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As the stats keep pouring in, one key factor is moving to the top of the list as the main culprit: the old guard running the campaign show for the GOP has got to go. Glenn read from great posts by Michael Walsh and Jennifer Rubin on radio today which lay out the new strategy the GOP must take.

“This is the conversation that I think we should be having but they will not have this one on Fox.  This is the conversation,” Glenn said as he began to read from the articles. “You need a new strategy, gang.  You need a new strategy, and it ain’t ‑‑ these clowns in Washington, these clowns in New York, the clowns that are all the operatives, they don’t know ‑‑ they don’t know anything.  And we’ve got to stop giving them power.”

Rubin wrote:

No more 2004 Bush campaign veterans: What they know (polling, ad making) is wrong and what they don’t know (cable ad buying, new media) is too vast. A new crop of savvy, young campaign operatives who are culturally sophisticated and new media knowledgeable has to be groomed and culled so it can run a 21st century presidential campaign.

She later added:

The big GOP money should henceforth divert at least a tiny fraction of the dough it poured into Karl Rove’s useless American Crossroads super PAC and its ilk and establish its own, alternative media (not Fox News) that functions both as a sword and shield against the decaying, corrupt journalistic establishment. After all, the Republicans lost with the super PACS, and they can just as easily lose without them, and at a fraction of the cost. But they can’t win without a media operation that can neutralize the 15 to 20 points that MSM advocacy regularly contributes to the Democrats. The only way to beat the media is to replace the media — and if you don’t think the media won this election for Obama, you’re delusional.

“That is absolutely on the money,” Glenn said. “And that is the only conversation that I have heard anywhere that is actually saying it.”

Glenn is working hard right now to do exactly what Rubin is suggesting with TheBlaze.

“Now, here’s what I asked you the other day after the election:  I’m going to start a 60 Minutes show.  We are going to do a 60 Minutes, but it is $4 to $5 million minimum to do that show every single year.  I’m going to start a Nightline show, but this one is going to be ‑‑ this one is going to be specifically on the Middle East and the Muslim Brotherhood and everything else.  This one is wildly, wildly politically incorrect,” Glenn explained. ” We have to double our subscriptions.  Every dime that we make we’re pouring back into the product.  We have a lot of ground that has to be covered.  I need your help.  If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe.”

Stu added, “This thing, you know, Glenn didn’t start TheBlaze on November 7th, the day after the election:  “Holy crap, we better start a media organization.”  This started years ago and the development started years ago and it’s been built up slowly over the past couple of years as you’ve seen it.  But the reason is something that I mean, you just read it in that quote.  It’s not obviously about the GOP but it’s about conservative values, it’s about the principles that we all share and it’s about making sure that they get not some untrue spin room treatment but just a fair shot.”

“You’ll see we’re changing a lot of stuff in the way we do because honestly I have a plan for 2016.  My plan was to have this thing up and running by 2016, really up and running.  Full you 24‑hour cable news channel by 2016 and then some.  I believe we have until 2013.  We have to do this by 2013 and we need your help.  Need your help.  So if you can subscribe, please do that.