heard a progressive woman say that on O’Reilly. Do the American people not have better perspective when it comes to seeing how woman are suffering in other countries that DONT have a constitution to protect them? Thats why I’m so insulted, because I can’t help but to think about all the woman and younge girls, dying under oppression, in places like the ME, Africa, China, NKorea, Russia ect ect, and all the other countries where a woman has no choice, because of their society & culture, to be anything but a wife and have has many children has possible for their cheating husdand. IT IS THEY – NOT US AMERICANS THAT ARE OPPRESSED!! We have a choice in our lives to live has we want. Other woman in other countries dont. I wonder what Malala would say to that progressive woman, claiming to have it so hard in America. She cant say anything now.

          • XenaWP80

            I should also explain why this fake war on woman angers me so. In Africa younge girls suffer through female circimcision, rape is used as a weapon against woman (their husdands disown them for being raped, and throw them & the children out on their own), their breast are cut off so they can no longer feed there babies. In the middle east, woman are killed simply for looking at a man that is not their relative. And you, progressive woman, have the nerve to tell me, an American woman, that Im oppresed because other people dont want to pay for my birth control & abortion??? Screw you, progressives & your lies. You care not for woman, only your agenda.

          • Anonymous

            Its a shame that more women here in the States don’t use/have the same logic as you do. Come on, do the progressives really believe any of the nonsense that was dangled as bait, just to buy their vote.

            Well it worked…and now, the progressives can roar all the louder. If anything, I think there is an ongoing movement to silence men…especially white males, here in the States. But, one dare not bring up that subject, because he’d be a brute or at least… a He-Man-Woman-Hater. So many males simply comply and go along, as women increasingly take on the traditional male roles. Such as breadwinner, head of the family, political ambition etc. This nation has been so feminized these past few decades, its hard not to notice, so what a slap in the face, this so-called war on women was, not only for the women among us, but also the men.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn the old paradigms of Washington are long done, they shattered in 2008, and once again were sundered in 2010. The mainstream party of Republicanism is indeed dead, just as the Democratic party is the home of godless fanatics among the leaders.

    Right now the conservative movements, grass roots and all who are true to the American ideals and way of life are facing the greatest challenge and greatest opportunity. For in the defeat and sundering of the Republicans Old Guard, as with the Whigs, we have the opportunity to become something greater than ever before.

    Look at history people, this is our time and our place to take the next moves forward and with the guidance of God, become what we wish to be: A free people who will stand up against the tyranny growing about us, rebuild the dream and ideals that are America and press forward.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    What about getting someone more “charismatic”, if you will, like Marco Rubio? I thought he would have been a great choice.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Elizabeth, its more than just finding a charismatic leader, which Rubio is; we have to find one who can unite a diverse and fragmented community of conservatives in addition to seeking out the conservative democrats (Reagan Democrats) who are out there in hiding from the fanatic insanity of their parties leadership.

      Understand, the next President who follows the conservative path will be challenged by the lunatic DNC leadership, and the RNC extremists of the old guard who are desperate to hold onto power in the party.

      This is the chance for American conservatism, such as occurred with the Tea Party movement, from the ground up, to become better, stronger and push back harder against the insanity of the communist in the White House.

      We have to rebuild and restore: beginning with ourselves, our families, our community and on that solid foundation (part of which is already built) on the state and national levels.

      • Anonymous

         there will not ever be a conservative president – the country doesn’t want one.  Money grows on trees – more likely just picked (printed) out of thin air.  Money creates jobs – just look at Solyndra and company.

        As long as women remain in the public workforce – rather than the home workforce – there are no families.  Schools are the proof that kids are just byblow’s of sexual intercourse – they begin the government run education as little as three months after popping out.  parents are NEVER there for them, except to run them from one game to another.  And too tired to pay much attention to what they are doing on their own.  so we have condoms and birth control pills handed out to 8th graders – although in most every state it’s against the law, even to have consensual sex before 16.  Homosexuality if fine – until it is forced on you.

        We have set ourselves up to fail – and we are failing.

        • Love Macione

          So are you saying all women need to be relegated back to the house and kids need to stay home from school? Please move to Afghanistan and you can have that. I am not sitting around in the house all day. Kids grow up. Men die, leave, etc. And then what does the home workforce do? Beg on the corner?

          • XenaWP80

            Reading comprehension is difficult for you….. let me explain. 44rd was simply talking about the fall of the family unit, and the destructive consequence it has on society. He was not talking about regulation, thats how you progressives think.

          • frenchexit81

            Read closely before you embarrass yourself: She said Relegated, not Regulation.  What was that about LM’s post having a problem with reading comp?

          • XenaWP80

            The french sure had no problem with their reading comprehension when they were looking for the exit signs when the nazis invaded! Regulate : to control and direct according to rule. relegate : to refer or hand over for decision. For progressives, two sides of the same coin.

      • Sunny Flaig

        I don,t know who you are ..but you show wisdom …. I like Glenn Beck ..but I would follow your column also if you had one!

    • Love of Country

      I agree 100% w/ you Elizabeth …. Rubio is charismatic and brilliantly conservative!

      Please allow me to repost a comment I made this morning on another site …..

      I’ve been a diehard Rubio fan since 2010. And did you hear O’Reilly tonight? He was saying well of course in hindsight Rubio was better than Ryan. Hindsight, O’Reilly? O’Really? Give me a frickin’ break! Did you overlook Hannity (and many others) begging for Rubio for 12 months, you fool? He’s got the life story, the charisma, Florida and the minority vote just to name a few attributes.

      And I don’t know how much George Soros paid Hannity, O’Reilly and presumably Limbaugh to go four entire years without ever mentioning that the Bush tax cuts led to ending a recession, growing the economy for a record 52 months straight and adding 8.3 million new jobs between 2001 and 2007 but that’s exactly what happened. I can’t count how many times a goofy DNC strategist on Hannity’s show told Sean and his national audience that Dinglebarry had just grown jobs for 30 straight months or whatever and all Sean had to do was to say well W actually grew jobs for 52 months straight and everything was going fine until Pelosi and Reid took over congress in ’06 followed by the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to bogus sub-prime lending laws passed by the Dems ie Franks, Dodd and Meeks etc, etc but he NEVER did!
      Behind the scenes, Dems must be saying to themselves “How did we just go four entire years w/o the Republicans ever once reminding the public how well the economy was for six long years in the Bush Administration even though we kept saying over and over again that W spent 8 years ruining the economy?”.

      My point is that Romney was never able to get proper traction with the economy because the masses believed the DNC talking points that he was just going to return to the same policies that “ruined the economy”. And Dems kept saying because the GOP deregulated the economy that it collapsed when in fact it collapsed because the Dems wouldn’t allow the GOP to regulate Fannie and Freddie. Unfrickenbelievable!

      Marco Rubio for President 2016!

      • Anonymous

         We will never field a valid candidate that’s tied to the left leaning GOP party.
        We need to start with removing Republican senators  and replacing them with conservatives 2010 proved it can be done. The Conservatives need to start a viable 3rd party.  

        • Kurt Kuhne

          And- how many decades will it take to make this conservative party truly viable in a election-while “Rome burns + the libs fiddle!!!??

      • Anonymous

         Wow, a person who finally speaks truth to power! Follow the facts:

        The GOP–every last one of them–ALLOWED the Dems to blame Bush & the GOP for collapsing the economy. Shocking that NEVER ONCE in 4 years did anyone refute this false attack with FACTS.

        Dems Carter-Clinton: Clinton expanded Carter’s Community Re-development Act to require that ‘every person was entitled to live in their own house.’ Voila, no document, no down payment mortgages created. Voila, banks forced to make risky, sub-prime mortgages in required numbers or be penalized by DC.

        Dem Clinton:  Unable to hold risky, sub-prime mortgages on their books, banks  sold them to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. They didn’t want the toxic loans either. Voila, F & F bundled them & sold them as investments to Wall St. passing them off to institutional, individual & mutual fund investors. As toxic adjustable loans came due after 5 – 10 yrs, these “investments” had defaulted in unprecedented numbers.

        George Bush 2 terms: Bush & the GOP begged & pleaded before Congress numerous times for investigation of Fannie & Freddie. Dem Barney Frank’s House Finance & Banking Committee refused, refused, refused. Committee approval necessary to get bill on the floor.

        Obama elected 2008. As often as Obama harped on Bush for the economy he inherited, why didn’t the GOP deliver the facts in response?

        Sen Marco Rubio is indeed a charismatic, rising star in the GOP! Yet, I question a presidential candidacy at his age & with his experience. Very significant is the fact that being Cuban doesn’t necessarily open doors for the GOP into the Hispanic community. Cubans have had special expedited passage as political exiles–not shared with any other Hispanic group. The Cuban experience is unique. I question whether an Hispanic candidate is required? For the most part, Latinos are hard working, religious, have conservative social values, focus on family, all the commonalities of a Republican conservative . . . .       

      • Ciaran

        Oh yes. An Open Borders Amnesty Prez! JUST what we need! What country do you love, Brazil?

      • J

        Love of Country you made some very good points here about W. He got us out of the Dot-com Bubble and dealt with 911 and still kept us in much better shape than Obama through most of his terms as President. He did get us into the wars that he did at least get an OK from Congress and the UN for, but he should have known that there were no WMD’s and that we would own the mess in those countries after going in. The real crash of the Financial Crisis and Housing Bubble were not all Bush’s fault, in fact he did try to investigate Fannie and Freddie before 06 when Republicans controlled both the Congress and Senate but didn’t have a Filibuster proof Senate and the Dems in the Senate were able to stop him. There is no question in my mind the 06 Democrat control of both Houses was a major downturn for Bush and the Country.

        I do feel he should have pursued Fannie and Freddie “much more” than he did but because of the wars he lost his political clout to get it done. Bush really went off the tracks with TARP and all the Government bailouts giving Obama tremendous cover for his relentless Marxist push. 

        So Conservatives need to learn from Bush’s mistakes and the GOP must become a more inclusive Party. I do like Marko Rubio and he may be a good choice in 2016, but the GOP cast their best hope aside that would have addressed Bush’s mistakes with the Wars, was very popular with the youth and would have been more palatable to women concerns with the GOP. Plus there were no other candidates that came close to cutting government spending like Ron Paul. Hmmm Ron Paul with Marko Rubio as a VP pick!!! What could the Dems do with that one. Instead the GOP good ole boys killed that effort with help from the Press.       

    • Pat

      Elizabeth, you are right on target.  The Republicans failed partly because they failed to secure the Hispanic vote.  Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group. If they are not on board, we lose.

      • Erin Mewes

        And how would you secure the Hispanic vote?  By pandering with immigration?  No – if you’re here illegally, you’re illegal, and there’s a problem.  Hispanics as a whole are Catholic – what the HECK are Catholics doing supporting someone who wants Catholics to pay for insurance policies that cover abortion and birth control?  

        Republicans have more elected Latinos than the Dems…and it doesn’t matter.  I don’t think we go after “groups”.  We state our principles and nominate people who stand by them.  Unfortunately, I think that means a new party, because the Republicans are only interested in power.  

      • Anonymous

        Republicans failed because 3 million less Republicans stayed home and didn”t vote. Mostly the pro 2nd amendment crowd and the anti Mormon crowd.

        • Melissa Katsmom Votano

          And the Ron Paul crowd…..

          • Mike Gaydos

             If Ron Paul had been the Repub candidate, he would have won the election. The Repubs did this to themselves.

          • Anonymous

             Ron Paul will never get the Christian vote for his statement about Israel

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            Sorry, but Ron Paul’s good sense stops at the waters’ edge … his foreign-policy views are the stuff that lets tyranny grow to world war proportions.

          • Nick Bagnall

            Yeah, it’s too bad they still feel we can afford war.

        • Benjamin

          I can’t speak for the anti Moron crowd but I do not know a single pro
          2nd amendment person in my area that did not vote!

        • Anonymous

           Where was this crowd when the primaries were going on?  I have become part of the “anti-Christian” crowd.  I can hardly wait until they have to hide in their basements to hold their preaching – can hardly be called – worship services.  When I am out doing any business – and the person trying to sell me something says they are a Christian – I immediately turn and leave – I won’t do business with them.  I’ve found in the last 20 years that they’d lie to you while swearing on a stack of bibles.

          do “I” believe in the Creater, God, the father of all – yes.  Do I believe that Jesus was his only begotten son, yes.  Do I believe in ANY so-called Christian denomination on the earth today – NO!

          • Anonymous

            So if you believe in God, then you must be aware that he states…Prove Me…Prove My Words….if you do that, then you will find the one true church of God. Which, by the way, is a must…at least that is what God tells us….

          • Anonymous

             I am a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior. He and I have walked through my life together. Miracles have happened in my life, where time and space disappeared. My life has been in His hands. To the secular, in general, I’m a nut case. So be it.
                The hand of the intelligentsia in America is turning to Man as God. The government is man’s tool as god, to guide, protect and use us.. Total control of this tool is paramount. The individual left to his own purposes is the true evil in the Universe..
                 In replying to 44rd11, I find it hard to believe the the crazy diversity in denominations within Christianity would be what God wants. I find the many differences in interpretation of scripture, at times at the minutest level, to turn so called believers against each other, sometime to death, the evilest of evil and obviously the work of God’s enemy. But to the church, this is some kind of competition for membership God looks down on as sort of neat.” They’re competing for Me” let the games go on.
                  Unbelievably the church, in many cases, doesn’t understand who God is and believe He just doesn’t really care about the confusion, mistrust and hate that manifest from these divisions. Remember, we are suppose to come to Him, our Heavenly Father ,knowing his love for us, His creation, heals all wounds and brings peace and comfort to all who seek Him,even the vilest of sinners. How can he condone this destructive attitude in the body He is suppose to inhabit?
                  This internal division in God’s church is some of the reason the secular religion seems to be winning. Man, in any case, in his fallen condition wont change what is occurring in the World. His promised return will. Come quickly my Savior….. . 


        • Anonymous

          And that is a problem as most of them knew full well what the result would be if the worst president in our history got a second term……………..he flat out hates this country!

