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Glenn went through the list of businesses who were forced to lay off employees in the wake of the Obama victory, perhaps many realizing Obamacare would definitely be kicking in soon with no chance of repeal. The list is so staggering it began to sound like a school closing list after about 3 feet of snowfall.

“We’re keeping a list of all of the places that are laying workers off.  These are the ‑‑ these are just the ones that one reporter for TheBlaze gathered.  These are the ones that were just announced since the election,” Glenn said.

“Well, I tell you, this company is about to make major changes.  I have done not only the shows but I have been meeting with our executives in our company.  How do we survive, what do we have to do, how do we change.  I mean, I was ‑‑ last night I gave a speech for a fundraiser for Israel.  I get home and I have a meeting last night on healthcare, on what we’re going to do for healthcare.  It’s 10:00 at night.  Every single company is doing that.  Every single company is doing that.  Your change is ‑‑ elections have consequences, and for anybody who didn’t vote, anybody who was like, ‘You know what?  I don’t think there’s a difference.’ And apparently there’s a lot of them.  Elections have consequences.  And your life is going to change,” he said.

TheBlaze reports (Get the FULL list HERE):

In the last 48 hours, the following major corporations have announced layoffs in America (links take you to news stories about the layoffs – with details from the companies):

• Energizer –

The St. Louis-based company said Thursday that it expects to shed about 1,500 employees. When finished, the restructuring should lead to $200 million in pretax yearly savings, Energizer said. It aims to have most of its restructuring steps finished by the end of September 2014.

• Exide Technologies –

Exide Technologies announced Thursday that it will be idling its lead-recycling operations in Laureldale and laying off 150 workers, effective no later than March 31.

• Westinghouse –

Westinghouse Anniston, the contractor responsible for shutting down Anniston’s chemical weapons incinerator, has reduced its workforce by another 50 employees.

• Research in Motion Limited –

Research in Motion Ltd., the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, laid off about 200 people at its U.S. headquarters in Irving on Wednesday, according to a source close to the company who did not want to be named.

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