Agenda 21: The U.N. plan to take control of individual and American freedom

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On Monday night, Glenn’s TV show focused on Agenda 21, a U.N. action plan that promotes “sustainability” and claims to protect the planet, but at the cost of national sovereignty and individual freedom. What does Agenda 21 mean for Americans?

TheBlaze’s special report on Agenda 21 explains:

Agenda 21, is a grand plan for global “sustainable development,” which President George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to in 1992. In July 1993, President Bill Clinton brought the global scheme directly into the U.S. government when he signed an executive order creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, which avoided any review or discussion by Congress or the American people.

“Sustainable development” sounds like a nice idea—that is, until you scratch the surface and find that Agenda 21 and sustainable development are actually cloaked plans to impose the tenets of social justice and socialism on the world.

The Agenda 21 plan openly targets private property—which should surprise no one. For more than 35 years, the United Nations has made their stance very clear on the issue of individuals owning land. A report from a 1976 U.N. conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, on human settlements contains lays out the position:

“Land … cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.

“Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes.

“The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole.”

Read TheBlaze’s FULL special report on Agenda 21 HERE.

The video below further explains the goals of Agenda 21:

One of the people leading the fight against Agenda 21 is Rosa Koire, a liberal Democrat from California. Her opposition shows that the threat of Agenda 21 transcends minor political differences. Agenda 21 seeks to change and control where and how people all around the world live their lives.

Watch her interview with Glenn below:

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you Glenn Beck for lending voice to Rosa Koire. Shame on you. Clearly your minions didn’t do their homework.

    • Anonymous

       Troll alert!!

      • Anonymous

        Troll? Really? That’s the best you got? Do your homework on Rosa Koire.

        • Robert Starkand

           I googled Rosa Koire, and all I saw were sites regarding her work against Agenda 21 and a YouTube video of a 19 year old kid going on off point about strip malls and parking lots. What have you got?

  • David Ditton

    Agenda 21 Section 2, chapter 18, paragraphs 18-15 and 18-16 dictate (in many more words) water meters on PRIVATE WELLS…and even mentions that the willingness to pay for water will need to be studied.  Never mind that you paid for the well, and you provide the electricity to pump the water.  Evil.  

    • Paolina

      The ONLY way to get away from Agenda 21 is secession.

      It’s sad Glenn Beck shoots down secessionists. The ONLY way to stop the constant bombardment of propaganda from hollywood and D.C. is to leave the union. Every conservative I talk to here in Texas knows this.

      Not even those opposed to secession can come up with ANY solution to these problems that would work. There is simply NO way. Also, Texas will become a democrat state in 10-20 years, but if we secede, most of the liberals will leave our state. The ONLY way Texas stays conservative is by leaving.

      It’s also the ONLY way our borders become secure. Perry has avoided doing anything by claiming it’s up to the Feds. When it becomes Texas’ responsibility then we can and WILL finally secure our borders.

  • Anonymous

    Those who wield the most power and influence in the UN today, are not from America, but have deep roots in European culture. Much of their philosophy is based on Roman Catholic teachings, even the Vatican has influence at the negotiating table . The bible clearly states, that soon, a revival of the Holy Roman Empire will rise and flex its muscle and authority over all nations of the world. Currently, much of their work is done secretly through the guise of the UN, but soon, that antiquated organization will be made obsolete by those who now hold in power over Europe, especially the powerful nation of Germany.

    Prophecy found in the bible lays out the future of this and much more. In fact, no one will buy or sell unless they have the biblical “Mark of the Beast” – 666 ring a bell, men will be forced to worship on the first day of the week instead of the last day, which is the day commanded we observe.

    There is a way to escape this man-made-nightmare and that is to turn to Christ and live by the words he inscribed that will lead to individual and national success – Of course the Pope will make the argument that he represents Christ here on earth…oh really?…that must be why yesterday, the Pope declared during his Monday Angelus to the faithful, that “Jesus Christ was not a prophet”.

    Of course Christ was a prophet and much more – and many of the words Christ spoke, were absolutely positively prophetic. All one has to do is look in the Gospels and see this proof for themselves, especially Matthew 24 – Mark 13 and Luke 21.

