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Glenn talks about the time frame in which things will be happening now that Obama has won re-election. The tough times will hit more quickly than they would have if the election went the other way – so how do you prepare? Look at things differently — and behave like people determined to be free.

“So I saw a post online from somebody who kind of made sense there for a while, John Michael Greer. He’s a historian and conservationist. So, you know, only about half of it you’re going to ‑‑ he believes, I’m sure he believes in the electronic winter tree. But he says we have to come in terms of the fact that we don’t have limitless energy and we don’t have limitless resources and we don’t have limitless time. Now he’s talking in the conservation way. I’m not. I think you can read this, take it out of the conservation idea and look at this as our life. We don’t have limitless energy. You have limitless energy? Because I don’t. We don’t have limitless resources.”

“So now what do we do? If we recognize those things, we have to be somebody who, as George Washington was followed by Anthony Wayne and they won at Stony Point, Anthony Wayne wrote a letter to him. He had a bullet in his head and he had been shot during the operation and he said to George Washington, he said first I’ve got to write this letter to Washington and then you can take the bullet out of my head. He said, “Your men and officers behaved like men determined to be free.” The only way you behave like people that are determined to be free ‑‑ and I’m not sure I even understand what that truly means, but write that down. Put that in front of you: Behave like someone who is determined to be free. That will change your life. I have a feeling that is a life‑changing phrase. You don’t ‑‑ you don’t fritter your time away. But we need to do that as a group or there will only be 10% of those who believe in the Constitution and we will be the absolute outer fringe. They’re trying to make us feel that way.”

Glenn pointed out that in the critical swing states there was only a 407,000 vote margin between Obama and Romney.

“407,000 votes. Let’s make sure we keep this into perspective. They’re going to try to teach you that this was a mandate. 407,000 votes. That’s not a mandate. That’s not one side being dead. That is a well contested battle. And our side, a lot of them didn’t stand up. Their side, they got all the new people out. They got all the people out that they have been going for. We didn’t. We didn’t. Now how’s that possible? We had fewer people vote this time because we are not behaving like people determined to be free. And so those of us who are awake, those of us who are doing the work, we need to realize that things are not going in our direction with the media and with education, and we have to make changes, now.”

“Things are not going in our direction. With the media. With education so we need to make changes now. Things are not going our way in Washington and we need to make changes now. This blogger writes:

If you’ve ever seen a fifty-year-old man trying to pretend that he’s seventeen, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to everybody and it rarely ends well. That’s what America is right now. It’s two hundred something years old. It’s not an adolescent anymore. It needs to ditch the bright red car, stop trying to pick up teenage chicks, stop the binge drinking, and actually deal with the fact that there’s only so many years left. You need to do something useful with that time and not go around with everybody else – you know, China and Europe — just rolling their eyes and trying to pretend that they don’t notice how we’ve combed our hair forward over our bald spot.

We are not in our mid life crisis. We are well into our autumn years. And we’re about to head into winter. Now whether we see green shoots or not and spring crops up is really only up to us.”

“I’ve talked to several people this weekend. I did two fundraisers in the last four days for Israel. I did one at Dallas Cowboys stadium on Thursday, and yesterday I did one in Houston. I was raising money in Houston for a hospital in Israel, and when I was over in Israel, I said that I would raise money for them because it was a children’s hospital and they wanted to build a ‑‑ it’s a regular hospital, but they wanted to build a children’s hospital and they serve everybody, Christians, Jews, Muslims, everybody. And as a father of a child with special needs, I thought it was really worthwhile. But they’ve changed. They are no longer trying to build a children’s hospital. They believe they need to build an underground hospital, one that will withstand bombings. They’re right. The world is changing quickly. Quickly.”

“So what do we do? How do we prepare? Well, first live like someone determined to be free. And that means cut yourself some slack from time to time because there’s a lot of work to do and not everybody’s doing it. We have to, and we will, but, you know, More‑On Trivia was Friday. Lots of laughs. I went to Skyfall this weekend. Great break. Go do something. Go enjoy. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself. Life is not just a dirge. It’s not. But focus when you have to.”

