WAR: Israel defends itself from Hamas rocket attacks

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Yesterday, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Cloud, a campaign of self-defense that seeks to take down the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas in the West Bank. Already, the Israeli Defense Force has killed a top Hama official Ahmed Jabari, and they have hit Hamas rocket sites and other strategic targets.

TheBlaze reports:

The Israeli mission is said to be a response that was launched after days of heavy rocket fire from Gaza. Interior Minister Eli Yishai told Israel Channel 2 that more than 100 rockets had been launched into Israel this week and that the nation had lost its ability to prevent them from entering. This operations is clearly a reaction to that fact — one that has been given no definitive timeframe, although one Israel Radio correspondent claims it could last between a few days and one week.

On Wednesday afternoon, IDF’s official spokespeople took to Twitter, where a dire warning was issued to Hamas: “We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.”

Glenn said, “Hamas today is at war with Israel, and Israel is at war with Hamas. And it is going to drag the entire region into chaos. Meanwhile, Hamas is using a photo of a dead child from Syria to wage a propaganda war against Israel. And I watched NBC today. Of course they ‑‑ whose side do you think they’re on?”

“Meanwhile the conservative press is not backing Israel. They’ll remain neutral, fair and balanced, of course. The world is at war. Whether you like to admit it or not, the world is at war, and this is the way it always ends. When the world is being redesigned and borders are being redrawn and currencies need to be reset, the world always goes to war.”

“We’ve been warning you about what was coming in the Middle East since before this president was in office. We warned ‑‑ we warned in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, ’10, ’11 and ’12: It’s coming. Just, the conditions have to be right, and the conditions are beginning to be right. The world has to turn, including us, has to turn against Israel, and we are. The voices are being snuffed out. The world needs a bad guy and we’re about to have two of them. We’re about to have Israel and the Great Satan, but the Great Satan is turning. The Great Satan is turning and they think they are going to be able to save themselves by coming in at the end and saying, ‘Oh, boy, we were on your side the whole time.’ By funding evil, by arming evil. But evil remembers.”

“And in the end, whether you like it or not, you will be fighting against radical Islam. Whether it is in the streets here in America or the streets of Benghazi, you will be fighting radical Islam. And if it’s not you, it will be your children. I’d rather have the fight myself. I’d rather have the fight when we have the strength to fight. I’d rather fight it with paperwork. I’d rather fight it in the court system than with guns. I’d rather fight it with the truth because that’s really all that is required. The truth. But the truth is too painful of an agenda.”

“The truth can get you killed today. The truth can get you smeared today. But the truth is coming. The truth is coming in our currency. Last night we did a show on the Weimar Republic and showed you what happens when you print currency. You could be a billionaire. Who wants to be a billionaire? People were making hundreds of billions of dollars by the end in the Weimar Republic. Last night I laid out on a giant chalkboard all the things that Germany did. They’re exactly the same as what we have done.

“And the most important thing that Germany did in the end was the decay of societal values. The decay of the truth. The decay of man’s love for man. I told you when Tunisia, when the guy first set himself on fire, the President said, ‘That’s Rosa Parks'; I said, ‘That’s the Archduke Ferdinand.'”

“When Egypt first started rioting in the streets, I said, ‘That’s the beginning of the Caliphate'; the President said ‘That’s the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re largely secular and our friend.'”

“When Hamas was attacked yesterday by Israel, I said, ‘That’s the beginning of World War III'; the President and everybody else says, ‘There goes Israel, there they go again. We should talk some more to our enemies.'”

This morning before going on radio, Glenn wrote on Facebook, “The world is going crazy! Over a hundred missiles bombarded the south of Israel last night, one hit a house in the town of Kiryat Malachi, killing 3 and injuring 9, this little girl was one of those injured.”

He attached the photo below:

“People need to see this picture, however hard it is,” he added.

Glenn will be focusing on the conflict between Israel and Hamas tonight on TheBlaze TV at 5pm ET.

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    For too long the world has condemned Israel for trying to defend their homeland; our own press rails against her and Obama has told Netenyahu to ‘avoid killing any civilians.’ 

    Of course Obama considers terrorists and extremists he is allied with and has armed to be among the civilians. Now the window for war is open in full, and due to Obama’s actions, we will be fighting Islam abroad and at home.

    I expect Obama will do one of two things:

    1. Ignore Israel completely and allow her to be savaged or exterminated completely; while still supplying arms to the enemies of our nation and of Israel. 

    2. He may choose (possible) to intervene on behalf of the ‘oppressed masses of Palestine’ to ‘liberate’ them and destroy Israel. If this occurs Israels wrath with nuclear fire will be upon us as well as the rest of the Middle East.

    Right now Israel is supposed to be mobilizing some 30k troops for action in and around the Gaza strip; watch for Egypt to come north and defend the Gaza area, plus invade south Israel. Syria, Iran and probably forces in Iraq will join together as well and invade. 

    If this happens, then its only a matter of when, and not if, Israel uses the nuclear trump.

    • Anonymous

      Israel will no more use their nukes than will the US. They know full well, it would spell their end. I saw a survey today  stating that Israel and North Korea are tide for dead last in the world – as most hated nations. They will turn to Europe for help in their defense. The trouble with that courtship, the Euros have better relations with the surrounding Arab states than they do with Israel. Look for them to be double-crossed in the near future.

      • Anonymous

        The Rothschild-Zionists own and control all the world’s central banks who in turn own the EU, the US and Israel and dictate all major government policies in all three nations or regions.  No European power would dare to cross their masters.  Their leaders would be assassinated in a heartbeat, just as JFK was when he tried it in 1963.

        While it may be true that Israel is often hated around the world, and that that hatred is often well-justified, he who owns the gold, makes all the rules.  The Rothschild -Zionists own and control the vast majority of the world’s wealth and political / military power and wield it ruthlessly to manipulate and control the rest of the world.  Israel and the Jewish-controlled media is waging a war of propaganda to try to convince Americans that she deserves our sympathy and our pity, while lying or ignorant evangelical pastors falsely teach that those who occupy Palestine today are the nation of Israel referred to in the Book of Genesis as God’s Chosen People whom we must bless.  Those who occupy Palestine today are neither Abraham’s genetic descendants, nor his spiritual ones.  They are frauds, interlopers and usurpers.  They are the descendants of the ancient central Asian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted to from paganism to Talmudic-Judaism in 740 A.D. for reasons of political expediency.

        The truth will set you free.  And this is the truth.

        • Anonymous

          The point you try to make using the Rothschild Jews is not what you make it out to be. You are simply grasping at straws. Its not that this group doesn’t wield power, because it does. But there are other substantially richer and more powerful leagues, having much more power and influence.

          After the second world war, many rich and powerful Nazis were scuttled out of Europe via the Catholic church. These many in number, filtered into other nations – blended in and quietly went underground. The idea was that the Nazis would rise yet again, and, start yet another world conflict. The Germans of course have a history, unlike the Americans – they learn from their mistakes in their past. This time they will be successful in their attempt to rule the world.

          Today the far-right-wing-party is swiftly rising again in Germany and thanks to those rich powerful Nazis doing their dirty work behind the scenes over the past seventy years…oh we mustn’t forget the Vatican…another filthy rich and powerful organization. Today certain particular political parties and specific select candidates are being groomed and have recently been, elected to lofty positions in banking military economics etc to direct and guide the European Union in ways it never thought possible just a few short years ago. Watch for this current European economic conflict to grow into extreme right-wing political change. With Germany leading, then Europe will follow closely behind. The bible lays this out specifically in great detail. The beast of Revelation is here…its just a matter of when it realizes it. “For they shall receive power – ONE HOUR with the beast. This is talking about a ten-nation-combine that is being built before the eyes of an unsuspecting world. But those powerful players behind the scenes know full-well what they are doing and so far at least its steady as she goes. But it won’t always be so steady, the Germans have good understanding how to wage war.

          You my friend have locked onto this fabrication of the truth and it has kept you from learning the real mystery that lies hidden in scripture. So don’t be surprised in the near future, while you are staring with an evil eye at the Jews and blaming them for all the woe’s of the world, that you aren’t broadsided from behind by a power you never saw coming …and why….because you refused to look. Its not the Jews we should be worried about – its the Germans and what they will soon do in leading a ten-nation-confederacy to wipe Islam off the map – save a handful of Arab allies.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Hopkins/1028236850 Bruce Hopkins

            The book of Revelation deals with the destruction of Rome which was about to try to wipe out the early Church.  Its verses (with the exception of ONE) have nothing to do with today.  There are PRINCIPLES in it that apply to nations of all times, but nothing specific for us, today. 

            John BEGINS the book saying the things he’s writing must SHORTLY come to pass (in HIS day), and he ENDS the book saying the exact same thing.  See Rev 1:1, 1:3; 22:6 and 22:10.  He tells you four times and still, you miss it!

            Where ANYBODY gets the idea that “those things” wouldn’t happen for 2,000 years is a mystery to me.

            John’s message in the book is that even so great a power as Rome could not destroy God’s fledgling Church, and THAT stands true for all time.

            (And, no, the “one day with the Lord is as a thousand years” verse doesn’t apply here.  Read that verse in its context.)

          • Anonymous

            Your teachers have lead you to error. I mean no disrespect. The book of Revelation couldn’t have been understood until these days or the time of the end. So says our bibles. Daniel is the main key used to unlock much of its mysteries, along with certain other books, but Daniel is the key. When Daniel was written he (Daniel) was told to go his own way – for the book is sealed until the time of the end. Daniel even said to God that he didn’t understand what God inspired him to write.

            The book of Mathew chpt 17- Jesus tells his followers that there would come in the last days, a man, who would restore the truth of God. That means the truth was lost, or at least greatly watered down. This man was to have understanding in all things. That man died in 1986 and for a period of 70 years he diligently worked tirelessly to do exactly that…restore Gods truth

            The book of Revelation was made clear to this mans mind during the second world war as he studied the book of Revelation. One verse in particular, stood out as he was researching Roman History. In verses 9-13

            I’ll print it make things easier to follow along,

            “This calls for the mind of wisdom. the seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. (Vatican – Roman church)They are also seven kings, Five have fallen, ONE IS, and the other is not yet come, he must remain for a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seventh and is going to his destruction. The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority with the beast. They have one purpose and will give their power and authority unto the beast”.

            The above is talking about the Roman empire, specifically, the Holy Roman Empire. Before world war two, there had been five heads which had risen and fallen. It was during the second world war, that this end-time man of God, was made to understand who was the (ONE IS) – that “one is” happened to be Hitler and he literally controlled the Catholic church. (There is much more proof to this than I am giving here) – Now, what about the – “other, who has not yet come” – well truth be told – IT HAS COME – IT IS ALREADY HERE ON THE EARTH waiting in the wings to receive its power. When it does – it will happen in an hour. These ten nations will swear allegiance toward making war. It is practically set up in Europe today. That’s where all the beast of the past have come…due mainly by the heavy influence of the Vatican.

            NOTICE THE VERY NEXT VERSE – verse14 – “They will make war against the Lamb (Jesus at his return) , but the Lamb shall overcome them because he is the Lord of lords and King of kings- and with him will be his called (during their lifetime) his chosen (those who lived their lives according to his law) and faithful followers” (those who stay loyal and wait for his return).

            The entire book of Revelation is almost a play by play (with certain inset chapters) to catch the reader up in other areas, but it reads like a book – in fact it is a book, a very prophetic one. When the things which have been written down, start happening, they will not stop until they have spent themselves.

            This European beast will wage war for two and one half years – followed by the DAY OF THE LORD which lasts for ONE YEAR, ending with the return of Christ back to the earth. There is so much proof that verifies what I am saying, its really criminal what our mainstream preachers are teaching now – they do not know or understand what they are talking about, thereby leading millions astray.

            Gods church is a small church – a persecuted church – a church that in these end days would suffer a great apostasy. Twenty five years have gone by since that great falling away. Rome did not destroy Gods church – not for lack of trying mind you – but God is in charge and he knows what he is doing and he knows his church and his church knows him – so much so, that they will wed at his return in the Marriage of the Lamb for the bride has made herself ready.

            We must remember, most books of the bible were written for our day. The day that John wrote the book of Revelation, he was in exile. Gods church was already on the run from Roman persecution. The bible was not meant to be understood until our day – it is written for us today! Therefore, when John says. “things will shortly come to pass” hes talking to us.

            Think about this, Jesus answered a question – that is posed in the book of Revelation – long before the book of Revelation was ever written. Its found in the 5th chapter – the question is – “Who is worthy to break the seal and open the scroll” – the scroll is the mystery of the book of Revelation…..reading further in that same chapter, we find out that, none other, than Jesus Christ was able to open its meaning. – Now here’s the catch. Christ had already risen to sit with his Father on his throne. THAT IS WHY Christ answered these questions before his death.

            The truth of God does take some digging no doubt, but when we give him a chance to lead our minds – we can see how he has set it up. God intended the bible to be a mystery….because the bible wasn’t meant to be understood until these last days…the very days we live today.

            There are volumes proving what I’ve stated here. I’ve barely scratched the surface.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Hopkins/1028236850 Bruce Hopkins

            This is off-topic, but I found it today and thought maybe somebody here might be able to use it.  These jobs are not the 99% typical scams, they’re genuine work-at-home jobs.  (I make nothing for this posting, BTW).  Check out the link at

            Best wishes, all!

          • Anonymous

            I know precisely what I’m talking about and I have done the research to back it up.

            I don’t have an evil eye. Only one dedicated to the truth which the God of the Bible or YHWH has chosen to reveal to me. The Rothschild-Zionists were behind the founding of the Illuminati in 1776 who then went on to take over the secret society of Freemasonry to advance their agenda for their New World Order or global totalitarianism: one world government, one world currency and one world religion led by the first beast or the Antichrist who is likely to emerge from the Rothschild banking dynasty whose secret societies secretly worship Lucifer, aka Satan. Meanwhile, it is true that the Vatican is a den of thieves and that this pope or the next one will become the second beast. The woman in scarlet, the harlot is the mystery religion of ancient Babylon who has reemerged as the New Age movement with its fetishes for eastern mysticism which sprang from the ancient mystery religion of Babylon founded by King Nimrod and his queen Semiramis from which all forms of sun god (Satan) worship sprang along with mother earth worship and occult sexual orgies.

