Chris Christie jokes on SNL while NJ citizens look for aide

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Over the weekend New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a stop by Saturday Night Live to poke fun at himself and point the figure at a few others.

Christie stopped by to discuss the ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sandy and to throw criticism towards the “stupid mayors” who ignored his evacuation orders as well as the reporters who stood outside during the storm. In the comedy bit he is wearing the iconic fleece he seems to have been wearing non-stop over the past month.

You can watch the SNL clip here:

“Can you imagine if anybody in Katrina would have gone on TV and was laughing?” Glenn asked.

He went on to explain that over the weekend, Mercury one (his non-profit), had a big event for victims of Hurricane Sandy in an Long Island neighborhood that was badly impacted by the storm.

“We’re still feeding people who don’t have any electricity. They don’t have houses.  They have nothing,” Glenn told listeners.

(See more about the Day of Hope here)

Christie even went as far as to make a joke about people dying in fleeces…do the words “too soon” mean anything to him? Not that a joke like would ever have a time or place.

“They’d be hammering him in the press if he didn’t cozy up to the president and the press during the election,” Pat pointed out.

Stu pointed out that during Katrina, when people merely brought up the fact that many of the people killed in the storm had ignored the warning and evacuation warnings, they were hammered by the press and even called racists. But when Chris Christie goes on TV taunting mayors around his state and joking about it, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

How is that?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Chris Christie in my book has ended his political career. There is a point of “too much, too soon and too far,” he has done all three.

    • corey williams

      Why would you say that

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Stu does bring up a good point on the double standards of the MSM, with Katrina, those who mentioned of the evacuations had been demonized without end; all of it due to Pres Bush being in office, now that Pres Obama is in office, nothing is said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    To those affected by the storm in NJ, and those who are aiding them and all other victims of it:

    May God sustain and bless you, may He aid you in these trying times and may He lower all the mountains and obstacles that remain between you and a life of prosperity once again.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I wonder how many people would have liked to have power to watch Bob the Tomato be even more of a fool. Funny, no I don’t think so. How much would you like to thank Obama for looking, then running away to Las Vegas and doing nothing to fix anything.
     Well, to be fair, in the new America, that’s what it takes to get elected. Apparently the new POTUS criteria for re-election? Fail miserably, but put on a superficial show, while pushing billions of dollars from the 49% who pay all the Federal Income taxes into disaster areas while you take all the credit. Never let a good crisis go to waste ….Rahm “Dead Fish” Emmanuel.  
    Oh, and silver lining dept. ? With no power you didn’t stumble onto this network TV based idiocy. I guess there are some blessings after all.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you guys are giving Christie a hard time for trying to do what’s right for New Jersey.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why glenn beck is attacking Christie.  He is the Republican Party’s best chance to win in 2016. 
    Don’t worry though.
    glenn beck will flip flop on Christie in three years just like he did with Romney.
    This is bad luck for Christie since glenn beck’s support is a curse!!!

    • Guest

      Obama’s done nothing for the people who were devastated by Sandy.  He gave a speech and then left town.

      There’s only one fraud here and it you strtlk. You’re a sick cockroach.You have an unhealthy fixation on Glenn Beck and your stupidity knows no boundaries.Get help, cockroach.

    • Carol Morgan

       i guess Glenn is attacking Christie for the same reson you are still posting here…doesn’t make sense???

    • BentGhazi

      Your opinion on who is the Republican party’s best candidate is a real joke. But then, so are you.

    • Anonymous

      Correction.  Christie WAS the Republican’s best chance to win in 2016.
      I myself thought of Christie as a hero until he betrayed the Republican party just before the election and practically campaigned for Obama with hls excesslive praise in using the word Leadership.  Ask the people in NJ who were hit by the storm and still needing help about that “leadership.”
      Glenn Beck is not perfect, but his heart is in the right place.

    • Anonymous

      what are you smoking or inhaling?

    • crazy betty

      chris christie brings brown nosing to a whole new level…

  • Anonymous

    Chris Christie is starting early in his bid for the White House and 2016 Election. He will be the Democratic Party candidate.

    • Anonymous

      He will NEVER make it. 

