Gen. Jerry Boykin: “I think we’ll see a ground war”

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Glenn spoke with former General Jerry Boykin on radio today about the latest in Israel and the outlook doesn’t bode well for peace in his estimation. The palestinians are not backing down and Boykin believes there is a high probability of Israeli ground troops entering Gaza. How does he see it ending?

“I think we’ll see a ground war,” General Boykin said. “In the end I think that Netanyahu does want to do a ground war. The reason is very simple. With the thousands and rockets and missiles that have been stored in Hamas’s territory in the Gaza Strip. If they could reduce that threat it makes the strike against the Iranian nuclear program much less problematic. because Iran would respond with missles and rockets out of South Lebanon and Souther Lebanon. If they take that away as a threat any future strike would be less problematic for the Israelis.”

Both General Boykin and Glenn feel like Israel should not give up any land gained in a ground war.

“They shouldn’t give up the ground that they gain if they do a ground war. I have a feeling they’ll gain a lot of ground. They always give it back. They shouldn’t give it back this time,” Glenn said.

“It’s still Israeli land. It was covenant land provided to the Israelis,” Boykin said.

Boykin also commented on the media’s bias towards the Palestinian cause despite the harsher rule that many Muslims would experience if they lived under Hamas.

“The U.S. media has been so sympathetic to the Palestinian cause that they fail to highlight the real pressure and real dangers and the situation there where Israelis provide greater freedom to the Muslims that live in the democracy that is there in Israel. They have greater freedom there than any other Muslim area in the world,” General Boykin said.

Glenn said that he spoke with many Muslims while he was over in Israel, and many said they did not want to live under Muslim rule because it would have a negative impact on their freedoms.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I have to agree – when the ground war comes this time, Israel needs to go in and take down the arms caches, missile and rocket systems and occupy the Gaza strip from here on out. 

    Hamas has turned the area into an armed bastion, for the sole purpose of engaging Israel at each opportunity available, plus seek to make Israel into the ‘aggressor against the peace loving people of Gaza.’

    Sadly we have a complicit MSM of the left and a President who hates Israel and America so much he will arm our nations enemies, while playing a double game with Israel. Obama fails to understand that this kind of Byzantine effort will only turn on him in the end, and by extension the United States as well.  

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    To Israel I say this much, take them down hard, fast and make sure they never get back up again. Occupy the land and make it your own – you have put up enough in the name of peace, now loose the hounds and end it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God he’s a FORMER General.  Covenant land? Whatever.

  • Anonymous

    The General says that the rest of the world doesn’t want the Jews and they have no place to go.

    Why doesn’t the world want the Jews? 

    • Anonymous

       Your question is a simple one to answer, believing the answer – not so simple.

      The simple answer is – Satan the devil hates God and everything about God. Israel has a long history with God (although they have forgotten, it is he, who protects them and not America nor even Europe, with whom, the later, will be the nation they seek help from in the near future, which will not end well) and the devil wants to destroy them.

      Satan is the God of this world, or at least that is what the God who resides in heaven says. So this evil god, sways the thoughts of men against the tiny nation of Israel. That is also – believe it or not – why God placed them squarely in the middle of their enemies.

      In the long run, this will turn out great for the Jewish people, for they will soon realize by not relying on God, it  gets you in deep trouble. What Israel will suffer through in the short run, is beyond the comprehension of most humans alive today, but it will turn them toward God and once again, he will be their divine protector.

      The world will soon rejoice – for it will think Israel has been wiped off the face of the planet – but in the end, Israel will be the strongest, most powerful nation on the earth.

      World war three is just around the corner. It will be allowed by God as a means of correction…and it will work. Soon, the whole world will know God and understand his message. Something he has wanted us to know for thousands of years. The world after much bloodshed, will finally have peace….everlasting peace.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for spelling it out to people so. specifically.  If people can’t get it after reading your comment, they unfortunately never will.

      • Anonymous

        Truth ! And I beleive the Holy Spirit is speaking thru you! Blessings, j

      • Anonymous

        So you believe they are all going to turn to Jesus Christ?

        • Anonymous

          Let me put it this way….if they want to live they will, the same can be said about all people of the world – no matter what nation it is..all men will eventually bow-down before Christ, or they will not live…again, its as simple as that…there is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved.

