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On TheBlaze Tuesday night, Glenn looked at the latest news from the Petraeus scandal and looked at the connections between the sex scandal, the attacks on the embassy in Benghazi, and the Arab Spring. How do all three of the items help achieve the goal of fundamentally transforming the country? Glenn has always said that to destabilize the country, a revolutionary would need to discredit the military. Now, the sex scandal has served to not only discredit General Petraeus, a military hero and the former CIA Director, but it has also implicated the the FBI agent who initially processed the complaint that kicked off the investigation. Organizations that Americans should trust are losing their credibility, and if Petraeus were to ever blow the whistle on Libya the impact has been greatly lessened. But Libya isn’t the only place where the Middle East is falling apart – the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power as a result of the Arab Spring. In the video above, Glenn outlines how all of these things connect to one another and how they all link to one thing: fundamental transformation. Fundamental transformation of the military, of the Middle East, of Libya, of our culture and society, and the world.

  • Anonymous

     And George Bush was a war-monger – sorry Mr Bush you were wrongfully accused – you are more worthy of that title. Keeping America safe from evil dictators is a good thing – JOB WELL DONE – THANK YOU GEORGE.

    Obama the whore monger, this administration is an evil dictatorship, always willing and ever ready to trash anyone in their path of destruction to finish us off.  Its not those who work for Obama – ITS OBAMA THE WHORE MONGER – hes sold himself to the devil . The end justifies the means….

    • SoThere

      We didn’t have any Ambassadors killed under Bush. 9/11 was Bill Clinton’s fault because no President is responsible for anything in his first 4 years in Washington. All the Leftist Liberals will agree on that!

      • Anonymous

        Right – not only that, Bush didn’t promote the destruction of his own team to further advance his agenda.

        • Anonymous

          Bush didnt have an agenda an ulteria motive, hussein-obama does!! Bush doesn’t want to destroy America like hussein-obama does!! Plus, You Can not blaim Bush, The Left Had Control Of Thr Whole Congress!bush didny!

        • Anonymous

          Bush didnt have an agenda an ulteria motive, hussein-obama does!! Bush doesn’t want to destroy America like hussein-obama does!! Plus, You Can not blaim Bush, The Left Had Control Of Thr Whole Congress!bush didny!

          • Anonymous

             You have got to be kidding me! Bush killed how many people in Iraq? How many of our heroes did he send there to die and for what? So insane uncle dick cheney could finally get back at Sadam. Weapons of mass what? Fake evidence, forged documents that my son could have made look more authentic with  photoshop. Uncle dick said we would be greeted as liberators! Really? Someone doesn’t know as much as they think they do. Shit eating neo-cons waging wars for no legitimate reason we cant afford. Tax cuts for rich people so they will create jobs…where are those jobs anyway? Shit Romney can’t hold water. You picked a loser.

      • Ric Roderick

         What you fail to realize is they are all from the same team. They are globalists who do what they are told by international bankers(the New World Order). Bush was there when the twin towers got hit by planes and they came down so cleaning straight down along with Building No. 7, which didn’t get hit, but came  down cleanly, also. The reason it came down wasit was used as the control center where Giuliani was. Everything was caught on camera with the help of Israeli Mossad. The other reason for all three buildings coming down in such a controlled demolition was that Larry Silverstein ( owned all three buildings and took out insurance on them and made a killing. I don’t want to stray from the point of this story on Benghazi because it is a military coup being implemented by the Obama Administration cleaning out all the generals who were for the good of our country and being replaced by incompetents like, Brennen, Dempsey and Clapper. I would venture to say you have more intelligence than they do. I wondered before why Panetta became Defense Secretary and Petraeus went to the CIA. Didn’t make sense to me then. It makes sense now. This Benghazi affair was a designed hit because Stevens didn’t play along with the evil demanded of him. Bush Sr, Bush Jr, Obama, and Romney if he had won. They are all the same. The media helps them get elected because the sheeple are too busy with other things and are willing accomplices and get what they asked for. So sad for this country.

        • SoThere

          Blah, blah, blah, blah. Black helicopters, Illuminati, Masons, secret societies, blah, blah, blah, blah.

          I recognize your sickness Ric. Thanks for the rant. I’m sorry, I’m not interested.

          “Pisca mignato lontunis lr pasakykite det sataa.”

          • Anonymous

            Not the Masons. George Washington was a Mason. Masons built the country. The Muslims are trying to destroy it.

          • SoThere

            Leftist and conspiracy freaks think the Masons are responsible for everything evil in this country. I never said that that is true by any means, I know many Masons but there are some sick people out there. Go ask Ric about it?

          • Anonymous

            If they will call God the enemy…well you know, all are suspect then. Wonder how they keep their stories straight as to who the good guys are and who are the bad guys.

            As for undermining the military…Terry Lakin was their test case. When they bought that success, they kept moving up the food chain.

            I just want to know when the Good guys in the white hats will come to the rescue.

          • SoThere

            “I just want to know when the Good guys in the white hats will come to the rescue.”

            Not today, Black Bart is in town!

          • Anonymous

            Sure hope with all the blustering and conspiracy theories bouncing off the walls, that someone, somewhere is getting their ‘stuff’ together to rectify the situation. Just saying…

          • BentGhazi

            He must be a long time listener of Coast to Coast AM…


          • Guest

            I did not care for Bush that much, but better than O.B.

