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On TheBlaze Tuesday night, Glenn looked at the latest news from the Petraeus scandal and looked at the connections between the sex scandal, the attacks on the embassy in Benghazi, and the Arab Spring. How do all three of the items help achieve the goal of fundamentally transforming the country? Glenn has always said that to destabilize the country, a revolutionary would need to discredit the military. Now, the sex scandal has served to not only discredit General Petraeus, a military hero and the former CIA Director, but it has also implicated the the FBI agent who initially processed the complaint that kicked off the investigation. Organizations that Americans should trust are losing their credibility, and if Petraeus were to ever blow the whistle on Libya the impact has been greatly lessened. But Libya isn’t the only place where the Middle East is falling apart – the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power as a result of the Arab Spring. In the video above, Glenn outlines how all of these things connect to one another and how they all link to one thing: fundamental transformation. Fundamental transformation of the military, of the Middle East, of Libya, of our culture and society, and the world.