            Nazism and fascism is just another flavor of left wing totalitarianism that was also founded and financed by Jewish globalist banking interests and then betrayed by them to trick Hitler into a two front war he could not win which would annihilate a generation of Germans and set Germany up to become the scapegoat for an alleged holocaust in which 6 million Jews were allegedly gassed to death in the concentration camps during WWII. This merely proves once again that the victors in war get to rewrite history to their advantage.

            That ten nation confederacy you speak of is the New World Order with its 10 major world regions who surrender their power to the first beast – the Antichrist.

            Your claim about the Germans is not at all credible or supported by the evidence surrounding the global conspiracy. You need to do your homework. this is just noise and disinformation on your part. Not all of us are so easily fooled.

          • Anonymous

            Childish gibberish…the log in your eye has blinded rational thought. That story…the one above, the one you are trying to pawn off as truth, can be blown out of the water with facts. God has much to say about the subject and it isn’t even close to what you have presented here. So whom are we to believe, Almighty God, or you? Your thinking, comes from the evil influences of the devil, not from the mind of truth and understanding.

            You have been sold a lie…and you have attached yourself to it – as if it were truth…you’re right – “not all of us are so easily fooled”…better look in the mirror my friend, because you have not only been fooled, but have taken the bait – HOOK – LINE and SINKER

          • Anonymous

            God’s Word has little if anything to say about the Rothschild-Zionists, other than to refer to them as the synagogue of Satan a couple of times in the Book of Revelation. Yahushua, the Hebrew name of Jesus of the Bible teaches in Matthew 10:26 that there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What he tells us in darkness, we are to speak in the light; what we hear in the ear, that we are to preach form the rooftops. That time has now arrived and God is revealing the truth that has been hidden for centuries to His true born-again elect.

            You claim God has much to say about the subject. I challenge you to give me your references and I will debate you on the facts and reveal my sources so you can retrace my steps. Not one dime of my thinking comes from the devil: he is my mortal enemy in all things and I am a righteous man of God, whom YHWH has blessed mightily.

            I’ve seen your other postings on this site and you position yourself as such a Biblically-inspired disciple of Yahushua, yet your denial of the truth here reveals that you are not at all who you believe yourself to be.

            So bring on your truth claims and alleged facts. We’ll see who is the true follower of Yahushua and the one to whom YHWH has revealed the truth.

          • Anonymous

            The truth of God will set us free. We are known by our words and your words, do not match Gods word. Understanding His truth, leads to knowledge – knowledge of course, leads to wisdom. Something you woefully lack in all three categories. You have not as yet, been introduced to the milk, let alone, have you been weened from the breast, but yet, you claim to be eating meat.

            You twist the truth of God, to fit your narrative, a vendetta of hate.

            The synagogue of Satan referred to in the book of Revelation, is speaking about all religions claiming to represent God but do not. There is but one truth and Gods truth is far from you. The book of Revelation is primarily about two churches, specifically, Gods one true church, the other, the church of Rome. Catholicism is the founder of today’s modern so-called Christianity. She is the mother of harlots (all modern day christian churches)were born from her loins.

            The book of Daniel is the key to understanding the book of Revelation. In the book of Daniel, we are told a dream from a king of a statue having a head of gold, breast of silver, stomach of brass, legs of Iron and feet mixed with iron and clay. This statue is struck at the feet by a super-natural rock from heaven and the statue crashes and crumbles down to the ground and then, the rock increases in size and fills the whole earth.

            Daniel tells the meaning of the dream to the king. He relays how each portion of the statue from its head to its feet make up the world ruling kingdoms of men. The first being the Babylonian Empire (gold)- Persian Empire – (silver) – Greek o-Macedonian Empire (brass)- Roman Empire (iron) the feet are part of the Roman Empire (iron mixed with clay) the Stone or rock that strikes the statue – is the returning Christ

            These are the four world ruling Empires we read of in secular history that would make their mark upon the earth. The last, or Roman empire (mixed with clay) would be ruling over the world at Christ’s return. Christ will put and end to the rule of men over the earth and the book of Revelation is his last book, spelling out these end-time-events one step at a time. Revelation is the final warning from God to mankind, a final plea from God before our destruction. This last era (iron and clay) of Daniels statue, is the content of the entire book of Revelation from the beginning to the end – God clearly warns the world that this coming time of tribulation will be a time of suffering compared to no other – therefore – he will not leave us ignorant of the disastrous details. Thus, the meaning of the book of Revelation and Daniel were revealed not long ago, about 90 years. God is a God who reveals, that is why the book of Revelation carries its name. The book was not meant to be understood or revealed, until these very days in which we live today. Men have read their own meaning into this last book in the bible since the very time it was written. BUT – only God can reveal its true meaning and he has.

            I will not give you more than these generalities – you claim to be a man of God – well so did Saul, when his heart was set on the destruction of the Jews (until that is) – God struck him down and opened up to him the “mystery of scripture”.

            In the book of Daniel there is a timeline of the end days that parallels the book of Revelation.

            You, saying you represent God, is like Mr Obama saying he represents conservative America…the truth of who you are, is made known by what you say – and you do not know or understand the first thing about God.

          • Anonymous

            You go on rambling at length and saying very little.

            You aren’t telling me anything about the Bible that I didn’t already know and I hardly need to be lectured by the likes of you. Your pride wreaks through your words. God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. Therefore, you are in sincerely trouble.

            If I were you, I’d work on removing that plant k=from your own eye, before you try to remove the speck of sawdust from your brother’s eye.

            There is no hate in the revelation of the truth. there is indeed much hate and evil in the suppression of it. A wise man welcomes correction and becomes wiser. A fool attacks those who bring truthful correction and remains a fool.

            And by the way, the heart of Saul (Paul) was set on the destruction of the Christians, not his fellow Jews as you claim here before his Road to Damascus conversion experience with the living Christ.

            While it is true that the toes and clay of the statue in the Book of Daniel refers to the 10 regional kingdoms making up the New World Order and that the Catholic Church is the harlot riding atop the beast in Revelation 13, the first beast, the Antichrist will emerge from the synagogue of Satan that has been with the world since the times of the Babylonian exile in the form of the Talmud.

          • Anonymous

            Spare me the arrogant pugnacity. You reject Gods words and follow the smooth doctrine of men, men by the way, who claim to have more knowledge than the one who created them.

            Habakkuk 1:5 – “Behold you among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously; for I (God) will work a work in your days which you will not believe, though it be told you”….Watchman – you make those words ring true.

            Although, some of your own words should be adhered to…lest you remain a cowardly “fool”. The church of God, in Saul’s time (the one he set out to destroy) was primarily Jewish in number, the nation of Israel was “lost in captivity” they were (at that time) wandering throughout Europe. So yes, Saul, persecuted the Jews, until God struck him down and opened his hate-driven mind to the joy of peaceful understanding.
            Paul was a Jew yes, but he was also a Roman citizen, who was educated in Roman philosophy, including religion.

            The Antichrist now sits in the highest seat of the Vatican, Pope Benedict. The leader of the Rising Beast – is waiting behind the scenes – he will not be elected, but will by flattery, obtain office. If you knew where Gods true church is, you would also know who this man is (and by name)- for he too, is Antichrist.

            If you knew what you were talking about, you would also understand what happened to Gods very own church, here in these very days, which by the way, brought on the last era of Gods church. Is it possible that God calls his own church – the synagogue of Satan. That is where you fail to look. No not you, so keep following your erroneous thinking, that this Antichrist will come from out of the Jewish nation.

            The book of Revelation says, the wise shall understand…you prove your ignorance, by your stubborn refusal to understand, even basic truths.

            The Antichrist found in the synagogue of Satan, has been here for almost twenty-five years. The Pope is the whore who rides the beast of Revelation 13 – therefore, the Pope is the entity controlling the beast and its actions. The stage is set for world tribulation as Habakkuk 1:6 says, “That bitter and hasty nation (Germany) which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs”…the Nazis are all but back on the scene, they are simply waiting for a fierce king to arise and lead them. This king and the Pope, are Antichrist, both will be found fighting Christ at his return.

            The Jews will suffer through national defeat, as well as many other nations in the coming days, months and years. What is taking place today in Israel, will probably be the spark that ignites a third world war, as God prophecies in Zechariah 14, “Behold, the Day of the Lord comes, and your spoil will be divided in the midst of you. For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses riffled, and the women ravished, and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue shall not be cut off from the city.” verses 1-2

            Even that prophecy is a mystery, for it is written in reverse order of events that will soon take place – watch for half of the city of Jerusalem to be overthrown in the near future. Then witness with your own eyes a European army encircling the city – that encirclement is the Abomination of Desolation (spoken of by the prophet Daniel…let he who reads – understand)- world war three is merely days away from that point – which, will culminate in the Christ calling all nations to Jerusalem, where he himself will destroy them.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you that Pope Benedict or the next Pope will become the Beast – but the second one, not the first.

            The harlot riding atop a scarlet colored beast is the Roman Catholic Church, Mystery Babylon, the Great Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. How do we know this? From Revelation 17:4: “and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color (the colors of the robes of Catholic Archbishops and Cardinals, respectively) and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.”

            I do not believe you are correct in your interpretation of what constitutes the “abomination that causes desolation.” I believe that term refers to the Antichrist demanding to be worshiped by man in the place of God.

            I stand by my earlier assertion that the first beast, the Antichrist, most likely will come forth from the House of Rothschild ans the Illuminati. I don’t presume to know his identity. I can speculate who that might be, but what is the point? God will reveal it to His elect when He chooses to do so.

          • Anonymous

            What I’m finding out about you, is you are to smart for your own good…don’t get me wrong, I compliment you in your ability to see what most people willingly walk right past without ever taking notice. You also have some very impressive credentials, but the Lord implores us to become as little children, if we do, we allow him to do the work and as little children we then can absorb much more.

            Therein lies the problem…human thinking and human reason. What most do not ever consider is – the bible literally interprets itself. Really, I mean that, most people simply never realize it, but it’s only when we allow God to give us all the answers, can anything worthwhile come into our conscience thought.

            For example, the “Abomination that causes Desolation” reads about the same in the accounts of both Matthew and Mark, but in the account of Luke we are given a bit more detail, notice his description of the event, “But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation has come near.” So obviously it is talking about armies after all, armies that are surrounding the city and not as you say, that it represents the Antichrist demanding to be worshiped. Although as I said in a previous post, in Gods one true church, that great falling away has already taken place and the leader of the church took it upon himself to decide and dictate policy, rather than relying on the sure word of God. As I said previously, that event has already happened about 25 years ago. There’s an account in the book of Revelation though, where Satan gets kicked out of heaven and is no longer allowed. He is thrust back to the earth where he pursues and makes war with the woman (God people – the church) and overcomes them. That part of prophecy has been spent.

            Something else that must be taken into serious consideration and that is the question of the Pope and what role he plays in biblical prophecy. It will be Pope Benedict who rides the beast, because the bible also answers that question for us and in a very detailed way, once again, will we believe what God reveals in scripture, or will we believe what men write in books as they tell us what God says. The bible does interpret itself, we just have to know where to look and if we are sincere in our efforts, God will gently walk us through the process. After all, he wrote the book. Notice Revelation 13:5-6, these verses speak of an end time individual heading a great religion – this man is given a “mouth speaking great things and blasphemies…and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God”…Just yesterday the Pope announced in his Monday Angelus to the Faithful, declaring that “Jesus Christ was not a prophet”.

            The beginner student of bible should understanding and know full-well, that emphatically is not the truth. Not only was he a prophet, but a healer, a preacher and most importantly, he was our Savior. The Pope has blasphemed against God just as the bible declares he would and will continue to do, looks like a lamb, but he speaks like a dragon. That is not the only evidence of who this current Pope is, but only a scratch on the surface.

            Read Daniels account about the conflict between the King of the South and King of the North.11:40-45

            Again I cannot stress this enough, the bible interprets itself. Much of the bibles prophetic text centers around a system of successive world ruling Gentile kingdoms that precede the second coming of Christ. These successive “beasts” as they are described, are discussed throughout the bible, but especially in four prophetic chapters: Daniel 2-and-7 and Revelation 13-and-17. Studied in that order each chapter adds more details to the one proceeding it. Together they build a complete and yet simple foundation for all bible prophecy.

            I will also implore you to do some research on this very subject yourself. The website I will post at the end of my response has a library section (on top of page) click it – in the drop-down, click on literature. Once there, scroll down and search out the following PDF or simply read it online, but it can be downloaded as-is with the PDF Adobe. The first 1) Who or What is the Prophetic beast. 2)Germany and the Holy Roman Empire 3)Jerusalem in prophecy – I think you will be amazed…at least you should be.

            Well as you say, “before this turns into a book” I’ll cut it off here – website is theTrumpet.com

            PS – I will also look into the books you have suggested. Good reading….ZEROGON

          • Anonymous

            I have only read the first PDF at thetrumpet.com, but I am indeed amazed and quite impressed by Herbert Armstrong’s coherent teaching. My friend, you have blessed me greatly and I am most grateful for your leading me to this source of valuable insight.

            I am meeting a number of other true saints who are all coming to the same realization at about the same time that honoring the Sabbath on the 7th day, Saturday, is in keeping with obedience to the 4th Commandment and honoring to God who rested on the 7th day – not the day of sun god worship, Sunday, the first day of the week.

            I am inspired now to go seek out the other two thought pieces and then go soak in God’s word with the new insights these bring me.

            Again, thank you! This piece filled in a number of missing pieces of the puzzle for me.

          • Anonymous

            I have now read the second PDF on Germany and the Holy Roman empire. This one I take grave exception to. My study of world history reveals to me that the German people are descendants of the tribe of Judah who became known as Jutes when they migrated through the Caucasus Mountains after the Babylonian exile into what is the region occupied by Germany. Germans have always been known as a highly warlike, but moral people. The claims of Nazism rising again are simply propaganda. The real power in all European countries are the central bankers who own and control all EU nations. These men are the power behind the political front men and they all share a Jewish Talmudic anti-Christian worldview. Jews have been responsible for more atrocities in the 20th century than all the deaths in all the wars of recorded human history in the Jewish Communist takeovers of Russia, China, Vietnam and Cambodia in which 136 million people were murdered by their own governments to consolidate political power. The claimed gassing of 6 million Jews in the Nazi camps and mobile gassing units crumbles under any kind of honest examination of the evidence. The victors of WWII got to rewrite history to paint the white Christian Germans as demonic and the Jews as deserving of the world’s pity and sympathy – as all sociopaths try to do. We don’t hear about the Jewish lies and atrocities because this same people group tightly controls all major sources of information and education. The Germans have been hideously miscast as brutes by a people group who is far more deserving of that label of criminal behavior.