        • Anonymous

          I thought the same thing….I know many Christians who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Mitt–sadly.  and I also know many Christians who voted for Obama because the “social gospel” movement is on the rise–along with socialism.  Mitt Romney made a great case for conservatism–especially in the debates.  People think b/c he wasn’t “mean” enough or something to Obama that he lost. I think that’s just stupid.  The people that wanted bigger government and more handouts out numbered the smaller government, free enterprise people.  It’s just that simple.  the mindset of this country has changed–think about it.  the schools in this country are raising up a bunch of brain-washed liberal thinking children and young adults.  we are now a entitlement mentality society and we are now a center-left country. that’s why we lost.

      • Anonymous

        3 groups came out in force. Blacks, hispanics, and young people. None of them when asked in crowds had a clue what was going on. Most of them are parasites in one way or another and are looking for more of same or they have something they WANT period. They don’t know or care that we are borrowing money so Obama could pay them for thier votes……………and we all paid the price.

        • Nick Bagnall

          You realize you’re falling right into the Democratic-Progressive trap? You regard voters by race and calling them entitled makes you into a racist. It’s great how this movement is letting itself getting painted into a corner. You can’t appeal to socialists because you want to elect a latino, or a black, or a woman, that’s bigoted and preferential. You can champion the message of absolute freedom without preference for all groups and you will appeal to all demographics because everyone loves freedom.

        • Love Macione

          Young people are parasites? GO kill yourself. Now. Log off and do the world a favor. 

          • XenaWP80

            A REAL example of the free lovin’ tolerant liberal. Use tyranny to condemn hate. Congrats! You have become everything you claim to hate!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I found this in one of my books from the civil war era, and thought it appropriate about the system of governance we have in our nation:

    “Our system of government has a loose-jointed quality – it is flexible enough to stand extreme stress and strain. It never gets rigid and therefore it never quite breaks under pressure. Often enough though, the political system by which our democracy works brings out the worst in people; the saving grace is that in times of extreme duress and crisis is also brings out the best  of our people, and the greatest good they shine with.”

    This is from a partial book I have called “The politics of war” from the inscription that I can read of it. Written within an hand count of years after the war, this passage has always stuck with me as a solid truth of the nation.

    There will always be a portion of the nations people, when all is pressed to the limit by a force of evil and oppression from within; who have the moral courage to make the stand for what is right and do the hard tasks, and make the hard choices.

    This is our time now, we have a President bent on destruction of our system and life; and now we need to be among the people who will stand up and face the times when they are hard. We are called now for this hour, this place and this means to fight the darkness.

    Do as you each will, mock me if you care for until the end, I will stand and do what is hard. For I have God on my side, and none can beat Him that is born of this world.

    • Joel LaPerry

      Obama’s win is a great business opportunity for Glenn. He can now attract the most far right hapless americans who are disillusioned by this election. Establishment GOP and Fox News failed against the Messiah and now Glenn needs to tap into the frustration of the tea partiers. However Glenn will need to go all out (like slandering Christie) tea-party style to garner that audience away from Fox News. 

      • Kenneth Lee

        Glenn did not slander Christie.  I was not happy with Christie.  He sold his soul to satan because he needed the fema funds to repair his state.  judasbama is famous for revenge actions on states who do not bow down to him.  Look at Texas and the millions of acres of land  and hundreds of houses that went up in smoke due to wild fires.  fema refused to call it a catastrophe and send in fema relief effors and funds.

        • Anonymous

           When I saw Christie standing with Obama on the news, I knew it was going to hurt.  I was just hoping it would not hurt as much as it seemed to.  I understand that his state needs the help but did he have to be so public about it.  One of the exit polls, almost half the people said the response to Sandy helped with their decision. 

          I bet I can guess why Texas didn’t get any help with the fires.  Does the first guess count?  lol 

          • Bonnie S Hughes

            The real funny part that fema still has not showed up.  LOL

        • Anonymous

          Do you think it matters wether your warmonger country goes off the cliff at 110mph or 115mph.The sooner the better.!.

          • Anonymous

            Just before the screaming car full of lunatic leftists careens off of said cliff, jump in front of the car!

          • XenaWP80

            Thanks for showing people the real face of tyranny from the socialist/progressive movement.

          • Anonymous

            Mind your own business down under in your penal colony you socialist aussie piece of crap. 

      • Anonymous

         You can’t be serious. I like Christie and Obama made a fool of him, four hours or so later Obama was gone with a MILLION dollars advisement. All Christie had to do is meet him thank him for coming (because Obama should have anyway) not shoot his mouth off. Do you see all the extra help the the folks are getting. It did not change the election Jersey is like New York..Politically uneducated. Putnin could run as democrat and win.
        BY THE WAY  I am no republican

        • Bonnie S Hughes


      • Anonymous

        What slandering are you talking about? How the Governor blind-sided his own party for an Obama photo-op? Nothing slanderous about that. Obama hasn’t done anything since then either. Definitely not a slanderous statement either. I certainly hope you aren’t one of the faithful followers of Obama – he’ll crap on you too.

      • Shavager

        Joel, you seem to think this is some financial ploy for Glenn to exploit to make money. WHAT PART OF $16 TRILLION DEBT DON’T YOU GET??  That is MORE DEBT than ALL THE DOLLARS OWNED BY EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN FROM D. TRUMP, BILL GATES, ROCKEFELLERS, BUFFET, down to the LAST homeless person sleeping in the woods or under a bridge CAN PAY.  It’s MORE money than ALL 310+ MILLION Americans have.  NOW OWEbama’s going to institute strangling EPA rules against the coal industry–the LARGEST fuel supply the U.S uses to run our national energy grid–that will “necessarily SKYROCKET” energy prices as HE told you he would do–he’s CUT IN HALF oil production–the 2nd largest supply source and stopped ANY permits for nuclear power plants–the 3rd source of energy supply–what do YOU think will happen when energy prices SKYROCKET–the STOCK MARKET WILL CRASH taking the economy with it.  Wind mills and solar panels WILL NOT supply our needs–AT BEST only 5% nationwide.  ADD to that $585 BILLION IN OTHER NEW TAXES COMING NEXT YEAR!!   I can name you 18 companies THAT CLOSED this week and 20 others that LAID OFF workers this week—and that’s BEFORE any of his JOB killing regulations and taxes for 2013 have started.

        • Artemis Gordon

           Hmm. Obama supports nuclear power. And coal power plants put geometrically more radioactive pollution into the atmosphere than all US  nuclear plants combined X 1000. And the stock market has doubled in value during Obama’s administration. And the US has become a net oil exporter…

          But don’t let verifiable, documented facts get in the way of your psychosis…

      • Anonymous

        Ain’t that the truth.  

        Glenn says “If you haven’t subscribed yet please do… I need your help.”   He made $80 million this year selling fear and misinformation, and now he needs help to expand the business?  He owes America better.

        • XenaWP80

          The progressive left sold fear & misinformation with their fake war on woman. Meanwhile in the ME woman are killed for honor & in Africa young girls are suffering female circumcision, but they are lucky they were not born in America, where they would be 2class citizens that are forced to pay for their own abortions and birth control. Makes me sick that the left USED woman and they fell for it.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t blame the left for creating these issues: the attempts to restrict funding for birth control came from the right.  The Senators who brought up wacked theories about rape were on the right.  Banning all abortions — which extends to cases of rape and incest — was even in the Republican platform.  Sorry to say, your own politicians made these issues.

          • XenaWP80

            Sorry to say, YOUR party made “the war on woman” an issue, and your propaganda worked. Paying for your own birth control should NOT HAVE BEEN A ISSUE AT ALL!!! Face it, your party needs the abortion issue as a scare tatic, and I’m sick of it from both sides. How many woman voted for Obama simply because of abortion, and they knew absolutly nothing else about any other issues. Yes, your propaganda war on woman worked with the less informed. And to tell me, an American woman, that theirs a war on me?? An insult to woman suffering in other countries that DON’T have a constitution to protect them. The real war on woman is other countries where woman well never know freedom, not only from their govt. but from there husbands ( which they had no choice but to be bare foot and pregnant.) So please, dont tell me theres a war on me because other people dont want to pay for my abortion. I live in a free country, and I will be just fine, thank you.

          • XenaWP80

            Sorry to say, YOUR party made “the war on woman” an issue, and your propaganda worked. Paying for your own birth control should NOT HAVE BEEN A ISSUE AT ALL!!! Face it, your party needs the abortion issue as a scare tatic, and I’m sick of it from both sides. How many woman voted for Obama simply because of abortion, and they knew absolutly nothing else about any other issues. Yes, your propaganda war on woman worked with the less informed. And to tell me, an American woman, that theirs a war on me?? An insult to woman suffering in other countries that DON’T have a constitution to protect them. The real war on woman is other countries where woman well never know freedom, not only from their govt. but from there husbands ( which they had no choice but to be bare foot and pregnant.) So please, dont tell me theres a war on me because other people dont want to pay for my abortion. I live in a free country, and I will be just fine, thank you.

          • Sana Kelly Powers

             There are many women issues here, so to say there isn’t is saying you don’t know what women are actually facing in this economic melt down and rights to dignity, respect and fair and equal pay, it’s off kilter extremely. Have you seen the statical data on women murder by the hands of husbands and boyfriends in this country, or that 9 out 10 rapists never do a day in jail, let alone get arrested or prosecuted in this country? Do a bit of research, really;

          • XenaWP80

            (sigh) Woman in the Middle East would be shot in the head if they so much has talked about respect or equality. They cant even leave the house to get a job & complain about equal pay, without a male escort. All that statical data of murder & rape is a problem of human nature which knows no borders, and is not just a proublem with America. At least we acknowledge the fact that these thing happen & not just sweep them under the rug like other cultures, and we have a constitution that protects us. You say I need to do some research…..I say you need some perspective, really.

        • Anonymous

          LOL  Beck made $80 million this year spreading the TRUTH and FACTS, moron.  It was you liberal idiots who spread the fear and misinformation.  Beck is there to combat your stupidity with ACTUAL DOCUMENTED FACTS and TRUTHFUL REALITY.

      • Bonnie S Hughes

        You are a moron!

      • Anonymous

        Christie is a vengeful guy. He has been resentful because he was not chose as VP for the republican ticket. I noticed it right away after his speech at the Republican convention! The guy is a sored loser!

    • Joe Robinson

      Keep it up Glenn.  Keep doubling down.

      the more you try to scare people the more you divide this country.

      Romney and Ryan tried to scare people and we know how that worked out.  

      you’re done Glenn, you and the baggers are done, but keep it up.  
      every video, everything you say on your shows, radio and internet is being sent out to youth all over this country at all the universities to show our younger generation on what a whack job you are.  

      • Jason Brooks

        Please, YOU keep swearing allegiance to the loving father Obama. Comrade President and people like you are joyfully destroying this country. The “free benefits” you and others like you enjoy are being paid for by people like me. You mock us for our values but gladly live off our sweat, effort, and achievement. Without people like us, the “baggers” (where would you be without your fellow socialists to give you new catch phrases to use? Have an original thought) you have nothing. But it will end when people like me are taxed into submission and our production stops. What will you do then? What will you do when what your life is dictated by the Almighty federal government? Do you really think the Bill of Rights and our Constitution will still exist when economic liberty is destroyed? Enjoy your free ride. Because when they destroy me, they will come for you too. Live free or die.

        • Steve Mink Jr.

          This is why we need to go John Gault and crash the system.  Tell Speaker Boner (misspelled on purpose) to let obama have eveyrhting he wants and give the socialists everything.  The quicker we tear the band-aid of socialism off the better in my opinion.

          • ShawnE

            That’s where I’m at. Rubber stamp every bill and program the liberals propose. Let them really run this country into the ground for the next 4 years and they won’t be able to blame the conservatives (but they will anyway). Then we’ll pick up the pieces, make some laws that keep them from gaining power again, and rebuild this country. Christie didn’t help, and I think his political career is all but over, but its the ignorance and apathy of the American people that I blame for this. We will become Greece very shortly. Plan for the worst; hope for the best. We will very soon become the underground.

      • Heath

        Fools mock (Joe Robinson) and unfortunately, more than just you and the fools that voted for Obuma will mourn when the full effects of his destructive policies hit us.  Now get back to playing your world of warcraft game Joe.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Joe – you sound like a whack job yourself. Would you happen to live in one of those pot-legalized states? You can’t possibly be one of the victims in NJ or NY – they don’t have heat, electricity for the most part, but they do share one common quality with you – you’re both clueless!

      • Christopher Moser

        Truth is sometimes scary Mr. Joe Robinson!!

      • Anonymous

        I love it.  Every time I hear the Tea Party referred to with the word bag, I know I am hearing from a person whom cannot defend his or her position on the issues……..Let me know how this is working out for you in a couple more years after your guy really gets going.   PS   Don’t count on the feds to come to your house any quicker than they got to NYC with the cheese when the mess hits the fan.  And don’t dare come near mine unless you call first.

      • Anonymous

        LOL You continue to prove just how uneducated you liberal idiots really are.  Good job, ignorant buffoon.

    • Anonymous

      this mumbo jumbo is the very reason the republican party is dead.   “when all is pressed to the limit by a force of evil and oppression from within”.   Stop already.   This prepping for armageddon nonsense that he has been yelling about for 4 years is simply not based in reality.   come out of your bunkers people…its OK outside.   

           “for I have God on my side”…   get a grip guy

  • landofaahs

    The establishment on both sides are clueless to the hell coming toward them.  It’s a matter of time only before their ability to bribe the sheep ends.  The collapse will have it’s good points just as fire clears out dead pasture, it allows for the green to come quicker.

  • Love of Country

    We’re gonna have to ease up on some of our social conservatism to appeal to the masses …. otherwise we become extinct.  No way are we gonna let up on our fiscal conservatism, though, because we won’t have to.

    • Anonymous

      No, we must not comply.  Our social conservatism is not the issue.  The GOP believes that by becoming pro-abortion and giving amnesty are the answer & that isn’t the answer.  Reagan gave amnesty, many GOP Senators including McCain work hard to give the immigrants some kind of status.  What are the results?  They vote Democrat & will continue to do so because it is the party that provides the FREE STUFF.  Of course there are exceptions among that group, but the majority are expecting Santa Claus to provide for them. 

      • Love of Country

        Making abortion illegal is not the answer, either.  If you’re gonna ban it then ban the second and third trimester and partial birth abortions. 

