Can you believe anything this administration says?

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Glenn talked on radio today about how the truth is becoming an endangered species and trying to speak it today could get you smeared or possibly worse. From Benghazi to Petraeus, this administration has been selling lies and up until now too many people have bought it. Here’s the case you need to make to your friends.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s been nine or ten days since the election and we’ve been almost entirely Obama‑free and I can’t take him anymore.  I’m redesigning everything I do just to stop talking about him because I can’t talk about him anymore.  At least as far as talking about his policies or playing sound bites from him, today we momentarily break our self‑imposed moratorium on Baracknophobia or Obamanations.  See, it’s like Romnesia?  Get it?  Remember the fun?  That was so much fun.”

“We have to help you make a case with your Obamanoid friends,” he said. “The case is how can you possibly believe anything that these people are saying?  How can you possibly buy into this?”

“I told you yesterday that I have a friend who wrote for General Hospital, was the one responsible for love in the afternoon. She was there. It was, she was the head writer for all ABC soaps. She wrote the soap Bible for Love in the Afternoon. And remember that’s when Luke and Laura got married. I remember they were also trying to freeze the world. We went over the Benghazi story, and this is literally true. She said, ABC would have never bought that. She said that story’s impossible. They would have never bought this story. It’s too implausible. And I reminded her, “You’re the one who wrote them trying to freeze the world.” She said, “Yes, but it made sense on paper.”

“So in our continuing effort to arm you, because you are the verb, to arm you with an argument on how can you possibly believe the stuff they’re selling, look at this Benghazi and Petraeus mess, how after all that has happened with this can anybody believe a word that they are saying. First, first they told us that Benghazi was all about a pathetic laughable YouTube video.”

That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks is a crude and disgusting video, sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. – Barack Obama

“This was not just the day of or the next day and just not a casual mention. As he said there, for the last two weeks. For two weeks he was blaming the schlocky YouTube fiasco for what happened in Benghazi. And Jay Carney solidified the administration’s position.”

This is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to United States policy. Not to obviously the administration, not to the American people. It is in response to a video. – Jay Carney

Later, when President Obama went on The View, he said they were still conducting an investigation.

Glenn said, “Still doing an investigation. Isn’t that incredible? So it went from absolutely a YouTube video not to our policies to we’re doing ‑‑ we’re still doing an investigation, even though reports were out, even though the fact that we have cameras all around the world. All around the world we can see anybody do anything. We had two drones over Benghazi, yet have you seen a picture of it yet? Sending realtime video back to the White House to watch the attack live. Have you seen a single video of it yet? Have you seen one, America? Have you seen one? We had cameras there. There were cameras on that, on that embassy, on that safe house. You know there were cameras there. Nobody had a cellphone. Nobody could send a picture back. We had two drones overhead sending realtime pictures and yet, and yet they still have to investigate. You haven’t seen a picture, either.”

“Then they finally decided that since YouTube protestors probably didn’t show up at CIA safe houses with RPGs, machine guns and with an organized premeditated attack plan, they couldn’t even get their lap dogs and the mainstream media to believe that fairytale. So now not only is it terror but it is self‑evident terror.”

It is I think self‑evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack. Our embassy was attacked violently and the result was four deaths of American officials. – Jay Carney

“So it was self‑evident terror. And not only is it self‑evident that it was terrorism but apparently they never said anything else,” Glenn said.

The president of the United States referred to it as an act of terror immediately after it occurred. – Jay Carney

“Now after lie after lie after lie, more lies are put on top of it. More lies. But… but they didn’t know. They had no idea this was going to turn into this. This was just a spon‑ ‑‑ another spontaneous event. Petraeus happened on the day of the election, not a day before, not a week before. They knew nothing about it. The sex scandal with General Petraeus, man, it couldn’t have come at a worse time! Now the media’s got to talk about a sex scandal and so we do not talk about what did the president know and when did he know it about Benghazi. Now we’re having to ask the question, what did the president know and when did he know it about the sex scandal at Benghazi. The FBI knew about Petraeus, the affair, before he became CIA director. So they knew this while they vetted him for the job. This means that somebody didn’t tell the president of the United States that he was putting into the most sensitive position of all time a guy who could be blackmailed, was having an affair. That is the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever heard. If the president didn’t know, somebody should lose their job. They obviously knew. The president obviously knew. He had to know to make the decision to hire him. And yet your neighbors don’t give a flying crap. They don’t think this matters somehow.”