    • Draxx

      Good Question, they have never done anything to me, Ever…

    • Shoshana Farkash

       Do you know why Yusok?
       Speaking about the Muslims the answer is simple. After Mohammed copied Judaism and established the Islam faith he demanded that the Jews join him. But the Jews living at that time in Medina refused to accept his offer. This is the basic and first reason for the Muslims hating the Jews.
      The next reason is plain and simply: ENVY. The Jewish people are envied for their wisdom, success in business etc.
      Here is a question that will give you the best answer. How many Jews as compared to the number of Muslims, acquired the Nobel Prize? So let me tell you there in no comparison at all. Furthermore, considering the fact that there are over 2 billion Muslims as compared to 12 million Jews in the world the achievements of the Muslims are simply minimal to those of the Jews.
      I hope that now you understand why the Muslims and for that matter the WORLD hate the Jews.  

      • Anonymous

         You completely screwed up the Medina thing.  That happened at the battle of the trench b/c the Jews (who agreed to the constitution of Medina) betrayed the other tribes.  A misinterpretation of this passage is used as a justification for hating Jews though by many radical islamists.

        To say the Muslims contributed nothing to the world is to ignore world history prior to about 1700 when most mathematical and scientific innovations originated in the Middle East, particularly under the Ummayad dynasty.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t Hamas – really not even the Brotherhood,. but the same nation that has been pushing radical Jihad for decades now – Iran. Once again, Iran seeks to reduce its viability toward its nuclear ambition. 

    Ever since Obama cleared the way with his wonderful Arab-spring, Egypt – Libya – Hamas who now control Palestine, have been allowing Iran to beef-up their arsenals. Egypt has turned a blind eye as Libyan and Iranian rockets traverse across its territory headed for those  who have sworn to destroy Israel.  

  • Anonymous

    I wonder when glenn will report on his former boss and good friend Rupert Murdoch for his Anti-Semitic comments on the coverage by the “Jewish owned press”?  Or how about Murdoch’s racist comment, “Can’t Obama stop his friends in Egypt from shelling Israel?”.
    I guess Murdoch is still pulling glenn beck’s puppet strings!!!

    • BentGhazi

      Lying fraud sailor boys don’t hold much credibility here, but you know that from your years of trying to lie your way around here.

    • Anonymous

      Racist?  Oh yeah must be a liberal.  Turn the page so booooooring.

  • Brandon McCombs

    Glenn needs to hire someone better to write up the transcripts. Typos and grammatical errors abound.

  • Anonymous

    I am sick of the MSM’s focus on the Palestinians! If I lived in a nation being targeted for years with rockets & suicide bombers, I’d want my government to obliterate them!
    If Hamas cares about the Palestinians, they’d seek a lasting peace with Israel not poke sticks at them to anger them & then cry “victim”.
    Push ’em into the sea!

    • mdkrause

      You want to pollute the Mediterranean

  • Bob Harris

    …in the days before the beginning of World War 3…

    • crazy betty

      the bible calls it the battle of gog and magog

  • cheshiresniper

    yeah muslims soooo brave hiding missile batteries under houses full of women and children!   Running at the first sign of battle.  RETREAT RETREAT is their battle cry!  Allah Ahkbar is arabic for god is great but not for them it should stand for “run they are shooting at us go get the women and children so we can hide behind them and shoot back!!!!”

  • crazy betty

    the bible predicts the final fate of the Palestinians and it does not bode well for them.  Zep 2:5 Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites (terrorists)! the word of the LORD [is] against you; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.”  there will be not one palestinian left by the time God gets finished with these fools.

    • Anonymous

       didn’t know god was into ethnic genocide

  • Anonymous

    We now live in a nation where everything’s upside down…what’s good is bad, what’s bad is good, the wrong president’s in office, perpetuated by corrupt unions that need to be broken up. Good countries are not supported, terrorism is encouraged, the constitution is not respected by the president or any of his administration. It’s a sickening sight…when morals and values are trampled under peoples feet and chaos and anarchy are hailed as television shows and entertainment while those who encourage mayhem rebel by calling those opposed to them racist and out of touch. The floor of civilized society is falling out beneath our feet, we are in total societal free fall, just before a very obvious collapse of the markets. Doesn’t matter what they do with the fiscal cliff…we are accumulating debt at a rate between 2-3 trillion dollars a year, and there’s no coming back from that. Unions and those who naively gave Obama their vote will many soon be out of work at a much higher rate, and government can’t fix that. This situation is going to teach lessons Mitt Romney never could. I’m ready for the lessons to begin.