        Gay marriage will be legal within 20 years …. it’s time to stop fighting it … it makes it easy for the Left to successfully but dishonestly brand us as the Party of hate.

        We need a Rubio/Martinez ticket in 2016 and allow him to pass his amnesty light.  Clearly those folks aren’t going anywhere.  You can make some folks legal without granting citizenship and voting rights …. they came here for economic opportunity, not voting rights so they have no business balking that they cannot vote so long as they’re not full citizens.  Let the kids become citizens with 6 years or more of active military service …. but no citizenship simply for going to school.

        If Latinos ever start voting like bIack folks (and they’re trending that way) we will never win another national election no matter what.

        If Republicans had a voice in the classrooms and newsrooms across the nation then perhaps we wouldn’t need to compromise but since Dems are the ones shaping public opinion (for the most part) our backs are against the wall.

        I’m not suggesting we adopt Hollywood values … we just are gonna have to bend a bit on some social issues while remaining very fiscally conservative until the ends of time.

        • Elizabeth Bracy

          Love of Country, you needed to be Romney’s campaign manager! I was 110% for Rubio from the get-go. Weren’t like 11 million Hispanic votes cast and O won the election by 3 million or so? Rubio could have won him the election.

          Also, Romney needed to be much more specific and clear with the American people as to how Obama’s policies have not worked, and not just refer to his five-point plan. I don’t think he was strong enough. And I think people are right- i don’t know if the GOP can go on as is.

  • Susan

    Once again, the GOP is getting advice on a winning strategy from the Dem’s.  That’s what got them in this mess in the first place.  “You need to be more moderate….blah, blah, blah….”  Sending my RNC card back to the home office this week with a note of “Thanks, but no thanks.” They’ve now pushed me over the libertarian cliff.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that Glenn is on the DISH network.  Is he ever going to be on Direct TV?

  • David Oliver

    The majority of the voters have gotten and will get exactly what they deserve. The rest of us will survive. As of today, I am no longer investing in America, I’m investing in precious metals. It appears this country is self-destructing and will go down as one of the greatest tragedies in all history. 

  • Brad Harris

    Being from Texas, but living and working in Germany, Glenn be sure and let us know when Texas decides to secede from the Union.  I will be ready to come back home and pay Texas taxes, though they do no have a state tax, instead of Federal taxes.  Texas does not need the Union.   Keep us informed.

  • Noreen Delaney Daly

    chris christie killed this election for us all !

  • Anonymous

    This is an open letter written by my awesome brother.  It’s directed to Republicans, but everyone needs to read it:  
    It is an unfortunate constant in humanity that as time goes by, politics becomes less about principle and all about power.  Perhaps this is why Jefferson thought there should be a revolution every 20 years.  These revolutions have occurred in the past.  When those in power start to abuse it, a movement to counter that abuse rises up.  Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan are two of these movements in recent history.  They were, unfortunately, co-opted by corrupt influences.  When mankind strays too far from a government “in tune with nature, and nature’s God,” as the founders put it, it is inevitable that the people will rebel.  And when a party abandons its principles, people will be there to return them to the path.    As the Republican Party does some soul searching after the election, let’s examine the contributing factors. There are three main influences in the Republican Party today:  The Neocons, the Religious Right, and the Liberty Republicans.  This is a generalization, because there are large numbers who believe in smaller government that don’t necessarily fit perfectly in any category, but they will understand my the message just the same.. The Republican grassroots is largely made up of the latter two but will also still support the third simply because of allegiance to the party.  But let’s ask ourselves, what are the principles guiding each faction? The Neocons rely strictly on party allegiance to maintain their position of leadership, because they basically do not follow any principles besides serving their special interest overlords and lobbyists.  They are all about holding the power and zero about abiding by principles. They were successful in delivering George Bush, and they rose to power with him firmly planting the R behind their name. They manipulate the grassroots by giving lip service to the principles with no intention of following through.  At the moment they still hold the keys of power at the highest levels in the Republican party, and it is they who have delivered (force fed) us candidates in the last two cycles incapable of defeating a socialist.  It’s funny because no one (except maybe Carl Rove) would ever admit to being a Neocon. But if you have found yourself fighting for party over principle, you have fallen for their trap.  The Religious Right, or evangelicals, are those wishing to hold on to some moral standards in the United States as the virtues of the country seemingly continue to decay.  A noble principle. The Liberty Republicans are those who believe in the principles of the founders and believe that our Constitution is the manifestation of those principles, that mankind has rights untouchable by government. In this past election one of these factions was shunned by the other two.  How did that work out for us?When you think about the guiding principles of the three factions, which do you suppose has a better philosophy for the future of our country? The Liberty Republicans and the evangelicals largely agree on the principles of morality but disagree on implementation. The Republican Party alienated millions by taking moral stances that are less like a free republic and more like a theological dictatorship.  If you believe in the sanctity of marriage, set an example, but do not try to dictate how other free Americans live.  Republicans must believe that all are treated equally under the law, and that sometimes in a free society we must recognize the rights of others to live in ways we cannot condone.  As long as no rights are being violated, it is not the government’s place to judge.   You cannot legislate morality, and to continue to try to do so is futile and damaging to the party. he subject of abortion will never be settled.  Telling a person who was raped that it was God’s will is just as offensive as forcing those who think it is murder to pay for abortions with their tax money.  Let the Republican party fight against continued federal funding for it but not banning it entirely.  Society has changed, and it will never happen.  Hopefully, advances in medical technology will make this irrelevant in coming years.  In the meantime, I personally wish we could settle on the second trimester and call it a compromise.  Three months to decide, then it’s a kid.  Not a perfect solution….but there isn’t one.  The Neocons are bought and paid for by the big banks, the federal reserve, and the destructive corporate lobbyists.  They are the ones who bring us continual wars that will bankrupt our nation. They are willing to lie and cheat and disregard their own rules in order to stay in power.  In Tampa, they attempted (I say attempted only because I believe that the vote to accept them was too close to call and calls for division were ignored, making the results void) to pass new rules that will basically nullify the grassroots, transforming our party from the ground up organization it is supposed to be, to a top down cadre, where a few people at the top make all of the decisions. I agree that one of these factions needs to be rejected and the others need to agree to work together if the Party is to survive.  But if we are to be a party of principle, which one that is becomes obvious. We must be the party of peace through strong national defense (not foreign adventurism), the party of lesser government, the party of lower taxes, and the party of individual liberty.  We have a huge struggle ahead of us, because we may already be at the tipping point our founders warned us about.  Once those on the government dole outnumber the productive people in society, they say there is no coming back.   But liberty brings people together.  Millions of immigrants came here for a better life, and they are all potential Republicans because none of them wants to see their adopted country turn into the socialist places they left.  If we stand for liberty, peace, and the principles of the founders, more young people of all races will join our party, and the country might yet be saved.    When contemplating what is the best thing to do for our party, consider doing what is best for our country, and then perhaps the party will flourish. Pat Kerby

    • XenaWP80

      Thank you and your brother for a wonderful, and truthful post. I stand with the liberty republicans.

  • The Floorguy

    We had our chance to change time.  You let the establishment pick the candidate instead of the people.

    You get what you got.

    Ron Paul would have beat Obama, hands down.
    Truth & Honesty are hard to beat, unless you silence it.

  • Noreen Delaney Daly

    chris christie killed this election for us all

  • Noreen Delaney Daly

    chris christie killed this election for us all

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  It took out all of the paragraphing when I posted it.  Sorry about that.

  • Bryan Waldron

    This was the perfect election to show the GOP just how disgusted we have been with how they are running the party. There was perfectly acceptable Libertarian candidate in Gary Johnson that people such as Glenn Beck could have thrown support in for. The change would have been HUGE. Instead, we get the same old tired garbage of, “Well he isn’t an ideal candidate but we have to stop Obama so we should just hold our nose and vote for Romney.” Glenn talks a lot about values and principles but when it comes times to stick to those he caves and supports Romney. He has said on numerous occasions that he considers himself a libertarian and yet that all goes out the window and he supports Romney, who wasn’t a whole lot different than Obama. I know we couldn’t risk Obama winning again and Romney was our best bet but that is ridiculous. Anyone with a brain knew Romney would lose. Values and principles mean NOTHING if we can’t stick to them when they are needed most.

    I have been a big Glenn Beck fan for a while and don’t always agree with his point of view but this election cycle I have been highly disappointed with him and his support for Romney. Of course it easy now to pile on the GOP after the election but it should have been done long before this.

    • Give Jon a Dollar

      That’s a good point Bryan.  I was impressed with Beck for about a year, but then he went back to his roots.

      • Anonymous

         when it comes down to it, Glenn cares a lot more about government control in social issues to fully support a real libertarian

    • Anonymous

       I think Glenn will never support a true libertarian like Johnson b/c of gay marriage and legal weed.  Which is really sad for a guy who claims to support small government.

      • Ben Gillis

        …perhaps because 

        • Anonymous

          if you really support small government in all aspects of life then the dope heads get to be dope heads and the gays get equal marriage rights, which Gov. Johnson and myself both consider to be constitutional

  • Nick Bagnall

    Stop this insanely creepy and progressive talk about race. It’s turning us all into democrats who vote by skin color. We aren’t like that and that’s NOT the America that will survive.

    If we can’t offer the best alternative to big government socialism, no one has any incentive to vote for us. When the taxes rise and our freedoms disappear, what will be in greater demand? It’s time to cave on petty social issues and support liberty. That doesn’t mean change who you are. That means don’t change who I am. Promise to leave me alone if elected and you will win.

  • Anonymous
  • John Nelson

    Glen, I thank God you are still the voice of truth.  Truth is reality, but this country is drowning in the fantasy world of lies.  The government is lying, the schools are perpetuating the left wing fantasies of the progressives and even the churches are not raising the voice of the truth God has given us in His Word.  You are right to continue to warn the world about the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood.  It remains the single greatest threat to our national security.  I hope you would consider inviting me on your program to discuss a book that I have written, “The Coming Religious War!”, just released this Tuesday.  It examines the history of Islam and its murderous agenda for Israel and American.

    My wife and I pray for you constantly

    John Nelson

  • MaadDaawg

    I think the overarching problem that conservatives have is continuing to believe that a majority of the population is intelligent enough to know what is important and what is not, or, more precisely, voting for what is best for the future of the country instead of what is best for them individually.  The Democrats proved, beyond doubt, that ignorance is pervasive in the United States, and with every graduating class the population is becoming dumber and dumber by design. 

  • Ajean72

    Sure, sure, the GOP is evil! And the Democrats aren’t right? Keep believing that. We have a new breed of people in this world and until you can promise them free stuff, you won’t win!

  • Give Jon a Dollar

    Does this mean you will stop talking trash about the liberty movement and the ideas of Ron Paul? 

    • Nick Bagnall

      Probably not, but holy moly was Beck wound so tight against Paul and libertarians that it makes my head spin. We love freedom and fiscal responsibility even against war, but that’s not good enough for him.

      • Anonymous

         He doesn’t like us because we leave religion out of government. He wants more of a theocracy.

        • Ritchie The Riveter

          No, what he wants is prudence … instead of “non-intervention” that lets tyrants spin up world wars when they could be prevented … instead of the libertarian holy grail of drug legalization, which is an inherent threat to a free society that depends upon the self-control of its citizens to maintain that freedom.

          And we sure don’t want the Pharisaical approach to the Constitution that Ron and his supporters keep presenting … his/their good ideas get lost in the legalistic noise.  He would have flopped as bad as Romney did for that reason alone … they would have tuned him out, too.

          I would support Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury … or for Chairman of the Federal Reserve, just for the entertainment value of watching the directors heads explode upon exposure to the fundamental realities of national finance that is Ron’s strength … but not for President.

          • Nick Bagnall

            If you’ve got any extra cash to pay for soldiers in Israel I’m all for backing up an ally. But I’m broke and so is this nation.

            I agree about drugs that by nature they limit personal freedom; they cloud and destroy the mind, and are immoral. I’ll never do them personally and I’ll forever be one to point out how they are self-inflicted harm.

            But am I gonna go hire thousands of ATF agents to bust posession of pot on every campus and every government loan-ee all over the country like Dick Morris wants? With what money and who are you hiring? Whose to say those agents don’t get corrupt and start dealing drugs under the table (like they have been anyways)? Again, if you’ve got any means in your pocket to do this I’d like to believe you could fix all our problems through government. The truth is that goal is as much a socialist toilet dream as Obamacare.

            Religion should never be part of the considerations of government simply because it will naturally oust the inferiorities of iniquity without taking our rights as human beings away. You don’t need the government to tell you what you can and can’t do, not even our kids, because we are responsible for teaching them, not the government.

  • Sally Sizemore Adams

    Well, I want to help, so give me places to start.  Is Glenn on tv or is he strictly internet now?

  • Sally Sizemore Adams

    I think we include minorities – we just don’t say hey look, I have a black or hispanic in our party………….I am so frustrated and scared for our country

  • Blair Gubernath

    Here’s my issue Glenn you dis Boehner and rightly so but let you listen to Ann Coulter…she is JUST as bad as Boehner and Christie!!!  She needs to be shut down or at least not given so much time!  Can’t stand her and her boyfriend Christie!

    • Nick Bagnall

      Hear hear. Ann Coulter is transforming into the final stage of neoconservatism – she might even out-do Bill Kristol, mark my words.

  • Anonymous

    Angus King (an independent, but former democrat) is the new senator from Maine taking over Olympia Snowe’s seat.  In his acceptance speech, he thanked Karl Rove for being the single biggest asset to his campaign.  It seems that as soon as Rove came to Maine to support the republican candidate, King’s poll numbers jumped.

    As far as what happened on Tuesday, I think it has a lot to do with the way the Republicans present themselves.  The Repubican/Democrat relationship seems a lot to me like a parent/child relationship, with the Republicans being the responsible adults and the Dems being the kids with their hands out all the time. When they don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum (Occupy Wallstreet, for example).

    Glenn is right; conservatives need to think about the way they communicate with liberals. Talking about low taxes for job creators isn’t going to connect.  Republicans are not connecting with Dems; that’s why they get away with promoting the concept that Republicans are out of touch.   The Democrats have convinced voters to look at Republicans as the mean parent who won’t give them everything they want.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could support the GOP again. 

