Agenda 21 is coming soon…or is it?

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The seems to be a growing controversy about some “advertisements” running on TheBlaze TV regarding Agenda 21.

Here is one of the ads causing a stir amongst some of TheBlaze TV viewers:

Emails have been pouring in asking Glenn what the deal is with the Agenda 21 ads running during TheBlaze TV programming. This morning on radio, Glenn shared some of the viewer feedback he’s received and responded to some of the assumptions people have made about ads.

Here is a small handful of the emails Glenn has received about the spots running on TheBlaze TV:

“Glenn, you’re running ads for Agenda 21.  Are you aware of this?  I certainly hope you don’t need money so badly that you’re going the route everyone else is and sell out.  Please look into the Agenda 21 ads your network is running.”

Here are a couple :

“Glenn, Agenda 21 ads are downright scary.  Tell us why these ads are running.  If you can’t justify why, I’m going to dump ‑‑ I’m going to dump your site altogether.  You cannot be this stupid.  Are you trying some weird mind control on me?  I won’t stand for it.  If these ads are not gone soon, I will be.”

“Glenn, I’ve been seeing these UN Agenda 21 ads on TheBlaze TV.  My wife and I are very disturbed, may I say horrified at the implied message.”

Here is another example of the ads has this fan “horrified”:

It seems odd that Glenn, who was attacked for calling attention to the Agenda 21 regulations being implemented in communities across the country, would be running advertisements for these very policies on a network he owns, doesn’t it?

Not odd enough to keep this fan from sharing his two cents:

“Glenn, I’ve been seeing these UN Agenda 21 ads on TheBlaze.  My wife and I are very disturbed, may I say horrified.  We know where this message is eventually going.  We subscribe to TheBlaze TV so we can get substance and reasoned argument and not bombarded with Viagra and other ED commercials but this type of advertising implies something far more sinister.  I understand you need advertising dollars.”

“No.  No, that’s why we ‑‑ that’s why we ask you to subscribe.  We don’t need advertising dollars.  I will not be held a hostage and I will not take advertising dollars that I don’t want,” Glenn responded after reading that email.

Aside from the seven minutes of promotion per hour that the cable networks have to advertise, all of TheBlaze TV advertising is controlled internally.

“Now, if this ad is running as part of their inventory, then it’s up to them, but I don’t accept an ad that I don’t want,” he added before reading another fan reaction.

“Please, Glenn, for the love of God explain to me the monthly subscriber about the disturbing Agenda 21 commercials that are airing on TheBlaze subscription level.”

As this viewer’s email points out, these “ads” ARE running on the subscription level, so, like Glenn said earlier, he doesn’t need and doesn’t want the money from advertisers running on his network that he doesn’t approve of.

“Let’s use logic,” Glenn started. “Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development, something that Glenn Beck got a lot of heat for bringing it up on Fox News, something that the 9/12 project in California is being credited for reversing a lot of.  And then, ads that you haven’t seen any place else, really spooky ads that you haven’t seen any place else — why would they be running on my network?”

Before subscribers begin canceling their subscriptions over what some are assuming to be an endorsement of something he has fought against for a couple of years now, he asked his listeners and subscribers to think critically — think of the world we now live in.

“You’ve known me for how long?” he asked his audience. “You trust me enough to subscribe to my network, and yet you would get online to send me an electronic message saying how angry you are at me for taking the money to further the UN agenda? That’s amazing.”

If that were true, he admitted he would fall into the dirtbag category.

“Instead of typing an e‑mail, I might go to Google, which I also have recommended not to use, and I might Google ‘Agenda 21 Glenn Beck’,” Glenn added before playing another example of the ads viewers are writing in about.

Agenda 21 is coming soon…or is it? 

“Anyway, thanks for ‑‑ thanks for the e‑mail,” Glenn said. “Appreciate it.”

  • landofaahs

    General Petraeus,Libya,and Ben Ghazi.  Think back to may 07,1999.  We deliberately bombed the Chinese Embassy because SLABO was running communications through said PRC.  Ghadafi was knifed in the arse when he was killed.  Hillary as Sec of State represents the get even to Bill for that boming in 99.  The muslim brotherhood in Egypt struggling for Libya.  All eyes on North Africa, a launching point for the valuable resources of Africa by the Chinese.  the Chinese have long memories and they must expand their economy or it will collapse.
    Either that or it was the fault of the lady down at the circus maybe.

    • Anonymous

       it ain’t over till the fat-lady sings…my money is on the circus scandal…

  • landofaahs

    Agenda 357 and 45 sound better.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


    • Draxx

      I would like to see all these type of agendas go away forever, because then to many (which it is already staggering amount) would consider life even less worthless…

      • Draxx

        Oh, I forgot to mention the people behind Agenda 21 have to be pure evil…

        • Anonymous

          …just like the administration…pure EVIL!!

      • Anonymous


        • Michael Einsberg

          glen isn’t the truth, you’re getting close though and you’ll find out. 

    • Tom Messimer

      Agenda M4 and M1A

      • landofaahs

        “Tanks” for the addition. I now see things in a “New,clear way”.

  • Anonymous

    So, I gather we are to discontinue manufacturing, euthanize the elderly and the unborn who are “less thans”.  “Least of these”, ring a bell, anyone?  Anyone?
    As in “That which you do for the least of these, you do unto Me also”.

