Media shamefully pro-Palestine in coverage of Israel/Gaza conflict

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In watching the media coverage, one would be hard pressed to believe this conflict is the fault of Hamas. Every article focuses on the human suffering in Gaza strip, without laying any of the blame at the feet of the designated terrorist group Hamas.

“These are the time that try men’s souls, and many people will shrink from service of their country at these times,” Glenn said on radio.

“Last night I’m watching CNN and Anderson Cooper he’s standing there and he’s wearing the flack jacket, and things are really tough. I wonder where he is? He’s in Gaza. He’s in Gaza City, and he’s talking about how bad the Israelis bombings have been on the people in the Gaza Strip, and then Dick (Don?) Lemmon, and he gets in on ‘Anderson hang on just a second, and we have somebody else we want to talk to. We go to the head of the PLO.'”

“Am I watching al-Jazeera? Or am I watching American television?” Glenn said.

“The Israelis don’t have a prayer. They don’t have a prayer. If this is really where you’re going.”

“We’re living in amazing times. We’re living in a time where the whole world can change. And the whole world can change for the better. I happen to believe that Egypt is on a suicide mission. And I happen to believe that the Syria is on a suicide mission. Jordan is unfortunately going to be a casualty.”

“In the last three years Hamas has launched more rockets than Germany launched into London in World War II,” Glenn said. “Nobody is reporting what Hamas has done to Israel is more than what Germany did to London. But they say those rockets don’t do any damage. Excuse me? How do they get away with that?”

“I’ve worked in the mainstream media. I have taken on the fierce, fierce enemies. I have spoken truth to power at the highest levels. There is nothing in in my career that has been harder than saying the truth I stand with Israel. That Israel is not the aggressor. There is nothing more difficult. It is phenomenal to see it in action. When we did The Agenda Exposed at CNN, you wouldn’t believe the hoops that we had to climb through to be able to show you the exact videotape coming from the Arab world. The propaganda against the Israelis, the Jews and the Americans.”

Glenn and Stu both remembered that it was very difficult to speak up in defense of Israel at both CNN and FOX News. Glenn said that at CNN almost everything had to be cleared through the Arab desk.

Glenn criticized the spin being used by the mainstream media, noting that stories are focusing on how many have been killed by the Israelis and not the terrorist group Hamas. Instead, the media says that Hamas is being disciplined in their rocket attacks.

In order to show support for Israel, Glenn and Mercury One have been providing relief to Israel with donations and needed supplies.

“We did something controversial over the weekend,” Glenn said, “I’m going to continue that controversy here. We believe that those who stand with Israel are on the right side. I don’t know what happens to those people but they’re on the right side. That’s what I believe.”

“When we started Mercury One, one of the things we had under its umbrella was Israel.”

“I found out on Friday. I got a desperate call. They can’t afford the planes to continue to run, and they can’t afford the pilots to stay out by the planes. Do you remember when we were in the Cold War they had to have the planes running all the time. It’s very expensive.”

“At Ramat David Air Force base we found out they had that need. So we wire transferred some money over to them. The planes are running, and the pilots have a place to stay at the planes because of Mercury One.”

Glenn said Mercury One has also donated money to members of the IDF who need winter weather clothes because they are up in the cold regions of Israel. Glenn has also donated money to help buy an emergency vehicle for a hospital in Israel.

“We’re doing everything we can, and putting our money where our mouth is,” Glenn said.

Donate to Mercury One’s efforts to support Israel HERE.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn thank you for supporting the nation of Israel, they are a free nation that the world is once again determined to destroy – and this time Obama has flung the United States to the wrong side.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The leftists MSM is supporting the Hamas side for one reason: it is to their political advantage to do so. I expect Obama will soon begin to make noises, or the MSM will, demanding that the US go in on the side of the Palestinians and ‘end the oppression of Israel once and for all.’

    Right now, I place the disreputable tactics of the left in the realm of providing resources and material goods to the enemies of our nations: propaganda for the benefits of terrorists.

    Obama has set the Middle East on fire, and his madness knows no limits.

    • Anonymous

      I am not quite sure I understand when you say: “Obama… demanding the US go in on the side of the Palestinians and ‘end the oppression of ISAREL once and for all’… thanks for clarifying, at least for me.

    • Anonymous

       Rock on mate !!1 I live by Gods word . Obama is another Hitler , only it is Geo Sorrors
      calling the shots , Obama is his employee . 