    Much of what Christ warned of, concerning these very days we live in, is happening before our very eyes – such as the UNs Agenda 21…most of us simply refuse to believe.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing light to this issue… having had experience working in the Architecture and Planning Industries I can tell you that the thought process has deep roots. I have been forced to work in positions where I realized that I was contributing to a future problem. Like most things liberal… it starts with good intentions but ends in unintended consequences! 

  • Anonymous

    Sustainable New Jersey is ramped and deep.   Also Rutger’s university premoting it.  TCJN (teachers college of NJ)  college teaches the this with the Cloud institute.  Former Gov. Christine Whitman sign NJ on to this in 2000.

    town near where I liveFanwood Earns Certification as Sustainable New Jersey Community
    Fanwood joins 125 other towns in becoming Sustainable Jersey certified.
    October 10, 2012
    Today that Fanwood has joined only 125 other New Jersey towns in becoming Sustainable Jersey certified, an achievement that recognizes the Borough for its ongoing efforts to protect natural resources, reduce waste and teach residents how to be “green”. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck has fallen prey just like all the other’s. Let’s face it. Glenn started his successful career on CNN…. then Fox… it is now apparent he was a spokesman to lead the sheeple to their troughs! He spoke the word’s we all wanted to hear at the time….. afterall…. why do you really think FNC is there…… it is for those of us that need to hear what we are all thinking to sooth our anger… and they found out through their mind- control studies….. that once we hear our thoughts being addressed… that SOMETHING will be done about it!! But that is not what happens at all. We were also given the internet so we can blog, gripe, and complain on here…. anything but appear in number’s, physically,,and group together, like our ancestor’s did…. they have taken the fight out of us…. and discovered ways to channel our disgust and anger. This way they have free reign to do whatever they want!
    Glenn Beck joins an elite group of very wealthy, and powerful people… and they are not going to give up that power for anything. I don’t know If Glenn ever had OUR best intentions at heart once upon a time…. but he clearly doesn’t now. I believe he is in place to help the sheeple (includng me)…… to a better set of mind…. it’s a mind- controlled easing of thought process.
       Be careful people…. we are in very dangerous times and we need to really stick together and figure this out. First  should be to never allow Hussein to start 2nd term…. he need’s to be taken out in cuffs for high crimes and treason… for reasons too numerous to list. WE need to get out from behind the computer screens and out to DC and our local gov’s.  Call and complain… e-mail and complain!! They need to hear us and see us…. and we need to clean house of every last one of this moronic gov. We need to form a 3rd, viable party….. forget reforming the GOP…. the dems and repubs ae exactly one in the same….. no difference. That is why you have so many Conservative’s out there insulting us and calling us stupid!!!!
    Why do you think the Benghazi thing is going away. It was only until after the elections… it was used to distract us. So we went from Our ambassador screaming for extra security through e-mails, only to be denied several times…. and being allowed to fight for themselves for 9 hours and told to stand down without any deployment of troops to rescue them…. ultimately to be murdered at the hands of the fake in office.    Now we are being sold the crap of affairs and people going on talk shows… that, that is what the investigation was really about. I mean come on. Do we have that much of short- term memory loss?? Maybe it is something they are putting in the water lol….. but we better wake up and soon!!!!!!!!

  • Sharmane

    She may be a liberal, but I can respect her because she is not afraid to speak the truth.  I spent two terms on my local zoning board of appeals and I can tell you that peoples’ property rights are being trampled on every day across this country and in my little town.  We here have heard some of the buzz words which I now know are associated with Agenda 21 – “open space,” sustainable development” and the like.  Like most of the other socialist schemes, euphemisms are used to make the agenda sound so, well, nice.  Who could be against “open space” or “sustainable development.”  Those who oppose the plans, especially on the local level, are demonized and voted out of office.  I know this first hand as endorsements were given by some of these groups to candidates who supported the plans.  It really is deep and systemic but if we don’t fight it on the local level like Ms. Koire states the train will keep right on rolling.  People need to be educated and thank you Glenn for starting to sound the alarm bells.

  • Anonymous

    I knew all about Agenda 21 four years ago thanks to Ron Paul people. Glenn is arriving kinda late to the “party” on this one.

