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Glenn spent the opening monologue of his television show addressing the escalating violence in the Middle East.

He spent time several of the casualties of the rocket attacks in Israel. Some of the Israelis injured or killed were children, some were fathers, and some were just starting their lives. On Twitter, Hamas and pro-Palestinian supporters have tweeted photos of victims in Gaza, but many of these photos are either faked or from unrelated events. People are no doubt being injured on both sides, but while the Israeli Defense Force has been strategically targeting areas of known terrorist activities, Hamas has used civilians as human shields. The terrorist group has also been known to target civilians and not strictly military targets.

Glenn said that the media will say this started yesterday with the IDF bombing a single leader of Hamas, but that it really started back when the man in Tunisia lit himself on fire and ignited the Arab Spring. Since the revolutions in the Middle East, Islamic extremists have grown into positions of power and terrorists have been emboldened. The White House’s support of the Arab Spring, no matter how well intentioned, has contributed to the rise of Islamic extremism in the West.

Glenn has been critic of the Obama administration’s treatment of Israel for years. President Obama came out in support of a two-state solution to the tension in the Middle East that would see Israel return to the 1967 borders in May of 2011.

Glenn  said the audience can’t forget that war in the Middle East could quickly mean a world at war, and that Americans must let Israel know that they do not stand alone against the threat of Islamic extremism. Americans must behave like men determined to be free.