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Congratulations Ohio! If you voted to reelect President Obama because you wanted a free Obama phone or because you need aide, you’re about to get hit with a $520,000,000 cut.

This morning on radio, Glenn shared a report that was just released showing that 869,000 Ohio households that are enrolled in the food stamp program received a notice of the coming cut. That’s roughly $50 a month per family.

Glenn explained that because it’s been a mild winter, natural gas prices are lower than usual. The cut in aid is linked to the drop in the price of fuel.

The problem is, this is obviously based on last year’s winter, and places in Ohio that distribute food are already starting to say that they’re in trouble — they’re going to run out of food because people are not going to be able to afford it.

“So congratulations, Ohio, for all of those people who said, oh, well, I got to get my free Obama phone,” Glenn quipped.

He added that if you don’t think the federal government knew these cuts were coming to this area last week before the election…well, he’s got a bridge to sell you.

Pat had another related statistic that was held until yesterday…

“Usually the food stamp number comes out in the last of a month or the first couple of days of the next month,” Pat explained. “It came out yesterday that we had a record number of food stamp recipients in July, which is the last month that was recorded — 420,900 new recipients in one month. That’s an all‑time record for one month, biggest ever, and brings the total to over 47 million now. They held onto that until yesterday.”

“They probably didn’t know about it until yesterday,” Glenn responded jokingly.

…he’s probably right. It just happened to be delayed, just this one time, which purely coincidentally fell during an election month.

That has to be it.