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The White House website contains a section dedicated to letting the people’s voice be heard. Got an idea for a petition? Got enough signatures? The White House promises it will “be reviewed” and that they will “issue a response” to it. Should be interesting to see how the White House responds to the thirty plus states who have garnered enough signatures to secede from the United States.

“Can I ask you a quick question? Who thinks it’s a good idea to put your name on a petition secede from the United States of America and give it to President Obama?” Glenn said on radio this morning.

According to TheBlaze, over thirty states have petitions for secession submitted to White House with over one thousand signatures each. The Texas petition alone has over 40,000. According to, petitions with over 25,000 signatures are supposed to receive the attention of the President.

“So after the election, what did people start doing? In 27 states, people started to ask for a peaceful secession from the United States of America. Now how do you think that’s going to work out?” Glenn wondered. “You’re putting your name on a list that goes directly to the White House and you’re putting your name on a list and say ‘Yep, I believe we should secede. I believe there should be a civil war.’ That’s really smart.”

“It says peacefully in it, Glenn. Really, isn’t it just to make a statement,” Stu said.

“Yes, it is. Do you think these people don’t forget who made a statement to them? Are you out of your mind.”

Glenn went on to say that while he could understand that some groups may be fed up with big government, but that the issue of secession was settled during the Civil War.

“if you think you’re going to have secession without war, you’re crazy. You’re not going to. What you are going to have instead, I believe, more likely than secession is you’re going to have a significant disruption in the lifestyle of the United States of America.”

A new petition has appeared on today asking President Obama to strip everyone signing the secession petitions of their citizenship.