      • Anonymous

        Kitty, don’t be so sure. Look who’s in there now. When a politician walks with evil, anything can happen.

  • sparducks

    When did this guy sell his soul? Fat bastard.

  • Matt Driscoll

    Here is why, in the nutshell of one article, I cannot stand Glenn Beck one bit:

     “Christie even went as far as to make a joke about people dying in fleeces”

    This is an absolute bold-faced lie. He said that he “is going to die in that fleece.” He said nothing about “people dying in fleeces.” Please people, be Republicans, Libertarians, Liberals, whatever. Just do not support Glenn Beck. All you are doing is feeding the lying, one sided, media machine. Christie obviously cares immensely about his state. Glenn has always praised Christie and now that he had some nice words to say about Obama, not about politics in the slightest, and his help during the hurricane Glenn immediately begins to attack him. This is absolutely despicable.  

    • Anonymous

      You, fellow, are the one feeding people with lies.  You can verify anything that Glenn Beck says for yourself and, he asks that you do that.  Glenn Beck has been a GODSEND.  Christie was only conservative in very few areas.  Otherwise, he has always been pretty liberal.  Do some research and see what he stood for before he was even elected.  Americans, please think for yourself no matter who you listen to or whatever you read. 

    • Anonymous

      let your head out of the hole and get some clean air. 

    • Anonymous

      Fare thee well Matt and so long! If I disliked Glenn as much as you do, I would just leave this site. Take your little friends along with you.

    • crazy betty

      man, you’re dense. 

    • Cheryl

      Christie needed to show some restraint.  To thank Obummer for showing up was fine — but that was nothing more than a photo op anyway.  He knows what and who Obummer is and should have drawn a line instead of acting like Obummer was his buddy.  I don’t care if he is the president.  Obummer is not his or our buddy.    In retrospect, Christie’s speech at the RNC was not on target either.  On Sandy, he just did not handle that smoothly/properly and he could have without showing any disrespect…..while at the same time assuring the GOP of his commitment.  It just left a bad taste………just sayin…….

  • Richard Vees

    I don’t see the big deal here.  I think he did well, and hell if I had lost my house, some comedic relief would be awesome!

    • crazy betty

      yea, you could watch it on the tv you wouldn’t have.

  • Anonymous

    I just know that I would not vote for Chris Christie for dog catcher.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to see here folks we can move along.  The Christie and obama mugshot nearly made me choke.  The SNL appearance no big woof!  That is the politician of today all show and fluff and sputter.  It was funny,(ironic) that we have a disaster declared in NJ by the good governor and when non-union out of state electricians come to help they are turned away.  That made the news for a bit then was hushed up.  Governor Christies apology never did make the news because he never gave one.  The people in NJ still went without power longer than necessary when Christie could have and should have done something then failed to man up when he should have.  Count me one less vote for Christie.  To me character counts.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch SNL. Not since the good days with Chevy Chase and all.  I would think that Gov. Christie went on SNL to keep NJ in the spotlight.  I also believe he would be the first to tell the President to do the job in getting help to NJ if that had been the case.  Yes, he could have waited a few weeks, but since we do NOT walk in his shoes, we do not know his reason.  I bet it was for NJ to Remain in the Spotlight to get the Help they truely need.

  • Anonymous

    What a major sell out! What happened to him…. Did the Chicago thugs infiltrate the Christi team?

  • landofaahs

    Christie is looking Moore like (Michael) Moore.  One giant faaaattttaaasssssss.

  • Anonymous

    Obama doesn’t care about the NJ people, nor anyone else for that matter. He only cares about 0.
    He proves that over and over.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    chris christie  get  he  wish  being populer  :] ,be come  populer  verry  bad  boy ,populer  being  crime  public,crime  country  gether  with  verry  bad  aghost  barack  obama

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    chris christie :    oh  my,why  he  not  being  littel  girl  ho?   im  owns  self  become  shy,  a boy  haver  that  karacter?    😀

  • crazy betty

    while his fat butt sits in a toasty warm mansion… what a jerk. nothing funny about this.  he doesn’t look like he’s going hungry.  wonder about the rest of the nj residents?

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