            The 10 toes of the statue in Nebuchaneezar’s dream may also refer to the 10 regional governments being formed to make up the Jewish-led New World Order, one of which is the North American Union which is merging the USA, Canada and Mexico together into one regional government, along with 9 others – the EU being but one of them, resulting in a truly global empire in which the ten regional heads surrender their power to one man: the Antichrist who seeks the world’s adoration and worship.

            It is clear that Herbert Armstrong was completely unaware of the Jewish global conspiracy and its vast and secret powers during his ministry, but it is very real and more powerful and more viciously brutal than any force the world has ever seen. You cannot understand the Jewish mind without understanding the key teachings of the Jewish Talmud and Kaballah. When you do, you will discover that the Jews secretly worship money, power and Satan – the prince of this world.

          • Anonymous

            I have now read the third PDF on Jerusalem in Prophecy, and as in the second one, I was less impressed. the thought piece fails to reflect the reality of who the Ashkenazi Jews really are and why the Jews won the wars with the Arabs. It was no miracle. The Israeli army had overwhelmingly superior intelligence and military fire power and a bunch of false teaching evangelical Christian pastors who don’t know squat concerning real world history and who the Jews who rule Israel really are or what their Talmudic worldview consists of and who falsely teach that American must continue to bless Israel for God to bless us. True spiritual Israel is the remnant Christian church which has already left the apostate institutional church or organized religion.

            To properly understand the truth, one must be learned in true world history and the teachings of the Jewish Talmud and Kaballah. These teachings don’t reflect that understanding, and hence do not reveal the truth of the global Jewish conspiracy, whose signs and effects are pretty obvious today to anyone who is objectively evaluating the evidence easily available in the public domain. the problem is that most in our world today have been blinded by God to the truth in accordance with 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 so that they would believe the lie and so be condemned for delighting in wickedness. God does not reveal the truth to those who have yet to fully submit and surrender their lives and their wills to Jesus as Lord. Even then, a person must be gifted with a mastery of multiple disciplines and the ability to connect the dots between them, such as God has gifted me with. It goes beyond just an understanding of Bible Scripture alone. that is a very important part of it, but it is not sufficient. One needs a broad comprehension of the existence and workings of the global conspiracy to avoid becoming deceived. There is no substitute that I know of for broad reading to gain awareness of these truths.

          • Anonymous

            You would do well to continue reading more of Herbert W Armstrong’s writings. He is “the one” who Jesus prophesied would be raised up in these latter days (Mt 17:11) It was through this man, that God would use to restore all things (meaning biblical understanding). Since his death back in 1986, the “great apostasy” has all but destroyed Gods one true church. But, perfect as God is, he kept his promise made long ago, to King David, that the throne of David would never fail to have a man sit upon it, both spiritually and physically speaking, so he raised up another man (a prophet who is with us today) to – hold on to that which is good – and five percent of those called out of this evil world, have remained loyal to that calling.

            God uses one man at a time to lead his people and only one. These people are a small but very powerful group, who do the job of warning the world of impending doom and the obvious acceleration of the coming tribulation. These two men know what they are talking about, for it is God who leads them. As I said, Mr Armstrong has since passed, but even more astonishing revelation, has now been given by God to his end-time prophet. These men know what they are talking about and everything that comes out of their mouth, came first directly from God.

            One very important thing God has revealed in these frightful latter days, is the whereabouts of his people called Israel. We can even trace their paths of where they traveled using the bible itself. The tribe of Dan for instance is a good example. How God explained he (Dan) would leave his mark as it would be like a serpents tail. Using that description for clues, the modern Nation of Denmark has been correctly and clearly identified from its earliest roots, to its final destination, a settlement known to us as today as the nation of Denmark. For this tribe did leave a trail that traversed itself through and across Europe, as like a serpents tail, meaning, their journey wound them through the continent and wherever they settled, they would name that place after themselves.

            There’s even more proof of the unveiling, or restoring, the mystery of the bible. There were twelve Apostles, but only one wrote about the places he traveled. The other eleven are silent on the subject, for they went only to the lost sheep, or lost house of Israel. God did not want them at that time, to be identified, but again, in these last-days – today, all things have been revealed. Using the prophet Jeremiah we can glean a good picture of where other Israeli’s went, exactly what tribes they came from and what God writes about their future(s) in prophecy.

            Believe me, God doesn’t miss a thing. He teaches, giving great detail as to the whereabouts of who the nations of this current evil world are and where they came from. It is only when we allow men to lead our thoughts do we error. And to say that the Jews are an evil devil worshiping cult, is frankly remarkable. These poor soles are no more guilty, than are all other nations of the world today and throughout history for that matter. They simply refuse to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, therefore, they reject the New Testament as having any relevancy, preferring instead, to walk in darkness. God expects much more out of his people than what the Jewish people currently do, and what the nation has done in its past – for those who are given much, much is to be expected.

            I have reviewed the books that you have suggested and I find it to be the final proof, or nail in the coffin for the Nazi propaganda machine. Not only does that thinking allow for the Nazis to return, but it gives the green-light to once again fire-up the ovens and resume the slaughter of the innocent. And those who believe this lie, will proclaim they are doing it on behalf of God himself, when nothing could be further from the truth. The primary viewpoint that these books present, is from the devil and none-other, someday, God will also reveal that knowledge to mankind as well.

            Nazi Germany is once again on the rise. They are the biblical king of the North found in the book of Daniel. They will usher in a third world war, as they have so violently done two times in the twentieth century.

            Will history repeat itself…yes unfortunately it will, but God declares this time of suffering and nuclear world conflict, will be worse time of suffering, than anything that has ever before been experienced on the planet and those who are holding on to the writings of such publications are the reason why.

            As I said before…You are much to smart to travel down the road you currently travel…I fear on this path….you have outsmarted yourself. May God bring the light of understanding and open a window to your mind….ZEROGON

          • Anonymous

            I’m going to take a pass on investing more time reading the works of Herbert Armstrong. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs regarding modern day prophets, but I believe them to be in error. In many ways we see things the same way inasmuch as anything which contradicts Bible Scripture is clearly in error and a lie. I have come to arrive at this insight through many trials in which I listened to men and they were later revealed to me to be frauds and scoundrels. God has led me to many secrets which were hidden for decades and centuries, but He doesn’t reveal them to me with visions and dreams or audibly speaking to me. He leads me to them through the heroic works of others on whose shoulders I stand today, for which I am deeply thankful. Now it is my responsibility to carry the baton and carry on their legacy they have left me.

            If you have indeed examined the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Talmud Unmasked, The Lies of the Jews and the Thirteenth Tribe and you still are unable to see that the modern day Jews are not at all who they claim to be, then you, my friend, are suffering from spiritual blindness. The evidence is all there. But you have to possess sufficient humility to consider the possibility that your existing understanding of the TRUTH might be incomplete and perhaps flawed. Once you cross that threshold in which you can no longer accept this possibility, you are suffering from pride which is a very dangerous place to be. God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. He can work with the humble. The proud think they know it all and are not capable of accepting correction.

            I grant you that correction is often painful at the time. It requires us to accept the reality that we have been duped, fooled and deceived. But what is better? To steadfastly remain committed to believing what is untrue, or to own up that we were previously wrong, but have now learned the truth and so are now able to make better decisions than we could before? We both know the answer to the question. Is it easy? Hell no! It’s hard as hell and quite humbling! But it’s the only path to true wisdom. That’s what I’m after, and I sincerely believe you are too. I just fear that you have placed undue trust and confidence in a few men or in a single denomination which claims some spiritual insight of gnosticism that only the special ones possess. There’s only one class of special ones: God’s elect whom He chose since before the world began to one day become his adopted sons and daughters. If we are one of those fortunate few, as I am, that’s the only distinction that ultimately matters. All the rest is merely worldly pride that will burn up and be meaningless in the end. Diligently seek to know God through His word, but trust no man because we are all corrupt and wicked and prone to go astray. If we haven’t figured out this one yet, we haven’t been paying attention. It’s pretty obvious.

            I truly encourage you to keep an open mind to what I have shared with you and examine the evidence thoroughly. Challenge it with logical reasoning and critical thought. And then test it against the trustworthy authority of Jesus Christ and God’s word. Nothing I have shared with you is inconsistent with these principles and benchmarks of the truth. I know that these revelations are quite shocking and I wish they were not true, but my wishing it to be thus, does nothing to alter reality. those who are the most spiritually and mentally healthy are those who steadfastly pursue the truth wherever it may lead. Often, our discoveries are quite painful. The path to maturity is not around these encounters. It is through them. That’s why so few people find the way. it requires great courage and a willingness to not be led like a sheep to slaughter by those who put on a convincing act. God has indeed opened my mind to the truth and I have the scars to prove it. I hope He will do the same for you – and perhaps more gently than was necessary with me.

          • Anonymous

            By taking a pass on the further study of Herbert W Armstrong’s works, is declining a position of leadership in the kingdom of God. For it is those, who – now today, that is, before Christs second coming, prepare themselves and make themselves ready to rule this earth along side Christ for a thousand years, and after that, these newly formed God beings will rule over the entire limitless universe. They will be Royalty forever serving directly under Christ and his Father.

            This promise is from God himself, one should not lightly shrug it off. I have studied the bible now going on thirty-five years. I have witnessed numerous prophetic events unfold before my eyes, proving beyond a doubt that Christ spoke the truth about his Father in heaven.

            In the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3, God specifically speaks to each era of his church, from the time of the church inception, to the second return of Christ. The era of Gods church in which Mr Armstrong served, is known as the Philadelphia Church 3:7-13. It would be beneficial for you to read those words of God, for he is very pleased with his leader (Armstrong) and then as you read the remainder of the third chapter, see how God reflects about those who were passed the baton after Armstrong’s death. These men have rejected what God had done using Mr Armstrong and they threw the truth to the ground. They are neither cold nor hot, and will pay the price, for they will be thrust into the tribulation because of their lack of faith. They yearned to fit in more with traditional Christianity and now have become lukewarm.

            Prophecy is the way we prove God, not by volumes of words printed by eager minded men. Listening to the simple plain truth, is what God wants…character building is much more important than receiving honorary awards from men. In order to become high, we must be willing to become low and humble. In order to be first in line – we must first be willing to be last.

            Jesus asked his Father what he should call the Church. They decided to keep it in the Fathers name – “God”. Thus “The Church of God”. Look throughout the New Testament writings – the apostles were preaching at the churches of God, all over Asia minor and then some. It is the church of God that pattern their lives after Christ and how he lived. Obeying the Sabbaths, both weekly and Annually, and much much more. Find out how Christ lived his life and learn the things he observed and how they were done, then you’ll find the right church of God. There is only one church…because there is only one work. Ever wonder what the scroll found in the angels hand of Rev chapter 10 was talking about…I used to wonder all the time what it said and what was the meaning of presenting this information and then not revealing it. That scroll has now been revealed and its content made known, that is, for those who understand Gods word. The mystery is solved, again we must let God do the teaching not men.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you as you concluded: that we must let God do the teaching and srevelation, not men and man-made institutions. In that vein, Herbert Armstrong was merely a man and his denomination was a man-made and fallible institution. I am just one man without a denomination, without man’s affirmation, but a man of humility and submission to Yahuwah (YHWH or God) and Yahushua (Jesus) in all things. God has led me to numerous books which all corroborate one another. I am no prophet. God does not reveal His truths to me in dreams or visions. He uses mundane works of men who I regard as my heroes – men who have gone before me and documented their research with courage in the face of withering opposition to the truth. I stand on the shoulders of those giants and carry on their legacy from God. I am a Watchman in the lineage of Jeremiah and Ezekiel and my role is the same as theirs was: to warn the people of the coming end times tribulation and to urge the people to confess and repent of their sins, turn from their wicked ways and submit their lives and their wills to the will of God and of Jesus in all things. I am under no illusion that many will hear my warnings and trumpet blasts. Regardless, I am called to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm.

            All denominations and all churches today are infiltrated, corrupted and apostate. There are no exceptions. The great falling away foretold in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 has already occurred. I have invested considerable time in half a dozen institutional churches over the past 8 years and every one of them revealed themselves to be apostate and led by false teachers. In light of my own experience, that reveals the fulfillment of Scripture in these end times, I am unwilling to accept the possibility that any church is safe, healthy and without false teaching today. Any church that elevates a man is in error and prone to being a cult. As John the Baptist properly stated it, “I must decrease, so that He(Jesus) might increase.” that is true of every last one of us today – no exceptions.

            I have only been born again for 11 1/2 years, but I have seen many men who prided themselves in being followers of Christ for decades longer than me who proved themselves to be other than who they claimed to be over time. Years in grade means nothing. The degree of ones submission to Jesus in all things means everything. Only then does God reveal the truth to His adopted children.

            We can make idols out of certain doctrines, but in so doing, we strain the gnat but swallow the camel. Pride and arrogance and a spirit of unforgiveness and refusal to apologize for anything defines the apostate Church today. These are the fundamentals and core of the faith and on this, virtually every church is an abject failure today. All the rest of it is sheer pride and meaning nothing, if our hearts are not being transformed into the likeness of Jesus.

          • Anonymous

            While yet on earth, Jesus Christ emphatically made the bold statement, he would start his church and the gates of the grave will not prevail against it, in other words, the true church of God would not die out, nor fade away no matter what. Does the history of Gods church show, for those who are willing to take a peek at the abundant evidence, that God was more pleased with certain eras, than he was with other times periods over the centuries, absolutely, but this living work directed and lead by God himself continued on, just as Christ said it would almost two-thousand years ago. He even made the bold prediction that in these later days, his church would suffer through a great falling away, again was right and after witnessing this mind-blowing apostasy myself, of 95% of all individuals making up this one true church, willingly, willfully and ignorantly, turning their backs on God,it was prophecy come alive before my eyes, further proving the reliability and infallibility of Gods perfect word, but there still remained yet a very dedicated and loyal 5%, who made the brave personal decision that their calling from on high, was more important than anything this temporary physical life could offer. So they fearlessly carried on with the sometimes burdening task, of proclaimed the one true message of God. These few, but very powerful members, made it their lives work (to the last breath) of finishing the job that God had started using Mr Herbert W. Armstrong.