  • Ali Sina

    The only thing that could have saved America was to expose Obama as a fraud. Sheriff  Arpaio has shown beyond doubt that this man is not eligible and has perpetrated the biggest fraud on America.Yet you Glenn Beck ridiculed him. This truth could have brought Obama down and you made that fraud look legitimate.

    Still there is chance. Put aside your obstinacy and watch this video

  • Anonymous

    This is not about who was running, it is about the complacency and manifested lack of responsibility of the American people. I never thought I would see the day when GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOSE BETWEEN one one side, two honorable Gentlemen without a blemish and on the other side, a proven Narcissistic liar with an old Chicago style politician looking down at the people, the Americans electorate would chose the latter.
    I was raise to seek character, truth, honesty and straightforwardness in a candidate, before selecting him/her. I am still in shock. 
    The results of this elections means that half the people I encounter on the streets consider that: lying, cheating, deceiving, killing the unborn, taking from whoever has more, although it is not theirs, cheating in school applications, vowing to foreign dignitaries as if we are below them, thus dishonoring America, etc., etc. is acceptable. THIS NEW PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE IS WHAT IS SCARY!!!!  If a person who’s qualifications, are still  unknown, and his actions for the past four years have brought our country to its knees, can be elected by a majority, it is simply frightening…. We better prepare to see the riots promised in those despicable ads… we will see increase in crime, in cheating and a general degeneration of the workplace and society at large.My husband and I feel like finding a remote place for conservatives, where we can at least expect our values to be respected and not trampled upon. Heaven help us!

    • Bryan Waldron

      It doesn’t have anything to do with whether Romney was honorable or a nice guy. His record shows that he was not a conservative and that his policies were terrible. He alienated a lot of voters with his social policies and until the GOP changes that part of their platform they will continue to lose. They talk about freedom but it only pertains to what they support. 

  • Jessica McLain

    any chance you will get on directv?

  • Cheri Brown Fisher

    I’m there. I’m subscribing this month. Our income was cut during Obama’s first reign (yes, I say ‘reign’) which I blame on his energy policies, especially the cost of fuel. My husband lost his job of over 25 years because the company had to close. We have had hard times in the last 2-3 years. But whatever we have to sacrifice to subscribe is worth it. Freedom is worth everything.

  • Ronald Jack

    look at how many Jews voted for Hitler in ’33….” oh, hes not going to hurt anyone”. Before Antichrist comes, there will be the “great apostacy” or falling away and youre seeing it come to pass

  • Jessica McLain

    any chance you’ll get on directv?

  • Anonymous

    Wrong – the establishment GOP is far from dead or gone – Boehner will STILL be Speaker of the House – because if demoted he will switch to the Democrat party where he belongs and can’t afford to lose even one pseudo Republican.  McCain and McConnell are still on their knees kissing Harry Reid’s boots.  The GOP will come up with another elitest half backed Republican like Chris Christie for 2016.

    I will agree that the Republican Party has been marginalized – and when you have to start figuring out how to woo the disaffected – rather that clean up your act – it’s a sure sign that you aren’t really needed – just the right wing of a single party where the left wing controls the government.

  • Loran

    Yes Glenn, This nation has abandoned God.  The family structure has been destroyed.  Selfishness and greed has erupted.  Now a days, a free cell phone is more important than gasoline for your car.  Birth control is more important than food on the table.  Good thing God has not left us. 

  • Scott LaRosh

    The R’s need to give up on the abortion issue, the drug war and endless military spending. I’m all for a strong military, but it’s gotten way out of hand. Get back to core issues that effect all Americans and maybe they survive.

  • GNH

    Didn’t look good for the third partiers, either. Dismal numbers. Not encouraging. Sometimes it is better to remodel than to rebuild. In fact, in this “political ecosystem” it is much better to rebuild. Third parties do not survive in America. Sad fact.

    If you disagree, please prove me wrong. I love learning, but I don’t suffer fools.

    Have a great day!

    • Robert Vaught

       Not to many viable 3 parties this election.  Johnson didn’t do too well.  (other than blocking Romney in Ohio.)

  • Anonymous

      Way too much navel gazing going on. It is not the charisma, it is not the party leaders (I am not a fan of theirs) , it is not Romney’s campaign buys (see Karl Rove), it is not money spent. For decades the progressives have been taking over the colleges and we did not respond. For decades the progressives have been taking over the media and we did not respond (see the new Blaze move), and for decades the unions have been taking over government employees. It is going to be a long hard battle to claw back to where we need to be to have a say again in the public arena. Look at interview after interview With Obama voters and do your own with liberals you know, why did you vote for Obama? Romney was going to eliminate birth control, Romney was going to take money from the middle class and give it to the Rich, Romney was going to destroy Latinos and Blacks. NONE of that came from any Republican, not Karl Rove, no conservative, no conservative blog, and not Fox News. These lies are Marxist propaganda and are part of a system implemented over years and years to destroy capitalism.
      It doesn’t matter how you say it or broadcast it or what statistics prove your point, none of it gets through Non Fox Media and every professor is ignoring you and repeating the lies hence the answers we all get from Obama voters. Romney was the first presidential candidate since Reagan to talk about the founders and liberty and giving of ourselves without government. He spoke time and time again about government being the problem not the solution but none of the Obama voters heard a single word. Literally did not hear a word and that is why the debate gave him such a boost. First time he was really heard.
      Stop the circular firing squads. Look Allen West lost and there is none finer than him. Mia Love right behind him. We have work to do. Make Blaze TV a force that will be heard. Get to work in your local elections. Stop sending your kids or speaking well of progressive factories called elite colleges. See Tom Sowell’s books, you don’t have to have your kids go to these elite progressive factories to be the top in their fields, you just don’t need to waste your money feeding the beast.
    Most of all buckle up because this is going to be a rough battle with lots of lost battles (like Allen West) but if we keep at it we have a chance to turn this huge ship around.
      We are at Valley Forge right now. We are bleeding. There is little hope. Many are backing it up and heading home. But it is not over yet. When they read the constitution and Federalist papers later to the men that stayed as they stamped their bandaged feet in the snow and stood around fires, something inside them stirred and the ideas produced hope and renewed determination to fight an impossible foe. Wrap your bleeding feet, stop battling with your fellow soldiers even if some of them are soft and not completely with us. There is a real enemy to fight and its roots start with Engels and Marx. It is an idea that must be beat. Socialism destroys religion, family, and liberty. Marx said “my objective in life is to
      Dethrone God AND
         Destroy capitalism.”
    He declared one of the best methods to do this is to break down the family and the moral base. As soon as possible get children into government schools.

    • XenaWP80

      Your totally right, Roy Bean. We need to battle the progressive propaganda.

  • SargintRock

    Dummy up, Folks. Conservatism is over in America on a national level.
     The last bastion for free men and Christian ideals is on the state level. We few, we band of brothers have to unite with like minded people and create enclaves of decency amidst the rubble of our Culture. Like the Amish but on a grander scale! Like Renaissance city-states. We can nurture our children and have a measure of prosperity till the rapture and the coming of the Lord!
    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn – take time off  get some rest, spend time with the family. Get away from politics for a while. You will come back more energized and with a fresh perspective. Hopefully you will realize when the GOP put up Romney it was a huge mistake, just like the lame duck in 2008.

  • John Kolak

    If you want to increase revenue through tax reform, go with the 10% flat tax – no exemptions or loopholes. If the Mormon church can be a model of prosperity with 10% tithing, our government can get by on 10% too. If you think it’s regressive, have it kick in for families whose income is above the poverty line.

    • Nick Bagnall

      And even as a non-Gary Johnson supporter that’s what was his tax platform was. Romney’s was at least 20%.

  • John Prewett

    You want the Republican party to get real ?  To show real growth in insight/understanding ?  One way you could show it is to indicate you figured out that Ronald Reagan was a destructive treacherous POTUS instead of the gold standard of perfection that Republicans have been claiming he was.     

  • Susan Elfers-Warren

    We need the Republicans to go back to being the “Grand Old Party” instead of “Guys on the Potty”  !

  • Anonymous

    im gonna rant just a bit… but unload some serious food 4 thought, esp for u young parents …. learn from our generations mistakes !!!! ……… it amuses me how the GOP is now out asking, and looking 4 answers that r right in front of em… the 2010 shalacking was perfect example… the people got out / and shouted for what they wanted ! … yet, the GOP ignored us, and picked Romney to run (no offense to Rom, he is a good man, but was never the PEOPLES pik, he was only the “party ruling ” /GOPs puppet pick) he looked the part / so who cares what THE PEOPLE wanted…, when he wasnt what we were screaming for ! I say, practice what u preach GOP! LISTEN…! u didnt listen any more than the dems do!!! open ur eyes repubs! poles showed the people were willing to elect a no name T party candidate, over anything the GOP offered… or even chris christy, who wasnt even running… see the connection yet? we dont want u telling us who we want, we know what we want! we want truth /a candid personality / that says what he means /does what he says!! not a pretty presidential “looking ” candidate, but a REAL person, with love for country, that listens to the people!!! regardless what he or the GOP wants! i didnt hear Rom say one time, that he would ask what “the people” want… THIS election wasnt won on ISSUES, it was won by a posse of 18-29 yr olds wanting FREE school, free $, free Obama phones, free birth control /free abortions/ free, free, free anything they can get, because they refuse to see, nothing is free!!! … this country will have to hit bottom now, as in the 30’s, or worse, and last so long that this group sees for themselves that their children and grand children will sadly PAY! …i’m not a gloom monger here, just being REAL! … much of this same voting age group, doesnt pay REAL bills, they dont mostly have real resposibilities, they live off their hard working parents / and the gov… why would they wanna cut off the gov hand that feeds em? and as far as their parents … how many in this range do as their parents do?/ choose as their parents choose? / seek what their parents seek? …. this group of youth / young adults tend to do the opposite!!! … they dont “get ” or realize, hard work / love of country / parental love n sacrifice (yet) / no love for Godly principle / and they mostly think the Biblical warnings on israel and tribulation are only “ideas” for right wing radical nuts! We have lost our country to “gimme, gimme, self centeredness, wanting w / o having to give back… We gave the whole team a TROPHY, so no feelings would get hurt, what did we teach? … u can have any and everything u want, theres NO consequenses!, theres NO repercussions, no penalty for bad choices or behaviors… sadly, in considering poor little kiddies feelings, (all done with good intensions i know) we created some uncaring upcoming adults and future leaders (scary) , that are going to have to eventually, suffer drastically, because of their lack of respect, lack of fear, lack of honor, lack of GOD, lack of resposibilities, lack of consciences, lack of remorse, lack of respect for our military heros and what theyve paid, lack of education and conviction for /and of Biblical principles, lack of our true history, thats not being taught,… yet terrorists and atheists teach and mentor our youth, offering them “power( in and thru self) ideas ” with further ideas of how to avoid any consequences, growing a lack of self control from the brainwashing of man and satan.
    young adults, its not your faults, and i dont mean to tear u down, but instead hope to help u see… if u get nothing else from this post … please learn from our generations mistakes !… let ur kids feel some of childhoods disappointments, let them play dodge ball, let them feel the lil bits of childhood hurt, that molds and teaches them right from wrong… (selflessness, and giving come from hearts that have felt both bitter and sweet experiences : ) then as adults, when LIFE hits them, it wont be a shocking blow, such as what is about to come for you… May God bless and protect America !

  • chrisinsmyrna

    GOP may “control” the house, but they don’t act like it!  The democrats did a much better job “controlling” the house.  They passed everything they wanted, without compromise.  The GOP needn’t bother calling me for support any more.  

  • Anonymous

    FOX disappointed me so much, both during the weekend before the electionduring and after… today goldberg rambled about what the Gop Needs to start looking 4…. someone with charisma he said… omg! … he got me so disgusted i posted the following post on judge napolitanos fb… seriously friends ! they totally just tossed our country out the window with their stupid ideas, and by ignoring us !… how can they ever repair this ??… and then they play dumb…

  • Anonymous

    I do not feel sorry for America.  They deserve what they were too
    ignorant to know or refused to find out (stupid them).  When the
    poop hits the fan it will blowup all over them.  I will not cry for them.
    This goes for Republicans and Democrats.  Both parties are
    responsible for what happened to our country.  Idiots, all of them
    and we have another crop coming in.  Will they do any better?
    Independent voter.

  • Kenneth Lee

    My wife said it best.  The United States is no longer a nation under God, but a nation ruled by the godless.

    • Anonymous

       Which God were we supposed to be under?

  • cesar

    Romney was never electable. He was pretty much a Democrat when he was Governor of Mass. I cant believe he was the GOP’s nominee when clearly he wasn’t conservative and wanted to push healthcare on all of us just like Obama. Romney supported NDAA and the Patriot Act which clearly violates the constitution. The only candidate that was conservative, went after the Fed, voted in favor of the constitution, and actually wanted to cut spending by 1 trillion dollars was Ron Paul. But the establishment GOP didn’t want him therefore we get 4 more years of Obama.

    • Anonymous

      The establishment which CLEARLY includes Glenn Beck! 

    • Anonymous

       I’d add Gary Johnson to that list. But you’re spot on.

  • Anonymous

     THE GOP will continue to flounder until we get aggressive with DEMOCRATS. The minute the GOP takes the bait in this flimsy notion that we have to “reach out to minorities” the DEMOCRATS will jump in along with the main stream media and cream the GOP. The minorities will see the GOP efforts as patronizing for votes WHICH THE DEMS will jump on.

    THE GOP needs to be very forceful in exposing how DEMOCRATS have lied to minorities and used them for elections. THE GOP needs to answer the negative lies that continue to go unanswered. THE GOP needs to show that BLACK OWNED businesses went up 38% DURING REAGAN …..BLACK MIDDLE CLASS expanded by a THIRD under REAGAN.
    TAX CUTS . These truths REALLY threaten the DEM PARTY and will fight like a junk yard dog keep them hidden from minorities.  

  • Anonymous

    Voter fraud all over the place…………MASSIVE!  Macines rigged all over this Country.

    • Love Macione

      You keep believing that. Everywhere you go, you see Obama supporters. Where are these mysterious Romney supporters hiding?