“But wait. If you act now, even more lies.”

REPORTER: How is it that the White House didn’t have any idea of this until the day after the election and then congress a few days later?

CARNEY: Well, I would refer you to the FBI. They have as my ‑‑ as I understand it, protocols in place for when they notify the legislative and executive branches of investigations and, you know, it is simply a fact that the White House was not aware of the situation regarding General Petraeus until Wednesday and the situation regarding General Allen until Friday. So, you know, the FBI is a place to go in terms of an explanation of the protocols they follow, but I understand that that is the answer that they will give, that there are protocols they follow that govern how they inform the various branches of government of these kinds of investigations.

REPORTER: Well, do you understand how people would think this is utterly bizarre, I mean the day after the election, and the anger you’re hearing on Capitol Hill they didn’t know this was going on? It just ‑‑ I mean, the timing, at least the appearance?

CARNEY: Look. All I can tell you is when the White House was informed.

“Utterly bizarre. Because it’s utterly impossible. And you know what? They’ve gotten away with it for four years, one after another after another, to the point to where you are turning out ‑‑ you’re tuning out. To the point where your neighbors are saying, “I can’t deal with it anymore.” Whether we let them have free reign for four more unfettered years is really up to you. But look, before blood shoots from my eyes and I bleed to death, we’ve been over this a billion times. You know they have lied to you. You know they lie to you today.”

“But we have to figure out a way to not preach to the choir. We have to figure out a way to tell the American people the truth and get it to anybody who’s possibly willing to wake up. Because this does matter, to your security, to the security of your children, to your children’s future and freedom.”

“And by the way, while I’m at it, speaking of the nonchoir, let me just say thank you, nonchoir. You’ve just given our permission to Barack Obama and his evil, nasty crew of liars to lie to our faces for another four years. To put our country, our freedoms, all of our hard‑earned money, our businesses, our future, Israel, freedom, all at stake so we could be more comfortable with lies and deceit and deception, coming our way every day like a warm blanket to tuck us in. Congratulations to the 62 million Americans who made the worst choice in the history of our planet. The history of our republic. The problem is, our problem, was we thought more people were awake. But they are putting more people asleep. We thought more people were as awake as we are, but 11% fewer people came out to vote for Obama but unbelievably 2% fewer showed up for Romney and John McCain. I can’t believe it. We need you. We’re battered and bloodied, and so many of us say “We can’t do it anymore.” Let us behave like people determined to be free. We may be down but we’re not out. You help spread the message to the 2% that didn’t show up and another 10% or 20% beyond that. When a good man like Romney loses to a cast of really shady characters, whether you agree with all of his policies or not, when we knowingly choose liars, we’re in trouble. We’re in trouble. But the good news is the Constitution is the answer and the Constitution survives.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Emperor Caligula Obama is a narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar, delusional, traitor and murderer. He holds himself to be a god-king on the earth whose word is law…totally insane.

    So with him as a leader, and his staff as inhumane and bankrupt morally, ethically and no integrity or honor left, why should we believe, let alone trust, any of them?

    This also goes for Reid and Pelosi.

    • Draxx

      Seems like the signs of a Typical Dictator…  hmmm.

      • JenniferTownsend

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  • Anonymous

    Can we believe any administration?

  • landofaahs

    I believe obama when he said “My muslim faith”, “it’s not a matter of more revenue, it’s a matter of fairness”, “57 states”(a reference to the islamic state), “the muslim call to prayer is the sweetest sound in the world”.  He told what he thought in those statements. 