“This blog, again he was going on, you know, ‘What can we do because, you know, things aren’t sustainable because the UN can’t take over fast enough.’But he actually had some good things in it. Get ahead of it. Get yourself some space. Work through the learning curve. Pick up a skill that you’re going to need. Do it now, so by the time that it’s necessary, you’re comfortable with it and you know what you’re doing. If you’ve already insulated your house, you may have a solar hot water system in place if you can afford one. You’ve torn up some of the grass in your back and turned it into a vegetable garden so you can stretch it out for staples. Know how to cook from scratch so you’re not dependent on the vast corporate structure. Maybe you started developing some tradeable skills. Maybe a little basement workshop where you’re doing something you can barter with your friends. Maybe you should brew some beer in the basement.”

“The reason why I bring this up is I just want you to look at things differently. Look at the world differently and realize that our time frame has been shortened, I believe, but it will all work out to be for the best and for the best of the country if we behave like people determined to be free.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What does it mean to behave (or fight) as men who want to be free? 

    You asked this earlier and here is the answer: you fight for a dream, a hope and an expectation with all your heart, mind, body and soul knowing that there is a better tomorrow waiting for you and your children when you win.

    It is a fulfillment of all that it means to hunger for freedom and risk all to gain all; the fact is we are a free nation won by men whose character was refined and forged in the heat of war and absolute chaos. They knew clearly the fate of them and their family if they failed, and what the prize was at the end.

    They held on, seeing the end goal down years of hellish battle and unending despair of defeat in the field and by their own infant government that hardly paid and supported them in the field.

    Remember what many of the founders declared:

    “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

    Lives: live or die as free men, and to gain the same rights for their children.
    Fortune: all they have including their very bodies if need be.
    Sacred Honor: The God given right to be free to make ones own choices.

    That is what it means to behave or fight as a man who wants to be free.

    This is why I declare I will never surrender, I will never yield, I will not comply nor be silent until freedom rings again over the land or I am sent into the night ahead of all others. May God bless and protect us until freedom rings again.

    • Anonymous

      Snow, I always felt a kinship with your thought processes…from the very beginning.  I don’t know if we will ever meet…maybe on a battleground some day…both of us bloody, maybe the last two standing.  But we will both be on the same side, fighting for freedom.  Your last paragraph echoes my feelings better than I could ever express it:  “This is why I will never surrender.  I will never yield, I will not comply nor be silent until freedom rings again over the land or I am sent into the night ahead of all others.  May God bless and protect us until freedom rings again.”  Amen to that!  And thank you for expressing love for freedom and Country so well.

      • Anonymous

        You can count me in as well. I don’t care what anyone says, My belief in God will supersede my belief in man and I know you two believe the same.

        • Anonymous

          I need your help. 34 States have initiated Petitions to Secede. They can be found at Each Petition to Secede needs 25,000 signatures and Americans can sign ALL Petitions, regardless of where they live. We need to get the word out about these States and their Petitions to Secede and get them ALL the 25,000 signatures (for each Petition) they need. I’m doing my part on Facebook, but we need to go “viral” and on Twitter. Can you sign ALL Petitions and urge everyone you know to do the same? Thanks, and I KNOW better times are ahead! Kitty

          • Anonymous

            Do you not find it strange that it’s a White House site and not individual state sites? Perhaps they are collecting names? I am sorry, I will try finding each states petition; I will not sign anything connected to that house of horrors!

          • Anonymous

            I thought the same thing when I went to the site.  I want the government to know that I am not happy, but not willingly give them my information.

          • Anonymous

            They are counting on us to do this….they must think that we, those that didn’t vote for the asp, are dim witted. Desperate to compromise our freedoms once again.

          • Anonymous

             I first heard about this on the news in Oregon. Oregon is majority liberal. I found it odd that there is a group wanting Oregon To Secede when majority of Oregonians are Democrats and liberal. It doesn’t make sense to me they would want to. Someone else pointed out to are things government a state may have problems doing on their own. Banks, Highway maintenance, it just seems fishy or unwise way to make a point.

          • Anonymous

            Ohio, New Hampshire and a few other liberal states are on the list as well. Are we paranoid or what? I don’t think so; Savvy I would say. I can smell rotten fish since 2008, wouldn’t you say? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?

          • Anonymous

            I understand what you are saying, but this is the only site that allows for petitions. By not taking action, we are depriving these States in a say about their future. If the infamous “they” come to shoot me or make me disappear, I will at least know that I STOOD UP for the cause and ideal that is AMERICAN FREEDOM. What small “infraction” in Obama’s government will they come and take you away for? Will it be Freedom? For me, it will be. Good Luck and Godspeed! KT

          • Anonymous

            Do you honestly think Obama and his gang of thieves will give this the time of day as they collect names and personal information? Are you that trustful? Think about all they have done thus far! They can manipulate an election, and you think they just allow this, secede to go forward? There will be sedition before this government will see the will of the people take place.