      • XenaWP80

        Everywhere I go, I see people who have no idea whats going on in the world. They know the latest celeberty gossip and which movie star married which model. But the real issues of the economy? Naaaa…….. and thats why obama won.

  • Anonymous

     The GOP lost. I was sure in the H*ll hoping they woulda won. 
    But shouldn’t also
    come to no surprise.  The fight is at ground level not the beltway

    What do I mean ground level. That is public school
    boards, Many county/city elect positions. Not let out of
    control liberal ballot issues win. Work on Higher
    learning establishments
    becoming place for all ideas n teaching and not just left wing
    only. Supporting
     corp business who don’t cower at every time progressive left screams at them.The war of ideas have to be won
    there first…
    Telling folks not to view main
    media if they cant or not going to buy some new news media
    stream. Is tad silly I really doubt many viewers of CNN  msnbc
    and the 3  free tv news networks really view ,let alone watch
    anything on here.?

    Its going to have to take a
    modern day George Whitfield to work in
    winning the battle  the liberal slash
    anti faith entertainment media. But the machine is not going
    to be beat or changed till  the ground level is won 1st.

    • HELEN

      It may be too late for a revival.

      America tossed God out of the public square in the 1960s.  We have advocated human sacrifice, calling it “choice of the woman.”  God has never suffered long cultures that practice human sacrifice.

  • Darryl Warren

    Hmm so he is just using the lost elections to promote his own network. He does not want to hear from anyone that disagrees with him or that agreed with him but lost…..another out of touch, not facing reality kinda guy. Karl Rove all over again.

  • Anonymous

    You got what you deserved for selling out Dr. Paul. Get your head out of your Claven. I used to have so much respect for you Glenn. 

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, not all college kids are drinking the koolaid.  My daughter is a member of the College Republicans at Marshall University and they are starting their own chapter of the Young America Foundation.  Both my daughter and son (attends The Ohio State University) voted in their first presidential election and voted the Republican ticket.  They can’t understand how anyone their age can buy into the Obama hype.  If they want something, they have to save for it and buy it themselves.  If it is something they need, then we find a way to take care of it.  My children were extremely disappointed in the election results and embarassed that Cincinnati Ohio (Hamilton County) went for Obama.  They are now doubling their efforts and are wondering the same thing I am…..Ryan/Rubio 2016?! 

  • Chuck Novak

    Glenn,Glenn, Glenn, come on now, stop complaining.  Repups lost the election because to few
    VOTED!!  Period, end of story. Golly, only 32% of registered Repubs actually cast a vote
    for ANYBODY!  NO shows, AWOL, DOA, whatever. Only 38% of registered Demos voted but perhaps more Demos voted  than Repubs: Ya Think?.  If 50% of registered Repubs had voted well, game over for Obamar.  I heard many pundits exclaim that the party that gets out the vote will win. Guess what? Rebubs lost by a slim margin.  We the people DID not consider it important enough to vote. Hell my 90 yr old father n law VOTED via absentee ballot 3 weeks before Nov 6. Unfortunately he pass away Oct 21. He voted even knowing that his days were numbered. God bless the USA! Continue to march Glenn, we’ve just begun to fight!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry the Paul fans are never going to get it.
     There good economic ways But will never gain a large conservative  faith bases support to really match a Dem lib machine. Those on the GOP side are already making fun of pot head Colorado.And was not Gary Johnson and or Paul pretty much for same thing.?
    Yep I can see a lot of fans in church for that :). If this country was pretty much all secular then They would be solid match against the Dem machine. But we aren’t so GOP may need to embrace more  libertarian economic views.
    So stop saying GB sold out.
    Anyone looked at the national red/blue map. By color alone a outsider would think the GOP blew away the Dem side.The divide we are also seeing is geographic in many-ways also. Now maybe that may change when more and more folks leave left wing states and city’s for areas who are much more friendly and lean small govt views.

    • Anonymous

       It’s kind of hypocritical for religious folk to give the thumbs up alcohol, yet demonize marijuana. Alcohol is FAR worse.  Did you know that Portugal legalized all drugs about ten years ago? They now have 50% LESS heroine addicts and their number of drug addicts has been dropping ever since. The GOP needs to stop catering to religious extremists.

      • Anonymous

        There is nothing in the Bible that mentions drugs or alcohol. Our loss had nothing to do with religious extremists. It had everything to do with the exclusion of God in the lives of the American people. Things changed starting with the advent of progressive thinking and the courts; they took God out of the equation, things started breaking down; America began its decline in morality and now we are reaping what was sowed.

  • Dorothy Caruso

    Here’s the bottom line for me. Romney and Ryan came up against the biggest dirty-players, liars, slanderous beyond belief, cruel to the core: media, insulting, demoralizing, demeaning, insulting, brainless twits that the Left Leaders are….and We’re Imploding…by blaming ourselves/Romney/ Ryan…the good guys who offered jobs, prosperity, hope, a hand across the ailes, intellectual giants who could talk circles around Obama and Biden…those two, who were rude, crude, stupid….and yet it’s Our Fault! Mea Culpa.

    Our society had become so narcissistic that the Incompentent one can do no wrong…we are all entitled to all the free stuff he has to give…
    He just has to come on stage…smile….wave…rant….look like he means what he says….and he’s the favored king again…this is the Vulture Culture…yet while we beat our chests ….looking for internal scapegoats…as if the Left really is so infallible…stop looking at them as if they are better…they are just dirtier…

    Stop the blame-game…the other side is evil…they love it. Let them have it…but why do the rest of us have to suffer from their stupidity…

  • Anonymous

    I pondered on this line for a bit  (Stop. Stop giving them power. Stop giving them ratings.)

    How many folks you know that have a Nielsen box in there home?
     Why not refuse Nielsen box’s . To not let them have that power  :)
    We are also becoming subscription poor, Cell phone, cable , ISP’s, a host of web services
    ( Blaze,Xbox,Netflex etc etc,)  In bad economy something is gona give.

  • Anonymous

    Romney was the best candidate of the bunch, but overall he was only a decent candidate. “Greatest candidate since Reagan” is a huge stretch. I feel that he would have been a much better president then Obama, but to get there you need to be good at politics. As a politican he sucks though, and this is why he couldn’t win. He couldn’t win the turnout war against a President with an atrocious record. He couldn’t reach out and communicate to people whose views are outside of the right. Hell, the base only voted for him because he’s not Barack Obama. In 2016 we need a GREAT candidate who can run a great 21st century grassroots campaign. 

    • Anonymous

       We had Gary Johnson and Ron Paul. What more do you need? 

      • HELEN

        We had Herman Cain, too.  He was Obama’s greatest threat and had to be squashed.

  • Anonymous

     religious extremists is subjective too. Remember prohibition? So cant really say  hypocritical.But it  didn’t last.

  • Anonymous

    One of the first things Glenn should do, since he is planning to expand his media onslaught, is get someone to proofread and edit all the mistakes.  You’d think a multi-media company would pay a little more attention to copy, especially when they’re begging people to subscribe to it.  This article is so full of mistakes, a high scholl English teacher would have handed it back to be re-written.

    You’d think with Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers involved, he wouldn’t have to be begging for money from 47%.  I once considered myself somewhat of a fan, even bought a couple of Beck’s books, but the more research I do, the higher  the “crook” meter needle seems to climb.  When you bed down with dogs, you end up with fleas…

    Just sayin’.

  • Susan Moses

    Over and over our Founders declared the necessity of a moral and religious people for the sustenance of our Republic. Adams said that an “immoral and irreligious people would run through our Constitution like a whale runs through a net.” The bible tells us that God is sovereign in the affairs of men and furthermore, that He appoints over us whomsoever He wills, the basest of men. (Dan. 4:17)

    Until we realize (and I think that we’re way beyond realization) that there is a grave urgency to return to the God of our fathers, and repent from the gross immoralities that characterize our present culture we will continue to witness the gut wrenching demise of this most blessed of nations. As much as I pray for it to happen, I wouldn’t bet a nickel on it. We’re facing a political and cultural tsunamis of unprecedented proportions.

    I don’t want to say it but in the corporate words of the old high school chant, “It’s all over.”

  • Anonymous

    America’s chickens are coming home to roost.  We the people said trillions in debt is OK with us.  How do like that chicken? We elected thieves and frauds and adulterers and liars to public office and then said do a good job for us and we’ll make you rich.  How’s that chicken tasting now?
    God is not in our schools or the town square becasue “we the people” kicked Him out.   When judges decided that evolution was true and the Bible was not – we the people did nothing.  America’s chickens are coming home to roost.  You denigrate Wright for saying it – but you fail to hear the truth of it.  We the people have allowed the sodomites to teach in our schools.  We watched Will and Grace and said it was funny, when in truth it was sad.  What are the chickens – that almost all young people now believe that Obama is right when he comes out to support homosexual marriage.  There’s your  chicken. 

    We have the news media we paid for, and supported.  When they lied – we didn’t burn them down.  When they sold out – we did not run them out of town on a rail.  There’s some more chicken for you.  

    The US of A may survivie 4 more years.  But it will not be the country that our forefathers gave us.  We baby boomers ought to be ashamed.  And until we are, we will not do anything to change it. We will just choke on the chicken.

  • FamilySurvivalPlan

    Glenn, you can’t be in the same ball park with ABC, MSNBC, Fox News by subscription. Who is going to subscribe? Those who are like-minded. In other words, you’re singing to the choir. People don’t need to subscribe to the lame-stream media – they’re just there. Flip the channel, there they are. You may need another way to finance this project (which is a good one). Also, what you are proposing needs to be heard, even if accidentally, by everyone and anyone. But that won’t happen if one can only hear the information if they have a subscription. You are limiting your audience.

  • Glenn Rushwin

    On Catholics, you say more of them voted for Obama this time?  Any chance that American Catholics so much separate from mainstream anymore?  Have issues like birth control, gay rights, same sex marriage, married priests, etc. pushed them out of the stereotypical Catholic box.  This isn’t Jack Kennedy’s era.

  • Joe Hunter

    As for me and my family we want first to see the country experience spiritual repentance and  revival.  No TV, radio, Internet, newspaper or magazine actions can come even close to turning things around in the USA.  GOD has issued warning after warning and we look the other way and snub our noses at HIM who made us!  Prayer is and always will be our strongest weapon against evil and all of the things GOD hates as revealed in his written word.  God tells us the way up is down and to humble ourselves and seek his face for forgiveness.  A Christian group of men in my area meet once a week for spiritual strengthening and fellowship.  I never leave the gathering without feeling that my responsibilities as a husband, father, patriot and most importantly as a Christian have received a shot in the arm!  God looks to the men of the world to stand tall and be the spiritual leaders of their households and communities.  I’m not trying to put down women in anhat y way, because “real” men know that because of our mothers and our wives have held us up when we needed a special lift, and dusted us off when we got knocked down. 

    I believe we are facing a terrible event or series of events in the near future.  Not because of a financial meltdown, hurricanes or tornadoes and the like; but because GOD has removed his protection from us as He warns us.  Is it too late to turn it around, to turn a fallen nation into a GOD fearing one?  The clock is ticking and He is the only One who can stop it!  I would hope, I pray that we as men and women step up and look to HIM for the answers to all things and that we do it hand in hand, family with family, community with community.  Glenn is after the same thing I am certain and if he is a champion for our (GOD’s) purpose, then I support his endeavors.  We can’t afford but few luxuries this day and age, but I think we’ll give him a try.
    Glenn, if you read this then I want your sincere, humble commitment to honor GOD first and all the rest will fall into place.

    • Anonymous

      Hurricane Sandy and then to top it off, a nor’easter. If this doesn’t wake ppl up, nothing will. With suffering comes humility; with humility comes change. What’s next? I would hate to think the obvious. The earthquake last year should have shook more than the ground under their feet and yet, it didn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I received a call from a someone asking for money because they were going to go into schools
    and bring a different sort of message to college kids. I told them “nuts” they blew a ton of money in the election.The GOP are a bunch of wimps Bohner  looks terrible and Obama people know it. Rove can stick his charts. The Catholic church is saying nothing from the alter the catholic people should be ashamed they go to church and then helped the anti god win. When I was in Rome someone said one day you will be praying to allah in St. Peters Square

  • Merl734

    Republicans need to know that the US demographics have changed. The US has changed. If Reps do not appeal to women in terms of family planning and gender equality, and to Hispanics in terms of fair immigration policies, then they can never win. Women and minoritiies control who is President. The old line conservative Republican party turns people off. People like Aiken helped take out Romney. Obama’s win was about demographics and moderate values.The sad truth is that people do not care how the economy is or anything that Obama does as or says long as they get their benefits. The public did not trust Romney to protect their jobs and earned benefits like Medicare/Aid and Social Security.Romney should have waited 4 more years to run and have moved to the center from the start and not chosen Ryan who scared seniors with his vouchers and cuts to Medicare. Romney should have backed the Detroit auto bail out to secure Ohio. And he should have chosen Tim Pawlenty or Marco Rubio.  It is that simple. However, we must not forget that Obama has a legacy and place in history. And it is almost impossible to defeat a popular candidate and likeable candidate like Obama; so Romney should have waited.

  • Anonymous

    People like Dana Loesch is the key to get the youth vote to become conservative 

  • iamsure

    If both sides had fewer voters then why did we wait in lines for hours! It is not possible! Who counts the votes!  It is simply not possible for there to have been fewer votes for this 2012 election that the 2008 election. WHAT IS HAPPENING!  Who ownes the company that counts the votes? IS ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION!!! IT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE.! SCREAM THEFT! OUR FREEDOMS, OUR FUTURE, OUR COUNTRY! OUR CHILDREN, THE MILLIONS WHO HAVE DIED TO PERSERVE AMERICAN’S FREEDOMS! SOMEONE, GLENN BECK, HANNITY, RUSH! SOMEONE, GIVE US THE ANSWER! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THERE WERE FEWER VOTE?????

  • iamsure

    If both sides had fewer voters then why did we wait in lines for hours!
    It is not possible! Who counts the votes!  It is simply not possible for
    there to have been fewer votes for this 2012 election that the 2008
    election. WHAT IS HAPPENING!  Who ownes the company that counts the

  • iamsure

     This was not a fairl election. Obama lost every state that required voter id and lost in every state that did not requrie voter id. Romney won and this election is being hijacked by Axelrod.

