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Over the weekend New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a stop by Saturday Night Live to poke fun at himself and point the figure at a few others.

Christie stopped by to discuss the ongoing cleanup efforts from Hurricane Sandy and to throw criticism towards the “stupid mayors” who ignored his evacuation orders as well as the reporters who stood outside during the storm. In the comedy bit he is wearing the iconic fleece he seems to have been wearing non-stop over the past month.

You can watch the SNL clip here:

“Can you imagine if anybody in Katrina would have gone on TV and was laughing?” Glenn asked.

He went on to explain that over the weekend, Mercury one (his non-profit), had a big event for victims of Hurricane Sandy in an Long Island neighborhood that was badly impacted by the storm.

“We’re still feeding people who don’t have any electricity. They don’t have houses.  They have nothing,” Glenn told listeners.

(See more about the Day of Hope here)

Christie even went as far as to make a joke about people dying in fleeces…do the words “too soon” mean anything to him? Not that a joke like would ever have a time or place.

“They’d be hammering him in the press if he didn’t cozy up to the president and the press during the election,” Pat pointed out.

Stu pointed out that during Katrina, when people merely brought up the fact that many of the people killed in the storm had ignored the warning and evacuation warnings, they were hammered by the press and even called racists. But when Chris Christie goes on TV taunting mayors around his state and joking about it, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

How is that?