    • landofaahs

      Part of the propagand could be that the young have been screwed over by the debt they have which was created by the older people.  The older generation also justified killing the previious and current generation through abortion.  As with abortion, offing the elderly will be seen as merely a decision of convenience.  What goes around comes around.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn Agenda 21 is a comprehensive assault on the world by extremists and fanatics who wish to rule and control all aspects of humanity. It is the ultimate evil personified and codified by all who have no compassion, humanity, morality or ethics left to them such as Fox Piven and Soros.

    Each group that supports it is using it to achieve their own ends, playing one off against another to be the ‘last one standing in the end.’

    It is a madness orders of magnitude beyond anything Hitler and the Third Reich, or even Stalin ever attempted…even beyond the two put together in the same stew.

    We must fight this madness wherever it rears its ugly head; for if we stand by and do nothing when we can act, we condone the fall of our nation and our life and very freedoms we enjoy.

    Never yield, never surrender, have firm reliance by faith in God and His grace. We shall win in the end of it all no matter what the darkness proclaims. 

    • landofaahs

      Amazing that the group of people that voted enmass for obama is the same group targeted for genocide.  As John Wayne said “Life is tough, even tougher if your stupid”.

    • Torii Seyfried

      FOX is the only one talking about it dumass, Glenn is trying to open your dumass eyes. Piven , Soros, and Obama for sure love this idea…

    • Draxx

      I started to do some research on Agenda21, and I found this in Section 6.13 (f).

      (f) Support for research and methodology development:
      1. Intensify and expand multidisciplinary research, including focused efforts on the mitigation and environmental control of tropical diseases; 2. Carry out intervention studies to provide a solid epidemiological basis for control policies and to evaluate the efficiency of alternative approaches; 3. Undertake studies in the population and among health workers to determine the influence of cultural, behavioural and social factors on control policies;

      For those of you Not Paying Attention, “CONTROL POLICIES!”

      • Draxx

        I wanted to talk about part 2, because I can see it leading to something like the scenario I am presenting…

        A fourteen year old drug addicted young woman goes into a clinic (i.e.; Planned Parenthood) and gets a pregnancy test done.  It comes back Positive, so the clinic automatically does an “Intervention” because she is a drug addict.  They lock her up for her own safety and detoxification.  Then they do test and take ultrasounds/imaging to determine if the fetus “Qualifies as Fit to Live”; if Not then they practice less evasive types of abortion of this girl and her unborn child.  Possibly test some drinking abortion inducing concoction, Pinpoint Radiation on the fetus, or possibly a “Localized” Electricution… (I don’t know I am just going off of some things I read on the Nazi’s of WWII).

        The worst part of it all is that neither She or the Parents will have ANY say-so in the matter…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    All of life is valuable and precious to God and to Jesus; those who claim otherwise by word and deed will have their day of accounting come, when the dead shall testify for their innocent blood being shed, and Gods wrath will not be stopped.

  • Anonymous

    So…what is the explanation as to why they are being advertised on your site? Just because you spoke out against agenda 21 does not explain why the ad was being run. I would have to come to some kind of logical conclusion that your media outlet has corruption in it and some people do not subscribe to your philosophy about agenda 21

  • Keith Vincent

    Do people seriously not get it that the Agenda 21 ads are to support Glenn’s new book being released 11/20?

    • Keith Vincent
    • Torii Seyfried

      You must be a tard…

      • bumpkinpm

        That is a leftist type insult.  Identified!  EEEK!    :)  

      • Keith Vincent

        Not sure what you mean?

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      That is part of it; the rest is to make people aware of Agenda 21 and the Eugenic’s Complete Lives plan such as the Nazi Germany had, people looking it up on the internet can see the truth of their darkness, evil and utter inhumanity.

      I underestimated Glenn on this matter.

    • Deanna Kogel

      Half the country (or not) voted to give a Communist a blank check to destroy our Country.  Probably the writers of these criticisms

    • RM Russell

      Keith,you are WAY off base!  Agenda 21 is the UN’s agenda for a one world government!  Look it up. It is insidious and is creeping into YOUR CITY!
      Look up The Iron Mountain Report.  Go to Your local charter commission may well be pushing the UN”s programs.
      I’m glad Glenn has brought it up. Too bad you think he’s just trying to sell his book.

      • Michele B

         Keith is correct and so are you, RM.  Yes, Agenda 21 (from the UN) is real AND Agenda 21 (the book by Glenn Beck) is real. 

      • bumpkinpm

         RM, your insults fly with wings!  Whooh!    There goes another one!  If you will just take a moment to consider a question; why would Glenn even WRITE a book on Agenda 21 (A21 in my house) unless it was to warn and educate the world?  The ads are indeed to promote his book which IS a tool to warn us all!   Glenn doesn’t write nonsensical fiction that has no relevance in our world.  He hasn’t time.  So, Yes, its to warn us, and yes, its to promote the book that tells us the story of A21 he uses to warn us.  Calm down RM. 

        • RM Russell

          Thanks Bumpkin and Michele B. As you can tell I am all a dither about this.The a21 people have been creeping into Maine in the guise of loving our state and wanting to save the environment/land. The libs who have migrated here LOVE the A21 idea. No one in my immediate area even MENTIONS A 21.
          That’s why I’m so agitated,trying to inform everyone. I even send articles to local talk show hosts to get the message out.For my own health,I do need to calm down

          • Keith Vincent

            RM Russell, you obviously completely misunderstood my post.

      • Bonnie Somer

        agreed, and obama can’t wait to do it

  • Brent Mallard

    I look at these advertisements as a warning.  Glenn must be doing a new documentary describing Agenda 21 and this is the lead up to it

    • ConservativeRep

      The fact that all of the “ads” are on Glenn’s youtube channel is a tip-off.  

