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Glenn spoke with former General Jerry Boykin on radio today about the latest in Israel and the outlook doesn’t bode well for peace in his estimation. The palestinians are not backing down and Boykin believes there is a high probability of Israeli ground troops entering Gaza. How does he see it ending?

“I think we’ll see a ground war,” General Boykin said. “In the end I think that Netanyahu does want to do a ground war. The reason is very simple. With the thousands and rockets and missiles that have been stored in Hamas’s territory in the Gaza Strip. If they could reduce that threat it makes the strike against the Iranian nuclear program much less problematic. because Iran would respond with missles and rockets out of South Lebanon and Souther Lebanon. If they take that away as a threat any future strike would be less problematic for the Israelis.”

Both General Boykin and Glenn feel like Israel should not give up any land gained in a ground war.

“They shouldn’t give up the ground that they gain if they do a ground war. I have a feeling they’ll gain a lot of ground. They always give it back. They shouldn’t give it back this time,” Glenn said.

“It’s still Israeli land. It was covenant land provided to the Israelis,” Boykin said.

Boykin also commented on the media’s bias towards the Palestinian cause despite the harsher rule that many Muslims would experience if they lived under Hamas.

“The U.S. media has been so sympathetic to the Palestinian cause that they fail to highlight the real pressure and real dangers and the situation there where Israelis provide greater freedom to the Muslims that live in the democracy that is there in Israel. They have greater freedom there than any other Muslim area in the world,” General Boykin said.

Glenn said that he spoke with many Muslims while he was over in Israel, and many said they did not want to live under Muslim rule because it would have a negative impact on their freedoms.