          • Anonymous

            I honestly do understand. As in all conflict situations, rational people FIRST try to de-escalate a situation back to PEACEFUL terms. That’s what these Petitions to Secede are all about…Peacefully letting Washington D.C. know that We The People are rightfully concerned about the direction our country is going in and the failure/lack of leadership in the White House. We have to start somewhere because Obama honestly believes that “the whole country approves of my (his) methods”. That is a direct speech quote. Winston Churchill said it best: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” We, as United States citizens (Americans) MUST stand together or perish alone. Washington has more information on me than I do. I was bonded 11 times, a Vietnam vet (now retiree) for over 20 years, and am security cleared. My love of Our Great Nation and the Freedom I’ve loved for over 60 years has made me unafraid of anything except the loss of such freedoms. That’s why I MUST fight tyranny and injustice, which is what Obama plans for us. Look deep inside your soul…God is on our side. KT

          • Anonymous

            As an addendum …..I would sooner take up arms than leave crumbs for them to follow.

    • Anonymous

      I beleive GOD is testing the free phone crowds. They will soon come to hate their IDOL.

  • Draxx

    Was it Ghandi that said, “Learn everyday like you are going to live forever, and live each day like you are going to die tomorrow…” (maybe Confucious or Sun Su).

    We Should Live Free, Like We Are Going To Live Forever… Or Freedom May Die With Us!

  • landofaahs

    Our founding fathers were willing to separate from the comfort of the security of a powerful and wealthy England.

  • suz

    i think it’s whole lot more likely that we had enough and that turn-out was ditched–literally, shredded.

    glenn, your premise is wrong.  this was stolen.  you can’t shame the right if they’re not at fault.

  • Anonymous

    I think we have to behave as people determined to be free but also as people determined to deal with reality. The people of this country have chosen to become another European Union. Done deal, we can spit into the wind all we want but that is the reality and it isn’t going to get better as this brainwashed generation grows up and other brainwashed generations follow them.  We have to create a place where the people who don’t want to live in another EU have a place to live. That means Secession, not speeches, not political donations to this organization or that one, we have to Secede from this union. The states who are capable of having free elections or who have in place legislators and governors who will take the steps, need to take the steps. No more talking about it.Then the people in the new United States and the New European Union will vote with there feet. They will leave the place that doesn’t suit them and move to the place that does. We then have to make sure it takes a long time for the Santa Claus party to corrupt the new nation. A person needs to live entitlement free, no medicaid, no Food stamps no unemployment for more than 27 weeks during an election year in order to be eligible to vote. The politicians in the new nation will be forced to create productive citizens in order to earn their votes.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    If there was voter fraud, how did they do it? Aren’t there moniters?

    • Anonymous

      Here is something you need to see computer programer testified to Congress in 2009 he had created a prototype that could flip electronic results on any election 51 – 49 by a flag on tabulating machine and the tabulating machine can flip the votes on the local machine; the machines talk both ways. He says it is virtually undetectable. He says when exit polling data does not match the votes likely fraud involved. He testified infront of the likes of Maxine Waters and others
      We have bigger problems then just premature reporting.

  • Anonymous

    This election was like Sadam Hussein running for office in Irag or Chavez in his country. It was a sham from the get go. Romney was set up to lose from the start. He never had a chance. All you had to do was pull back the curtain and see who was pulling the strings in the land of OZ. Everyone asumed the election was being held on level ground,everything being equal it would be an honest and above board election—wrong assumption. Do you Know what assume means? The next presidential election will be more of the same. Only more efficient! It wasn’t that the GOP lost—they were never in the race. Smoke and mirrors people!
      What are you willing to sacrifce to make things change? Your bank account, your house, your job, your family, your life? That’s exactly what happened to all of the men that signed the Declaration Of Indepence. We talk about fighting for freedom and how we will continue to fight and not give up. Doing what? Obama and the Liberals/progressives/communists/socailist/ Muslims control everything: the Executive branch, the Judical branch, the Legislative branch, the news media: TV, radio, the printed media, the education system(from K 1 through college) , the finacial sytem( the treasury, the FED,) imports, exports, our boarders, the military—everything. So how are you going to change things–by your vote? What has happened to Eric Holder and Fast and Furious? Nothing! What has happened to all the people that lied and did nothing to prevent 4 Americans from being killed in Libya? Nothing! Congress —The House of Rep can’t pass anythting, We all know where the Supreme Court stands. Forget Canada try Australia, each state can try to seceed–but that won’t work ,try Obama for treason–no chance.
    The founding fathers  tried to work within the system they had at the time with England. How did that work out? Bunker Hill! Lock and load people! It’s coming.