  • Rachel Cleveland

    You didn’t answer the question.  We’re subscribers, too. Why is the ad running?

  • Traci Wert Wilkerson

    So I’m still confused, is he running these for information purposes?  I understand he is not promoting these ideas….  please clarify for a crazy busy mom just trying to stay informed!  :)

  • Laura Shelton

    ….you’re asking your viewers to “think critically”?!  That’s a good one Glenn…thanks for the chuckle.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still confused.  First of all, I don’t support Agenda and I know that Glenn doesn’t support, but his explanation on radio didn’t alleviate concerns about the ad running on his network.  I don’t have Dish.  I watch The Blaze online or through ROKU and I have seen the Agenda 21 ads.  So, it has nothing to do with other times allotted for ads by Dish as explained by Glenn.

  • John Tyrel Touchstone

    glen… just say hey these arent mine…..without al the sarcasm.  love what you are doing for America!

  • Dawn Odell Land

    The ads are spooky. I assumed they were to advertise an upcoming special or something. I know Beck would never endorse Agenda 21 by playing commercials in favor of it on his network.

  • Shelly Nuttall Harris

    I would rather hear these ads as part of news or something…it is just weird and confusing when it comes on as a commercial. I see them on my Roku channel. I think I understand what Glenn is doing here, but, it needs to be part a story or something.

  • Taylor Bambas Rosecrans

    I’m confused – so can Glenn not control what advertising is on his channel?

    • Ronda Rice

       It is in preparation for his new book.

    • Anonymous

       Good Lord man. Does NOBODY pay attention? The commercials are a gimmick for his new book.

      • Willam Stadly

         Dish Tv gets 7 minutes out of every hour and Glenn is on Dish TV so I see the adds but I dont pay attention to them. Just like I never listened to Obama when he is on TV.  Smart Folks do not listen to Liars and jerk offs

    • Anonymous

      It’s not confusing at all.

      It’s not TheBlazeTV’s channel,  DirectTV owns it and half the ad space per hour.

      TheBlazeTV owns the content and half the other ads space per hour per contract agreement.

      So the answer is no, DirectTV controls seven minutes of ad space you’re seeing with the Agenda 21 ads.

       If you don’t like it, subscribe to TheBlazeTV online.  It’s really that simple.

      • Anonymous

        The Agenda 21 ads are fake. They are used as a device to promote Glenn’s new book and get people talking.  The advertisements are not real people.  Thus in the article, Glenn uses quotes around the word “advertisement” and “ads”.  

      • Willam Stadly

         it is Dish Tv not Direct Tv

        • Anonymous

          Oops, my mistake. Corrected.

    • Anonymous

      Their money is just as good as anyone else’s. It’s two fold…take their money and inform at the same time. It’s no different than CNN advertising for themselves on FOX. Who’s going to watch CNN? Stop your worrying; anyone that’s watched Glenn for all these years should know better.

  • Anonymous

     I am not giving up my subscription to Blaze but it is confusing to see these ads.  I did wonder if it was a lead up to something, but if that’s the case, it’s not effective.  They are disturbing ads.  Maybe Glenn should have added an extra comment at the end, “I’m Glenn Beck and I don’t support this message”

    • Anonymous

       Why should he have done that? Are you not smart enough to know better? Come on people, use your heads!

  • Tamara Lee Nye

    Got it. Pretty sneaky, Glenn. I admit I did Google/Agenda 21 – Glenn Beck as well because I do “know you by now”.  Was very confused after I listened – again – to what you said about Agenda 21. I’m slow . . . but now I get it.

  • Anonymous

    In all fairness, I have to admit that I did not personally see the ad run so it all could be a scam, but I have also not heard any denial by mr Beck that the ad did not run either.

  • Cassy Miller Hathcock

    wow that last one is scary 

  • Jason Lehosky

    Quote from the article: “And then, ads that you haven’t seen any place else, really spooky ads that you haven’t seen any place else — why would they be running on my network?”

    We HAVEN’T seen them anywhere else. Granted, I personally haven’t seen them since I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but I do see some commercials since I subscribe to the likes of Hulu, a company who has many liberal ads showcased. However, I haven’t seen THESE ads.

    Have faith. Glenn doesn’t support this crap. Why would he do a 180 now? This is about “learning about the enemy” so to speak. I don’t see that many networks would want these ads to show. They’ve got a very creepy vibe. Glenn is probably one of the only ones with the balls enough to show crap like this. It’s a risk, to be sure, but it gets the truth out there. In this case, the truth is “Agenda 21 is coming.”

    How about we inform ourselves and maybe put a stop to it before it, at least, comes here.

  • Richard Couture

    I hate to say this but this sounds like the propaganda that Hitler and the Nazi movement used to genocide not only the Jewish population but also there own imperfect children. Do we ever learn as a world or are we doomed to a constant rebirth of these movements guised as a harmless causes that will better society.

  • Stand Strong

    I did not know about “Agenda 21 “…so I am thankful that I saw it on Glenn’s show, no matter who ran the ads. I take it as a warning of things to come.

  • Anonymous

    Well I am kind of disappointed Mr. Beck! Or am I not listening close enough. I know you don’t like agenda 21 and don’t support it but I clicked on the link expecting to hear why it is on and I don’t think you said why. Now I don’t subscribe to the blaze because I am not working (long story) and going to school full time (and love learning about he constitution)  I have no money but my boyfriend subscribes and we listen to it all the time and watch it on his computer. It makes me mad that people just throw you under the buss thinking you are some kind of sell out after all you have done! And wow are those adds creepy! Would they rather we spend money making the greens on the golf courses Obama goes to better, or are we just gonna give kill the cripples and give to the lazy!??