    • SoThere

      He pleases the “Stupid people”. How are the victims of Sandy doing these days? Did the speech feed any of them?

      The price of batteries went up.

      • landofaahs

        He feeds them empty promises and empty words.

        • Anonymous

          …so far at least its been working…his promises have gained him the white house for a second time. Wonder how those food-stamp recipients in Ohio are feeling…after all, the state was the deciding factor ….we’re going to see the real Obama mandate very soon.

          • landofaahs

            People don’t want change because they are afraid it will get even worse.True capitalism corrects itself and we have this idea these days that every investment needs protection and cannot be allowed to fail annd needs to be propped up. A case in point is in education. Someone getting a degree in a worthless liberal subject. A misallocation of investment leads to negative consequences down the road.

    • Nemesis

      Hitler told what his plans were, in”MeinKampf”.He set down detailed information as to how he was going to get his agenda accomplished. He was not believed by people at the time,to everybodys sorrow and regret! He achieved his purpose.He almost conquered all of Europe. I see a big similarity between Hitler and “O”!

      • Anonymous

         Similar agenda’s but what about the outcomes? The U.S. rescued Germany from Hitler.  Who will rescue the rescuers…….. who will come save America?

  • landofaahs

    As Ronal Reagan once said.  “The biggest lie ever told was, Hi I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

    • Draxx

      Everything in politics seems to gone to hell ever since Reagan left as the POTUS. He had us on the Best Path in soooooo long I don’t even have a clue what date to say by. I remember thinking how can an actor be a good president, and I will admit I was wrong about my first impressions (prejudice actually)…

      • landofaahs

        Democrats love to set little time bombs designed to go off under Republican administrations. I don’t believe in compromise with those bastards. Hold out and bide your time.

        • Laura

          Yes, when it comes to compromise evil always wins

  • Tracey McKitrick Cress

    There are people I know that feel very informed because they watch MSNBC, but they didn’t have a CLUE about Benghazi.   I too don’t understand why people don’t care, are delusional or deceived.    I feel the need to tell everyone I know about what is going on.  Thank God for you Glenn. 

  • imnoangel512

    A virtual unknown penning books about his life and goals before a nation knew who he was. He rises swiftly through political ranks amid economical distress. He offers the promise of hope and change to a disenfranchised populace. He engages in class warfare by saying certain people have not paid their fair share.

    This is exactly what Obama is and one other person in our world history has done the same thing..Hitler and we know how that turned out. Is history repeating itself?

    • Anonymous

      Instead of vetting Obama back in ’08, the press fell in love with a self portrait based on his fathers dreams 

      • Nemesis

        The German public also had a deep and abiding love for Hitler.They almost made him their god.School children were made to sing songs of praise and adoration to him. The Military were made to swear an oath of loyalty,not to their Country,but to Hitler.His enemies were quickly disposed off. How close are we to something like that?

        • Anonymous

          Sadly, America is traveling down that same road, but we must remember, (because it seems most of our youth have forgotten, or they never knew) but, it was America who stopped Hitler in the second world war. It wasn’t as if they volunteered to have a democratic form of government. The scary thing is, while we here in the states dabble with a fascist dictatorship, Germany almost perfected it once – (thank God for American intervention) today though it seems, we have lost our knowledge of that recent history and to our own shame. Far-Right-Wing-Political-Parties are once again on the rise in Europe, especially Germany…history teaches us…that ain’t good! The bible has much to say about the subject as well – the immediate future will be one scary place to be…but in the long run, God will stop the madness and take over the rule of the earth…mankind will finally be taught how to live at peace.