  • Cyber Geezer

    Start expressing your desire to live free by signing your state’s petition to be allowed to peacefully secede from the United States of America and form your own government. 25 states have filed petitions so far (since Friday, 11/9/12) to secede on the White House website, so find your state and sign it’s petition at:

    • Anonymous

      You can also sign EVERY petition available, regardless of the State you live in.  Each Petition needs 25,000 signatures.  I keep posting it on Facebook.  Post this information EVERYWHERE you can think of…and SIGN

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn, I wrote this down and I will look at it everyday. We must be people who are determined to be free if we want to win. To me this means fighting with everything we have and NEVER giving up. We will not comply with oppressive totalitarian leaders. And freedom for future generations will be well worth it.

  • 47percentsolution

    You people are textbook Dunning-Kruger. Guess what, geniuses: you can’t blame the landslide on Jesus, Satan, George Washington’s ghost or the Great Pumpkin. You got crushed because of math. Your beliefs aren’t relevant to the majority of Americans, and the more extreme you’ve become, the more you’ve skewed demographics (a big word meaning how voters feel)  in favor of the Democrats. No magic wands, no burning bushes, no sasquatch involvement… Just MATH. Welcome to the new normal.

    Secession is a brilliant idea. Wonderful. Please sign whatever petition you can get your hands on.  Better yet, why don’t you all move to Texas. We’ll put up some cameras and build a really nice 30-foot fence around you.  Take West, Ryan, Bachmann, Limbaugh, Beck and all other members of the Whiny Conservatard Media Victims Class(tm) with you… and GTFO of my country, you freakin’ illegals.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Remember when the administers told us our computers would crash if we didn’t register with a gov. Website…a few months ago? Many people did only to find out absolutely nothing happened the next day.
      Trusting this site is like putting an apple in front of a horse and expecting it not to be eaten…not going to happen.
      I say administers because that’s what they are. Put some poison in an injection and take care of the problem.

  • Anonymous

    If God is truly guiding our paths in life, why do we not trust the direction he is leading. It”s  said in the bible that nothing happens without him allowing it to happen. I trust him before I will trust ANY man.

  • windtalker700

    I appreciate Glenn’s message but
    the fact of the matter is “ the books have been written “ we even had a movie
    warning the American people about how anti-American this president and his
    administration is! I’m sorry G/B but I’m tired pall and I do not have your
    enthusiasm. These next four years we the middle class who still possess a solid
    work ethic are going to have so much posterity  sucked rite out of our veins and it’s going to
    hurt. The bailouts, financing other people’s health care while seeing our own
    dwindle, taxes, the madness in the Middle East. It’s over, we lost and they won
    but we do know where the line in the sand is. Today succession is thought of as
    a dirty little word or maybe even just plain treasonous but when there is
    nothing left on the kitchen table but turnips or bologny what will we do?


    I’m sorry Glenn but the question
    is not about saving America it’s about trying to salvage what we have left that
    is still good in the Country. Folks, our fortunes and our livelihood it’s all
    going North to Washington Central. From there it won’t be coming back to us or
    our neighbors. It’s just a matter of time.

  • imnoangel512

    You can shackle my body but you will never chain my spirit…Freedom Forever!

  • Anonymous

    1.  Conservatives and Republicans did not turn out in larger numbers because glenn beck, rush, coulter, etc… are pushing the party over the brink.  Now, if you are a Republican, you will be endlessly bashed by the crazed right any time they try to make a compromise.  Pandering to these idiots works well in the primaries but but fails miserably in the general elections.  Heck, only 1/4 of the candidates supported by the Tea Party won.  This isn’t one of glenn’s “feelings”, this is a fact.
    2.  glenn beck is an Anti-Semite.  he lost his job, due in large part, to his never ending attacks on Jewish people.  Even when he traveled to Israel to throw a three day fail, glenn beck found a way to criticize Jewish citizens who thought were too liberal?!  Seriously, criticizing Jewish people in their own country?!
    3.  When will jealous entertainers like glenn beck and nearly every talking head on Fox News simply admit that they are biased puppets who are spoon fed their talking points by their masters?