  • Alvin

    To all of you who question or challenge these ads need to pull your heads from your a… to se the light. Glenn is running these ads himself to promote an upcoming book or storyline of what if the UN takes over decisions made for the USA.

  • Dallas Smith

    Brent Mallard = Genius (I don’t see how others don’t get this).  I once met Glenn at one of his shows in Kansas City. We had the deluxe package with tickets right in front, meeting Glenn, the whole nine yards. It was great! In the short moments we talked with him and listened to him talk I got the impression that he is a really good guy who believes what he says and is great at his chosen profession. Another impression I took in had to do with some of the others who were there and had sprung for the mondo ticket package also. There were many who I took to calling true believers, those who were a bit less willing to think for themselves, maybe even ‘disciples of Glenn’ would be a telling description. When I see people thinking these are serious ads and that Beck would advertise for a UN program, with which he fully and completely disagrees, I think of the ‘true believers’. Come on folks! Stop being so gullible. Think on your own. That’s when my thinking leads to the question…are these ’emails being sent in’ simply fakes to boost interest in what appears to be a forthcoming documentary. Really, what’s more effective to illustrate how evil and awful the plan is than to talk about what the plan really wants to do and put it into terms of the UN trying to sell it in a traditional ad format. It’s a great way to illustrate what Agenda 21 does, but use your brains people. But wait…maybe Glenn is just an agent of the UN and now they’ve got the goods on all of us Blaze subscribers. BRB I think I hear a black helicopter outside………………..

  • Jon

    Seriously guys…’s his new Fiction book……a book…..comes out November 20th…..remember “The Overton Window”….his other fiction book ……just a book…..relax…

  • RightMindedAmericans

    Okay everyone here is the deal — Agenda 21 is the title of Glenn’s NEW FICTION BOOK that is coming out on November 20th, 2012.  Here is the description of it from Amazon:

    “I was just a baby when we were relocated and I don’t remember much.
    Everybody has that black hole at the beginning of their life. That time
    you can’t remember. Your first step. Your first taste of table food. My
    real memories begin in our assigned living area in Compound 14.”  Just
    a generation ago, this place was called America. Now, after the
    worldwide implementation of a UN-led program called Agenda 21, it’s
    simply known as “the Republic.” There is no president. No Congress. No
    Supreme Court. No freedom. There are only the Authorities.  Citizens
    have two primary goals in the new Republic: to create clean energy and
    to create new human life. Those who cannot do either are of no use to
    society. This bleak and barren existence is all that eighteen-year-old
    Emmeline has ever known. She dutifully walks her energy board daily and
    accepts all male pairings assigned to her by the Authorities. Like most
    citizens, she keeps her head down and her eyes closed.Until the day they come for her mother.  “You save what you think you’re going to lose.” Woken
    up to the harsh reality of her life and her family’s future inside the
    Republic, Emmeline begins to search for the truth. Why are all citizens
    confined to ubiquitous concrete living spaces? Why are Compounds guarded
    by Gatekeepers who track all movements? Why are food, water and energy
    rationed so strictly? And, most important, why are babies taken from
    their mothers at birth? As Emmeline begins to understand the true
    objectives of Agenda 21 she realizes that she is up against far more
    than she ever thought. With the Authorities closing in, and nowhere to
    run, Emmeline embarks on an audacious plan to save her family and expose
    the Republic—but is she already too late?

  • Anonymous

    I always thought it was an ad for his new book….which I have already pre-ordered BTW.

  • Delores Baber

    Glenn explained that the cable has power over 7 minutes per show that he has no control over. He is opposed to Agenda 21 and is not sponsering these ads. They are being shown on the cable’s time. He explained this, but it dosn’t seem that he is as upset over it as I expected him to be. He seems resigned to the fact that those 7 minutes can be used to promote ANYTHING. Does anyone know if there is a way to protest to those who are putting the ads on during the time when they know the listening audience would be most offended?

  • Delores Baber

    Thanks for explaning how the Agenda 21 ads are appearing during your program. Surely you can protest these ads being aired while you program is own, knowing how offended your audience would be when they see them. It looks like you approved them. They must know this is not something you have control over.

    • RightMindedAmericans

       Why would Glenn protest when Glenn is the one running the ads on The Blaze in support of his NEW FICTION BOOK
      called AGENDA 21 that is coming out on November 20th.  You can see the new book at
      Amazon here:

  • 11BRAVO3V

    When I saw the first Agenda 21 commercial on The Blaze (with the lake) I started to crack-up. I thought it was brilliant. I knew it was B.S. The old people (“I’ve lived a good life”) was so obviously a spoof, my wife even caught on. Just the tone and the speakers emphasis made it clear to me it was designed to get our attention. I didn’t think for a minute that Beck supported the program. I’ve listened to and watched Beck for years and it was obvious to me that this was the precursor to something he had planned for after the election. It made perfect sense to me that he would focus on Agenda 21 in order to expose it for the threat it is. Lighten up folks, this is a good thing.

    Agenda 21 is a scary proposition, especially when you realize just how many American cities and counties have signed onto the concept. check it out;

    Is your town or city on the list? Get up to speed on this folks. Let your city councils know how you feel about this, tell your neighbors. If you own property, especially rural property,  you need to be on top of this.