  • iamsure

    This was not a fairl election. Obama lost every state that required
    voter id and won in every state that did not requrie voter id. Romney
    won and this election is being hijacked by Axelrod.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this election was rigged. The polls were rigged to help sell the idea that the election was close. It was done to preserve Obamacare. Our voices weren’t heard because our votes were not accurately counted. How does the gutless supreme court that decided the issue was in the peoples hands rectify that. Some states like Texas need to threaten secession from the Union. This is not a united country anymore anyway. If states like Texas can be ready to secede unless we are given permanent waivers from Obamacare then we have a chance at turning this around. We also have to eliminate the conflict of interest between entitlement receiving voters and elected officials. If you receive entitlements, welfare, food stamps,unemployment, etc for more than six months in any election year you shouldn’t be eligible to vote. Politicians would then be forced to help people become productive citizens in order to earn their vote. That would eliminate this free stuff for votes movement and restore the proper balance in this country.  

  • Karen Huffman

    The future is here. Watch this and ask yourself, why did this topic not even make it into the debates between Obombya and Bombney? Because their financial backing was dependant upon the bankers who run the Federal Reserve?

  • Anonymous

    Write your congressmen and Senators. President Obama should be impeached for his cowardly and dishonest actions before during and after the Benghazi attack. There are probably more than a few laws broken during Fast and Furious, questionable loans to his friends in Green companies like Solyndra and many many executive orders the past few years that are unconstitutional. Stack all the evidence up, evaluate it, and the impeach this dishonest and corrupt president before he can do more irreparable harm to this country.   

    • Anonymous

       I’m so sorry to hear that you still believe that your congressman and senators are going to help you let alone listen to you.  It’s not obvious after 4 years…sorry :(((

      Great thought but….

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I write mine all the time. Most of the time he votes the way I want but when they have a different agenda, they vote the way they want. I plan to pitch a fit when needed tho.

  • Handsome Lake

    Typo/spelling error: “I’m growing as past as I possibly can”, should be “fast” instead of “past”.

  • L. Carter

    What would be interesting is how many votes Obama wouldn’t have received if
    the illegal’s didn’t vote, fraud, and intimidation didn’t take place at the
    ballot box.  

  • Anonymous

    I have not stopped crying……I am a teacher that has seen the increasing entitlement generation and dealt with their offspring. We failed because our conservative newscasters and ex-candidates did not warmly embrace Romney. The GOP did not present enthusiasm for Romney. Personally, I think his religion was the “elephant in the room” for too many conservatives, who just didn’t make it to the polls because “they were too busy”. The GOP is dead….perhaps a new Constitution Party will be more effective. I will be posting that quote from Thomas Paine in my classroom, to give me strength….along with a picture of George Washington….I will refer to Obama, and The President from this day forward-but I won’t put those words together. Let us be strong and resilient!

    • XenaWP80

      I wish I had you for a teacher! :)

  • iamsure

    Everything starts at a spirtual level. We all need to live a honest moral life, and keep every commandment then the blessings will come. 

  • jenny rikala

    I worked as a election judge in colorado. The dems are good at community organizing. They hired kids at college at 12 to 14 bucks an hour to reelect Obama. They went door to door to herd them to the polls. How would that work for repubs…they are not at home to be herded

  • M A Perez-Andujar

    It is the IDEAS, stupid! Who wants to forget contraceptives exist? What woman wants to give birth to the son of her rapist? What decent parent wants their child rejected by insurance companies when sick? Who wants their tax dollars to go to unnecessary wars? Who wants to bring back slavery? Who wants to live under a dictatorship of the 1% and corporations? So stop beating around the bush (pun intended) and learn this: the world has changed since the 50’s, and it DOES NOT WANT TO GO BACK THERE. It is now a vibrant, multi-cultural, creative, free of religious mandates place where anyone truly can make it -not only the white man, like in the 50’s you so miss. And the American people has shout that in the faces of the right wing extremists that control the GOP today by voting last Tuesday. Now stop the whining and deal with it. 

    • XenaWP80

      Wow. Who wants to bring back slavery? Who wants a dictatorship? Why, it the socialist / progressive movement that wants to that!! You have been thoroughly indoctritnated with the progressive propaganda. Your statements on the 50’s and white man proves me right about you.

  • Jacalyn Moon Moffat

    I think we need to have a “non-violent” revolution, a “vote-with-my-feet” revolution, and do like Beck says and consolidate our numbers to gain more power to rid ourselves of the machine. In other words, we need to have massive migrations of millions of conservative people from the blue states to the reddest states. It would take a lot of work.

    I live in Okla. and I was thinking if a grass-roots movement could be started in the states like Ok and Tx where we grow to a massive organization of churches, groups, and individuals who are willing to support the “immigrants” and help them to get established and going. There are also states in the midwest like Indiana where where immigrants could go.

    In Okla and Tx (and others in the Great Plains) the cost of living is cheap and there is a lot of land available. 20-30 min from OKC, in all directions, are rural suburbs on 2-3 acres, unzoned, where it is possible to grow a large garden, have chickens, feed out a steer, etc. 

    If I had a lot of money, I would buy a farm here and hire one of the many great farmers who have lost everything to the bank to manage it, just to supply their own family needs. Okla climate is  unique in that you can plant wheat in the fall, graze cattle on it all winter, eliminating the need to buy hay, take the cattle off in March to feed out or sell, and let the wheat grow again to harvest in June.

    Wealthy businessmen should buy one of the empty flour mills everywhere and reopen it to function like it used to-farmers could bring in their own wheat to have it milled into flour.

    That’s my “radical” idea, take electoral votes away from the blue or moderate states, and give them to the red states, where the population is self sufficient.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like glenn and rush called one another pretty early today to agree to cry about having to pay their share of taxes.
    Hey glenn, quick update.  your conservatives/tea baggers only won 25% of their federal races!!!
    It is you who are afraid, which is why you are attacking so hard now!!!

    • Anonymous

      You don’t pay any taxes do you?  I’ll just bet you don’t.

    • Guest

      Strtlk the spamming cockroach is back again.
      Notice how the hypocrite blames everything on Glenn Beck.  It’s not his fault, he’s been eating those round things in the urinals again and drinking the blue water in the toilet bowl.

      Obama abandoned Christy right after his speech.  Nothings changed with Obama.

      Have pity on strtlk, the little fool has a sickness that he just can’t seem to get under control.

      Hey strtlk, we still hold the House and Obama’s still a fool out to destroy America.

      Nothing’s changed! Ha Ha Ha ha

  • Thomas Kuhn

    We have to get off the social issues as well. Roe is never going to be overturned lets just  stop talking about it. The two guys who shot their mouth off about abortion did more to win the election than anything else. They also blew almost sure thing elections and possible control of the Senate.

    • Anonymous

      Sure, that’s right, let’s just stop talking about the wanton murder of millions of defenseless humans and turn a blind eye.  Abandoning our principles is no way to win an election.

  • GTFOBigGovernment

    As a practical matter, watching The Blaze TV is like peering into a dark cave. A dark cave with some out of focus clutter all over the place which is not good for some people like me. It’s depressing, if that’s what you’re going for.Assuming it’s a budget issue but until you get some LIGHTING and any color not black, you might not expand. 24 hours of that is hard to take.

    • Anonymous

      You need a new TV.  Yours is obviously defective.  So you value a glitzy set above meaty content.  That says a lot about you.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    The last 4 years of absolute hell were not enough to convince the majority to KO Obama. I can see 2 scenarios- 1) The economy trudges along and unemployment does not get better or worse. The status quo is maintained and another progressive is elected in 2016. 2) The economy implodes, the dollar collapses, and 1-2 terrorists attacks happen on our soil.

  • Anonymous

    Christie didn’t lose the election for Republican’s.  We lost this election because we were the party that didn’t listen.  On several occassions we were the party that opened mouth and shoved the big foot in it.  Man up.  Get over it.  Fix the problems.  We will never win if hispanics feel we hate them, young people think we are the party of “the old white people” (by the way I’m one of those old white people).  We need an image change so people will listen to what we have to say.  And the other thing, stop watching ABC, NBC and CBS (that includes football) 

  • Jeff

    Swing voter here – I voted for Obama this election, and I’ll tell you why.  You Republicans ran a set of maniacs this election..  It was so difficult to take any of them seriously when they all seemed to be so completely insane.  Cain?  Really?  A pizza man with an insatiable taste for the ladies?  He can’t even take himself seriously.. Have you seen the “ads” he runs on the Jon Steward Show about space alien invasions?  Bachman – This is a woman who doesn’t even know that her own husband is a homosexual.. How is she expected to have her finger on the pulse of the country?  Gingrich – The most insane.  He takes marriage vows seriously unless they apply to him.  How many times has this guy been married?  And he wants to tell me how I should live my life?  haha! An egomaniac like this world has never seen.  Perry – We already had an insane cowboy from 2000 to 2008.  Not ready for that again.  I wish the Christians would separate from the republicans – I hate it now that they’ve become so intertwined.  You guys are on the wrong side of the marijuana laws, the wrong side of gay marriage, and the young people hate you.  We see you as the part of old, rich, white men who want to tell everyone else how to live their lives.  I think it’s comedy to the highest degree that while Gingrich was prosecuting Clinton for adultery he was having an affair himself as his wife was in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment.  Meanwhile Mitt is a completely different person in every interview he does and never had an economic plan, even in the final days of the election.  You goofballs on the right would be dangerous if anyone took you seriously.

    • Anonymous

      So, Jeffey, your main complaint is that you are anti-Christ and demand that everyone else be so as well.  It colors everything else you wrote.

      • Jeff

        If that’s what you see as my “main complaint”, I guess there’s really not much to say to you.  Not sure where you see that I believe everyone else should be the same.  Perhaps that’s a bit of projection on your part.  But yeah, as long as we’re talking about it – keep your fairy tales out of my life.  Aside from that, I assume you agree with everything else I wrote.  Bottom line is don’t run so many loonies in 2016 and you may have a chance.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody needs to calm down.  We need to listen instead of talk.  The voters didn’t declare a mandate.  If they had all of congress would have gone democratic.  The ball is in the dem’s court.  If we go off the cliff it will be the Dem’s fault.  In life there are always compromises and  If the the wrong hand their history.  We instead need to stick together and be the party that is inclusive –  instead of the party of “haters and old rich white people” (by the way I’m one of those old white people not rich)  We need an image change.  take our message to the ground.  Get up front and personal with the people.  Glenn is right the national media won this election for Obama.  Now go get ’em.  Turn off ABC, NBC and CBS (that includes football and NASCAR).  Take ’em down financially.  This is battle #1.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t need a third party, we need a 2nd party.  The current GOP is nothing more than Democrat light.  We need to abandon the GOP and join en masse a party that promotes constitutional, limited government and free enterprise economics while eschewing the debasement of traditional values.  I’d certainly change my party affiliation to such an organization.

    • Jeff

       You may just find the people and policies you love over at

      • Anonymous

        It’s always race with you pukes, isn’t Jeffey?  Somehow in your demented world the Constitution, limited government and pride in God and country boils down to racism.  What you are really afraid of is losing your precious victim status and your handouts while forcing others to acknowledge your right to engage in perverted sex which of course you call love.

        • Jeff

           Perverted sex?  Ok, yeah – I’ll admit I enjoy that, but really – who doesn’t?  How many republicans have been caught (or will be caught) in sex scandals?  Just cop to it.  The flesh is weak. 
          As for the victim status and handouts?  You couldn’t be more wrong.  I guarantee I earn more income and pay more in taxes than you could even imagine.  I could buy your entire mobile home park outright.  I take care of my employees as well as my family without a dime from the government.  Unlike you red-states who, aside from Texas, take in a lot more than you give.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could afford to subscribe. We are on absolute limited funds. But please know that I do pray for you.  And I have not trusted nor watched mainstream media for years…and have my husband almost on board….and my children (4 ) are on board. (they have been listening to you for years as we delivered newspapers together and listened to you- they had no choice- well they did, they could deliver papers on foot!)

    I would love some ideas of how we can hold the mainstream media responsible, I feel they are the biggest ones to blame for the election….the actions of some fellow Republicans do not help, but the biggest is the media.

    We know that this is a time for division….it is the last days…we just have to make sure that everyone has the truth so they can make a clear choice for themselves.  Maybe this election will help make the results of people’s choice more clear, maybe the results and these storms are going to humble us (one way or another) so that we can clearly see the choice.

  • Anonymous

    It is fun to see all you right wing nut jobs whine and moan about the demise of the country.  If you had been born many years ago, now doubt you would have fought the New Deal and Social Security, and later, Civil Rights and Medicare. Our country is better and stronger because of its social programs, not weaker.  Keep espousing your wacky views, however, it is what keeps us Democrats in power and provides us with a lot of entertainment. 

  • Maureen

    I agree. I think that we are definitely drifting toward a political governmental division of the Union where States band together based on their values and gather together to make their own government. Another Civil War of a different kind? I don’t know but it sounds good to me now.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes, division is good. The Democrats do not have a big mandate. They just suppressed the vote.

    The main stream media are largely to blame though. A republican candidate has to somehow survive the death of a thousand cuts.

    How can we put the mass media out of business?

    • Anonymous

      You got your foot on the wrong shoe: GOP is who suppressed the vote. “How can we put the mass media out of business?” Your grasp on real reality is astonishing!

  • Anonymous

    THE GOP will continue to flounder until we get aggressive with
    DEMOCRATS. The minute the GOP takes the bait in this flimsy notion that
    we have to “reach out to minorities” the DEMOCRATS will jump in along
    with the main stream media and cream the GOP. The minorities will see
    the GOP efforts as patronizing for votes WHICH THE DEMS will jump on.

    THE GOP needs to be very forceful in exposing how DEMOCRATS have lied
    to minorities and used them for elections. THE GOP needs to answer the
    negative lies that continue to go unanswered. THE GOP needs to show that
    BLACK OWNED businesses went up 38% DURING REAGAN …..BLACK MIDDLE
    CLASS expanded by a THIRD under REAGAN. TAX CUTS . These truths REALLY threaten the DEM PARTY and will fight like a junk yard dog keep them hidden from minorities.  

