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It’s no secret that progressives hate the founding fathers. They view the constitution created by them as a ‘charter of negative liberties’ that we need to progress from. So it should come as no surprise that they’ll stop at nothing to do any damage they can to the once stellar reputation of the founders. What did NBC Universal do?

Glenn read from the Deadline report:

With United States’ 16th President Abraham Lincoln back in the cultural zeitgeist with Steven Spielberg’s feature biopic, NBC hopes to do the same on the TV side with the nation’s first president. The network has put in development George Washington (working title), a drama series from Oscar-winning writer David Seidler (The King’s Speech), Barry Levinson, Tom Fontana and NBCU International Prods’ Carnival Films & Television, the company behind phenom Downton Abbey.

After taking on Britain’s King George VI in King’s Speech, U.K. writer Seidler will now tackle the American commander who led the country’s war for independence from the British Kingdom. He will write the script based on the best-selling and Pulitzer Prize-winning biography by Ron Chernow, Washington: A Life. Levinson intends to direct the pilot.

George Washington is described as an intimate look at the enigmatic leader who became the father of a nation on one side of the Atlantic and a terrorist on the other, a man to be eliminated at all costs by the British Crown. As episodes move back and forth through the war hero and President’s life and tell the little-known and unlikely story of his survival and triumph, his true character is revealed for the first time. And he is not the man who chopped down the cherry tree.

“There’s George Washington the national icon, gazing out from the dollar bill with his  mouthful of supposedly wooden teeth, and then there’s the George Washington who had an adulterous affair with his best friend’s wife,” Seidler said. “The George Washington obsessed with social status, finely-tailored clothes, his image. Not an icon, a very human human-being, who learned how to lead. That’s the man I want to understand.”

“There is no enigma to George Washington.  He is very simple to understand.  Where is the enigma?” Glenn said. “Thomas Jefferson is an enigma.  He’s a code that you have to break.  George Washington is very simple. ”

“And isn’t that interesting how they also mix in some truth there, not the tale of the man who chopped down the cherry tree, which was not true.  But his true character has already been revealed, but they mix in that little truth that, okay, he didn’t chop down the cherry tree.  Now you’re supposed to buy into all the rest of this garbage that’s about to come,” Pat said.

“You know what this is?  This is the relationship of a friend, his best friend was Fairfax, and Fairfax was Sally fax, wasn’t it? Sally Fairfax he was in love with.  From a kid he was in love with her.  He went to work for his father, Fairfax, Virginia.  Ever heard of it?  The father.  The father said, “Will you survey my land?”  He’s 16 years old and he’s a surveyor.  And he goes out and he surveys Virginia for Fairfax.  He loves her.  If I’m not mistaken, she gets married.  She gets married; he marries Martha Washington.  He’s friends with her.  There’s not one shred of evidence that anything untoward happened.”

“And everything else that this man has done in his life shows you that he is dedicated to God, dedicated to virtue and honor, and now they’re going to smear in a series that will show him as an adulterer,” Glenn said.

“You know I have books on George Washington because I collect books on George Washington.  And please, if you ever find an old George Washington book, if you ever find anything on George Washington that is old, preferably before 1900, and you don’t know what to do with it, you send it to me, please.  Please.  I will preserve it, I will restore it, I will make sure that it is preserved for future generations.  But in the 1920s they started changing him.  They were books that were out on his character and his virtue, and one chapter was just on his ‑‑ just on his Christian belief.  That’s been removed from the new editions of the book.  They were written by the people, they were contemporaries of him.  They were the ones who knew him, one on one, and they each testified to a different virtue and character.  And they’re erasing all of it.  They think they know better than the people who lived and knew the man.”

“Now let me tell you a story I have not told you before. When we wrote Being George Washington, we went to a couple of filmmakers who are friends of ours who I believe we have an announcement coming out next week, and they’re filmmakers who are very, very accomplished and they are ‑‑ they’re patriots. They read Being George Washington and I was talking to them and I said, ‘I think this makes a great series or a miniseries. I think this could be John Adams.’ And they said, ‘Are you kidding me? This is a Blockbuster film. This is fantastic.'”

“They brought it to Hollywood; no interest. And I wrote it off as, ‘Okay, well, there’s no interest in me. Don’t attach me. We’ll help you. Don’t attach me at all.”No, Glenn. There’s no interest.’ Quote: ‘George Washington won’t sell’. And I said, “Did you tell them about John Adams? Remember the series on HBO? How much did that sell? That set the world on fire in America. That was a great series.’ ‘I know. They don’t want to hear it. There is zero interest in George Washington.'”

“Now let me add this: Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks wanted to do a movie on George Washington,” Glenn said. “He may have been Washington.  And there’s another filmmaker that was involved.  My guys, my guys know this story firsthand.  No interest.”

“Historically accurate George Washington, zero interest in Hollywood.”

“Now NBC Universal decides to make a series where it shows him as an adulterer? Shows him as a deeply troubled and flawed individual and all of a sudden Universal is wildly interested and NBC can’t wait to put that on?”