  • landofaahs

    Agenda 45 and 357 over agenda 21.

    • Anonymous

       Those weapons may soon become obsolete – as the ammo will certainly dry up – better we link up with our Mexican neighbors and buy AK47s and the rounds to go with em

      • Frank Balcer

        this is for people who don’t know that there are different types of  A.K.s using different rounds. A.K.47, in  7.62 x39 & A.K. 74, in 5.45×39 so be careful when you buy the stuff. 

  • landofaahs

    A deliberate plan to take down America, our DC(Den of Crooks) is guilty of crimes against the American Constitution. 

  • Anonymous

    I set and read this stuff, And I come back to the same conclusion, If you want to know what is wrong with our country, Do this, Go to any mirror, look at the person in the mirror, AND ASK THIS PERSON, WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP VOTING IN THE SAME OLD BUNCH OF CRAP. yOU VOTE THEM IN SO STOP  BITCHING. I think it’s really funny. The Good LORD must have a sense of humor, He wound up with more jackasses than he did elephants.

  • imnoangel512

    Confiscate private property, by doing so you limit people’s ability to live off the land, so basically you are controlling the food supply. Control the resources and you control the people. Welcome to a world of slavery where you are at the mercy of the UN who can thin the herd (they already said the world is too populated)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Agenda 21 is part of the American Nurses Association “healthy lives” agenda! 

    The Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) is also  promoting Agenda 21. I recently received a very nicely done newsletter outlining their “green” agenda which is exactly like agenda 21! The newsletter stated that nurses are on the front lines of promoting a healthy living green agenda and have a duty to our patients to educate then on “green” living. The news letter outlines ill health effects of coal, fracking and that we need to reduce our use of certain types of energy. They want nurses to assess their own energy use and energy use of patients. They even provided talking points. 
    I found it inappropriate I never actively joined this organization and yet they claim to represent me which is not true. I wrote them regarding my “membership” and “duty” of nurses to promote their agenda and I never received a response from them.  

    • onceproudamerican

      Sounds like they want to condition nurses to accept euthanasia…

  • Take 2

    Bring (21) it on…!

    Its time we show dudes like mike moore and bill hbo maher fear of God, and how to stop acting like little girls.       

  • TylerDurden

    The United Nations is not going to take away anybody’s rights or property. You guys are nuts.

    • onceproudamerican

       You can read their plan on THEIR website. Don’t be embarrassed that you are uniformed just take the time to extinguish  your ignorance.  Just start with 1.1 the Preamble and any rational person can see the ends they want to achieve are incompatible with people being free to choose what they do with their own property, and that the UN must have the power to issue edicts to all nations.

      “…However, integration of environment and development
      concerns and greater attention to them will lead to the fulfilment of
      basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and
      managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can
      achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership
      for sustainable development.”

      • TylerDurden

        Nothing you posted shows that the UN plans to take anything from you.

        • onceproudamerican

          Either you didn’t read Agenda 21, or you need to take a remedial reading for comprehension course. Good luck!

          • TylerDurden

            Keep living in a state of paranoia if it makes you feel better.

  • Linda Bowles

    I did research on agenda 21 five years ago and tried to tell people about it. People didn’t believe it. I connected a lot of groups together. ICLEI, Global Mobility, etc. There are so many groups that have been pushing it.  

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for The Black-Board I heard about this Early 2010 I asked about it.2011 The Fish and Game Commission came to my door and wanted to check the health of my creek that is on my property. I said no thank you, they needed at that time my permission.January 2012 I had to buy Federal  Flood Insurance, my property was changed to a Class A Flood Zone. It has never flooded and it was never a problem before, three times I had to have insurance companies come here and there was never a problem just found out this one. My county Commissioners never heard of this.I have called my local radio station when local officials were on the program. I was cut off once and hung up on the next time I called.I think there is more….Love you God Bless youGloria

  • Freeman Truth

    Obamacare creates more than 150 new government organizations, and the bill is 2000 pages of tuti-fruity propaganda in the front, and truth in the back. Sad thing is, it’s the biggest full-step by the ‘system’, but it’s enough to wake a lot of people up. If we don’t act right now, there will be more crap like this to come.

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