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Good news for people who don’t want to see their loved ones ushered off to an untimely grave by a system of socialized medicine. New restrictions in England’s NHS will require doctors to gets permission from patients before placing them on an end-of-life pathway, and the mortally ill cannot have their food and fluid taken away by medical professionals without telling their relatives!

Glenn read the story from the Daily Mail:

Putting patients on the ‘death pathway’ without consulting their families will be outlawed next week.

Jeremy Hunt is to make it a legal requirement that doctors fully explain the end-of-life treatment in order to obtain consent.

The Health Secretary has acted after the Mail highlighted chilling cases in which patients were placed on the Liverpool Care Pathway – which involves withdrawal of fluids and food – without their relatives’ knowledge.

On Monday he will announce rule changes that will see end-of-life care included for the first time in the NHS Constitution. 

The new law is a victory for patients and their families who do not want to be placed on a treatment path that leads to death in an average of 33 days. While the LCP is designed to make things easier for people who have a terminal disease, critics believe it has been overused in order to bring about an early death.

“Well, that also fits right in with the death panels and the people who decide what kind of care you have you and whether you’re worthy to have it,” Pat said on radio.

“Remember, we were modeled after, our healthcare, ObamaCare, was modeled after this,” Glenn said. “This is the headline from our ally:  ‘Victory for Care Pathway families’.  And what’s amazing is this is the way the president won this election.  He went to psychologists and said, ‘Help me.’  And they did, and they manipulated everything.  You’ll notice ‘Care Pathway’ families.  ‘Care Pathway’.  It’s a death pathway.  They’re starving you to death.”

“How does that become a care pathway?  Because they’re removing care?   It should be lack of care pathway, right?” Pat said.

Glenn said that it’s a progressive strategy to take an organization or idea with an unpopular agenda and name it something that makes it sound a lot better than it actually is. For example, Pro-choice implies that those who are anti-abortion are anti-choice.  Media Matters for America sounds like an unbiased media group, but really pushes a liberal agenda and attempts to shut down conservative voices. The list goes on.

Glenn did point out that the families were able to push back against this progressive treatment. “They fought back, which means you win.  You just have to educate yourself about it, and you go local.  It’s not too late.  You go local.  Make sure Agenda 21 is not in your community.  More on this on Monday’s broadcast.”