  • Anonymous

    Just today we got word of last week’s numbers for new unemployment claims. 439,000 new claims in ONE WEEK. Most of those in Ohio and Pennsylvania. New York not included in the figures as they did not process claims due to the hurricane. Yet the left pounded on Bush because at the end of his term there were close to 800,000 claims in a month. Now, we have that many claims in TWO WEEKS.
    Think the books just prior to the election were cooked? Of course! More lies.
    But hey, Obama voters and Romney NON-voters, you bought this. You own it. It’s yours now, enjoy life without a job, without any basic human dignity, depending on the beneficence of the government for survival. Thanks to all you useful idiots, we now live in the People’s Republic of America.

  • Anonymous

    This is the price of IGNORANCE! We will now continue to suffer because of ‘dead’ brain cells in this country. Because of our failed education system over the last 30-40 years, people can no longer think ‘logically’, and the result is IGNORANCE when it comes to government, economics, foreign policy, et. al. This country/society can surely tell you all about (I’m not even sure what these tv programs are called) Dancing with the stars, Survivor, and the one I can’t think of that brought us the next ‘Stars’, whoppee! Oh yes, I just thought of it, American Idol! Never seen any of them, doubt I ever will. Yet these nincompoops, I believe Glenn’s program interviewed many of them in Boston, didn’t have a clue about the number of people in congress, the number of Supreme Court Justices, et. al., but they could sure tell you about the latest Gay bill or wackey-tobacy bill. We are most likely at the point of ‘no return’, and as a super power and society doomed!!!

  • Love of Country

    Liberalism is a lie.  So anyone who props it up and/or supports it is a pathological liar.

    Exceptions are known to occur in the order of approx 1 in every 250 to 1 in every 300 liberals.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder ….. please test early and please test often.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know that all those 62 million did vote for Obama. With some machines registering Obama when people voted for Romney, who knows how many went that way. Plus, there are some districts that there are more people that voted then are registered!  Also, I read where the Democrats down in Florida were worried before the election that Romney would get elected, because they had machines (when the votes were counted) that would give the win to the opposite one of who had actually won in an earlier election they had in Florida. So they were afraid that those who voted for Obama would actually show up for Romney when counted! And I guess that software with the glitch was used in other states (including swing states) as well, besides just Florida. So perhaps Romney did get the vote but the software counted it for Obama.  I talked to friends in Florida who have said that everywhere they go, no one can believe Obama won in Florida as no one they know voted for him.   I really wonder how much of the election was stolen due to fraud or mess ups with the software used!

  • Anonymous

    Does the constitution really survive? More people than not seem to think we are a democracy, not a free republic, that the constitution is outdated and in actuality, it has been neglected heartily for decades in politics…It would be a beautiful thing if we really still “had” a surviving Constitution, but I wonder….

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       We’ve had the same guy in for the last 60 or so years. Why throw a fit now?

    • ratizbad

      That is the stupidest comment I have ever read,You win the idiot award with no problem,Stupid!

  • Anonymous

    All we no for sure and i do mean FOR SURE and Glenn you know i’m right !
    Can we believe them on anything was the question,I hate to do this but i can prove you wrong on this one with one word .

  • Anonymous

    There are none so blind as those who will not see. People in America are deceived about this President. The problem is that we can face the problem when we are deceived by others. We just simply know the truth. Our problem in America is that we are deceiving ourselves. We are accepting the lies as being truth. That means we are not searching for the truth anymore and are perfectly willing to be deceived, We deserve what we will get for the next four years, because we were willing to believe the lies that we were faced with.

     I am disappointed with the Church and it’s failure to expose the lies and evil socialistic philosophy that is destroying our society. We were afraid of being accused of intolerance and trying to influence the election with truth. We are floundering under the heresy of the separation of church and state. People, wake up to the history of this nation. There never has been a separation of church and state.  The freedom of religion clause was placed in the Constitution, not to prevent the influence of the Church on the government, but to prevent the government from setting up a state sponsored church as they had in England. We are responsible to God for preserving this nation that He gave us. We are responsible for ensuring that we have the freedom to present the Gospel anywhere and at anytime we choose to do so, That is really the only truth that will set this people  free from the slavery that our liberal, secularist government has placed us under.