            So as you have rightly said, every church on earth has suffered through corruption, even Gods own people, but Christs words have not been altered in the least. His church is still alive and well and will be found doing a brave and powerful work upon his return.

            Christ said, that in these last days he would raise up a man and through this one individual, he would restore the truth to his fading and weakened church, for it (the church) had almost died out over the years and had become stagnant, no longer able to boldly proclaim the simple words of God as he wanted.

            Mr Armstrong’s genealogy can be traced back to Kind David himself, as well as his successor. The purpose of the church of Jesus Christ and the Almighty Father, is to prepare for themselves a people made ready to help Christ rule the earth, upon his soon return. For Christ will marry the church, also known to him as his bride. These special called out ones, have proven themselves before God, in their lifetimes and at Christ’s second coming they will be resurrected (and born again)in the first resurrection, also known as the spring harvest. For those who have not prepared themselves and have died throughout the millennium, they will be resurrected after the thousand years are finished and brought back to life – back to physical life (these will not be reborn), but for those in the first resurrection they will be changed to spiritual and for those yet still alive at Christs coming, they will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye and will join (be reborn) with their comrades before them. They all will meet Christ in the clouds and from that time forward, they shall forever be with him wherever he goes.

            And where does he go, well for those who understand scripture, that also means they understand, they will return back to the earth along with all the holy angels, where Christ the warrior, will put an end to all war and fighting – forever and ever. He will bound up the devil and his demons and the rest of the dead will not live again until the thousand years are finished. That brings us to the second resurrection – or what is known to God as the general resurrection – or – the fall harvest. At that time, all people who have ever lived, from Adam down though the centuries, and by the way, never knew God (even though a great multitude will claim they did during their lifetimes – but – they never did) these billions, will for the first time, be given their chance, to come to know the simple truth of what God has been trying to tell us all along. They will be given a period of about 100 years or so, to live as Christ commands them to do. IF they achieve that standard of living (and the overwhelming majority will) they will be allowed to enter into Gods family or Kingdom as spirit born members (Born Again) of Gods divine sinless family – they all will now be God-beings themselves.

            This leads us to the last and least understood resurrection, which is called the third resurrection, or, the last resurrection, or also known as, the resurrection unto death. For this resurrection is for all those who knew what God expected of them, but for some reason, never felt compelled enough to change their wicked evil ways and they will enter into the lake of fire. There they will die a death that lasts forever – there will be no prolonged suffering, as many claim with the ever popular man-made thinking, of eternal torture and anguish, no, these willfully ignorant will simply burn up and cease to exist forever, soon becoming forgotten as Gods household will now for the first time, in all recorded history – and we’re talking GODS HISTORY – are now able to get on with the task of populating the universe with – righteous-sinless-creatures, who will themselves, finally complete the job God started billions of years ago. Soon afterward, all the universe will take on the beauty and glory of the new earth. God the Father will lead and direct his newly created born again family, to restore His universal dream of achieving a virtual utopia throughout the ever expanding universe.

            This is the simple truth of God, a truth that lies ready to be discovered in our bibles, to bad that most of us would rather follow our own thoughts or the teachings of other men. If those who claim to follow Jesus, are unfamiliar with what I have written here, then that person does not know God.

          • Anonymous

            Zerogon, I concur with most of what you write here, but not all of it. We are in complete agreement that the source of all truth is God’s infallible word, the Bible, in its entirety. I do not find support for your contention that those who never knew God will be given a second chance to live righteous lives for 100 years. What you refer to comes from the Book of Joel, but I believe that refers to the sons and daughters of God’s elect who are not raptured and are not destroyed in the treading of the winepresses of Jesus’ wrath and fury directed at the wicked in the closing chapters of the Book of Revelation. I direct you to Hebrews 9:27: “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…” The author of Hebrew makes no exception to this truth for anyone.

            Likewise, I don’t find support for a third resurrection or getting on with populating the an ever-expanding universe. I do not believe there are Scripture verses to back up this wishful thinking. I understand the wishful thinking and I fully realize that come cults subscribe to this view also, but i do not find support for it in God’s flawless words. I remain open to correction if I am missing something, but I am a very careful student of God’s word.

          • Anonymous

            Found in chapter six of the book of John, are words spoken by Christ pertaining to knowledge and understanding of scripture. “No one can come to me, unless the Father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up at the last day” vrs-44 (meaning at the first resurrection, or the last day of mans rule over man, upon the return of Jesus Christ back to rule the earth)

            Most who profess Christianity today, wrongly presume that God is trying to save the world now, in this age – that thinking is not biblical and couldn’t be further from the truth.

            Who knows Watchman – Lafras? – maybe God is calling you, for you yourself have demonstrated to him, a dogged pursuit for truth and understanding. You have made the claim, that no church speaks truth and you are right – that is, except for the remaining remnant – the 5% of Gods true church. For those, are the very ones that the Father has drawn, will he leave them to their own direction, abandoning his promise to them, lets face it, these few have proven themselves to him, so why would God forsake them now, of all people…the answer is, he would never do such a thing…they know that – and – he knows that. Two can easily walk together if they are found to be in agreement.

            You see watchman, I never said God would give anyone a second chance – as far as what you have gathered the meaning to be, about the second resurrection, no, at that time, when the bulk of humanity is resurrected (at the second resurrection – after or at the end of the thousand years of Christ ruling the earth) that will be their (the bulk of humanity) first chance to come to the understanding of Gods truth, its not that they couldn’t do it today, in fact, God would prefer they did, but he realizes better than we, the stubborn-rebellious heart of man and knows in all likelihood, that isn’t going to happen. The thinking that God is trying to save the world at this time, is, as I said earlier, where most professing Christians jump-track and stray in their thinking – they erroneously assume that God is trying to save the world today and too many times over the centuries, they have tried to force the masses to convert by the edge of the sword, or the barrel of a gun…it simply doesn’t work that way, if anything, using that philosophy, only pushes potential prospects further away. One would also have to conclude, that Satan the devil would be winning – I mean after all, this is one mixed up crazy evil world…wouldn’t you agree. God is at this time – calling people out of season. People that have a canny ability to see beyond the nose on their face. Those who demonstrate a willingness to change their lives after learning simple basic truths. God will not force anyone to follow him. He is only looking for and testing those, who willing place or submit themselves under his authority. As I said, these few are called out of season, before the main, or general harvest (at the end of the thousand year reign of Christ) in a future day and at a time, when God will be trying to save the world. And – he will be successful. For he will have a helpmate (those who are called out of season today and over the past 6000 years) You are right though – it is appointed for all men to die once. The trick is, do what God wants us to do – that is, when he does call each of us, and our bodies will simply change from mortal to immortal – that is not death – that is what God reveals about being reborn. Notice in the third chapter of John, where Christ is explaining the meaning of being reborn, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, but that which is born of the Spirit is spirit”…Flesh and blood enter into this physical world, but cannot enter into Gods, only spirit composition enters into Gods kingdom…no one other than Christ (to date), has ever been reborn – yet – into his kingdom and will not be, until, the first resurrection, not Abraham, not King David, nor anyone else for that matter.

            Those who walk with God today are simply imbued (begotten) with Gods Spirit…but not as yet…reborn. It closely parallels a woman being pregnant with child, yes, the unborn baby is a human, but yet unborn – those who know and understand God (before Christ second coming) and have the addition of his Holy Spirit in them, are known to him as Sons of God, but they not yet reborn.

            Those who do not successfully fill the requirement after they have been called by God (in this age or the next)- either before the first or at the second – will die a second death…remember, it is appointed for all men to die once, but, there will be a few who face the second death in the third resurrection. That is the resurrection unto death…these have died in their sins (physically) after knowing the truth, they will be thrown into the lake of fire and be extinguished forever. A second death. Where can this lake of fire be found, well, the whole earth is set afire by the enveloping presence of God the Father, for after the thousand years reign of Christ is finished and after the second resurrection judgement period of about 100 years – the Father will for the first time in the history of all history, come down to the earth and the elements will suddenly melt away. This melting is a cleansing, which will purify the earth once and for all time. All evil – everything – will be cast out of the presence of God…especially the wicked incorrigible who refused to obey the voice of God.

            Where you error in your understanding and what stops you from advancing and moving forward in knowledge, is your wrong belief in the teaching of the Rapture. That is a false doctrine that has only been taught here in this end time…it is not what the bible teaches. The bible does say though, that God will prepare for them who obey his word, a place of safety – but no human will be reborn (into spirit) until Christ’s appearance after the Tribulation and the Day of the Lord. Then, those who have been physically and divinely protected in that secure location, on this earth, will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. By holding on to the false-theory of the Rapture, it keeps you from advancing in thought, therefore, you are unable to grasp the whole truth of God. God at this time, is calling only those who have what it takes to lay aside any previous misconception(s) and are willing to be taught by proving him at his word.

            Obviously you have missed out on probably the most exciting hope of the future and that is the understanding of what God will have literally billions and billions of spirit born sons doing for eternity. What do you suppose they’d be doing…finger painting on a wall…or more likely, expanding out into the vast universe with the very power and skill of God, to further create like our Father in heaven creates.

            Think about this. we humans have been gifted with the ability to create – we have sent men on missions to the moon. we have built great towering buildings and have written music that inspires the mind, but most stubbornly refuse to believe that God, will also give his perfect spirit born sons – who by the way – are more trust worthy than any silly human ever was, the ability to create. If in Genesis we are told, we were created in the image and the likeness of God, while in the flesh – how much more will that image and likeness be in the spirit?

            You claim that God has opened your mind to understanding…I would challenge that statement…I say, by observing your determined approach to understand scripture…maybe God is trying to show you something that you never knew before. Everything I’ve said here and much more, can be proven. If I were to write it all down, using every scripture – it would take me a very long time and then for some reason, something tells me, that even if I prove what the bible states 100% – I wouldn’t be any further ahead than what I was when we first started debating.

            As I said in an earlier post. Gods truth is not something that mainstream Christianity excepts, nor has it ever been – it isn’t he norm that’s for sure, but for anyone pondering the idea to come to God, that person must be willing to lay aside any former preconceptions and be willing, as a little child is willing, to be taught by God. Then and only then, can God work with the human mind…and who knows, the Father may even draw that person.

            I will give you some food for thought though, regarding the universe being handed over to the sons of God.

            “It is not to the angels that he has subjected the world to come, about which we are speaking. But there is a place where someone has testified: “What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? You made him a little lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor and put everything under his feet.” In putting everything under him. God left nothing that is not subject to him. Yet at present we do not see everything subject to him.” – Hebrews 2:5-8

            Everything means everything…even the vast endless universe…think about it. What else could be gleaned from that statement. If you truly want to learn what God is doing down here below – at this time, I would suggest logging back onto the website I previously gave to you and sign-up for the study course, it cost nothing – you may even find, that you are unable to put it down.

            I’ve got work to do, so I’ll cut this short, but do yourself a favor – give the lessons a chance…hey, if you disagree what have you lost, you can always throw them away. Again, if you decide to investigate them, then look up each and every verse as they suggest and see for yourself if these things be so…

          • Anonymous

            Over night I did some thinking. I find what you write very interesting, but, I also see the error in the approach you take, of placing to much blame on the nation of Israel. Bear with me, please.

            Keep in mind Hebrews 12:5-6, “…My son do not make light of the Lords discipline, and do not lose heart when he rebukes you, because the Lord disciplines those he loves and punishes everyone he accepts as sons.”

            Galatians 1:6-7, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel – which is really, no gospel at all. Evidently, some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

            “However as it is written: No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him – but – God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men know the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit in him? In the same way, no one knows the thoughts of God except – the Spirit of God. We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing Spiritual truths in Spiritual words.” – 1Corrinthians 2:9-13….”the man without the Spirit, does not except the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him and he cannot understand them because they are spiritually discerned.” – verse14

            This then is my argument…I need to know if you are spiritually discerned. You obviously carry with you a great deal of knowledge. I’ve deliberately probed in various directions in the hope, that I might figure out what angle you derive your arguments from, but very little success has resulted with my efforts. But then, certain thoughts came into my mind over night and that is what has led me to write this – in what might be, my last attempt to correct your path in some of your main ideas.

            Remember; “The spiritual man makes judgements about all things, but he himself is not subject to any mans judgement – ‘For who has known the mind of the Lord that we may instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ”- verse 16

            If I did not see great possibilities in your thinking, I would have given up arguing with you a long time ago, but, I feel you are very close in many of your arguments – but – not close enough.

            Let me explain, as you are well aware, the bible is a coded mystery. The way one comes across its hidden meaning is as Isiah explains it, “Who is it he (God)is trying to teach? “Whom shall he teach knowledge and whom shall he make understand doctrine? Them that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little there a little.” 28:9-10

            So this is the crux of my argument. The bible was written by a superior mind, something by the way, mankind does not yet possess, but, if we allow God to direct our thoughts and rely on his Spirit to guide us, our minds begin to comprehend his message. Sounds deep doesn’t it, well it is, but with God – all things are possible, even teaching stubborn men.(like me and you)

            One of the most difficult subjects of the bible – after we are drawn from basic understanding, and into the realm of deeper knowledge and wisdom, is, the understanding that the bible is built on the idea of “duality”. There is the – Former and Later, and then there is the – Physical and Spiritual. And in order to get past certain thoughts that trip us up from time to time and slow us down, even possibly stopping our learning altogether, we must first realize this understanding of duality and use it to our advantage to guide us in our training. If we do that, then we are able to eat the meat that God provides us, to fill us to the full.

            We must realize, God is searching for those who are willing to prove him at his word…..all of it.

            Allow me to illustrate a few points; Former Israel having physical characteristics, wandered in the wilderness, not having access to Gods Holy Spirit, could not fulfill their sworn promise that they had made to God, instead, they preferred to be like the world around them and eventually God thrust them out of his sight and he put them into slavery. It wasn’t until Christ’s death, paying the price for the sins of mankind, did man for the first time, have access to the Holy Spirit. Jesus started his church which is known to him as (Spiritual Israel)- this knowledge is crucial to understand if we are to further our training and gain wisdom.