  • Bonnie S Hughes

    You know, Glenn, I feel like you do.  I don’t ever want to hear president’s voice again and I will not if I can help it.  I am not watching fox tv or any news outlet except yours.  I am devoting myself to praying for our country, our land (may God send a revival) and those I know and love.  I ask that men of honor stand in the gap for us who are tired and weak….(I voted for Romney and even persuaded at least one other person to vote for him) but I am tired of politics.  I will be praying for you and others like you.  God bless you and keep you strong as He has chosen you to be the watchman on the wall. 

  • Anonymous

    Our political system has simply become one of “What shenanigans do I have to engage in to buy votes and make people choose our party so we can be in power” rather than, “What are we doing in wrong and what do we have to do to fix it for the good of the country.” But, God is in charge…that’s the only hope we have.  Having said that, when we reject God (as we have been doing since the 1960s), we cannot expect him to shower his blessings down upon us.  The mess that will be caused by Obama’s reelection, our loss of freedom and the economic disaster that this will be, will either humble us to turn our hearts back to God, or it will cause our further devolution where men will curse God and die.  I’m not seeing much hope for it being  the positive of those two possible outcomes. 

  • Ann Dysinger

    After posting this on our website for a year we got our first negative response. Here it is and my husband’s answer:  


    This form was submitted from your website on Nov-08-2012 at
    09:54 am.


    NAME: Elvis Sugar


    COMMENTS: Your comments on your website are as bad as Donald
    Trumps’s comments,

    foolish at best.  You
    dont accept credit cards and blame it on political


    Thats a great way to loose business by injecting politics
    into your business.

    Personally I have done extremely well in the last 3 years in
    the stock market and my

    business has flourished under both Bush and Obama, I cant
    complain personally.  I

    can complain about the economy for others who are not as
    fortunate as I was, I can

    claim both Bush and Obama reasons…but in reality its a
    cycle for the most part,

    besides war which is costly.


    Am I going to inject politics into my business and scare off

    So from what you are saying is if I dont have a republican
    card, or  democratic card

    for the other fringe I am not welcome,

    How bout a guy who is in neither party like me, likes
    certain aspects on both sides

    and hopefully picks a better guy.

    Personally, I was going to book a hunt with you guys until I
    saw the political crap,

    I am tired of so many hunters who happen to be republican
    spewing politics. We had a

    group of at least 11 guys-beer drinking, football nuts, who
    just want to have fun.

    Some union workers, some business owners, a Professor, some
    trust fund babies, and

    two immigrants from Italy, 
    we all grew up together, with different political ideas,

    but we are smart enough to realize shut  up about it …good luck with your





    Since instituting this policy, last year, my business has
    never been

    better, eliminating liberal, union, socialists has just been
    a side



    I am too old and too set in my ways to care, Thorn Bottom is
    the best

    hunting club in Ohio, I own it, I built it, I run it, and I
    don’t care

    what you or anyone else thinks, if anyone wants to hunt on
    Thorn Bottom

    they do so by MY rules, not the governments, political
    correctness IS NOT



    The members and the people that hunt with me every year do
    so because we

    are the best, wildest hunting preserve anywhere, not just
    Ohio.  Luck and

    handouts are what lazy socialist think is needed, I relied
    on hard work

    and delivering the best product to get where I’m at.  NOT LUCK.


    It is best that you find somewhere else to hunt, try public
    land, the

    government runs that.


    Brad Dysinger

  • landofaahs

    Message to GOP. Get rid of these social liberal republicans or denut them.  If you think the conservatives stayed home and that is why your liberal Romney lost, what do you think will happen next time?  I voted for Romney even though he was lib-lite.  I will never vote for another one though and I hold out for third party also.  By the way you socially lib republicans, do you really think that baby killing pervs are going to vote for you over the democrat party?

    • Anonymous

      “baby killing pervs”, yah, that gonna be very popular when they try to get votes.

      • landofaahs

        What else would you call abortion but baby killing? Abortion is the ultimate racism; Hatred of the human race. Yep, eventually when people awaken and see what the progressives have wrought, many will see who the true enemy has been. The public is fickle when all of their desires are not met. Enjoy your season while you have it and fill your cup of evil. )

        • Anonymous

          Not all liberals abort. You make them seem like they are all titling to get pregnant just so they can go a kill a baby. The subject is not a simple one. Your depiction is willingly unfair, and you know it.

          • landofaahs

            You are lying and you know it. Aiding and abetting is what all liberals do with abortion. If you are with a bank robber when he commits his crime, you can bet you won’t bew able to say “Hey man, I was just driving the car”. Either you are stupid or you think everyone else is. The ball is un your court now.

          • Anonymous

            Lying about what? That not all liberals abort? That they do not get exited about the idea of aborting? Or someone dear to them aborting? Really? That’s what you think? That people who abort enjoy it? Your metaphor is idiotic. People who want to keep abortion on the table are thinking not of the joy of killing babies, but on the quality of life of women who might just be risking their lives and/or livelihood if they do not have the lawful choice of interrupting an early pregnancy, women who might not define the beginning of life the same way you do. Listen, grow a vagina, grow women’s breasts and then you might get a say in other people’s bodies. This is America, land of freedom, including freedom of belief. Take it or leave it.

          • landofaahs

            It’s not idiotic. It is a perfect analogy. You just try to have it both ways. Want proof? You admit you think it necessary to kill another human being because it might be inconvenient to their livelyhood? Killing for money? Wow. What is this “interrupting an early pregnancy” crap? You make it sound like your just interrupting a conversation or something. Your a sicko. Freedom in America does not give a person the right to murder. But that is normal for whacko people of your “ilk”. By the way, who’s quality of life are you thinking of?
            I hope when this world is over that some dumbass like yourself has nerve enough to ask God why he did not cure aids and I would love to hear God say “I sent several inventors into the womb but you murdered them”. Stick that in your vagina.

          • Anonymous

            I repudiate abortion. I hate the idea of it, and I deplore someone who’d do it just because they made a mistake. But that is just one possibility. My mother had me and my brother when she was young. Later on in life, year after she divorced my father, she fell in love with this very nice guy. At one point, she became pregnant with him. About two and a half months into the pregnancy it became evident the child (the fetus) was not in good shape. At all. There was a 100 percent probability that he/she would have massive brain damage and big probability he/she would die. My mother also had great probability of dying in the process. We all talked about it, it was really hard on all of us. But in the end, we decided the life and health of my mother was the most important thing. You come here and judge us? That’s what your religious belief gives you authority to do? No, sir. You have no right. We chose life. And you have no say in our lives. Thankfully, the law permitted us that choice. You and your ‘ilk’ would have FORCED us to risk a life we now enjoy together. You would have the federal government decide for me and my brother to put our mother’s life in a gambling game. No sir. You have no right over our lives. And I will fight to keep it that way.

          • landofaahs

            What an idiot you are. I assume like any normal person, that since you did a test and decided the child might be a queer, it should not be left to live. Who wants a little fag in the family. Lets kill it in the womb. Really lets look at the facts. It will grow up to a little queer. Lets kill it in the womb……………………….Are you O.K.with that? Now do you see how Proectionism has it’s …flaws?

          • landofaahs

            Aftere my posting I will say that I really doubt youyr story. Having said that I would ask you this; Is life only for the perfect? God forbid you and your family care for a “CHILD” not perfect to your standards. It is yet another indication of how sick you are. My brother and his wife cared for my nephew who was afflicted with cerebral palsy knowingly before bith….because they had love. Josh lived for 22 years and was a joy to everyone but me in particular. I cannot imagine those days before his passing, not having him in my life. But I guess to a liberal fuckhead like you that he would just be a decision of convenience as you have already admitted to.
            You are one sick PERVERT.

          • Anonymous

            Screw you old man, you are an insensitive a$$hole. Go fuk yourself with your self righteous hell-earning infallible justice. God Christ would be so proud of the judgment you so lightly pass.

          • landofaahs

            I am lifted by the spirit because you only have in your defence name calling. Namer calling has it’s place when it is accurate. I notice not so little you had no defense for your initial BS. I spoke the truth and it slew you. Want some more proof? What does Jesus say about no man can add an inch to his stature or an hour to his days? LOL You know that you are wrong and that is the first step to redemption if you cloose it.

          • landofaahs

            Thank you. I know I have struck a nerve when you call me bad names. I don’t take it personal. You are so close to the truth whe you are at the state of anger because it shows that your conscience is conflictingly fighting itself. Stick with me and ther may be such a new world before you that would render it’s love so virtuous that no other power on Earth can overcome.
            Jesus has not given up on you. Because I had and he told me that I was wrong to do so. That is how I know that he has a plan for you.

          • Anonymous

            Pretentious little man. Of course I don’t think our decision was wrong, and we obviously don’t need either you approval nor your guidance to let Jesus and his grace into our homes and lives. You struck a nerve because you had the audacity to pass judgment on us. I opened up hoping to offer you a clue to world views different than yours, to widen your perspective. And all you did was to insult us. Screw you for that. You must be one insufferably insensitive prick.

          • Anonymous

            You always lose because you cannot defend you positions without resorting to vulgarities. And this seems to be a recurring theme with folks like yourself. So, when you say you opened up to reveal a “clue to world views different that yours[sic}”, it did reveal something about your worldview; that it is a ugly one in which that only way you can respond is as if though everyone who has a different word view than your own is an enemy.
            You’re not making any progress using this line of rhetoric and your certainly not attracting any one who would read this trying to determine what your world view is. It appears as though your world view is ugly, and filled with hate… Get it?

          • Anonymous

            This reminds me of Sarah Palin and her situation with her youngest. The Doctors told her the baby had a high chance of having a disorder. She, being a strong religious person, carried and gave birth to the child anyway. She doesn’t seem to have any regrets either.

            It seems the only question we have now is this. Are we going to do the right thing even when it is going to mean years of hard work or do the easy thing that only takes a few minutes?

            That said, I have a genetic disorder myself. My decision, to not get a woman pregnant to begin with. I will say this tho, if I did have a child that was biologically mine, I wouldn’t kill it just because it may or even would have something wrong with it. It may kill me emotionally but the baby would be in Gods hands not mine.

            The exception I see here tho is that the mother could lose her life. That is a situation that I would not want to be in whether I was for or against abortion. If you pick to save the mother, then you are a baby killer to some people. If you chose to save the baby, then you could kill the mother. One is as bad as the other since either way, someone is dead. The even worse outcome, both die.

          • landofaahs

            I don’t judge. That’s God’s job. I’m just making you aware of his standards.

          • Anonymous

            You don’t judge… but you do lie to yourself.

          • landofaahs

            How did I lie? You can’t handle the truth. There is forgiveness for all of us if we confess our sins to God and repent(turn away and change). If we xhoose to ignore the warning and remain in our sins, the sins remain in us and we have no part in the salvation prepared for his chosen since before the beginning of the world. How will you tell God off if he judges you for your refusal listen?

          • Anonymous

            You said you don’t judge. That’s a lie.

          • landofaahs

            No. God judges. He tells us his standard in the Bible and it is his judgement what behavior is right and wrong. I have nothing to say of what is right or wrong except for what is from God.
            My you seem to be losing weight.LOL’

  • alumin

    Since this monsterous thing called Obama has been in office, I have spent more time than I ever have in my learning about our history, researching and reading into WHO he really is, and what progressives are doing to our country. I am glad I am more informed, that’s a good thing. But for most of my life I have hated politics and politicians – and since the elections I’m remembering why! After this depressing defeat, I am feeling just like you, Glenn. I am going to continue to pray and help people who I can in my community.
    What I see spriritually, is a country who had a clear choice to choose a decent Godly man or an evil, deceptive liar….and THEY CHOSE EVIL OVER GOOD. That is ‘heart’ problem in America! The DNC voted to remove God from their platform and we still embrace their agenda? The GOP has problems, but at least they did not eject God!
    How many books have been written about how corrupt Obama is? How difficult is that to find…even if you Google it? How many people have been speaking out on alternative websites and news media? Those who cared to know could know how horrible he is. They chose Barabus (not that Romney is Jesus – but the choice of good and bad was that clear)!
    This country has chosen to walk away from God on a massive scale – and there are consequences to that. Now, people can change their minds, and I hope they do. But if not, there are some agonizingly tough times ahead. Those of us who have not been deceived; really need to pray, be prepared, and trust God to take care of His people even though there may be chaos around us.

  • Gary Briesemeister

    Glenn, I share your point of view and feelings over the whole fiasco. I was dissapointed with the whole Republican campaign. They were more worried about making sure they came across as a nice person rather than cutting to the point and forcing Obama to explain himself, his stand, and his policies! The Republicans need new leadership! And why can’t they find a decent campaign manager?

  • Love Macione

    I like how GB’s solutions all involve fleecing his “subscribers” for more money in his pocket. People, he is a shyster. If he offers you Kool Aid (literally, not figuratively), DO NOT DRINK IT.

    • XenaWP80

      I wish you would have stayed away from the progressive kool-aid.

  • Bruce Donnelly

    It’s time to give the GOP some ruthless conservative competition. 
    Otherwise, it may be time fpr successful people to go Galt. 
    We don’t all want to move to Texas. but Illinois is a nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    The guy (you gotta give to Glenn) is a relentless salesman. 

  • greywolfrs

    It’s very difficult to say the Republican establishment is over after you just voted for a Republican establishment lackey. The establishment is not going to go down without a fight. It would be better if the Tea Party just joined the Libertarian Party, since that is where their ideas come from anyway. If anyone does not believe me, simply look at the ideas of the Tea Party, then go to the Libertarian Party website. Amazingly enough, they seem to be the EXACT same ideas.

    It’s time for Conservatives to realize that the Republican Party has failed them. These “so-called” Republicans that keep getting elected continue to help with the destruction of this country. Conservatives need to change and start talking about FREEDOM for ALL. Leave the social issues to Democraps. This would ensure that Conservatives will get elected and follow through. This would change the dynamic of our entire political landscape. This would break the stanglehold the establishment has on Democraps and Republicans.

    There is no need to fight the Republican establishment, simply make them irrelevant by turning to the Libertarian Party. They have most of the groundwork laid. Conservatives just need to push them over the top. This is the way we get our freedom back.