  • Lisa DeMott

    I didn’t know he was releasing a new book, I just thought he was bringing something to our attention that we needed to know about

  • Jacqueline Skelton

    After watching all of these commercials all I have to say is Really? You can’t see the irony in these ads? Don’t they seem, I don’t know, just a tad over the top?

    Excellent way to make your point Glen.

  • Anonymous

    …I believe Glenn has an Agenda against CATS…….white cats, if I’m not mistaken…yes that’s it …the white ones

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I think the commercials for your new book are genius!  Creepy… but genius!  Looking forward to reading it!

  • Joyce M. Sappington

    Oh my gosh…seriously…did all these people not get that this was a WARNING about Agenda 21?????  Irony is completely lost on some people!

  • Ellen Gollnitz Raichle

    Wow.  Can’t beleive the the Glenn Beck viewers can’t read between the lines.  Always like your style of advertising.  Way to peak interest in this mind boggling UN intitiative.  I am looking forward to your insights and presentation on this subject. …

  • Anonymous

    As explained on his show, this is happening on cable and satelite tv. The contracts he has with the cable and satelite networks allows him to have approximately 7 minute for commercials that Glenn Beck and the Blaze aquire and receive funds for which the cable and satelite companies have no control, however it also gives the cable and satelite companies approximately 7 minutes of commercials that the cable and satelite companies aquire and receive funds for which the Glenn Beck and the Blaze have no control. The cable and satelite companies are the ones running these type of ads which are obviously being targeted and placed during his shows. In my opinion, these groups are probably paying a premium to get their ads placed this way to try and get Glenn Beck and the Blaze discredited among it’s own fans as a way of trying to knock him off the air, as he is one of the few with any influence who is exposing them and their true agenda of destruction and genocide. I suspect George Soros as a possible source behind these type of ads.

    • RightMindedAmericans

       GregACAD — Glenn is running the ads on The Blaze in support of his NEW FICTION BOOK called AGENDA 21 that is coming out on November 20th.  This has nothing what so ever to do either cable or sat TV trying to discredit him .  Glenn was intentionally vague in his response in order to get everyone talking in order to promote his new book.  You can see the new book at Amazon here:

    • Anonymous

       …but Glenn does have an Agenda against Cats…white ones…yep…white cats

  • Anonymous

    This was great on radio this morning. I can’t believe their are actually subscribers that fell for this.  The ads struck me as odd at first but then i noticed the little logo on the bottom left of the screen which is the same logo that is on the book cover and it instantly clicked. It saddens me that their are actually fans that thought you were taking money to “further” the UN Agenda. Glenn, if your subscribers are that dumb, were all in trouble!

  • Dan Castonguay

    Glenn’s new book is titled Agenda 21, to be released on Nov. 20th. 
    Yes, Agenda 21 is coming Nov. 20th.

  • Anonymous

    Whether you believe this is a conspiracy to promote Glenn’s new book or not, if you don’t like viewing the DirectTV ads, subscribe to TheBlazeTV and you won’t be bothered by them. Very simple.

    Isn’t the free-market great?

    • Randall Thorpe

      I subscribe to TheBlazeTV and watch it on ROKU. The ads come through on Roku also. Are you telling me the cable company and/or Roku break into the feed and insert these ads?

      • Anonymous

        Glenn is running the “ads”. They are FAKE ads.

      • Anonymous

        I stand corrected.  Glenn made it sound convincing they were Dish Network’s ads.

        He’s slick, isn’t he?

        Then it’s obvious they are fake ads.

  • Frank Balcer

    Some people don’t think about it but abortion is unconstitutional, All men are created equal endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among them life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. there is no need to kill these elderly people and we are preventing future generations the same rights we have.if you lived a good life then keep on living it, it is God’s choice when you die not man’s. no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without due process of law. these people (unborn and elderly)have committed no crime and then are to be killed off is the same as murder. this is like legalized DR. Jack Kevorkian work. The Nazi’s did this exact same to the Jews(and others) during WW2 in the concentration camps. there is so much space available to make room for more people to live. People should look to God and read the scriptures for answers. Some People also need to read the constitution better to understand it.       

  • 7munchkins

    I asked the same question when I saw one.  Then I saw the second one and figured it out.  They are terrifying to us in order for us to recognize what Agenda 21 is.  You don’t really think the U.N. is going to advertise what is really in the plan do you?  It’s going to be sunshine and lollipops when they (with our money) start advertising for it.

  • Becky P

    Well that was sufficiently vague. He’s against it, ok. Why are the ads on TheBlaze then? I feel like I missed something…

    • RightMindedAmericans

      Glenn is running the ads on The Blaze in support of his NEW FICTION BOOK
      called AGENDA 21 that is coming out on November 20th.
      Glenn was intentionally vague in his response in order to get everyone
      talking in order to promote his new book.  You can see the new book at
      Amazon here:

    • Anonymous

      Glenn is running the “ads”.  They are FAKE “ads”.  Re-read the article.  

  • Concetta Coyne

    I called Sirius corporate offices and told them to lose the Agenda 21 ads. I said Glann beck didn’t seek them and tel van Jones to go to hell. It won’t work-neither will Agenda 21.

    • RightMindedAmericans

      Sirius has nothing to do with the Agenda 21 ads as Glenn is running the ads on The Blaze in support of his NEW FICTION BOOK
      called AGENDA 21 that is coming out on November 20th.  This has nothing
      what so ever to do either cable or sat TV trying to discredit him . 
      Glenn was intentionally vague in his response in order to get everyone
      talking in order to promote his new book.  You can see the new book at
      Amazon here:

  • Anonymous

    Those ads are creepy and have an almost sci-fi aspect to them.  “Agenda 21″ would make a great movie plot, sort of a modern day Soilent Green meets Logan’s Run.