            Having knowledge of Spiritual Israel, does not negate the reality that the physical descendants of ancient Israel are still found on the earth. God placed them into national captivity for a duration of time. This was a punishment from God and when that period of time concluded, he allowed these people to once again prosper and grow. In fact, God would bless these people far beyond the other nations of the world – physically that is. They would have virtually a land flowing with milk and honey, and wealth beyond imagination. Their military power would be second to none. One of the best attributes, would be the luxury of the Freedom of Religion. God would eventually use that religious right to once again spread his message around the globe. But again, just as in ancient Israels past, modern day (physical) Israel, has also turned its back on God. Therefore God is not pleased and these nations once again face national defeat and captivity.

            This leads to the Spiritual house of Israel. In order for anyone to be born into Gods kingdom we must ourselves become Spiritual Jews. It frankly doesn’t matter from what nation on earth today we come from – it’s a matter of obeying the word of God, that alone fulfills the requirement.

            Former and later – here a little there a little…

            After the death of Jesus – as he warned it would…Jerusalem was sacked and his church went into hiding. This church was made up of men. Men who would be hindered by nations wanting to kill them, so lets say, living a Christian life was very difficult at best. It was also more difficult for Christ to guide his church, because of that wandering and constantly fearing for their very existence. That problem was settled when God raised up America (a former tribe of Israel) and he was able to raise up a church that existed in peace and safety. He even foretold us, saying, knowledge would be increased (gospel writings) and he would raise up a man in these last days to restore all things (knowledge). What Knowledge…well knowledge that had been watered down, or lost, from the time of Christ day until today, when God was now able to reveal it without persecution.

            Duality – former – later, This is most important to grasp and take into consideration. Now we have Physical Israel, playing host nation, to Spiritual Israel – also known as “Gods church”. But as in AD70, there will also be a great falling away from Gods church starting by a rebellion from within his church. That my friend has already happened and taken place. 95% of Gods church has rejected the work he implored them to do. A work of spreading a restored message (the true gospel)that had been denied and lost to the world in large, for almost two thousand years.

            My point to you then, and where I think you error, is when you accuse the Jews (physical)of being Antichrist – what you should be aware of is the 95% of the spiritual Jews who have turned their backs on God here in these modern days, and God is angry and about ready to throw the whole lot back into captivity – both spiritual and physical Israel. That is, except for a small portion of them who remained loyal to their calling.

            This great apostasy (the Later)happened about twenty-five years ago. The one who lead the church to defy God and stray – IS – the Antichrist you accuse the Jews of having from within their midst. You my friend are wrong – certainly God is not happy with the Jewish people today, but as I said before, they are not the beast or who you suggest they are. They are simple a former tribe (now large nation) of ancient Israel, and they refuse to acknowledge the one true God as most humans do on the planet today. God simply has a long history with these people (and not just the Jews…but all Israeli nations) that make up the descendants of ancient Israel.

            This is my fear…that you have been trained by one of the breakaway churches which started-up after the church (main body) fell apart. It probably is not your fault, for those who lead you have caused you to error…but I see you have a relatively good understanding…so you simply need a course correction.

            Anyway…that’s my take….peace…ZEROGON

          • Anonymous

            First of all, I commend you for your openness to the workings of the Spirit. I have read many of your posts on Glenn’s site and found your thinking to be Biblically sound. Often a bit long, but hey, I am often guilty of the same thing. Because you have revealed a level of openness that I had not seen in your replies to me until now, I will happily share a bit more of my info sources. I really don’t wish this to be about me, but perhaps I need to reveal a bit more of who I am and where I am coming from.

            I am one of God’s elect who came to a saving knowledge of Yahuwah and Yahushua (the Hebrew names of God and Jesus) 11 years ago. It was all of God’s initiative and I resisted mightily, but God brought me to my knees and broke me. I am of no denomination and no man-made organized or institutional religion. I read the Bible and challenged anything I did not understand for the first 3 years with men more mature in the the true faith of Jesus than I was at the time. Once I felt I was sufficiently grounded in God’s word, I joined my first church and dove in with my whole heart and soon discovered the apostate church which you write of. Over the past 8 years, I have spent time in 6 different churches of different denominations and have discovered each and every one of them to be seriously in error and apostate relative to God’s word: the only benchmark of TRUTH. Each time I discovered this, I left that church, seeking a healthy community of true believers elsewhere. Today, I am part of home church grounded in God’s word.

            I completely agree with you with respect to the 95%/5% split of the true remnant church. The great falling away predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 has already occurred, but I believe it started way back in the 1920s with the infiltration and corruption of the seminaries with social activists who went on to become pastors and teach a watered down version of the gospel that was long on love and grace and short on God’s holiness, just nature and His abhorrence of sin. Being 58 years old, I can see now that ever since 1960, the American church has failed miserably to bring correction to our sexually immoral culture as it has slid from tolerating and compromising with fornication and adultery to the normalization of homosexuality and worse. Those of us who have studied spiritual warfare know that all sexual immorality leads to demon control and affliction of some sort. Yet where has the Church been in all of this depravity? Eerily silent. I now realize that this is quite intentional and deliberate and that God has permitted it to set things up for the coming end times tribulation. It is very sad and grieves me greatly, but I fully realize that God’s perfect plan is unfolding precisely as He intends it.

            Now as to the Jewish question. God has led me to discover through scholarly research the full breadth and depth of the global conspiracy and to be able to see its obvious connections to end times Bible prophesy. I have a broad education in economics, world history, political science, philosophy, psychology with numerous academic honors and business strategy, finance and organizational behavior from my MBA where I graduated in the top 15% of my class many decades ago and over the past decade I have added on my own expertise in American cultural trends and a deep understanding of Bible Scripture. Every last one of these disciplines has been essential for me to master to be able to see and understand the numerous books that God led me to over the past 2 years on these topics. Why me? I have no clue. God’s sovereign will is the only answer that makes any sense. My entire life story is pointing me to my calling to serve as one of God’s Watchmen on the Wall to help others make sense out of the crazy world we find ourselves in today, and to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm of the coming storm of tribulation and to urge those who number among God’s elect to surrender their lives to the will of Jesus in everything, as I have done. There is no other answer. Of that I am certain. The world is going dark as the Bible foretells us it will in these end times. But those of us blessed enough to number among God’s elect have much to hope for and place our trust in.

            We are called to speak the truth in agape love to the lost and the captives of Satan that those who are God’s elect might hear and turn from their evil and wicked ways before it’s too late. God does not reveal to us ahead of time who are His elect and who are not. So we are called to preach the gospel to all through our own walks of integrity in a world that largely lacks integrity. We are to be salt and light to a lost and confused world.

            I did not choose my calling as a Watchman. No man in his right mind would seek out such a role. Ezekiel 33:1-6 guides my understanding of the expectations God has placed upon me. If I fail to warn others of what’s coming and they die as a result, God will hold their blood on my hands. If I sound the warning and others ignore my warnings and they die, God will not hold their blood on my hands. This does not make the role of a Watchman a pleasant one. It invites much hatred, scorn, ridicule and persecution because the world hates the truth and seeks the darkness. So I do not teach what I teach to draw attention to myself. I would prefer to say very little and not draw any attention to myself. But that is not God’s will for my life. I exist to serve God and Jesus alone. this means that I am unlikely to enjoy the approval of man, just as Galatians 1:10 teaches us that either we seek the approval of man or the approval of God. We cannot have it both ways. I wish this were not so, but my wishing it does nothing to change this reality. I must choose whose approval I seek. I choose God’s.

            I must urge you to consider the possibility that the Jews of today are neither the genetic nor the spiritual descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel and Judah. Moreover those who identify themselves as Jews today are descendants of those who perpetrated some of the most hideous crimes and atrocities of the 20th century on humanity. These crimes have been concealed from public view quite deliberately by this very same people group who own and control the majority of the world’s information sources. This is the inconvenient truth that few people are even willing to consider. But Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:26 to fear nothing, for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid that shall not be known. I believe that Jesus is speaking here of the global conspiracy in all of its manifestations. God has permitted these things to remain hidden for centuries. Now He is revealing them to some of His elect and we are called to reveal what He has shared with us to others.

            I encourage you to read a couple of books on these topics to learn the truth, as I have. One is “The Thirteenth Tribe,” by Arthur Koestler which explains the true origins of the Ashkenazi Jews who rule the modern day state of Israel and America today. Then read Brian Alois Cleraubat’s book, “A Greater “Miracle” Than the Lost Ten Tribes Discovered… the Dead “Six Million” Uncovered…!” which reveals that the holocaust is a massive fraud and a hoax designed to permit the Rothschild-Zionists to persuade the world to permit them to steal the land of Palestine from the Palestinians in 1947-48. The true history of the Jewish people for the past 2000 years is a history of immorality, sedition, intimidation, deceit and murder chronicled in Appendix O of Brian Alois Cleraubat’s book. To understand the Jewish mindset and worldview, one must understand that their worldview (and that of Freemasonry and Mormonism) is shpaed and molded by the rabbinical teachings of the Jewish Talmud and of the Jewish Kaballah, and NOT the Scripture of the Old Testament or Tanak. Texe Marrs has written several excellent books on this subject. Moreover the book, “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabinnical Teachings Concerning Christians.” by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis and “The Jews and Their Lies,” by Marin Luther corroborate one another and explain the hateful, bigoted and racist teachings that have driven the Jewish worldview since the Babylonian exile in 596 B.C. and perhaps goes back all the way to the ancient mystery religion of Babylon and King Nimrod and his queen Semiramis – which amounted to sun god (Satan) worship with the unholy trinity of Nimrod, Semiramis and their son who was also named Nimrod. when one understands the real belief systems of the Jewish people, the term “Judeo-Christian” ought to be seen for what it is: a complete oxymoron.

            So why should we care about all of this? Because lies, deceit, treachery and betrayal harm people and are an abomination to God. As long as these lies are permitted to exist unchallenged, they will be used to perpetuate still more lies that will lead to millions if not billions of innocent people losing their lives in needless wars.

            Right now, we see Israel and the Jewish-controlled media hyping the lie that Iran poses any credible threat to Israel’s intimidating arsenal of 400 nuclear warheads. the Jewish press and the Israeli Mossad has been working behind the scenes to provoke Arabs and Muslims to strike back in retaliation at Israeli sedition, murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing (see Ilan Pappe’s book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” for the real history of the formation of the modern state of Israel in 1948 – it’s not at all what we have been taught since childhood). The global elites, through Israel and the United States have set up the conditions to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran designed to pit Arab Muslim countries against white nominal-Christian ones in order to have both groups annihilate each other, while profiting from the sale of arms to both sides. Albert Pike, Grand Soverign Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry explained all of this in his book, “Morals and Dogma,” published in 1871. The Freemasons and Illuminati which control them have a plan for global tyranny and world domination that is nothing short of demonic and of the devil. All of this is in fulfillment of Biblical end times prophesy. It is unstoppable.

            The only rational conclusion that we can arrive at when we understand all of this is to place all of our trust and faith in God and the second coming of Jesus. There is no such thing as a pre-trib rapture, so forget it if that is where you place your hope. God is going to bring His saints THROUGH the tribulation, not rescue us FROM it, just as He did with Noah and his family during the time of the Flood.

            Those who number among God’s elect can hear my message, understand it and believe. those who number among the vast majority of humanity today who number among God’s spiritual goats, are spiritually blinded by both Satan and God (see 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 for evidence of God’s role in this) so they are incapable of believing the truth, so that they will perish in the coming wrath of God’s fury at their wickedness. We are all without excuse, for the truth of God and his benevolent nature is written on each man’s heart. Yet the heart of man is desperately wicked with a bent to do evil all the time. This is setting up the world to witness the glory of God in the second coming of His son, Yahushua (Jesus) in the very near future.

            Thus, the escalation of hostilities raging between the Israelis and the Palestinians right now is part of the wars and rumors of wars written of in Matthew 24 that are part of the signs of the coming tribulation. Man’s sin is the root cause of this. Only a divine intervention can halt the massive bloodshed which the Bible tells us is coming soon. Those who deny this are experiencing a form of insanity: the denial of reality. I am doing my part to try to awaken people before it is too late, but I am under no illusion that it will do much good. The prophet Jeremiah sounded similar warnings in his day, and did anyone listen? Very few heeded his warnings and the results were calamitous. He was proven right in the end. History is repeating itself.

          • Anonymous

            Hatred of the Jews sometimes clouds the minds of the real enemy. It can’t be helped; Count on watchman to counter any and all logical thinking concerning Israel in the guise of spirituality.

    • Anonymous

      The truth concerning Israel “defending their homeland” is that Rothschild-Zionists with no legitimate genetic or spiritual claim to the land of Palestine stole it from the Palestinians through a long and protracted set of scheming with the US and Britain’s full support.  In 1948, under David Ben-Gurion’s leadership, Jewish terrorists and military forces conducted a concerted campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing driving 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages located inside the borders of the new UN-mandated Jewish state of Israel.  Men between the ages of 10 and 50 were taken out and shot or imprisoned and women, children and the elderly were driven from their homes and villages, which were subsequently blown up and bulldozed over to leave no trace of the ethnic heritage of those villages for centuries.  Israeli historian Ilan Pappe thoroughly documents these Jewish Zionist atrocities in his book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.”

      The events occurring today between the Israelis and the Palestinians are rooted in history that goes back 100 years.  The Rothschild-Zionists who rule Israel (and US) today are hardly innocent victims.  That is the role they try to portray in the media they own and control, but it is a hideous lie that has been perpetrated on the world long enough.  The massive fraud and hoax of the Jewish holocaust in which it is claimed that 6 million Jews died at the hands of Nazis by gassing in the camps and mobile gassing vehicles is simply a preposterous lie.  The evidence for this is easy to find for anyone seeking the truth.  But few people wish to know the truth and so the lie goes on and is used to justify and unjust pre-emptive strike against Iran who poses no threat to Israel or the US whatsoever.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for stating the truth about the Israelis and Palestinians history. It’s something that has been getting coverd up in the country for decades.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, it has been covered up in a deliberate and vicious campaign to deceive the world of what really happened in 1948. The Israelis have provoked the Palestinians with endless and brutal intimidation and lies through the mainstream media which the Rothschild-Zionists own and control and use to manipulate and control public opinion with their endless program of propaganda and psychological warfare to confuse the masses.

