James Bond’s Skyfall tops the box office, what did Glenn think?

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The latest entry into the James Bond movie series did incredibly well at the box office this weekend. Skyfall made $87.8 million and beat out Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph for the top spot. On Friday, Glenn talked about how excited he was to see the new film, did it meet his expectations?

During the second hour, Glenn let fans vote on the next topic for the show via The Feed. The audience overwhelmingly chose to hear Glenn’s review of Skyfall over Jesse Jackson Jr.’s reelection or ridiculing Bill Kristol and the establishment GOP.

“It is the best James Bond ever. Ever. It is absolutely fantastic,” Glenn said. “It’s nonstop action. Tania and I looked at each other about 20 minutes into it and we were like, ‘Okay, whew, whew.'”

Glenn went with his wife on Saturday night to see the film.

Glenn was also impressed with the villain, but didn’t want to do much to spoil the details on his character.

“Sometimes I get fooled by your movie predictions and you tell me to go see a movie and it’s terrible,” Stu said.

“Well, one of the problems with saying it’s the greatest ever of anything is that it sets great expectations that can’t be met,” Pat said.

Glenn liked the fact that there were no campy weapons like in old Bond movies and was more grounded in reality. He joked that there were no magnetic watches that Bond used to unzip a woman’s dress./

“It doesn’t have any of that crap in it. I like this because he’s real,” he said. “I think all of the characters in it, I mean, they’re over the top but they are all pretty real, and it makes good commentary on what we’re living in right now and the choices that we have in front of us. It takes the story in a whole new direction as well. It’s really good. It’s really good. I like it.”

“The opening scene will blow you away.”

Glenn and Tania were also big fans of Daniel Craig’s work as James Bond, and had been impressed with the way he portrayed Bond over the past three films.

“Did you see Casino Royale? Remember when he killed all those guys in the stairway? And she’s freaking out and had to go take a shower and it’s like, diamonds are forever. And she’s in the shower and you’re like, ‘All right. He just killed a bunch of guys. Now she’s freaking out. Are they going to have sex in the shower?'” he said. “Except the opposite happens. He goes and he just comforts her. He gets in with all of his clothes on and he’s standing in the shower with her and he’s, like, comforting her and just be like ‑‑ and there’s like, ‘Oh, let me hold you… vigorously.'”

“It showed he was like a real person. You know? He’s even more so in this one. When you find out what Skyfall is, it’s great. It’s great. It’s just a good movie. ”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So based on your description of the movie Bond is now a ordinary human, not some super agent, who manages to excel in the face of overwhelming odds? Sounds like the same ability all Americans have when they decide to push themselves to excel to the limits of skill, drive, and all that they are in life.

    What does it mean to fight as men who want to be free? 

    You asked this earlier and here is the answer: you fight for a dream, a hope and an expectation with all your heart, mind, body and soul knowing that there is a better tomorrow waiting for you and your children when you win.

    It is a fulfillment of all that it means to hunger for freedom and risk all to gain all; the fact is we are a free nation won by men whose character was refined and forged in the heat of war and absolute chaos. They knew clearly the fate of them and their family if they failed, and what the prize was at the end.

    They held on, seeing the end goal down years of hellish battle and unending despair of defeat in the field and by their own infant government that hardly paid and supported them in the field. Remember what many of the founders declared:

    “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

    Lives: live or die as free men, and to gain the same rights for their children.
    Fortune: all they have including their very bodies if need be.
    Sacred Honor: The God given right to be free to make ones own choices.

    That is what it means to fight as a man who wants to be free.

    This is why I declare I will never surrender, I will never yield, I will not comply nor be silent until freedom rings again over the land or I am sent into the night ahead of all others. May God bless and protect us until freedom rings again.

  • Greg Sapara (work)

    Agree 100% – great movie, with some twists and surprises, and a brief look at Bond’s psyche.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I heard that the opening scene is epic! They spent over 3 months filming it. Now I have to see it!

  • Anonymous

    My wife and I went to see SKYFALL on Sunday. I agree with Glenn that it was excellent. I did like some of the gadgets in the other Bond movies and they do use some of the better ones which I am not going to give away. The weapons were realistic except for the makeshift electrically fired shotgun based grenades. The pyrotechnics looked a little too energetic. Bond is show to be human, he gets hurt and he suffers from the effects. The girls were beautiful and the villain was perfect! I rate this as one of the top three best 007 movies that has ever been put to the screen. I also enjoyed the fact that they fill in some details on Bond’s past that have never appeared before in the films.
    I was sorry that both Roger Moore and Pierce Brosonan went out on movies that were not the best ones that they had made and in both cases it was not their fault. It was the scripts they had. In Pierce’s last one, “Die Another Day, they completely blew any credibility the movie had with some of the special effects and in particular, the invisible car.
    SKYFALL was highly entertaining for it was done realistically. You believe the actions and the story are actually taking place.
    Daniel Craig has a rough edge and look that enhances his credibility playing the part.
    I do want everyone to note that the caliber for Bond’s Walther PPK/S in 9mm short or “Kurtz” (in German) is not the original caliber of the one that he was issued in Dr. No.. 9mm Short is 380ACP. The signature grip is unfortunately another bad idea put forth by the left as some great idea. This only adds another potentially disastrous, trouble prone system onto a tool that if you have to use you are betting your life on. I would prefer to keep it simple for I am not going to let the bad guy get my firearm! The signature grip could potentially not identify the person who is authorized to shoot it by  improper positioning of the hand on the grip or a hand with a contaminate, such as dirt or mud, on it which would prevent the reader from correctly identifying the user.
    Of course the left simply wishes to totally disarm us so it is moot point any way. England has banned all privately owned firearms and is enjoying the fruits of living with a higher firearms violence rate per population than in the US.
    Albert Broccoli’s step son, Micheal G. Wilson, and his daughter, Barbra Broccoli, are both doing an excellent job of keeping the franchise and series going.
    All in all, SKYFALL is definitely worth going to see and it a fantastic movie to herald the 50th anniversary of James Bond in the movies.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W3E3M5V2NSS63M35NQ6QSCIOPI imnoangel512

    I went to see this movie with a friend who is a Bond aficionado. He did not care for it as he was expecting all the gadgets and props etc etc. I like Bond movies too and I have to say this is one of my favorites because it was so gritty and realistic. The hero feels more human with some flaws and we get to delve into his background. We also see how certain hard choices have consequences that sometimes come back to haunt the people who made them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Desy-Nurul-Azkiya/100001601301792 Desy Nurul Azkiya

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UQ6U5A65XQB6OPOV3C4GCFJ3NE Kathy

    I just saw Skyfall yesterday and one takeaway from the movie is this piece of advice:

    If you are ever trying to elude a homicidal maniac chasing you across a Scottish moor in the dark of night… Don’t use a high powered flashlight.

    I’m just sayin’…

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