  • Missy Rezack Barto

    Glenn, For what its worth, I have no worries and never did since I have been watching you. See, I know you do not do nothing without a purpose and for your viewers that attacked you, Im shocked. Keep up the good work as I listen with purpose and open mind…;) I know you have greater things happening..hence the ‘introduction’ they all are freaking 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, our great society is going to welcome Agenda 21 with open arms.  They have already been brain washed into class warfare, racial warfare, religious hate and welcoming of socialist agendas.  The people for this are not going to see it as affecting them but improving the world and those against it as money loving, power hungry, hate filled conservatives.  That is what we will have to battle, the perception that has been painted of the people that will be against this.  If we do not change this perception then when we speak out against it we will be chastised, villified and never heard. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn if you are trying to make the point that Agenda 21 is bad. Why not just say so? Why the smoke and mirrors? If you are trying to educate the public about Agenda 21— then do it. Use the chalk board-it works better! We all understand that you are an intelligent man and have built a business–just remember what you built it on and why! If I want to watch the liberals on TV or listen to them on  talk radio as well as the progressives to see what they are selling and to know my enemy I can get plenty of info.  I know what they are trying  to do and they don’t have to run ads by people and organization they totally oppose so they can make fun of them or make comments about how Jesus hated women,was a racist, and never really died —- I get it!
    Stop the mystery and just say what you mean. If you are showing the stuff because no one else is—then explain that. Your liberterian views on many topics as well as smoke and mirrors approach to subjects turn many people off! 

  • Carol Jander

    I would bet Glenn is totally demoralized to think his own supporters and listeners can’t figure out what the ad is really doing. . . . Of COURSE “they” would not be ADVERTISING Agenda 21!  They want it to remain HIDDEN

  • Burton Trattner

    You know the TV ads run by that keep running?
    It showers praise on how important coal is to America and jobs.  Sounds great right?  Your are being hoodwinked!
    Then if you go to website it reminds everyone to support CLEAN coal.  It doesn’t exist and will bankrupt coal electric plants.  Try googling “How many Carbon Sequestered plants are operating in the US?” There are none anywhere because unless your plant is on top of big underground caves, it can’t be sequestered.  A fraudulent commercial!

  • Missy Caulk

    Glen, you need to watch or listen as I was listening to your show today and right after the discussion in this post, a ad came up again. Can you have your staff listen and see. 

    Ok I read through the comments and see it is an AD for your new book, our church did this a few years ago, Northridge is full of liars in bulletin boards all over our area. #epicfail on that one.

    • Jayne

      Are you watching Glenn on DISH?  If so, you would have heard him say that he doesn’t have control over what commercial time DISH is selling.  Like Glenn said,  we should be aware of WHO is buying time during his show.  It is a plan.

      Let’s be strong and support Glenn’s endeavors.  He is working for US!!  I think he is proven that we can trust that he is working for our benefit.

      • Missy Caulk

        Nope on streaming from subscription. I did correct my comment after reading some of the comments. Thanks Jayne!  Love Glenn. 

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Agenda 21, the UN “you owe it to us”, the Federal government’s redistribution of wealth to the global paupers, the U.S. fiscal cliff are all part of the movement to reduce most people especially Americans to a serfdom based upon ignorance, fear and the need to survive on government handout / directed work. Consider that a pandemic flu, or plague like weaponized small pox or the long term effects of the Yellowstone Caldera exploding will completely reorder liberal plans for a New World Order where serfs and the elite are unprepared

  • Wanda McDaniel Morgan

     When I first saw the ad, I was a little puzzled, but then it made me think, especially at the end of the one that I saw (the footprints).  I hope that it got you to thinking also.  I never once got the impression that Glen Beck was a proponent of AG21. Maybe I am just dumb.

  • Anonymous

    I also have seen these disturbing ads, but unlike other viewers I didn’t get mad. I used this thing, it’s calleed a BRAIN. Most people have one (but a lot don’t). Obviously Glenn is doing what he does best, revaeling lies and deceit. So there you go, it’s pretty simple. I can’t beleive that anyone who subscribes and listens to Glenn would beleive that he’s a sell out.

  • Anonymous

    I am disappointed in myself for getting drug into a whatever this forum is.  I really am amazed that this is even a point of dicussion.  However, do you really believe that Blaze TV will support ANY UN agenda or that “this half hour is sponsored by the UN”.  Please try to start having your own original thoughts.  Try to actually link some of the concepts togather that are presented to you on The Blaze.  You may find the idea arrise that certain people are not your friend and may not have the countries or your best interest in mind.  I too saw the adds on Agenda 21.  My first thought was that the add was a WARNING.  Not a warning from the UN a warning from The Blaze.  So I want to thank the psycopathic forgien idiots for using their money, stolen from US citizens, to advertise on the Blaze.  As a double bonus we also get a heads up on what the idiot ranch is coming up with next. 
    If you dont like the advertisement then you need to contact Dish.  Let Dish know how you feel about Agenda 21, the UN, liars, idiots etc..  I dont think Blaze has controll of all advertising durung its time slot.  Therefore, “which on of these things is not like the other” may come to mind.  Thats because it is NOT like the others!  It is an imposter!  
    Even though we cannot all be the lead dog we can at least start thinking like a lead dog.     

  • Bill

    Did not anyone hear how the advertizing is distributed?  The cable provider is running the adds.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn is running the “ads” online too, so it has nothing to do with Dish.