          But a few of us are waking up to the truth and revealing it to others. the truth is the most powerful weapon in the world. The truth will set us free if we will merely humble ourselves and become teachable. Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10:26 that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. I believe this is part of what Jesus was referring to. We are living in the final days of the end times in which long hidden conspiracies are being revealed and exposed. Many of us can see that the world is growing darker and more demonic – precisely as the Bible predicts it will. What’s coming just around the corner if the tribulation period and the revealing of the Antichrist, who I believe is likely to emerge from the Rothschild Jewish banking dynasty. the Palestinians have long been pawns in a massive global conspiracy, provoked to anger and violence by a vicious and deceitful foe: the Rothschild Zionists who own and control Israel and the US.

      • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.vanderklein Darryl Vanderklein

        I pray for your soul. The conclusions you people draw are impossible to logically string together and clearly inspired by demonic spiritual oppression. I suggest you seek exorcism before you find yourself riddled with illness and having sporadic bouts of memory loss.

        • Anonymous

          Nice try. Just because it is impossible for you to see the truth does not mean that the revelation of it is demonically inspired. In point of fact, God only reveals the truth to his born again elect who submit their lives fully to His will. I am such a man; you clearly are not. God sends a strong delusion on people who refuse to believe the truth and so you believe a,lie and are condemned for delighting in wickedness, as 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 clearly explains. But it is not likely to make any sense to you if you do not have God’s Holy Spirit guiding you on what it means.

    • http://twitter.com/janetspillows janetspillows

      Snowleopard you are very smart. I completely agree with your post. I am so sad to see this all happening before my eyes. I wish it was all a nightmare. God only know what lies ahead. I don’t blame Israel one bit for what they are doing. They have been a target of hatred for so long and don’t deserve this not even for a minute more. Obama is a coward as far as I am concerned and could care less about Israel. He cares more about Putin of Russia and Chavez of Venezuela. They are just like him. Dictators out to destroy. Obama is the Anti-Christ and he doesn’t fool me one bit. I see through his fake smile. All we can do is pray that God helps Israel and us here in the U.S.

      • tatka150

         Thank you for the great post,janetspillows.
        Sounds,like you’ve read my mind.
        Agree with you  and snowleopard completely.
        And pray for Israel.
        I am sure,G-d will help.

    • barak barak

      You’re right, they’ve got the option called “Sampson”. The one who knows the history in the bible, knows what i means.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        The name I last heard it called is “Masada Option.” 

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are seeing the opening moves of a local war in the Gaza strip region; all too easily it can flare to a Middle Eastern regional war and then to a global war over many areas. 

    Understand clearly, the next great war will be one of conventional armies and terrorism, of partisans and extremism. It will be between ideologies that can brook no other existing in the world in any shape or form.

    This matter has been brewing for years, and now Obama has ignited the flames to burn the whole world down. May God have mercy on his soul.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is a demagogue to be sure, but he is only the most recent in a long line of stooges fulfilling the dreams and executing the directives of the globalist masters he and every President since Woodrow Wilson has had to bow to and serve.

      What is brewing now in the Middle East is the start of WWIII which Albert Pike, Grand Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry predicted in his book, “Morals and Dogma,” published in 1871.  The idea then and now was and is to pit nominally white Christian nations (led by the US) against Arab Muslim ones and have these two world powers annihilate each other while the Illuminati of Freemasonry profit from the carnage on both sides.  This is way bigger than Obama.  We are living in the final days of the end times right before the tribulation prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24.  This cannot be stopped by any acts of man.  Only YHWH, the true God of the Bible and His son Yahushua can halt the carnage that’s coming, and my reading of Scripture tells me that it’s not likely that God will halt it.  God’s patience with foolish mankind is just about up.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    A question: given the insanity of how Obama is setting the world alight with fire, could he see himself as the 12th Imadi?

    • Anonymous

      His tongue certainly is that of a viper….so yes. Notice how agitated he gets when questioned or confronted.

  • Anonymous

    Israel going also going to need watch for sneak sucker punch of a massive air raid attack from Turkey !!!!!!  Plus how can they trust obama got Israel back,when he could not even back U.S citizens on U.S territory in Benghazi Libya, ???????  Second he come up with a ruse or lame excuse that all U.S carriers are near the gulf of Iran encase of attack from that direction.!!! Then obama say oops even we giving Egypt military aid that our military ships cannot go ahead of line in the Suez Canal or even use the Canal!! So they cannot shore up Israel northern border with Mediterranean Sea for a sneak attack on Israel from Turkey ,sorry all our ships guarding attack from Iran are now bottle up there . That just fine to obama the back stabber !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • landofaahs

    Interesting times.  Come Lord Jesus.

  • Anonymous

    Some advice for our Israeli friends; you see, in Arabic the name Allah interpreted simply means Willy – Wilfred – Willard – Will – William… got it….so the next time your commanding officer gives the order to Fire at WILL – don’t just stand there like a bunch of dummies shoot!    

  • Anonymous

    Israel can defend themselves just fine. They are totally justified in this instance.

  • landofaahs

    Israel has the right to smite her enemies at will.  I pray that no Christians are caught up in that kind of muslim evil.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W3E3M5V2NSS63M35NQ6QSCIOPI imnoangel512

    I hope israel prevails and islam is struck a death blow

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Hopkins/1028236850 Bruce Hopkins

       Note that the Muslim attackers and murderers are faithfully following the Koran!  Here is a list of that wretched book’s instructions to its followers:


      Islam is a :religion: of death and destruction, something the American press will never say.

      • Anonymous

        If you are studying other religion’s holy books, you might wish to check out the Jewish Talmud and see what it teaches also.  You will be truly shocked and horrified by what it teaches.

        • Anonymous

          Islamists treat the quran as operative to be exactly followed as in ancient history, no compromise.
          Jews are speculative.

          • Anonymous

            Jews rule the world and their worldview is defined by the Talmud and the Kaballah. this small people group is responsible for more sedition, murder and atrocities than all other people groups combined: over 136 million exterminations in the Communist countries of the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam and Cambodia by their own Jewish-inspired communist governments to consolidate power. these deaths alone total more than all the deaths in all the wars of recorded human history. Speculative my ass!

            To claim that all Muslims treat the Quran as something exactly to be followed is naive and disingenuous, if not outright dishonest. How many people who claim to be Christians come close to adhering to the teachings of he Bible without exception? Very few. I am one of them. Most self=proclaimed Christians are complete frauds. I am certain that most self-proclaimed Muslims are no different.

          • Anonymous

             Unfortunately, we are not allowed to criticize the jews.

          • Anonymous

            So we just tell the truth of their endless lies and atrocities against the rest of humanity. If we cower in fear at their vicious reprisals, they have won. The truth is the most powerful weapon in the world, but we have to be prepared to use it with courage. Those of us who know it, must speak it boldly to teach others so that the whole world will know and expose their lies for what they really are.

          • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.baca.758 Sandy Baca

            This small group of people (the Jews) are not responsible for no more powers nor deaths than any other group. Stop the Hate!

          • Anonymous

            The truth is not hate. It is time that the truth was revealed. Under V.I. Lenin and Joseph Stalin Bolshevik leaders, 90% of whom were Jewish, led the murder of 60 million white Russian non-Jews to consolidate political power. Then under Mao Tse-Tung, American Jewish advisors led the bloody dictator to exterminate 70 million Chinese to consolidate power, just as was done in the Soviet Union. Under Ho Chi-Minh in Vietname, 4 million Vietnamese, and under Pol Pot, 2 million Cambodians were similarly murdered. the math is quite simple: at least 136 million people under Jewish-inspired Communist regimes were murdered by their own governments in the 20th century. This number of deaths exceeds all the deaths in all the wars of recorded human history! Moreover, the alleged gassing of 6 million Jews in the camps and mobile gassing vans of Nazi Germany is a colossal fraud and a hoax of monumental proportions.

            Finally, under the founder of the modern day state of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, Israeli terrorist groups and the army engaged in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and villages inside the borders of the UN mandated state.

            You would do well to get your facts straight before making such a ludicrous claim.

            How is it not hateful on the part of the Jewish people to murder millions of innocent victims? I must be confused. How do you define hate and how are such atrocities as these not considered the height of hatred? I believe you are very confused.

          • Anonymous

            WRONG, TOTALLY WRONG, Watchman.  COMMUNISTS are responsible for those exterminations.  Jews had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with them.  Enough of your stupid BS please.

            Communism is NOT and has NEVER been inspired by Judaism.  Communism has ALWAYS been inspired by something called ATHEISM.  In fact, atheism is the very foundation of Communism.  Get a clue and SHUT UP, please.

          • Anonymous

            You need to start reading, because you are only half-informed. At least you have sufficient integrity to acknowledge the 136 million plus deaths in the 20th century that were the result of 4 communist regimes consolidating political power by exterminating Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian citizens by their own Communist governments. What you either are lying or ignorant about is that 90@ of the Bolshevik leaders who perpetrated t least 60 million of these crimes against humanity were Jewish. What you also fail to acknowledge is that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion at page 9: “Do not imagine that our assertions are empty words. Note here the success pf Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche prearranged by us. The demoralising effect of the tendencies of these sciences on the Gentile mind should certainly be obvious to us.”

            anbd before you dismiss the Protocols as a forgery, ask yourself: “Do these Protocols not fully reflect what has happened in world history since these Protocols were published in English in 1920?” They most certainly do.

            Atheism is merely a cover for Communism and Judaism. In reality, they worship Satan himself. Get a clue and get educated before you spout off next time. You are woefully ignorant of the truth.

          • Anonymous

            Nope. the one here who is NOT informed at all is YOU ignoramus. Your 90% number is a TOTALLY BOGUS LIE. It is a DOCUMENTED FACT that Jews made up JUST 5% of the Bolshevik party in Russia. That is a DOCUMENTED FACT based on ACTUAL DOCUMENTED RECORDS, lol.

            The one who is woefully ignorant of the truth here, son, would be YOU. Atheism is NO cover for Communism at all. Atheism is the very foundation of Communism. Atheism also is certainly no cover for Judaism, lol. You see, Jews actually have a faith in God. God is their cover.

            You really need to get a clue and get educated before you spout off some more lies next time. I mean, your claim that Jews made up 90% of the Bolsheviks is easily disproven by a quick 5 second Google search, lol. I mean, when you want to make up lies, you should make up lies that are NOT so easily disproven.

          • Anonymous

            Your ridicule merely reveals your lack of character and nothing more.

            Denial of the truth of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is merely a smoke screen, and a not very credible one at that.

            Those who occupy Israel today are usurpers, interlopers and imposters and nothing more. Ashkenazi Jews run Israel and Ashkenazi Jews are well documented as being the descendants of the ancient Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted to Talmudic Judaism from phallic-worshiping paganism in 740 A.D. for reasons of political expediency.

            Those of us in the know know that the Talmud is the most despicable, hateful, racist and bigoted set of teachings that have ever existed that are viciously anti-Christian. So spare me your pathetic bullshit. And it’s just like a Talmudic, Freemason Crypto-Jew to threaten his detractors who speak the truth with violence. You’re all a bunch of vicious, immoral thugs!

            It is not hate to expose the criminal acts of liars with the truth. Speaking the truth and exposing evil is the first step in attaining long-delayed justice for those the Jewish people have perpetrated hideous atrocities upon. Get over your psychopathic rants and deceitful appeals to sympathy and pity for a people group who have a 2000 + year history of sedition, immorality, extortion, murder that they have brought to every host culture they have invaded. That which has long been hidden is being revealed, precisely as Jesus told His disciples they would be in Matthew 10:26. Your lies have run their course. Now it’s time for truth to prevail.

          • Anonymous

            Nope. Denial of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is simply a denial of your OUTRIGHT LIES. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are a PROVEN fraud, lol. Go back to Germany, please, Neo-NAZI.

            And criminal acts? Sorry, buffoon. The criminal acts were those caused by the Palestinians when they terrorizes Israelis early on. Those hideous atrocities were perpetrated on the Jews by the Palestinians. This is just according to nearly EVERY SINGLE HISTORIAN on the ENTIRE planet, lol. You can ignore them, but it won’t change the DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL FACTS.

            It certainly is time for truth to prevail. So, please, STFU. Your lies will NOT let that truth to prevail. You are a sad insult to the human race.

            Please, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? NO ONE with a working brain cell takes any of that trash seriously. It was created by a Jew hating Antisemitic Russian, for crying out loud, and promoted by the likes of Adolph Hitler and several militant Islamic regimes in the Mid East. NO ONE who actually understands the history of the fraud of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion takes ANYONE who promotes its falsehoods seriously. So, please. Get off the internet unless you can get yourself properly informed. You are ONLY hurting matters here.

          • Anonymous

            You really are dedicated to advancing lies aren’t you? There is nothing proving that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is even remotely fraudulent, but once the deceitful Zionist liars were exposed with the truth, what option did they have other than to deny it and attempt to dismiss it as a fraud. After all, they owned the media and the educational establishment and so could repeat the lie often enough that most people would be stupid enough to believe them. But not all of us. It simply doesn’t work any longer. Everything laid out in the Protocols has been realized since then.

            You would do well to read Israeli historian Ilan Pappe’s 2007 book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” based on his examination of Israeli military records concerning the Nabka and numerous other atrocities perpetrated upon the Palestinians by Jewish terrorist and army organization under the direction and leadership of David Ben-Gurion, the founder of the modern-day Jewish state of Israel. Oh it is true alright that hundreds of Jewish-sympathizing accidental view historians have toed the part line and promulgated the lies of the rogue terrorist state of apartheid Israel for decades for money and bribes, but those narratives simply do not fit the inconvenient facts of the massive superiority of military muscle of the Rothschild Zionists from Day One.

            The Crypto-Jews who rule the world today are nothing short of treasonous liars and frauds. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out anymore. Just the reading of a few books will reveal the truth. They are: “The Jews and Their Lies,” by Martin Luther, “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabinnical Teachings Concerning Christians,” by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, who was assassinated by Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1930s for daring to expose their lies, the previously mentioned “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” “The Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star,” by Texe Marrs, and more recently, “Synagogue Rising,” by Hugh Akins. They all corroborate and reaffirm one another. The inconvenient truth is seeping out, no matter how much you and your fellow co-conspirators endeavor to smear your detractors and keep repeating your tired lies.