      • Anonymous

         hey there, true Georgie boy has the $ and alot to say, but Obama has been groomed 4 the job for 20 odd yrs. Sorros and the Progressives also need the card that Obama’s got, the ‘race’ card!!! i think they need each other, something the world cld do without!!!

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Israel is not my nation.

    More than one child has been killed by the Israelis, the Palestinians don’t need to make up the brutality they are dealing with.There have been no rockets fired from the West Bank or East Jerusalem yet the Israelis continue to bulldoze their homes and orchards, brutalize the Palestinians and steal their land to add settlements.Firing or not firing rockets doesn’t much change things for the PalestiniansIsrael intends to commit a genocide. They provoke a response and then claim to be the victim.Glenn Beck is Israel’s hireling.He is evil

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have your story right. I guess you watched the media and saw coverage of how Israel started this whole thing. Not true. Maybe you should get some facts before you start spewing your hate.

      The fact is the terrorists that are attacking Israel will come and finish the job here. Then it will be your nation.

      The children you speak about being killed is because they are using babies and children as human shields. If they were killed, who’s fault would it be if Israel was defending itself? These people are nothing but cowards!

  • Anonymous

    Where will Obama visit first? Egypt, Gaza, or Israel?

    • mudslide


  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Glenn Beck is donating money to the Israeli military while Americans are living on the streets and wants you to do the same.

  • Anonymous

    Israel should make a new concession to Hamas, “We will not nuke you, but otherwise hang on to your ass!”.

  • mudslide

    Yep. That’s the suckstream media for ya!

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Last year I worked with a speech pathologist from Israel, Racheli. She has family in Jersusalem and Tel Aviv. and grew up and went to school there. I emailed her to let her know I am thinking of her and her family. She is very worried.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this from the very beginning and was sick. At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I heard sympathy to Hamas. How can it be that the media that supports Obama be so hateful to Israel? I don’t understand because many of them are Jewish.

    I believe that this is being done because when the war escalates they will blame it on Israel and the US will not defend Israel. Shame on the UN and America. I almost wish this was started before the election so the people here would see this. What can we do to help Israel?

    • mudslide

       I believe that this is being done because when the war escalates they will blame it on Israel and the US will not defend Israel————


      • Anonymous

        Absolutely. Besides Obama has funneled so much money in to these terrorists groups. He is not about to go against them. Those are his buddies. I also think we gave arms to them. When Obama said he has Israel’s back, it was a lie to get the Jewish vote.

    • Shane

       The Left and especially black liberals simply hate Israel.The Left is on the side of Islamic militants and against Israel and Christianity. What is shameful is that the majority of Jews voted for Obama knowing that Obama is not a friend of Israel.

      • Anonymous

        It is shocking. How can they call themselves Jews? I am a member of CUFI and I care more than they do about Israel. Even if they don’t care about the land of Israel, they should care that their people are being attacked and murdered.

        Every time America has gone against Israel in one way or the other, a hurricane, earthquake or tornado has occurred immediately after the act. This goes way back to several administrations. God is warning us that he will not tolerate anyone going against Israel.

  • SargintRock

    As a spiritual Jew, I read the media bias and can fully understand the helplessness and frustration  that an english speaking Sioux might have felt reading about Wounded Knee in the Denver Press!

  • carguy427

    Since Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians as a sign of peace and they are using it to attack Israel, and as Egypt is not living up to it’s agreement to demilitarize the Sinai and are allowing Iran to supply rockets to Hamas I suggest that Israel tell the Egyptians that Gaza is now an integral part of Egypt and that any act of war from Gaza will be considered an act of war by Egypt against Israel.  Maybe the thought of Egyptian cities bombared by Israel and war with Israel will force them to rein in Hamas.  Instead, Egypt is just encouraging Hamas and then standing back.  Making them an integral part of the equation may sober them up.

  • Anonymous

    Pro Palestine?  Are you kidding me Beck?

  • Anonymous

    All the nations of this world doing nothing for Israel and the scorn and lies perpetrated upon Israel by their deceitful leaders and press will all be held accountable by God. They may laugh now but those of laugh last laughs best.

  • John Thommes

    NPR lead story on the radio: Palastinian leader saying” We were just on the eve of Peace talks when they took out the Hamas leader…I don’t know how we can have peace now.”  The average Joe listens to that and thinks “It must be the fault of Israel, initiating a war and killing innocents.