      I was fooled by him too.

      They are fake.

  • Dcn Tim Blanchard

    Is your Company going to provide abortaphiciants & birth control to your employees thru your health coverage plan?

  • Dcn Tim Blanchard

    will your company provide abortion thru your health care plan?

  • Anonymous

    Not just “no”…”HELL NO!!!!”  Somehow, we MUST STOP THIS!!

  • Patti Perdue

    I am a weary Romney supporter who watched the loss of the election of the century. I am sorry that subscribers jumped the gun on Glenn’s motive with Agenda 21. I don’t know their situation but its been difficult for me to focus, to think objectively, to make difficult decisions…just like a head trauma. I think I have PTSD from this election loss. I am proud Glenn can jump back in the saddle so quickly.  I guess thats why he has millions(+/-) of subscribers and I don’t. God bless Glenn Beck. God bless America.  I will rejoin the fight for this country as soon.

  • Patti Perdue

    I am a weary Romney supporter who watched the loss of the election of the century. I am sorry that subscribers jumped the gun on Glenn’s motive with Agenda 21. I don’t know their situation but its been difficult for me to focus, to think objectively, to make difficult decisions…just like a head trauma. I think I have PTSD from this election loss. I am proud Glenn can jump back in the saddle so quickly.  I guess thats why he has millions(+/-) of subscribers and I don’t. God bless Glenn Beck. God bless America.  I will rejoin the fight for this country as soon.

  • bumpkinpm

    As soon as I saw the first A21 ad, I KNEW it was to make people aware of the horrors of it.  And I haven’t even read the script above yet, nor listened to any discussion…  The UN is NOT going to advertise Agenda 21!  They will spill it all over us FAST and take us by surprise.

  • Bob White

    These negative reactions to things they see or hear on GB are from people who ‘drop in’ and
    in fact don’t follow GB. As a result they easily misinterprete what he says or shows.
    Beck is not for non thinkers.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, as for me… I want to say… keep up the good work.  I can’t imagine you have any agenda with these ads other than to expose what is going on with this Godless administration.  Sometimes the shock factor is the best way to stir people to take action. 

    I know it took a shock factor in my community to move me to take action. I have watched you for a few years now and I am a conservative Christian… but it wasn’t until this summer when I was confronted with the very Islam issues you have been speaking of that I had to make a decision…. to be someone who just talks about change or to be a vehicle to insight change. Needless to say, I had to choose the latter.  But it took a wake up call to get my head out of the sand.  Americans think these things such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Agenda 21, loss of our freedoms etc. could never really happen here in  the US..that is what the Germans thought too, until it was too late. (Just watch some of the documentaries on the History channel about Nazi Germany…the similarities seem unbelievable.)   We need to wake up our nation. Thanks for being relentless with your message…it is working… some are beginning to act.

  • kevin b

    Somebody got some splaining to do glenn

  • kevin b

    Somebody got some splainng to do glenn hhhmmm?

  • kevin b

    Heres something you probably didnt hear in the amestream media that i signed up 4…..

  • Anonymous

    I am a Glenn Beck subscriber and I saw these advertisements and took them at face value – with indignation and disgust – then I saw Glenn’s “explanation” where he behaved all coy and vague about them providing no information – telling us to use logic and google “Agenda 21 Glenn Beck” and get this “article” which is just a recap of the infuriating double speak “explanation” only to find out in the body of the comments that Glenn Beck is writing a book about Agenda 21 and this is some sort of attention getting stunt.

    I must say it is the height of egotism to expect me to be in the know about everything little thing you’ve got coming down the pike and use “logic” to figure out what you are up to.  As someone who cares deeply about these subjects, I am upset to know this just a snarky way to advertise your book.  Abusing your subscribers is a bad call.   

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit the first time I saw the commercial with the dead lake scene it set me back. I wondered how GB would let something like this on his network. Hey, what can I say except “mea culpa”. But, by the time the ad with the creepy old people I recognized the ads for what they were. Skin crawling…..but definitely something that grabbed our attention and made viewers look for more information. PS Rod Serling would be mighty proud of your handiwork……and it just goes to show we have to keep paying attention, or we could so very easily see something like this being shown “for real”.  

  • Hayden Soloway

    Glenn, I’ve heard negative comments from people who subscribe saying you’ve gotten to be too evangelistic, and this article proves a point I make:  Sometimes you’re just too subtle for the gneral public.   Sometimes they aren’t as clever as you and don’t get your message.

  • Anonymous

    So much verbage and Beck still hasn’t explained why these ads are running.

    Tell us what the hell is going on…! 

    Inferring people have gotten the wrong idea is all well and good, but where is the explanation?
    That’s piss poor writing for one thing…
    It’s ineffective as a rebuttal for another…

    and Beck, of all people, should know this…

    We do not appreciate being chastized and then left hanging with no explanation provided, Mr. Beck…

    and for those who think they know the answer, all fine and dandy, but it is Mr. Becks responsiblility to provide an explanation, which he has clearly has neglected to do here…

    Call it posturing, if you will, but the failure to provide the sought after explanation when the matter has been acknowledged and responded to is simply negligence and irresponsibility… as well as a poor strategy for publicity if such a ploy is being done simply for the purpose of marketing.

  • Leatha Goldsmith

    Love you Glenn and it didn’t take me too long to figure out what these ads were about.  Come on, people.  THINK.

  • m

    This so stupid, but it is whining & crying Glenn Beck. How about Agenda 69?