  • greywolfrs

    OK, it’s not just this administration. Look at most of the clowns in D.C. How can we believe anything they say?

    John Boner has given up on Obamaocare and now calls it the “law of the land.” John Boner is also willing to negotiate Tax hikes on the rich only. After both of those, what will he do next? Is he going to turn into an Obamao drone? He seems all too willing to do whatever Obamao wants…

    The Republican Party has FAILED Conservatives. They have become no better than the Democraps. We are in up s*** creek without a paddle. There is a way to stop the madness.

    The Libertarian Party has already laid the ground work for us to take this country back. Before anyone says how much they disagree with Libertarians, how much do you agree with what is happening right now? How much do you truly agree with the Republican Party? It seems the Republican Party has sold out Conservatives. They talk a good game, but can not seem to deliver. The Libertarian Party offers us hope. They offer us the chance to get back to our founding principles. They offer MAXIMUM Freedom. What more could we ask for?

    It’s time to change the entire dynamic of Washington and this is how we do it. I hear plenty of Conservatives saying this needs to be done, but no real way to get there. This is the way.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like the Republican Party have finished their grave digging and called it quits. Gray, I am done with them….we have work to do.

  • Anonymous

    Here is one possible scenario, in semi-chronological order. Feel free to adjust my timeline and expand on my musings.
    1) Petraeus is a great patriot and one of the most capable generals this country has ever produced.
    2) Petraeus had an affair
    3) Petraeus is chosen for CIA chief (the reasons for this strange career move can be debated elsewhere)
    4) FBI/CIA vetts Petraeus and, of course, discovers the affair
    5) FBI/CIA/SecDef informs President BHO of this discovery
    6) BHO asks FBI/CIA to ignore this little indiscretion, saying something like “… the country needs this man’s skills and experience … the affair is trivial … let it slide…”
    7) BHO inserts poker chip into vest pocket (a la J. Edgar Hoover)
    8) Benghazi fast-and-furious guns-to-Syria-via-al-Qaeda operation goes horribly awry, and BHO needs to jettison (and deny) the entire operation.
    9) Ambassador Chris Stevens botched it, knows too much, is a liability, and so his assassination is … allowed … er, … encouraged.
    10) The scene in the Situation Room was either: a) silence and unanimous agreement on (“ooh, let’s watch!”) real-time slaughter of four gifted patriots (which means everyone in the room — military brass included — agrees with BHO’s sociali…, er, … liberal agenda); or b) vigorous disagreement, shouting, tears, and chaos … the military brass walks out, shaking their heads, barely able to believe what they have just witnessed … and with this one horrific failure-to-act, BHO has instantly alienated the entire … entire … military, from the top down. (Envision the ramifications of a POTUS who is now _hated_ by the entire military and intelligence community. Well played, sir.)
    11) White House (or maybe Sasha and Malia) concocts implausible (pre-election) “YouTube cover story,” and sends the most unlikely (disposable) scapegoa…, er….spokesperson — the UN ambassador (??!?) — on a (career-ending, suicide?) mission … to attempt to impose these ludicrous talking points on the (seemingly unsophisticated) electorate. (Perhaps throwing Susie Rice under the bus serves some other purpose.)
    12) Honorable and objective mainstream media challenges and accurately reports, … er … nevermind … just joking
    13) And now … BHO removes poker chip from vest pocket, shows it to Petraeus (“… it would be a shame if….”), sends him out with the same talking points, and Petraeus reluctantly repeats the YouTube lie — hoping to salvage his marriage, career, and legacy. (Ya’ know: blackmail. An impeachable offense? One of many.)
    14) BHO shows-up distracted and exhausted at first presidential debate, looking like a man who just received some very, very bad news … or a man who just did something very, very cruel to a very good man. (barack feels bad about it, because, after all … he has a conscien… er, well, not so much.)
    15) BHO wins election, fair-and… er, wait … just joking.
    16) With election successfully, um, … “won” … BHO now needs to discard Petraeus … so he goes back on his word, and shows that poker chip (affair) to everyone — instantly destroying Petraeus, and forcing him to admit his perjury. (Wow. Brilliant. Yet another hard-earned career, ruined by a wayward p*nis.)
    … so Stevens is neatly out of the way, Petraeus is ruined, Susan Rice is scr*wed … and the YouTube myth will be explained away with the convenient “fog of war” excuse. And then it all just … goes away … like so many unpleasant conspiracies tend to do.
    The behind-the-scenes part of democracy sure is messy. But none of this will matter, after the revolution. (I’m just sayin’….)
    “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.”

