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In watching the media coverage, one would be hard pressed to believe this conflict is the fault of Hamas. Every article focuses on the human suffering in Gaza strip, without laying any of the blame at the feet of the designated terrorist group Hamas.

“These are the time that try men’s souls, and many people will shrink from service of their country at these times,” Glenn said on radio.

“Last night I’m watching CNN and Anderson Cooper he’s standing there and he’s wearing the flack jacket, and things are really tough. I wonder where he is? He’s in Gaza. He’s in Gaza City, and he’s talking about how bad the Israelis bombings have been on the people in the Gaza Strip, and then Dick (Don?) Lemmon, and he gets in on ‘Anderson hang on just a second, and we have somebody else we want to talk to. We go to the head of the PLO.'”

“Am I watching al-Jazeera? Or am I watching American television?” Glenn said.

“The Israelis don’t have a prayer. They don’t have a prayer. If this is really where you’re going.”

“We’re living in amazing times. We’re living in a time where the whole world can change. And the whole world can change for the better. I happen to believe that Egypt is on a suicide mission. And I happen to believe that the Syria is on a suicide mission. Jordan is unfortunately going to be a casualty.”

“In the last three years Hamas has launched more rockets than Germany launched into London in World War II,” Glenn said. “Nobody is reporting what Hamas has done to Israel is more than what Germany did to London. But they say those rockets don’t do any damage. Excuse me? How do they get away with that?”

“I’ve worked in the mainstream media. I have taken on the fierce, fierce enemies. I have spoken truth to power at the highest levels. There is nothing in in my career that has been harder than saying the truth I stand with Israel. That Israel is not the aggressor. There is nothing more difficult. It is phenomenal to see it in action. When we did The Agenda Exposed at CNN, you wouldn’t believe the hoops that we had to climb through to be able to show you the exact videotape coming from the Arab world. The propaganda against the Israelis, the Jews and the Americans.”

Glenn and Stu both remembered that it was very difficult to speak up in defense of Israel at both CNN and FOX News. Glenn said that at CNN almost everything had to be cleared through the Arab desk.

Glenn criticized the spin being used by the mainstream media, noting that stories are focusing on how many have been killed by the Israelis and not the terrorist group Hamas. Instead, the media says that Hamas is being disciplined in their rocket attacks.

In order to show support for Israel, Glenn and Mercury One have been providing relief to Israel with donations and needed supplies.

“We did something controversial over the weekend,” Glenn said, “I’m going to continue that controversy here. We believe that those who stand with Israel are on the right side. I don’t know what happens to those people but they’re on the right side. That’s what I believe.”

“When we started Mercury One, one of the things we had under its umbrella was Israel.”

“I found out on Friday. I got a desperate call. They can’t afford the planes to continue to run, and they can’t afford the pilots to stay out by the planes. Do you remember when we were in the Cold War they had to have the planes running all the time. It’s very expensive.”

“At Ramat David Air Force base we found out they had that need. So we wire transferred some money over to them. The planes are running, and the pilots have a place to stay at the planes because of Mercury One.”

Glenn said Mercury One has also donated money to members of the IDF who need winter weather clothes because they are up in the cold regions of Israel. Glenn has also donated money to help buy an emergency vehicle for a hospital in Israel.

“We’re doing everything we can, and putting our money where our mouth is,” Glenn said.

Donate to Mercury One’s efforts to support Israel HERE.