  • Colleen Shoemaker

    I knew, the first time I saw the ads, what Glenn was doing.  I know all about Agenda 21, and have for about 4 years.  You are a genious, Glenn.  You have done with a couple of Agenda 21 ads what I have been trying to tell people for a long time.  Keep up the good work!

  • Pat

     You’ve known me for how long?” he asked his audience. “You trust me
    enough to subscribe to my network, and yet you would get online to send
    me an electronic message saying how angry you are at me for taking the
    money to further the UN agenda? That’s amazing.”
    If that were true, he admitted he would fall into the dirtbag category

    You call the above response an “explanation”?   Somebody on The Blaze staff gave the approval to air these commercials.   WHO WAS IT?  and WHY?   Simple questions…how about a simple answer and cut out the ambiguous rhetorical diatribe!!!

  • Pat

    Immediately after posting my note…and watching GB Radio Show via Roku…He explains that the ads are commercials for his new book on sale today.  Nowhere in the commercial, before, or after it plays, does it indicate it is a promo for a new book….perhaps a disclaimer about a book sale would be warranted.

  • Anonymous

    he didnt say anything…way to talk around the ?. lost me for good. His listeners are not dumb, but he sure talks to us like it. 

  • Gregory Walker

    It’s a BOOK by Glenn Beck!!!!

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    😀    now   you  have  good  life   😀     offcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  verry  bad  aghost!  hell  place!      :l

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    hell  place!  dirty  eart  !!!   most  clean   up!

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    remember!!!!!   muslim   religions   is   right  religion ,id   muslim  religion  is  big  mistake.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    hell  country!!!!!!   :l

  • Anonymous

    I don’t appreciate you insulting my intelligence.  It is simply my opinion that his presentation of Agenda 21 was not effective since it brought about a lot of confusion.  My suggestion was not actually to be taken seriously.  I just thought that a followup message should have been said since he was selling a book, just like he has done in the past with his other books.

  • Anonymous

    Did you people who are so enraged about Agenda 21 ever stop to use your brain and possibly figure out that Glenn is trying to enlighten the people of this country about this abhorrent UN initiative???

  • pleliot

    Agenda 21 was generated in 1992 – last century- and we’re just NOW starting to talk about it?!?
    As I recall, NPR didn’t even mention the conference in Rio that generated Agenda 21 as a significant item in their 1992 year-end recap of world-shaping events.  So how soon could it be effected, especially considering that so many of crucial concerns addressed at that conference are completely off our collective radar screen?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you’re a marketing genius. Way to stir up controversy to ptomote your book. When I saw the ads, I knew there had to be a book in it. Been working against Agenda 21 for years. It has shifted into overdrive this year. We need all the help we can get. It’s real and one of our greatest threats. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. It’ like a lot of other things, no one has any idea what’s going on out there. Jump on board everyone, it’s your freedom that’s at risk

  • Anonymous

    I found the ads hideous and I can’t believe people would be in the ads.   I wish Glen would express himself without the sarcastic humor; people won’t listen if they feel like they are being beat up on. When defending one self; just be to the point and don’t show a defensive attitude.

  • Tom Messimer

    I thought that it was pretty obvious what Glen was doing with the ads.  Guess some people have to wise up.

  • Troy Mathew

    Wow, I thought Glenn Beck followers were a smarter bunch of folks then the run of the mill folk. I mean, don’t people investigate stories; commercials for themselves anymore, especially before threatening to revolt against Glenn or cancel their subscription? Seriously? Have we as a species been “dumbed” down that much as to not question the motives and to seek answers themselves? I investigate everything I don’t feel is right or seems misleading or, just because I want to know more from different angles, (cause the press sure won’t do it) did everyone forget the basics of journalism; the W’s (What, where, when, why and how)? Come on people. We cannot win back our American if you don’t know how to do the basics!!!

  • pleliot

    ” Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan…” -(Wikipedia).  Sort of like self deportation.  Any volunteers?

  • Joe Hardy

    Glen, I am glad that I have seen them. I have heard so much about it but was not sure exactly what it was. Now I do. We see what it is scary an we need to stop it. i watch you on Dish every night. Where the truth lives, I believe they are telling the truth. It is coming unless we stop it. I am glad they are not trying to hide it any more, just like the Comy and Chief. It amazes me that they are up front with there comunist agenda and people still don’t believe it, stuppid people. It not nearly as scary to me if I can see it coming I can try to do something to provent it, when you don’t see it coming that ‘s when i get nervous. Thank You and all that Ya’ll do. I’ll be damned it looks like they finally found the cure for stupidity Agneda 21 is coming soon. You stupid S.O.B.’s 

  • Anonymous

    That’s what we need Glenn, more head games. 

  • NewHampshire

    This guy is a shill for foreign lobbyists… neocons who are no better than progressives so I am not surprised he would tell you to just shut up and accept Agenda 21.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen,

    I think it is great that you are putting Agenda 21 out there for everyone to really give it some serious attention.  Our young people are the hardest to convince, since they have been indoctrinated into the “Save the Earth” mind set.  

    I would like to stress, however, you are doing a great disservice by not mentioning that one of the major emphasis of Agenda 21 is also a one world religion.  If you search the UN site, you can find Lucis Trust, which is behind their real agenda, to welcome the being of light,”Lucifer” to save the world and unify our planet.  

    Please consider going out even further and researching the huge  “spiritual” emphasis of this control, in the end is about all of us worshiping Lucifer, in a great deceit, that as the Bible says if possible will deceive even the elect.

    I would appreciate it before writing off this message to carefully research the matter for yourself.

    Thank you, sincerely

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