            And just for the record, the Holocaust was a complete farce, fraud and hoax designed to provide a moral shield for the Rothschild-Zionist murderers of 60 million white Russian non-Jews whose Bolshevik LEADERS were 90% Jewish, to hide behind and use to manipulate public opinion to permit them to steal the land of Palestine from the Palestinians. The evidence is there for the few who are honest and courageous enough to examine the evidence objectively. Once again, books that lay out the evidence are easy to find for anyone genuinely concerned about the truth. “A Greater “Miracle” Than the Ten Lost Tribes Discovered… The Dead “Six Million” Uncovered…!” by Brian Alois Cleraubat and “Debating the Holocaust,” by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D. reveals that the world’s media and educational systems have been promulgating this hideous lie for over 60 years now, unjustly impugning the character of the German people and exacting huge financial reparations that amount to a Jewish mafia shakedown of the Germans, merely because they lost the war. To the victors go the ability to rewrite history. But eventually, the fraud is revealed. That’s part of what’s happening here. Get over it. Those who have been defrauded by the likes of you are mad as hell at the injustices perpetrated upon millions of innocent non-Jews, and dedicated to exposing your crimes for all the world to see. The truth is the most powerful weapon in the world and you are on the wrong side. Eventually your sins will find you out. It’s time for both truth and justice to prevail. It’s long overdue.

            And as for a working brain cells, I can run circles around you any time, am honest as the day is long and very well read. You are no match for me and I am highly motivated to expose the likes of you for exactly who and what you are: an arrogant, deceitful, ignorant liar. And I’m understating it.

            Get lost, fool.

          • Anonymous

            And you would do well to quit being an uninformed, hateful, antisemitic moron. EVERYTHING on this planet, EVERYTHING, proves that Protocols of the Elders of Zion is fraudulent. I didn’t event bother to read the rest of your uninformed, hateful, ignorant, antisemitic post because there is no point. NO ONE with a working brain cell is going to take idiots like you seriously.

          • Anonymous

            It is you who is the hateful bigot and uninformed. Most Jews have no Semitic blood, so cut the smoke screen crap.

            When criminals are exposed, they run and hide in the dark corners and seek to discredit those who are finally exposing them for their wicked and criminal behaviors what have wreaked grave injustices on million of non-Jews for the last 2000 years.

            All of this was permitted to deceive many for centuries by virtue of the Crypto-Jews who own and control all major media outlets and other information sources and use that control to manipulate and distort the truth. The Protocols openly acknowledge this strategy. But apparently you don’t read anything but that which confirms and reinforces the lies your have already bought into. Such is the mark of an abject fool. He’s unteachable and lacks any semblance of real integrity. How completely pathetic and wicked!

          • Anonymous

            LOL Actually, most Jews DO have Semitic blood. DNA evidence proves it. I’m not the one with the smoke screen here. YOU are.

            Again, I refuse to read beyond that first statement of yours. NOTHING you say is credible. NOTHING you say is reliable simply because EVERYTHING you have claimed thus far fly in the face of DOCUMENTED HISTORICAL and even scientific facts. Your smoke screens will be largely ignored by the community here because most in the community here are NOT bigoted, uninformed hypocrites like you.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            Is that all you’ve got? I’m underwhelmed. You own arguments are committing suicide and you’re just making yourself look more foolish than you already are. You have no facts and everything you spout are lies. You are very confused.

            And by the way, documented just means written down. Peel the onion and look at the hard evidence and your arguments melt like soft butter. And science? Name me one scientific discipline that is not hideously corrupted and distorted by advocacy science. Start with the answer and work backward. Yeah, right: that sure has intellectual and scholarly integrity.

            Oh, I may be in the minority here in this community, but I’m providing the trail of bread crumbs for others to duplicate my research. Most won’t bother. But a few, the ones who will make a difference, will be inspired to go look to see what I’m talking about. And when they look, they are going to be inflamed with rage over the depth and scope of the betrayals and deceits foisted upon all of us. I’m growing an army of those who know the truth and with each passing day, the shroud of mystery is being revealed… Enjoy your misplaced power while you have it. It’s going away…

          • Anonymous

            Keep telling yourself that Watchman. The unfortunate truth for you is that EVERYTHING I have told you thus far, EVERY BIT OF IT, is a DOCUMENTED FACT that can be easily backed up by a quick 5 second Google search, lol. Just Google Protocols of the Elders of Zion fraud, and tell me exactly how many sites you come up with that actually prove the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be an authentic document. You won’t find very many, lol. So, again, take your PROVEN lies elsewhere please. Good bye now. No point in responding to your COMPLETE and UTTER idiocy again, so going forward, I will do what I actually did in the past, and just ignore you anti-Semitic rants.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You invoking the lame claim of anti-Semitism just doesn’t cut it and anyone with half a brain left ought to know that. Yes, most of the world has been pre-programed through endless means of psychological warfare to be triggered by certain words that have been hijacked and twisted to evoke emotional responses that circumvent the conscious mind, but sooner or later, a few of us wake up to these nefarious tricks and expose them for what they are. The Jews, as a people group, believe in some hideous teachings which they live out in their daily lives to the detriment of the rest of us. Get over it! You do bad things, you’re going to eventually get caught! When you respond by labeling someone with a label that they’re not, you’re just revealing yourself to be a hateful, dishonest thug and nothing more.

            Oh, now your measure of truth is how may false claims have been posted to Google that the Protocols are a fraud vs. number of sites that defend it, is that it? Give me a break! How patently absurd! anyone ought to be able to see through this lame argument and specious claim.

            Everyone should know that Google is a tool of the globalist Crypto-Jewish-Freemasonry elite, designed to advance their agenda toward world enslavement, which is precisely what the Protocols reveal. This is why the globalists had to pull out an all-out campaign of disinformation to create a smokescreen to cover the embarrassing leakage of a vitally revealing document that they don’t want the rest of us to see, because if enough of us got wise to their agenda, we would have done something to stop it long ago. But it is too late now. It’s all an accomplished fact. Most of the spiritually dead zombies inhabiting our planet today remain clueless about it, and you are struggling mightily with me to advance that cause and making a complete and utter fool out of yourself in the process. You do my work for me! This is too easy! You and I both know that you are a pathetic, wicked liar and nothing more.

            Folks: Get and read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. If you haven’t heard of it, you should have, because it’s the second most widely book in the world, after the Bible. The US Defense Dept. took it seriously enough to analyze and distribute their analysis to every member of Congress around 1930. There has been an all-out campaign to suppress awareness of its existence and its contents ever since. Now let me ask you an obvious question: why would anyone exert so much effort to try to convince you that anything was false if it really were false? Why not just let the facts speak for themselves? Or is there a nefarious global conspiracy of wicked liars ruling our world today? And who is known as the father of lies in the the Bible? Well, that would be Satan himself.

            The truth is hated by a world that lies and lives in darkness. But lies seek to destroy human beings, as does Satan. Billions of human beings are going to die in the very near future because they failed to heed the warnings contained in the Bible, which has never been proven to be anything other than what it claims to be: the flawless words of God revealed to man by authors He inspired. Anything which contradicts it is, by definition, a lie designed to harm you. Please wake up to this reality before it’s too late.

          • Anonymous

            OK. I know I said I was just going to continue to ignore you, but your final words are absolutely appalling here when taken in context with you anti-Semitic remarks.

            You say that billions of human beings are going to die in the very near future because they failed to heed the warnings contained in the Bible, which has never been proven to be anything other than what it claims to be: the flawless words of God revealed to man by authors He inspired. Anything which contradicts it is, by definition, a lie designed to harm you. Now, that is true. However, your claim that Jews are not Semites and are the ones attacking Palestinians without reason are claims that CONTRADICT the Bible and fly right in the face of God’s word. Now, people like you, who contradict God’s word regularly by attacking the Jews, God’s CHOSEN people, when ALL the Jews are doing is trying to defend THEIR OWN homeland are absolutely sickening. What’s worse is you use God’s Word to do it, despite the fact that God’s Word, IN NO WAY, support your case. People like you are a sad insult to real true Christians. Please, just go away.

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            I see you having fun with the resident conspiracy theorist. Their no reasoning with fools that don’t read history friend I know I tried to crack this nut before with no luck. I wonder how he feels about messianic Jews?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, well. I’ve come across him before. I usually just ignored his antics, but I felt to say something here, lol. I mean, the facts are very clearly against him in every way, and he doesn’t see it.

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            Well it fun anyways how have you been?

          • Anonymous

            Oh, I’ve been well. How ’bout you?

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            I been all right I lost my job last month I don’t know if I am happy or sad about that because I hated my job but I miss being paid. They picked a heck of a time to do so because now not many people are still hiring many places are cutting hours back and letting go people. I wonder how so many people have been so stupid to vote back in someone who has no clue what he is doing to us in the working class.

          • Anonymous

            We cab thank Obama and the idiot dems for some of those cut backs and firings. It will get much worse when Obamacare fully kicks in.

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            Oh it going to get far worse more than people realize. Still I am hopeful.

          • Anonymous

            I remain hopeful too, but with the Idiot in Chief Obama, I’m not expecting anything good. It’s just time to bite the bullet and hope we can survive Obama’s destruction well enough to rebuild.

          • http://youtu.be/ff8jDkOHp3U Sam Fisher

            It like to trains running into each other you just know there a mess coming. At least now I can try my skills out that I been learning when the poo hits the fan.

          • Anonymous

            Well, good luck with that. Under Obama, we all need a bit of luck.

          • Watchman on the Wall

            You are completely ignorant and too lazy to pick up a few books to get yourself educated on the facts aren’t you? I know, I know, don’t bother you with the facts… Taking such a stance you have no right to challenge anyone on anything because you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

            I am one of God’s Chosen People and I am no Jew! I am a genetic descendant of the 12 Hebrew Tribes AND a spiritual descendant of Abraham by virtue of my beling a born again follower of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. The vast majority of Jews in the world today (~90% of the 14 – 18 million Jews worldwide)are Ashkenazi Jews. Jewish author Arthur Koestler, in his book, “The Thirteenth Tribe,” documents that Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted to Talmudic Judaism in 740 A.D. from phallic pagan worship for reasons of political expediency. They wished to avoid getting swallowed up by the Caliphate of Islam or the Easter Roman Empire which was Christian. The leaders of world Jewry, who rule the world today and who run Israel are Ashkenazi Rothschild-Zionist Jews. That means they don’t have a drop of Semitic blood in them! How about them apples? So the Jews of Israel today are interlopers and usurpers of the true claims of the 12 Hebrew Tribes of ancient Israel. They have no connection. What they claim is a bald faced lie!

            Now as to the spiritual descendants of Abraham, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the dominant teachings of the Jewish worldview are derived from the Jewish Talmud, which the rabbis teach trumps the Old Testament or Tanak as the source of all Jewish spiritual authority. And what does this little revealed set of writings, the Talmud, actually teach? The most hateful, racist, bigoted and vile teachings ever put forth on this earth! For proof of this, two books are in order: 1) “The Jews and Their Lies,” by Martin Luther in 1547, and 2) “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabinnical Teachings Concerning Christians,” by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis in 1905 (for which he was later assassinated by Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1930s). It seems someone wasn’t too please that the true teachings of the Talmud were exposed to non-Jews… One has to be completely without morals, scruples or integrity to conclude that the Talmud is anything other than a set of Satanic teachings that the Jews are the Master Race, intended by their god Satan to enslave and abuse the rest of mankind forever. This would make for a good horror flick, if it were not 100% true! And it is. There is nothing even remotely consistent between the hateful teachings of the Talmud and the Books of the Old Testament. To claim otherwise, you have to be a complete liar and sociopath. And that is precisely what the Crypto-Jewish-Freemasons who make up the inner circle of the global elites are: abject liars and sociopaths (people without a conscience). So don’t you ever give me this bullcrap about the Jews being God’s Chosen People! That is a lie straight from the pits of hell and the devil whom they truly serve. How DARE you associate these lying scum with the God of the Bible, YHWH, Yahuwah! People like you make me want to puke you are so vile and deceitful.

            The Rothschild-Zionist Ashkenazi Jews stole Palestine from the Palestinians and committed genocide and ethnic cleansing of 800,000 Palestinians under the direction of David Ben-Gurion in 1947 and 1948, as documented by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe in his 2007 book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.” Thankfully, at least one Israeli is decent enough to document the truth for the rest of us. I’m sure he is paying dearly for his courageous work.

            Cut the anti-Semite psychological warfare psycho-babble! When criminals commit crimes, they deserve to be exposed and brought to justice. You’re just mouthing the globalists’ vacuous claim that the whole planet has found the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to be a fraud. You know what? You don’t speak for the whole planet, so stop confusing yourself with the God of the Bible, because you ain’t anywhere near close!

            After the Jews fraudulently steal Palestine from the Palestinians, you have the audacity to claim, “when ALL the Jews are doing is trying to defend THEIR OWN homeland?” Now that claim is absolutely sickening! You’re a complete sociopath, aren’t you? No hesitancy to spout the most absurd lies and expect anyone to believe you? You are one deranged nutcase! You are nothing less than a son of the devil!

          • Anonymous

            Wrong again, Watchman.  A grand total of ONLY 5% of the Bolshevik population was Jewish.  This is a DOCUMENTED FACT.  Your over 90% claim is an ABSOLUTE LIE, lol.

            And, of course, you have your facts wrong about that supposes genocide of 800,000 Palestinians.  Why am I not surprised?  You really are a massive idiot concerning Israel you know.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Perry-Wall/100002811879244 Perry Wall

        Islam is a political system

      • Anonymous

        The children of Ishmael will not win, But neither will we, unless we stand beside our brethren Israel.

        • Anonymous

           Speak for yourself bro. Israelis are NOT my brethren.

          • http://www.facebook.com/sandy.baca.758 Sandy Baca

            Your ignorance is your problem not the Israelis.

          • Anonymous

             I, a Baha’i, very much know who your brethren are, so does God!

    • Anonymous

       I hope they both prevail and humanity can move on without them.

