Indy vs. New England: More-On Trivia

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Another classic episode of More-On Trivia today with a big showdown featuring convenient store workers from the Boston metropolitan area vs. Indianapolis area shelf resupply engineers. Will they be able to correctly define socialism? Or ‘universal’? Watch the always entertaining and sometimes depressing More-On Trivia on radio today.

  • BalanceTheBudget

    About as smart as our senators and congressmen.  But very entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    Is this dumbness inherited or do these people work at being stupid?

    • Cheryl M.Johnson

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    • Anonymous

      Could be a little of both.  Try as they might to overcome the stupidity they inherited, they’re still stupid, lol.

  • OscarK44

    Dreams of my Founding Fathers, it’s the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. After reading these how could you vote for Obama. This is of course a play on Obama’s Book Dreams of my father and after reading that I say again ,how could you vote for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    YOU SHOULDN’T BE SURPRISED at how these people answer. Fo more than 50 years we have dumbed down our education system. You can graduate from High School and recieve a cerificate that states you have attented school for so many years—not that you can read and write and do math. You can recieve “social promotions” through out your years at school which means eventhough you flunked the grade and can’t perform at a certian level you have been promoted to the next grade because you came from a low encome family, because you are black, mexican, or were just a problem child and they can’t deal with you anymore. You can go on to college where (with goverment loans which you don’t have to pay back) you can get a degree in Nothing. You can graduate with a degree in undecided. You can take 4 years of classes and not major in anything or have any job skills. With a GPA of 2.0 and a college degree in hand—- you can now enter society and expect the government to feed you, clothes you,provide shelter for you(even if you can’t afford it) and even bury you. As a college graduate you can get a governemnt job(eventhough you have no actual experience to do anything) and eventually a government pension with benefits. So you see folks—don’t be surprised that todays  generation, students, work force, employees can’t answer the simplest of questions. It used to be a joke when you asked people who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb? Not anymore. It used to be said by people without college degrees that people with college degrees had no common sense,but only book learning. Now it can be said not only  do they lack common sense ,but  book learning too.Look at the USA’s status in the World Community— when it comes to Science ,math, education in general–we aren’t even in the top 10 anymore. We have more illiterate people now than we did 50 years ago. They can’t read and write the English language,but they can text, tweet, twitter, face book,etc. Technology has not made them smater or more educated. They have access to a lot of useless information,but still can’t add, subtract or balance a checkbook. They don’t have a work ethic,because employeers don’t require one.How is it you can go to a drive up window— .place your order—, have the employee repeat it back to you, drive up to the pay window, then pick up your order and it’s wrong. The wrong food, drink,etc.And this doesn’t happen just now and then ,but no matter where you go—-even in a sit down restaurant with a waiter. It doesn’t matter if it is fast food or a mechanic shop or a grocery store. The lack of  required training,education and apprenticeship is epedemic and growing. Don’t be surprised by the type of service you recieve— this has been taking place for 50 years.  Don’t be surprised by the answers you get to simple question–either!   

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