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The latest entry into the James Bond movie series did incredibly well at the box office this weekend. Skyfall made $87.8 million and beat out Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph for the top spot. On Friday, Glenn talked about how excited he was to see the new film, did it meet his expectations?

During the second hour, Glenn let fans vote on the next topic for the show via The Feed. The audience overwhelmingly chose to hear Glenn’s review of Skyfall over Jesse Jackson Jr.’s reelection or ridiculing Bill Kristol and the establishment GOP.

“It is the best James Bond ever. Ever. It is absolutely fantastic,” Glenn said. “It’s nonstop action. Tania and I looked at each other about 20 minutes into it and we were like, ‘Okay, whew, whew.'”

Glenn went with his wife on Saturday night to see the film.

Glenn was also impressed with the villain, but didn’t want to do much to spoil the details on his character.

“Sometimes I get fooled by your movie predictions and you tell me to go see a movie and it’s terrible,” Stu said.

“Well, one of the problems with saying it’s the greatest ever of anything is that it sets great expectations that can’t be met,” Pat said.

Glenn liked the fact that there were no campy weapons like in old Bond movies and was more grounded in reality. He joked that there were no magnetic watches that Bond used to unzip a woman’s dress./

“It doesn’t have any of that crap in it. I like this because he’s real,” he said. “I think all of the characters in it, I mean, they’re over the top but they are all pretty real, and it makes good commentary on what we’re living in right now and the choices that we have in front of us. It takes the story in a whole new direction as well. It’s really good. It’s really good. I like it.”

“The opening scene will blow you away.”

Glenn and Tania were also big fans of Daniel Craig’s work as James Bond, and had been impressed with the way he portrayed Bond over the past three films.

“Did you see Casino Royale? Remember when he killed all those guys in the stairway? And she’s freaking out and had to go take a shower and it’s like, diamonds are forever. And she’s in the shower and you’re like, ‘All right. He just killed a bunch of guys. Now she’s freaking out. Are they going to have sex in the shower?'” he said. “Except the opposite happens. He goes and he just comforts her. He gets in with all of his clothes on and he’s standing in the shower with her and he’s, like, comforting her and just be like ‑‑ and there’s like, ‘Oh, let me hold you… vigorously.'”

“It showed he was like a real person. You know? He’s even more so in this one. When you find out what Skyfall is, it’s great. It’s great. It’s just a good movie. ”