  • Anonymous

    Adages to keep in mind going forward… a house divided against itself will fall, and, the hand which rock the cradle rules the world… Forget about being afraid that America is heading towards becoming Greece.  The only revolution which needs to happen is to re-evaluate the Republican party and become the business party, or the faith party.  As it stands, this party is being pulled in two directions and you cannot serve both mammon and God… this party needs to split and seriously kick out the spinners, and whichever party evolves, it must truly acknowledge and address issues which are important to women who make up the greater portion of the earth’s population.

  • Anonymous

    It is time we had a party based on conservative fiscal policies, strong national defense, and social freedoms.  The Libertarians are almost there except for defense.  But it needs a new name – maybe Freedom Party!  I believe that the middle and right leaning democrats and the Republicans who aren’t hung up on social issues would move there quickly.  Most of the Tea Party is there now; they just keep ending up supporting these right wing loons like Akins.  I don’t support abortion but also don’t think I have a right to tell someone what to do when their action has no negative impact on my life.  I think most Americans just want to be left alone!!!   I agree with Glenn, I can’t even listen to any of the media jabbering anymore.

  • Joe McLaughlin

    The GOP had a chance to change and get the youth Vote…Ron Paul but they ostracized him and excluded him and the media went along with it  

  • David

    Every other word is I need you to subscribe

  • Jennifer Maschke

    Yes, the GOP Establishment is over.  They alienated a large population of the youth vote (you can’t figure out the youth vote?!?!?) who was enthusiastic for Dr. Ron Paul, the only non-insider, non-status quo candidate who resonated with them by completely being honest and open with them about the FED, monetary policy, foreign policy, healthcare and what the future held in store if they continued down the downhill path of both major political parties… along with alienating a lot of independent and libertarian minded people.  If they would have embraced these people, the outcome could have been different.  Many of these people did not vote or voted for 3rd party. 

    The GOP also gave us the two most liberal Republican nominees in history… Romney and McCain.  And they expected to excite the conservative base of the party?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn backed the quintessential GOP establishment candidate fellow Mormon Mitt, while bashing the only conservative who actually accomplished something in D.C., Newt, who got the budget balanced for four years. Congrats, Glenn. Now shut up and go buy some gold and food.

    • Jeff

       hahahahaha.  Newt.  Mr. “Do as I say, not as I do” regarding adultery.  That “man” is a lizard in human skin and isn’t fit to lead a boy scout troop, never mind an entire nation.   Funny how Jesus never says anything directly about gay marriage, but he speaks without doubt regarding the sins of divorce.  Conservative my a$$..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you know as well as I know’  This was totally fixed.  These voting machines are a disaster.  Obama did not win, he was actually the looser and Romney really won.  But of course, the loss is AMERICA’S loss…They (the liberals),  have not done ONE thing honestly,why would anyone think that this is not also a big lie too!  

    • Jeff

       Your tears.  Your sweet, sweet tears are so delicious!  Keep ’em coming!  Nothing quite like the taste of sour grapes in the morning!

  • O SPT

    —YES! —and now –once again! let’s have the
    usual capstone cyphers cobble up a ‘solution’.

  • Jared


    There is no bigger supporter of the welfare state and thus
    welfare state politicians and the Dem party than the Catholic bishops. They
    love this destructive system based on envy, jealousy, covetousness, bitterness
    and theft. They promote this all the time and then they say oh, no, don’t vote
    for pro-abortion candidates. Good luck with that. Choosing which sins are ok
    and which are not is kinda tricky business.
    Most Christians would rewrite Jesus’s parable and take the golden talents from
    the man with 5 and give them to those who had fewer or none.


  • Keith Armagost

    The Republicans in the house and senate should vote PRESENT on every bill brought to the floor.  America has spoken and if we’re going over the clift I would reather be doing 100 than 60 and them blaming it on the republicans.

  • Judy Pierce

    Please explain what a fiscal cliff means.  I hear the words used, but have never heard exactly what it means.

    • Anonymous

      Basically, there are a LOT of tax breaks that expire the last day of this year. Bush tax cuts plus a few others. That means a LOT of people will be paying more taxes than they are now. When they pay more taxes, that means they have less to reinvest into their company which could lead to employee layoffs and such. Keep in mind, a lot of small businesses file personal taxes so they get hit too. Actually, the layoffs I mentioned are already being announced.
      That is a basic explanation of the fiscal cliff but you should be able to get the idea.

    • Anonymous

      Basically, there are a LOT of tax breaks that expire the last day of this year. Bush tax cuts plus a few others. That means a LOT of people will be paying more taxes than they are now. When they pay more taxes, that means they have less to reinvest into their company which could lead to employee layoffs and such. Keep in mind, a lot of small businesses file personal taxes so they get hit too. Actually, the layoffs I mentioned are already being announced.
      That is a basic explanation of the fiscal cliff but you should be able to get the idea.

  • Anonymous

    Just before the election, I stopped watching Fox News.  Before this time, I was a faithful watcher but in light of their caving in to the left, I quit. Megyn Kelly appeared as if she had changed her political party and was attacking the conservatives, Republicans. Bill O’Reilly is a joke now. When he had a discussion panel (2 ministers) talk about C. L. Bryant and his movie Runaway Slave, I thought he would show it in a positive light. No, he had 2 ministers who were against Rev. Bryant’s message. O’Reilly didn’t even support it himself and let them ramble on their negativity. Why didn’t he at least have one against and one for it? What a joke! Rev. Bryant’s message is a must for the African American community and they need to hear it over and over until they hear truth. Fox News and Republican establishment have sold us out and have joined the liberal media and communists/Dems. What are all these conservatives who projected wrong (or perhaps right only the Dems stole the election – I think it’s a possibility!) feel they need to grovel to Obama and Dems? What in heaven’s name are they doing? What’s Boehner and the Republican Party doing bowing to the dictators, the Dems? They are selling us out. I am changing my political affiliation,  no longer a Republican, to Independent and no longer have interest in Fox News.  A complete waste of my time! I want real, true news. I hope the states that a thinking about seceeding take it seriously and do it. We don’t need anyone’s permission to be free!

  • Timothy Adams

    The GOP murders Catholics, we will not forget. 5 million dead in central and south America, 2 million children–dictators, death squads, and assassinations targeting RCs. The GOP has murdered another 5 million dead, at least 1 million children in the middle east. Why would we support the GOP? Mitt Romney was not even lawfully nominated, scream about election rigging and fraud for four years and then throw an election for your banker trash Romney? To hell with you. The GOP is the enemy of the United States. 

  • Timothy Adams

    Don’t worry about the 10% of the national debt that goes for the people, I would suggest you worry about the 90% of the debt that pays off banks and corporate welfare. 

    • Tony T. Tony

       You see Timmy, you can’t have a discussion when you lie about things. You sick, twisted liberals crack me up! Care to try proving that there is any validity to your crazy claim? Do some research. If you get honest with yourself you’ll admit that what you just spewed is complete farce.

  • Greg137

    Obama won only because of the fact that he cheated…  Military vote was sent ba day late, so it would not be counted…  Somalian nationalists were found in Ohio with democrat operatives showing them how to vote and who to vote for  whuich is illegal..  Most States that had voter ID laws went to Romney, those with out voter ID laws went to Obama and there are charges of  massive amounts of FRAUD in those states!   Furthermore the Democrat increase in the youth vote CAN be explained easilyin two words… Teacher Unions…  We NEED to get rid of the NEA!

  • Donna Johnson

    I’m really hooked on Wrath and Righteousness.  It’s taking so long for each book to come out it’s driving me nuts.  What is the schedule for each epsode?  Is it possible to get the whole series at once?Donna J.

  • Donna Johnson

    I’m really hooked on Wrath and Righteousness.  It’s taking so long for each book to come out it’s driving me nuts.  What is the schedule for each epsode?  Is it possible to get the whole series at once?Donna J.

  • yankee fan

    Tx GB. What irks me and most dangerous that only 100 million voted out of 300 million peeps
    This brings in dictatorship and it started with the trash in chief. My God we have gone insane .Its like the socialsts have won. Where is our military, NSA and all those that protect us. We are not defending our Constitution. Again my thanks to Justice Roberts for icing the beginning of our end of democracy. Good going.. Sorry Im not recovering too well and have never reacted like this in my life, but I love my country, I love America but I feel it is vastly decaying..A sad day…

  • Tim Phillips

    ““I think that the GOP is the Whig party,” Glenn said on radio this morning.”  You heard him folks.  Glenn Beck on the death of the Grand Ole Party.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Glenn maybe its time the tea party or u had ur own party.  when govt turns against us taxes us destroys our principles and the constitution our military, our work ethic and want to own us that is well everyone knows, wrong and unacceptable they do not own me, my property, or whatever else i have  i built it.   you know as well as anyone the coverups that tk place, benghazi fast and furious now petraeus hum plus someone alert Holder there IS VOTER FRAUD partly how obama won.   WE THE PEOPLE must demand a return to glass steagall, to the constitution and our sovereignty, our strongmilitary, our government that works for us not us for them if not it is our fault. 

  • Artemis Gordon

    “If you haven’t subscribed (and given me money) yet, please do!”

  • Anonymous

    The GOP is dying because the Wingnut Tea Party has taken it over. The day after the election a leader of the Tea Party said “We are going to take over the Republican Party” Please do so I will even supply the tin foil hats.

    • Tony T. Tony

       No, troll retard. The republican party is failing its constituents by not reflecting every single conservative principle, which is what the tea party wants as well. You go ‘advise’ your wingnut party. When the tea party is more in charge the progressives will be done, and the country saved. Go troll elsewhere, wacko.

      • Anonymous

        Tony- When the Tea Party was about Taxes and Spending OK I did not agree but then they got into abortion, contraception, immigration, ending the separation of church and state, the nonsense that President Obama is Muslim BTW being Muslim is not a crime, The double nonsense that President Obama was not born in the US, that he is not one of us, Running Nut cases like Allen (there are 71-80 Communist in the US House) West, or Richard Murdoch saying if a woman becomes pregnant due to rape “it’s God’s will”  taking people like Limbaugh, Hannity, Trump a serious. If they are going to cling to these views they have no chance of winning anything 

  • Merl734

    The GOP needs to change or it is dead.  The GOP needs to grant family planning rights; strengthen paid/earned benefit programs like Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security; empower the middle class; create not ourtsource jobs. Women and minorities through their numbers decide elections in the U.S. The GOP by granting blanket amnesty under Regan and refusing to secure the border played a big part in engineering its own demise.

    • Tony T. Tony

       This is the dumbest post I’ve ever read in my life. Every single thing mentioned is completely bass ackwards. obama only won by 3.5 million votes. 65% of people who make under 30k voted for him. That’s SEVEN million. HELLO!! Do the math. The obama campaign won the message war. That’s all. Romney wasn’t a very good candidate. And the GOP SUCKS at doing the job it should be doing. That’s all, Merl.Not  thing more.

  • Merl734

    Nothing could have stopped Obama from winning because Romney blew it in debates 2 and 3 because of his shaky grasp on foreign policy; lack of toughness against Obama–his telling Obama in the debate “you are right”; ‘failing to convice us he could provide and not outsource jobs; and through the comments of Aiken; and from Romeny saying he did not care about the 47%. Romney placed nice when it was time to get tough; tought when it was time to be nice; and that showed poor judgement, ignorance, lack of street-smarts and junk-yard dog toughness; and thereby not being fit to be President.

  • Merl734

    GOP needs to focus on fixing the economy and leave other sensitive issues regarding women and immigrants off the national platform. Focus on fairness for all.

  • Merl734

    The GOP needs to keep the following issues that alienate
    huge numbers of voters off of their running platform and never, ever hint at or
    mention: cutting paid entitlements like Medicare, Social Security, and
    Medicaid; never mention vouchering any services for seniors; do not cut
    benefits or salaries for government workers; respect reasonable Union
    agreements; do not discuss anti-choice or any issues related to women that
    could be construed as limiting women’s equal rights issues and choice issues;
    do not ever say they do not care about the 47% or regard those in real need
    with distain; etc. Instead, Republicans need to focus on how they can help the
    hard working taxpayers; refund Social Security and paid entitlements; and
    manage the budget so those that paid into it can get what they have earned, and
    to provide for those in real need–not greed. This will demand fiscal
    responsibilty: not throwing out taxper money for votes, frivolos expenses,
    etc.; and genuine budget accountability. If both parties can stop taking from
    the people, the one who does the best job at restoring a thriving economy for
    all will win. Republicans need to watch their language and body language so as
    not to appear uncaring and cocky or snobby to the less fortunate–that style
    did not go over well for Romney, because it alienated Independent voters.
    Romney is now one of the most unpopular people in the U.S. and is seen as an
    arrogrant, greedy, irresponsible coporate villain due to the brilliance and
    effectiveness of the Democratic campaigns–never, ever underestimate a
    Democrat, especially an Alinsky Democrat. And never, ever understimate the
    candidate with the historical, cultural or political imperative like Obama and
    Hillary Clinton; the folks are with them. The GOP instead needs to focus on
    fair and humane immigration policies that do not put US citizens at the back of
    the line in terms of benefits, etc. Do not ask immigrants to self deport;
    rather have the INS take care of this. Romney’s request to self-deport was
    idiotic and tantamout to political suicide; almost as bad as his informal don’t
    care remarks; as it made all of those in his corner flee to Obama, even those
    in favor or strict deportation. Republicans cannot afford to Lord it over any
    group or appear arrogant, cocky, or overly self-assured, because the culture of
    America has changed, and this attitude represents callousness, even racism and
    sexism to many. In the words of Janice Joplin, Republicans need to Try Just a
    Little Bit Harder to win over and keep voters. And they can do this by reading
    Frank Luntz’s brilliant article entitled Republicans Watch Your Language where
    Luntz advises Republicans how to speak to the American people who are no longer
    mostly older, wealthy white males. The new American demographic is the poor, the
    striving, the struggling, the “hard-working taxpayers”, women,
    immigrants, disenfranchised, etc.; these groups are the now majority; the
    minority has become the majority and the demographic majority decides who will
    win elections. Ironically, the GOP by its policies on immigration under the
    Regan administration has created this new majority and must deal with the new
    reality it has created.




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