    • Anonymous

      Holy cow, It’s a documentary in the making! Yup….you are a fly on a wall. I predict Patraeus betrays the powers that be.

    • Anonymous

      From my Cold Dead Hand – Are you fiction writer if not you should be 

  • Anonymous

    Karma will catch up with Obama, Holder, Axelrod, Carney et al..  Just look at OJ Simpson – got away with murder but is now eating bologna sandwiches for 11 years due to his activities to get back sports memorabilia..

    • Anonymous

      I pray you are correct. I have lived with those parameters all my life and when I have fallen short, God reminds me who is in charge. They shall be repaid for their sins; my prayer is that I will still be here to see it and leave this world smiling.

  • suz

    the press has no problem editorializing their briefs to journalists — why are they not asking w/absurdity in their voice to carney “don’t you see how implausible it is that this white house doesn’t seem to know important facts when they should know them?”

  • suz

    the press has no problem editorializing their briefs to journalists — why are they not asking w/absurdity in their voice to carney “don’t you see how implausible it is that this white house doesn’t seem to know important facts when they should know them?”

  • suz

    glenn, you are so convinced less conservatives came out to vote this time.  please go into detail why you believe this to be fact.
    i believe they came out and their votes ditched; you heard about electronic votes from romney switching to bho; paper ballots discounted by the bundle.  no, it wasn’t a landslide but it wasn’t a romney loss.  please explain your peace on this.

    • Anonymous

      Suz, that has been my contention all along…..people came out to vote righteously and their votes cast aside and discarded. How do we fight deceit?

  • jackie clark

    why not use obama’s tactics against him.  make it class warfare, after all he is certainly in a different class than the American’s who works for what $10.00 even $15.00 an hour.  He wants us to be angry with the top 2%, I’m angry with him. Read the communist manifesto and find some tactics so we can actually use.  don’t waste your energy calling him names.  read, read, and lets learn 

  • Patty

    But Glenn the constitution will die once Obama appoints another liberal in our Supreme Court System…This country will not be able to be resuscitated….This country will be no more!!

    • Anonymous

      The Supreme Court can’t much more Bleeped Up than it is now with Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalita we need a few more Liberal Justices and not just left leaning we need far Left Liberal Justices

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Perhaps the better mode of action is to allow the U.S. liberals and communists to fail. Like Gandhi, legally withhold support from the Federal government,e.g.: barter, exchange, pass less in taxes, reduce consumer spending, keep money available and ask for cash discounts, avoid / limit credit card use, etc, etc. Demand your fair share of whatever benefits that the liberals enact. Let the January, ’13 “fiscal cliff” happen. Optimally, become a secret prepper, move some savings overseas, anticipate the confiscation of money, property and personal goods, have a current passport, and the ability and funds to flee to a foreign country.  The obvious outcome of the Obama administration’s and the Congress’ egregious spending will be eventually fiscal and financial collapse, and the “Takers” turning cities into mini Greece amid hyperinflation and basic commodity shortages and rationing. Be, as best as possible, in a position to watch from a safe distance. Refer to: “The Black Book of Communism”.