  • mdkrause

    Maybe that’s why they are bringing up so many soldiers, I’ve heard that they have called up 75000. That’s a lot, way more than the last Gaza attacks. 
    Pray for the young men and women of the IDF

    The hamas propaganda messages are stupid, it’s just standard radio message trying to scare one of the best armies in the world. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING that hamas can do to stop the IDF. The Japanese, Germans, Russians, British, Americans all used it during the wars, but it doesn’t work. Especially when your own leaders are hiding in their holes like rats.  What land you take during an armed conflict that the other side has started is now yours.  And if the Israelis where smart any hamas scum you find, shoot.

    Oh and these were the same people on 9/11 cheered and had a parade as thousands of Americans died.

    • Anonymous

       while there were Palestinians in the streets both Arafat and the Hamas leader did not support them.  Arafat himself said he found them disgusting and the leader of Hamas at the time thought that exporting attacks to the United States was stupid. 
      In Iran the outcry was even louder against the attacks with thousands attending a candlelit vigil and 60,000 having a moment of silence during a soccer game.

    • Bright Knight

      “The hamas propaganda messages are stupid”

      It doesn’t matter how stupid the messages are – the Liberals take them….

  • Anonymous

    Look at all o’ya! Calling so loudly for death! Careful, God might hear you…

    • mdkrause

      I hope he does, I hope God finally destroys the people that hate him and the Jewish people. I hope he sends his angels as massive shields for Israel.  I pray that every missile that hamas fires that it goes right back to it’s gun.
      There is a time for peace and a time for war. And it’s time for war, when thousands of rockets are falling down from a terrorist group on your people, it’s time for war.

      • Anonymous

        That doesn’t make sense. How can God hate people who worship him. Islam is one of the most devout religions. How can you say they hate God? Don’t make no sense.

  • Anonymous

    Israel has been more than patient with Gaza and Hamas.  Should they attack it should be swift and decisive.  As far as I can tell though this is for real.  There have been no celegrities in Gaza showing up for photo ops.  
    I would like to see the press do some honest coverage of the whole Palestinian mess but then again I would like to win Publishers too.
    Geographically though it is interesting to note that Israel is in the cusp as it were of a Moslem crescent.  With radical Islam taking over, Israel is surrounded by enemies that want to see her gone forever.  That is something that Hamas and the rest of the Moslem world wants to see happen sooner rather than later,  They will not stop until either they or Israel is destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    Been hearing this on and off all my life Israel do it ! If this is the start of world war3 not one of us here matter with our cheap shot’s and self-righteous attitudes or open heartedness it is about old old history and how the house of Cain never give’s peace a second thought.

  • Anonymous

    yes I do believe GOD will be with Israel all eyes will open he is the only GOD the KING OF KINGS

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Palestinians have a right to resist just as the Jews of Warsaw.

    There have been no allegations of rockets fired from the West Bank or East Jerusalem yet Israel continue to abuse Palestinians, bulldoze their homes and ancient orchards, seize their land and water and build new settlements.

    The irony is that many Palestinians were likely Jews and Christians who adopted Islam many years ago. Jews and Christians lived in relative harmony when it was predominately Muslim.

    Beck is a liar. His lies cause misery and incite war.  Beck is evil.

  • Shane

    I hope the Israelies drive Hamas into the ocean.  Hamas are the terrorists along with Hezbollah and Iran.

  • Vinny

    Wow…this is pure propaganda at its finest… Glenn is a madman, so is boykin.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Israel will take back their land in Palestine and drive the Arabs out completely.


    Point of muslim theology — muslims cannot help those whom Allah has obviously cursed by poverty and oppression.  This is why they can build great towers and not help the Arabs in Israel.  This is why it was up to the West to help those muslims after the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami.  It was obvious to muslims in the Mideast that Allah had cursed unfaithful muslims.  It has subsequently given rise to militancy in Indonesia to try and make Allah like them again.

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