    • Anonymous

      Before you pick sides, I suggest you study the truth of history.  Those who rule Israel today are vicious sociopaths who have been lying endlessly to the world for decades.

      The truth is that disenfranchised Muslims have been left no recourse but to fight back at the twin Satans of Israel and America after endless abuse of miliary intrusions into Muslim countries defending vicious tyrants.

      9-11 was an inside job perpetrated on America by the Israeli Mossad, our own CIA and with the full knowledge and support of our top government leaders and the membership of the CFR.  It was a false flag attack blamed on Muslim extemists so that the global elites could enslave Americans with the Patrior Act, the DHS, the TSA, the NDAA and many other acts of treason, for which they have gotten away scott free.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were over the imposition of a central bank on Iraq and control over their oil reserves, and over the supply of oil and opium poppies in Afghanistan.  Al-Qaida was funded and set up by our own CIA.  it’s all just smoke and mirrors and psychological warfare being waged by our own government against the American people.

      Wake up!  Don’t believe their lying propaganda one minute longer!

      • barak barak

        Lol, too much non-sence

        • Anonymous

          Ridicule and no facts or logical reasoning is not persuasive. I’m underwhelmed.

          • j hart

            you dont know the facts …you have been brainwashed by satan

          • Watchman on the Wall

            I most assuredly do know the facts and your denial of the obvious merely makes you look foolish: not that you give a damn, do you?

            Your vain and ineffective attempts to suppress the truth aren’t working any longer. Matthew 10:26-28 is now being fulfilled and nothing you try to do can stop it. Almighty God is behind this. He never lies, changes or fails. That means you’re in big trouble.

    • Bonnie Somer

      someone nds 2 stand up for our beliefs, israel like anyother country can and must defend itself.  We would, i hope.   Islam is destructive but obama we can c is the person who they can depend on i agree i hope we do something but not w/obama as prez i don’t c that. Obama c’s himself as a child and these extremists as what he is a person who is making up for America heblames us and he is like a jihady, he c’s America his country, not as we c it but as the wrongdoer not the protector. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000364792093 Marlene Klein

    Israel is in a bad spot. Kind of like Chris Stevens. If Israel sends an SOS will anyone respond? No one did for Stevens. That’s a shame. 9/11/12

  • Anonymous

    Israel will be protected by the One True God, it is America who should be trembling.

    • Anonymous

      I hope you’re not a Christian. That’s bull shit.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, but offending him will not advance the truth.  Patience and careful teaching of the truth might.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Hopkins/1028236850 Bruce Hopkins

       If you study (and understand) Scripture, you’ll see that God formed Israel  in order to bring forth the Messiah.  When Israel rejected Him, God–through the Apostles and disciples–preached to them for about 40 years … and gave His final stamp of disapproval in A.D. 70 with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem.

      • http://www.facebook.com/darryl.vanderklein Darryl Vanderklein

        Final stamp of disapproval? I think people need to get better acquainted with the Bible. There is scripture after scripture stating God’s faithfulness is infinite and outweighs the Jewish people’s failings, as well as the multitude of failings of Gentiles. After the death of Christ, God never writes off the living. Here are some examples of God’s will toward the Jewish people.

        Jeremiah 33:8
        I will cleanse them from all the guilt of their sin against me, and I will forgive all the guilt of their sin and rebellion against me.

        Ezekiel 11:17
        Therefore say, ‘Thus says the Lord God: I will gather you from the peoples and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.

    • Anonymous

      This is complete nonsense!  Those occupying Israel today are not the true descendants of the ancient Hebrews; descendants of white Europeans are.

      And as for the claim of the Jews that they are the spiritual descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you need to study what the Jewish Talmud, their high holy book, teaches.  If you are paying attention is will disgust and horrify you.

      Numerous American evangelical pastors have been deceiving millions of evangelical Christians into believing that the Jews who occupy Israel today are one and the same as the ancient nation of Israel to whom God promised to bless those who bless Israel.  They simply are not that at all!

      Those occupying Israel today are usurpers, interlopers and frauds.  They have nothing in common with the promises of God made to Abraham.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Morgan/100000253121773 Carol Morgan

         we shall see…sooner than we think!

        • Anonymous

          We are in the final days of the end times. The tribulation period is just around the corner. Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 10:26. My revelations here are part of that. The world has been enshrouded in lies for centuries. Those lies are now coming to light because YHWH (the God of the Bible) is revealing the truth to those of us who number among His elect – His true Chosen Ones.

          The Jews have been victorious over their adversaries because they deal in treachery and deceit and have an overwhelming military advantage – not because YHWH is uniquely blessing them. He is using them to set the stage for the second coming of Yahushua or Jesus to destroy the wicked. First among them will be the Talmudic Jews who have betrayed the world with their endless lies and atrocities against all non-Jews, but particularly directed at white Europeans – the true descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes who the Jews secretly hate with a passion, but can easily be proven.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=617264809 Greg Hampton

    Israel will not be overrun, Israel will not be defeated, Israel does not need the USA as an ally, they have a much more powerful Ally.  The USA will find that not supporting Israel is the mother of all mistakes…and will condemn us to destruction.

    • Anonymous

       Bull shit.  God isn’t a racist bigot.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DAQQPFGGFEPWDM3DRJ2OFJAMY Jake

      we have allready condemnd uwerselvs to destruction, can yo say OBAMA? if we are realy lucky israel will take out thair real  enemies, and send one to the white house.

  • Anonymous

    If you are referring to Israel’s claims to be God’s Chosen People, you are seriously in error.  The world has been hideously deceived into believing this horrific lie, but a careful study of world history reveals it to be otherwise.

    Israel is ruled and owned by Rothschild-Zionists, almost all of whom are Ashkenazi Jews.  That distinction signifieds that they are descended from the ancient central Asisn nation of Khazaria


  • Anonymous

    If you are referring to Israel’s claims to be God’s Chosen People, you are seriously in error.  The world has been hideously deceived into believing this horrific lie, but a careful study of world history reveals it to be otherwise.

    Israel is ruled and owned by Rothschild-Zionists, almost all of whom are Ashkenazi Jews.  That distinction signifies that they are descended from the ancient central Asian nation of Khazaria, whose king and nobles converted from paganism to Talmudic-Judaism in 740 A.D. strictly for reasons of political expediency.

    You have to study what the Talmud teaches to understand the significance of what I just wrote.  I refer you to the book, “The Talmud Unmasked: the Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,” by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis who was assassinated by Jewish Bolsheviks for his courage in publishing this book or “The Jews and Their Lies,” by none other than Martin Luther.  Both authors reveal the same hideous teachings in the Talmud that form the foundation of the Jewish worldview.  It is anything but in keeping with the teachings of Old Testament Scripture.

    Thus, those who occupy the land of Palestine today are interlopers, usurpers and thieves who have no legitimate genetic or spiritual claim to the land they stole from the Palestinians in 1948.  And do not be deceived by the appeals to our sympathy for the Jewish people because of the Nazi holocaust, because the evidence is quite clear that the story of 6 million Jews being gassed by the Nazis is a complete fraud designed to conceal and mask a much greater holocaust that Jewish Bolshevik leaders perpetrated on 60 million white Russian non-Jews under Lenin and Stalin to consolidate political power.  This is worthy of tremendous moral outrage directed at those who adhere to the teachings and beliefs of the Jewish Talmud – the most bigoted, hateful and racist set of teachings that have ever hit this planet.


  • http://twitter.com/CensoredCyclist Censored Cyclist

    I was thinking perhaps the Israeli Palestinian dispute is primarily about land, and the reason Islamists were pivitol in rioting against dictatorships in the arab spring is that the only opposition party allowed in police states is the Mosque.

    But no, now I know we must support the dictators against their peoples, and deny the Palestinians a state, because that is the best way to defend our obviously strong belief in freedom.

    Freedom rocks!

  • http://twitter.com/JudyDugdale2 Judy Dugdale

    Thanks Glenn for being one of the only media out there that has the guts to tell the truth.

    I appreciate honest reporting!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GW6ALM3N2YFTOT6TN3GZGAHQG4 Frank Balcer

    Israel has the right to live & prosper, they have the right to exist & keep their land.  the Backstabber in chief will do nothing to help them. Israelis are God’s chosen people & He will have His justice brought upon those that harm them, it will be done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Hopkins/1028236850 Bruce Hopkins

    @Xerogon:twitter :  The “end” that Daniel spoke of was the end of the Jewish nation in 70 A.D., as are the “last days” in Matthew.  When you “clear up your thinking” on Revelation, you revert to experiential religion, which proves/justifies nothing.  You also didn’t deal with the 4 verses at the beginning and ending of the book of Revelation.

    The interpretation that I preach was the COMMON one from the First Century up until the 1800s when pentecostalism and experiential religion raised their ugly heads.  As much as you hate it, it’s correct.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X2NAPSXIXUJPOPPGU6CXVFQFLA Snorri Sturluson

    Given that the Gaza population as well as most of the populations of  Islamic countries are against Israel’s existence, no amount of war will resolve this conflict. The only result will be postponing more violence against Israel until the next war. The source of Israel’s being terrorist attacked is Iran. What the middle east and the world may be facing is nuclear disaster followed by a pandemic and famine. It’s really stupid, but hate and revenge are never smart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1371819727 Victoria Ross Ledesma

    Yes, because all those civilians, including children and pregnant women sure are a threat to the apartheid state of Israel. Jesus must be proud of all the Christians cheering the killings of unarmed innocent civilians in Gaza. There will be a special place in heaven for you.

  • Anonymous

    Israel is one of the only true friends the USA has and if we know what is good for us we will back them to the hilt. If you happen to be a Christian you need to wake up and smell the coffee, as you have been grafted in to Israel.  Don’t be a coward and  hide behind spiritual or physical Israel either.  Jerusalem is being rocketed, what more do you need to know? Stand for something or Die for NOTHING!  

    • Anonymous

       Let’s shoot babies in a fishbowl–how noble.

  • Anonymous

    The CUFI’s with the Zionist Jews is a great coalition—the success of one parties agenda will wipe out the other–what a great marriage. Glenn does not tell you that the joint chiefs of the USA denounce backing up an Israeli offensive by saying they would not be complicit in a strike–complicit is a criminal term.-why Glenn? Who is more American than our joint chiefs? The CIA says our greatest enemy is the Mossad and Israel? Why don’t you tell us that Glenn? Why? The Israeli population does not agree with the Israeli government — Ex-IDF soldiers openly denounce the IDF brutality and inhumanity towards the Palestinians and actual Holocaust survivors denounce Israel openly—Why does not Glenn tell you both ides? Can you trust Glenn Beck? He was removed because all of his work on Fox ran into one wall–all the problems of the world are financial and all those problems land on one doorstep–zionism. Glenn is not genuine–he is genuinely bought. I salute his business savvy and survivalist savvy in regard to kneeling to his masters–after all Glenn does have a family.

  • Anonymous

    Headline on Foxnews.com  White House Says Israel Has Right To Defend Itself Against Hamas
    How terribly gracious of them.  How I cannot stand this insincere and phony administration.

    • William Clark

      And what about the Palestinians who have all but been exterminated since Israel stole their land?

      • Anonymous

        What about them, I think it was their doing not Israels. Exterminated seems to be a little bit of an exaggeration wouldn’t you say?

        • William Clark

          When you force people from their homeland and into a small area, build a wall around them, then cut off their supplies and contact with the outside world what does that look like?

          • Anonymous

            You really do look at the world through blinders now don’t you.

          • William Clark

            Nope. Unlike you, I look at multiple media sources and make my own decisions. 

          • William Clark

            The Israeli soldier in this video refers to the Gaza civilians as being treated like animals and locked inside of an “open-air prison.” I’m not just making this stuff up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oldaN16Nu2w

          • Anonymous

            The only thing I can say to you William Clark is that maybe you should be going through personally what Isarael is going through,not having a friend in the world. This is all because of hateful people that can’t seem to get it through their thick heads that Israelis have a right to be right where they are whether you or people like you don’t agree. God will hold you all accountable.

  • Anonymous
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TPYB7J2BTVYJ4JKBQZTMAU3BNQ Vinny

    Finally, someone who’s speaking the truth against terrorist Israel’s war crimes and genocide.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5emPdIZMas

  • Anonymous

    The possible big picture with Benghazi that deals with Israel ???  It was pre- plan attack by Iran back fractions to shift world focus off Iran racing to attain nuclear weapons to attack Israel with !!!  Plus it will give their Trojan Horse of obama in the White House cover that his diplomatic and sanctions efforts are doing absolutely nothing in stopping Iran becoming nuclear power, plus give obama cover  to U.S citizens that they won’t focus on obama non-actions !!!  A another possible reason for obama non-action in Benghazi beside other ones mention here before is for the terrorists  to pull off attack within couple hours without a hitch,(with the help obama non-action to kill thirty U.S citizens) completely take the spotlight off Iran getting nuclear weapons with obama non-action !!!  But two very brave and honorable ex Navy Seal spoil obama  plan cover & shifting the spot light off Iran that we couldn’t react in time within a couple hours to rescue our citizens in Libya !! But these very brave Navy Seal by extended the firefight to 7 hours ruin obama cover of could not have time to react ,plus they save some 26 life’s !!! But obama still trying to savage in shifting  the spotlight  off him giving Iran more time to get their nuclear weapon ,using a ruse of talks and sanctions that he against this ,but obama really giving Iran the  green light and more time!! But at same time giving Israel a red stop light in doing a pre-emptive strike to defend itself from a nuclear threats under the pretense that obama will not let Iran get nukes BS !! Who in world can trust obama when he let U.S citizens on U.S territory die from foreign aggression and didn’t lift his little finger to help them  ????  To me obama is secretly in Iran corner ,when falsely tell Israel I have your back ,I wouldn’t be surprise that Israel won’t receive a stab in back from obama !!  Now obama only say things that he supports Israel self defense when he has to ,but not much support with his actions !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Clark

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oldaN16Nu2w Here is what an ex-Israeli soldier has to say about his country’s war crimes.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Glen, u know that Iran is the orchestra leader and i doubt Hamas wants this fight if they do i hope Israel blasts the lot of them to the wall, dam the torpedos and let them have it,   If Islam is so peaceful well i do not c it

  • Anonymous

    may Israel prevail yet again and this time not give back that which they re-occupy

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Glenn Beck is evil.

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