  • Sharmane

    Just one, quick answer to this headline:  NO!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, that’s because liars are easily duped by other liars. Those being lied to, lie to themselves. If they can do that, A practiced liar can deceive those that live a lie. These are the players that voted in a man blatantly lying to the American people for the last four years like you said.
    Their eyes will soon be opened.

    • Anonymous

      That why we must question anything we get from this deceiving  White House of obama double check  it and validate as true and check if given in the right time sequence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We now learning that someone mostly likely from the White House twisted the words in the initial C.I.A intelligence report on Benghazi attack that said it was a pre-plan terrorists attack nothing to do with a protest mob or two bit video !!! Question if  the White House can twist a C.I.A briefing or report anything possible !!  ,Then they also capable of doctoring up drone video & Embassy surveillance video by cutting out key portions,or by editing ,or put different frames in different sequence to fit the White House time lines ???!!!!  All of  our investigations hearings should make a demand for the full uncut video from the two drones and also from Embassy ,C.I.A annex,consulate to make sure that flash from rocket pro propel grenade or mortar explosion at certain time !! That they match in timeline and sequence with other video’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Each member of these hearings should choose their own intelligence expert interpreter  to review these unedited whole video tapes explain to congressman help them do a comparison timelines and sequences of events to other tapes !!!!  Let face it been proven with the C.I.A  report been doctor  up ! This obama administration are capable of anything and will stoop to any level to hid the truth from Congress and U.S citizens  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S  I hope our congressmen are not so stupid to accept blindly from this deceptions master obama White House edited version of Benghazi video ,without reviewing all video tapes in the full un cut or edited version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember Petraeus no longer ahead of C.I.A !!!  Replace by a mostly likely  obama yes man who will stoop to any level follow any order of obama blindly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We must do comparison study of the two drone full video with surveillance camera full video recordings from Embassy,consulate ,C.I.A annex also comparisons with audio recordings of   radio traffic and satellite phones for sound of explosions just as we did with the murder of JFK do comparison of  police recording sound of gun shots with video s!!! This obama White House  which is fill  with fill with deceptions ,lies,half truths we must look into every aspects and double check everything get from this White House or we never we never know what factual and we never know the truths of the big picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Samples-Harvey

    never did

  • William Henry

    As one of the choir members, this election was as devastating to me as when the supreme court allowed obamacare. This president is not acting a leader he is acting a ruler. WTFU

  • Anonymous

    Ecclesiastes 10:2
    Thank the Bible for all our knowledge; Thank God for giving us this gift.

  • Anonymous

    Does that idiot even understand that by the Grace of God, He was given a second chance? What will he decide to do with such a gift? We can only pray for him folks; That he should use the time wisely. Our God is a giving God, but he is also the God of wrath.
    Obama, you have been warned!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not this specific administration you can’t trust. It’s every administration you can’t trust. Politicians do NOT have the public interests at heart. To blame one ideology or party is really short sided thinking. But then again, look where I am posting.

  • Frank Balcer

    All they do is lie to mislead us & try to get away with treason, play the blame game so nothing comes back on them, scream racism, they are nothing but hypocrites. I can not count how many people in the govt belong in prison.

  • Anonymous

    It’s easy for suckers of the system to work one day out of four years and elect the guy giving them handouts to keep their work schedule. If I didn’t care about America I too would choose to work one day and let the lies slide, after all its not going to effect me right?

  • Anonymous

    The Constitution is under attack.

    Keep in mind the Constitution has been misused to promote Evil.  Supreme Court judges are imperfect.  Moral relativism erodes authority.

    The Bill Of Rights has good intentions but it set a precedent for man-made, interpretive rights and misinterpretation of those “rights” will be the Constitution’s eventual undoing.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone with a sane mind think for one minute that this guy in the wh will be held accountable for what happened in Benghazi with the murders of 4 dedicated, honorable men. The corrupt chicago machine will never let that happen.

  • Bob Paine

    Can you believe anything this administration says?
    In a word – No.

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