    • Kittyhane

      I sure miss Bush. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Fabyian philosophy 101: heat up the world to reforge it as they desire. 

    Fundamental transformation of the world at large, and at home. That is what we are seeing first hand and being achieved as Soros, a fabyian, has planned. 

    Right now Obama has set the world on fire and with the arming of our nations enemies, treason in and of itself, we face a hard time here to stay together as a nation and return to the shining city on the hill for freedom and liberty we should be.

    We have been transformed as a nation, and communities, and families, and in ourselves; what matters now is how we deal with the transformation: push forward and restore the nation to the freedoms we have been endowed with by our creator, or pass into the night and be forgotten as a failed dream?

    • Draxx

      Very, very True…

  • Frank Balcer

    The elections had to be rigged because they can program the computers to count  in only their favor without the people (voters) even knowing it

    • Icy weiner

      You must not know how the electoral college works. 

      • Anonymous

        Let’s not hold out breath on that, either.

  • Draxx

    I have been saying for a few years that the Obummer Clan was going to Discredit and Dismantle the Military America has built. Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda!

    But, there is one thing that is bothering me…

    A Large Amount of Money is spent on Military Equipment, Weapons, Ordinance but where are all these items going?  For many people, War is Money!  They don’t care who dies as long as it is Not Themselves…  One side attacks another and they sell the weapons/ammo to both sides, and as each side retaliates against the other they Consume all their combat resources (and Need More to Continue).  Win/Win for the supplier and Lose/Lose for the two battling armies!  Wow, and look how much more Open/Free Land and Resources are left behind after both sides decimate each other.  There is also the question of when the Military is Reduced and there is No Longer a Need for suppliers to manufacture components and they go under and Tens of Thousands of people out of work…  Then other countries make weapons and we buy from them to kill each other here (hopefully not)!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm foreign contracts…buying and selling weapons…murder…mayhem…over-throwing dictators…coup d’etat…sex…drugs….

      Damn Chicago has been busy. Barry is turning his reading passion into real life videos. He’s a sick fuck.

  • olmazey

    Glenn this country is as divided as anytime in american history. what is more amazing than Obama handily winning the election is that 2 million plus voters went for John McCain in 2008 than the total for Romney in 2012..All of those 2 million voters simply did not stay home, I’m betting that more than half of them voted for Obama…If we truly are going to survive this attack on our constitution we must do better within the country itself.

  • Laura Martinez

    Everything is mainly about POWER. God indicates in the bible, GREED is EVIL!  My husband Ray lost his priceless life from  his Federal  work Gross Negligence. He was a Safety Investigator in Laredo Texas, his boss never provided him with protective gear .Ray’s lungs were severely damaged. The Federal Agency kept the money instead. This is sick and inhumane. This is also CORRUPTION! My family was denied justice. Google  JUSTICE FOR RAY MARTINEZ.

  • Gani M. Bautista

    This is frightening. You do not know who’s your enemy. Not like before the battlefield’s nation against nation … however, today’s modern warfare is hand to hand combat. You do not know if your neighbor is your enemy, and you’ll be attacked. It can happen in our own backyard. Did we learn our lesson on 9/11? We have an open border, and our enemy can infiltrate anytime they want to put the lives of American people in harm’s way. Now that our military is in turmoil due to these sex scandals what’s next.


  • Anonymous

    The main media have caught on to a diversion to avoid delving into the truth. Patreus’ scandal has been blown out of proportion and will be continued until people forget the Benghazi affair. America cannot sweep this incident under the rug, just to expose the ultimate corruption in the White House. I hope justice will be served eventually and it comes sooner than later.

  • WeroInNM

    Obama for Treason – Tancredo on Benghazi, Libya!

    For Thought”



  • Anonymous

    Conspiracy ?     The good news, General Petraeus, we are going to release your affair to the press. You will resign your post. If asked by Congress to testify, you will not deviate from the  Offical Obama line. I f you do as you are told, this will be the worst of it. If you decide to be a patriot, then the next release will be, The FBI has found evidence o Classified Material and Documents being transfered. You will then be tried by a Military Court, found Guilty, and you will not only spend time in prison, but yor discharge will be down graded to Disonerable and yor pension taken away. Do you understand? Good. Now get out there and do Obama Honor.

  • Brian Smyth

    I served in the USAF during Desert Storm and although not everything went as planned we would have never, ever left anyone behind like this.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your service!

  • Anonymous

    General Carter Ham-OUT
    Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette-OUT
    General Petraeus-OUT
    General Allen-Under investigation
    General Ward-demoted
    Seal team Six-25 reported killed just weeks after they took out OBL-DEAD
    Ambassador Stevens-DEAD
    More Navy Seals -DEAD
    The militray budget,soon to get whittled.
    I wonder if General Petraeus will find the strength to tell the truth,which he sure didn’t do when he blamed a video.
    The only plus recently is that President Obama said the White House gave Ambassador Rice her talking points when she said “the video” over and over.Hummm…..
    .I thought he called it a terrorist attack in The Rose Garden,smh

  • Sonya Federman

    I have to tell you that your ability to dissect situations scares the h.. out of me.  But you have bee proven right time and time again, even when it takes a while for what you say to become public knowledge!! 

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