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Glenn spoke with Allen West on radio today, an American hero who is somehow in a contested battle to regain his seat in Congress. There is a recount happening after some alleged mistakes were made in double counting votes, West also picked up 300 extra votes in absentee ballots. Will he hang on?

Transcript of interview is below:

STU: Allen West?

JEFFY: You’re on. You’re on.

GLENN: Allen West, welcome, sir.

WEST: Hi, Glenn

GLENN: How are you?

WEST: How are you doing, my friend?

GLENN: I am very good. How are you? You’re up 300?

WEST: Well, no. What happened was a couple ‑‑ the first day of absentee military ballot counts we picked up three on that day of 300 more votes. So that closed the margin which, you know, we kind of questioned anyhow because 2:00 Wednesday morning all of a sudden it went from myself being up about 2,000 votes to my opponent being up by 4,400 votes.

PAT: Wow.

WEST: And accordingly the story from the St. Lucie County supervisor of elections that they went back and recounted ballots that had already been counted within like a 40‑minute period. So that’s one of the things that we’re questioning with the injunction of the St. Lucie County. But the absentee military ballots are very promising. We’re right now about .15% away from a forced recount. So we’re going pretty well. And we continue to trust in God for the right outcome.

GLENN: I tell you, Allen, I’ve never seen anything ‑‑ I mean, this has been a very disappointing week. Just a very disappointing week in our own fellow countrymen and in this case if there’s ‑‑ if there’s foul play, what our fellow countrymen are capable of doing for election. I have no ‑‑ I have no problem, you know, going into a battle and fighting and duking it out and then let the chips fall where they may and if you lose, you lose. I have no problem with that. But it’s got to be fair.

WEST: Yeah, absolutely. And see, this is not about me. This is about making sure that we have integrity in our electoral process. So it’s, you know, having served in the military for 22 years, this is part of the thing that I stood as a watchman on the wall to guard the liberty, freedom and democracy in our process that we have here. So, you know, whatever come what may. I know that, you know, God is in control and he will determine what path that He wants me to be on. But we’ve got to make sure that the people in congressional District 18 get a fair electoral process and the right results come out.

GLENN: What’s your next step?

WEST: Well, we have a couple of hearings today in St. Lucie county, in Palm Beach County with some of the irregularities in the voting process that have been accounted. In St. Lucie County they actually violated the Florida state law by closing up and locking the doors of a polling location and counting votes. The doors are supposed to remain open so anyone can come in and, you know, take part of serving that process. So we’ve got some issues there and some discrepancies, as we talked about the early morning discrepancy. And there seems to be some issues between amounts of ballots that were cast and amount of people that showed up at some polling locations.

PAT: Allen, you’ve always been a man to call it like it is and so we’re wondering if you are willing now to ‑‑

GLENN: Don’t ‑‑

PAT: ‑‑ call Chris Christie a fat bastard.

STU: I don’t know why you’re doing this.

GLENN: I don’t think that’s really necessary, Pat.

PAT: He lost the election for Mitt Romney. I’m just wondering ‑‑

GLENN: I don’t think that’s really ‑‑

PAT: ‑‑ if you’re plain spoken enough to go ahead and say Chris Christie is, in fact, a fat bastard.

WEST: No, no.

GLENN: Thank you. No, he’s not. I’m going to cut you some slack, Allen, mainly because you could kill all of us with a spoon. But I wish you luck and we’ll keep you in our prayers this weekend and you keep going, brother. You just keep going and make sure that it’s fair and right.

WEST: Absolutely.

GLENN: God bless you.

WEST: Remember tomorrow’s the 237th Marine Corps birthday. So please say happy birthday to a marine and have a great Veterans Day and remember those people that served, sacrificed and committed to our country.

GLENN: Semper Fi.