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The seems to be a growing controversy about some “advertisements” running on TheBlaze TV regarding Agenda 21.

Here is one of the ads causing a stir amongst some of TheBlaze TV viewers:

Emails have been pouring in asking Glenn what the deal is with the Agenda 21 ads running during TheBlaze TV programming. This morning on radio, Glenn shared some of the viewer feedback he’s received and responded to some of the assumptions people have made about ads.

Here is a small handful of the emails Glenn has received about the spots running on TheBlaze TV:

“Glenn, you’re running ads for Agenda 21.  Are you aware of this?  I certainly hope you don’t need money so badly that you’re going the route everyone else is and sell out.  Please look into the Agenda 21 ads your network is running.”

Here are a couple :

“Glenn, Agenda 21 ads are downright scary.  Tell us why these ads are running.  If you can’t justify why, I’m going to dump ‑‑ I’m going to dump your site altogether.  You cannot be this stupid.  Are you trying some weird mind control on me?  I won’t stand for it.  If these ads are not gone soon, I will be.”

“Glenn, I’ve been seeing these UN Agenda 21 ads on TheBlaze TV.  My wife and I are very disturbed, may I say horrified at the implied message.”

Here is another example of the ads has this fan “horrified”:

It seems odd that Glenn, who was attacked for calling attention to the Agenda 21 regulations being implemented in communities across the country, would be running advertisements for these very policies on a network he owns, doesn’t it?

Not odd enough to keep this fan from sharing his two cents:

“Glenn, I’ve been seeing these UN Agenda 21 ads on TheBlaze.  My wife and I are very disturbed, may I say horrified.  We know where this message is eventually going.  We subscribe to TheBlaze TV so we can get substance and reasoned argument and not bombarded with Viagra and other ED commercials but this type of advertising implies something far more sinister.  I understand you need advertising dollars.”

“No.  No, that’s why we ‑‑ that’s why we ask you to subscribe.  We don’t need advertising dollars.  I will not be held a hostage and I will not take advertising dollars that I don’t want,” Glenn responded after reading that email.

Aside from the seven minutes of promotion per hour that the cable networks have to advertise, all of TheBlaze TV advertising is controlled internally.

“Now, if this ad is running as part of their inventory, then it’s up to them, but I don’t accept an ad that I don’t want,” he added before reading another fan reaction.

“Please, Glenn, for the love of God explain to me the monthly subscriber about the disturbing Agenda 21 commercials that are airing on TheBlaze subscription level.”

As this viewer’s email points out, these “ads” ARE running on the subscription level, so, like Glenn said earlier, he doesn’t need and doesn’t want the money from advertisers running on his network that he doesn’t approve of.

“Let’s use logic,” Glenn started. “Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development, something that Glenn Beck got a lot of heat for bringing it up on Fox News, something that the 9/12 project in California is being credited for reversing a lot of.  And then, ads that you haven’t seen any place else, really spooky ads that you haven’t seen any place else — why would they be running on my network?”

Before subscribers begin canceling their subscriptions over what some are assuming to be an endorsement of something he has fought against for a couple of years now, he asked his listeners and subscribers to think critically — think of the world we now live in.

“You’ve known me for how long?” he asked his audience. “You trust me enough to subscribe to my network, and yet you would get online to send me an electronic message saying how angry you are at me for taking the money to further the UN agenda? That’s amazing.”

If that were true, he admitted he would fall into the dirtbag category.

“Instead of typing an e‑mail, I might go to Google, which I also have recommended not to use, and I might Google ‘Agenda 21 Glenn Beck’,” Glenn added before playing another example of the ads viewers are writing in about.

Agenda 21 is coming soon…or is it? 

“Anyway, thanks for ‑‑ thanks for the e‑mail,” Glenn said. “Appreciate it.”