    • Guest

      The vulgar cockroach is back.

      Do you get all warm and fuzzy in the shower when you think of Glenn Beck strtlk?

      You’re an idiot and a hatemonger who has an unhealthy fixation on Glenn Beck and little children.  Stop drinking the blue water in the toilet strtlk and those round things in the urinals are not mints!

    • BentGhazi

      You aren’t really all that bright are you? None of what you posted here had even a grain of truth in it, most people can see through your lies, but you go right on ahead and tell them. Sometimes you go so far beyond stupid with that crap that it looks like you are irrational and delusional enough to actually believe it.

      When are you going to admit you are a moron and move on?

      shrtdck, you need to let it go – this hasn’t worked in the past, isn’t working now, and will not ever work. Your lies are never going to carry the same weight as truth. Never.

  • Anonymous

    I have believed the government was corrupt for 20 or more years. As illegals kept moving in and seeing more and more hamburger places for example; hiring Hispanics and the crew was hispanic except for the white boss I thought to myself, why are people supporting this business if they are upset by illegals being here. It wouldn’t matter if the government helped the illegals; if you don’t support the business; the business will have to stop the practice. But Americans supported the illegals by giving their business to business’s that have majority hispanic; people who barely speak English. There was one time the girl at a hamburger place was calling out the order numbers to the customers in Spanish.  I stop supporting the business that had all Hispanics except for management; I saved my money.

  • John Michael Greer

    Glenn, glad to hear you liked my comments. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in the electronic winter tree, and I’m no fan of the UN. I’m sure we could find plenty of other things to disagree about — but the importance of making changes in one’s own life, of living (in your words) like people determined to be free, isn’t one of them. 

  • Kevin

    GB wrote:

    “This blog, again he was going on, you know, ‘What can we do because,
    you know, things aren’t sustainable because the UN can’t take over fast

    I’m afraid that John Michael Greer would laugh at the idea of the UN, or anybody else, taking over the world at this point.  His main thesis is that global industrial society is entering a period of “catabolic collapse” as we start to run out of cheap, easy-to-access fossil fuels.  The future he expects, after about a hundred years or so of slow decline punctuated by sudden crises, is one where people get around on horseback, but still–maybe–have a few basic things from our society left like simple crystal radios and slide rules.  An omnisurveillant global dictatorship will be as impossible in JMG’s future as it would have been for the Pharaohs.  What we’re seeing now is breakup, not consolidation.

    Also, if you want to dissolve the Union, don’t waste your time with those silly non-binding petitions.  The President can’t unilaterally expel States from the Union even if he wanted to.  You need to go to your respective State legislatures and get a secession resolution passed there, or get 3/4 of the States to call for a Constitutional Convention and ratify a resolution to dissolve the Union there.  The advantage of a Con-Con is that the dissolution would be wholly *legal,* and the Feds would have no say because their government would have just been dissolved.  The disadvantage is that there’s no guarantee the Con-Con would do what you want.

    Nutshell: if you want to secede, you’re going to have to work for it, not just sign an internet petition.  Or wait for it, ’till the Federal government can no longer afford to maintain the national freeway system, nobody can afford the gas anyway, and everyone’s stuck with, and in, their local areas/governments.

  • Kevin

     I voted for Jill Stein, and I’m probably at least as liberal as you are, but…’landslide?’  Obama only won the popular vote by 3 percent, against a guy the conservatives weren’t wild about to begin with.  Like it or not, the country is evenly divided, and neither “side” is going to get much of what they want passed, if anything at all.

  • Anonymous

    Another great petition I have found. Once again it needs 150 Signatures to show up on White House web site for everyone to see.

  • Harold Mcwithey

    now is

  • windship

    JMG isn’t rooting for the UN takeover Glenn. In fact if you read his futuristic blog posts from October, the story ends a little messier, with a failed empire breaking up in to more manageable and smaller geographic states. Kind of what happened to Europe over the centuries, it’s an inevitable process when populations grow, resources grow tight and idealistic attempts to govern from a distance fail. It will happen to China’s new empire  as well, eventually.

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