  • Anonymous

    We’re surprised at Anderson Cooper, the same reporter who covered the Israel-Hizbollah war in 2006 and called his Hizbollah handlers in Lebanon “propagandists”. MGI News was Cooper’s handlers in Israel when he worked for Channel One  in the 90’s. We considered him to be a really good reporter. CNN, who we worked for when we opened it’s bureau in Jerusalem in 1979, lost all its creditbility after its foreign editor, Eason Jordan, admitted to  sugarcoating its coverage of Saddam Hussein’s human rights atrocities all for the sake of accessibility. It appears it has had the same affect on Coop.

    Lynda Goldman
    Executive Producer
    MGI News

  • Winston Smith

    Why will the US media, who is mostly owned by Jewish business people, not report whom
    started the conformation? Why does the entertainment industry, also mostly
    owned by Jewish business people, support political candidates who do not back
    the Israelis. What is it that I’m not getting? Is there an agenda the American Jews
    have against Israel the country?

    I’m not Jewish nor have I been a big fan, but this attitude doesn’t make sense unless there is
    an unspoken bias against the Israelis. Can you explain this seemingly paradoxical

    • Scott Todd

       Simple- because these are Jewish leftists.  They’re leftists first and Jewish somewhere way down the list.  Leftism has a messianic quality that appeals to pride and arrogance- “I’m saving the world!”

  • Anonymous

    Why does glenn beck continually lie about his support of Israel?
    glenn beck has made Anti-Semitic remarks in the past and only changed his views after getting fired.
    glenn beck is a fraud!!!

    • Guest

      There’s only one fraud here and it you strtlk. You’re a sick cockroach.

      You have an unhealthy fixation on Glenn Beck and your stupidity knows no boundaries.

      Get help, cockroach.

    • Guest

      Glenn Beck has done more for the rights of Jews than you have cockroach. Strtlk is the fraud here, he’s a bigoted racist who dreams of Glenn Beck showing favors on him.

      Stop drinking the blue water in the toilets strtlk, it’s not Kool Aid.

    • Guest

      Does Glenn Beck give you a tingle up your leg strtlk. You’re fixated on the guy. Do you picture him naked when you’re in the shower?

    • BentGhazi

      Why do you continually lie about Glenn Beck, fool?
      You are a complete fraud – fake sailor boy.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I need help with the idiots. I am at the end of my rope with my friend who lives in L.A and is a director (and a progressive, big surprise). He sent me a tweet from that had Pelosi being asked a “sexist” question and had the tag “This is why she ROCKS!”. I can’t, I just can’t anymore with him or anybody else. How can people not see through these people in government? What’s more, Pelosi was SECOND in the line of succession which ought to have been enough to scare the bejesus out of anybody. Now, my director friend is bashing Isreal for killing children in Palestine. I just can’t deal with it anymore! arguing with idiots, indeed.

  • Harold Mcwithey


  • Dina

    Glenn, thank you so much for your support of Israel. Every article, every report, I read on the news of the current situation is so pro-Hamas, its sickening. Every civilian casualty is on them, yet all thats reiterated is the death toll in gaza, the violence of Israel, and how Gazans are living in fear and can’t walk out in the streets. There’s hardly any coverage on the Israeli side. It’s mindboggling how the whole world can argue that Israel is the aggressor! I live in Canada and thank God, my prime minister, Stephen Harper, truly stands with Israel. He said that if the whole world turns their back on Israel, we will never, because it is the right thing to do. God Bless You and everyone who is a friend of Israel.

  • mdkrause

    I had to watch a bit of BBC just to see what they were saying.  I caught myself yelling at the tv. The reporter was talking about how all he has seen coming into the hospital were civilians. Of course that’s all you would see, because hamas scum dress in civilian clothes. And how many of those children were being held by hamas as shields. ?
    And the hamas that have been hit by 500pd bombs, they don’t need a doc. Maybe need a mop to wipe them up.
    I gotta stay away from the BBC. They truly are a vile news and I use the word news very lightly. Disgusting.
    Pray for the IDF and the rest that’s  in harms way. 

  • mdkrause

    I just have to say that obama says he’s in contact with the pres of Egypt and hamas. REALLY but you had NO idea of what was going on in Libya. And since when does America talk to terrorists.  Infact America shouldn’t be talking to Egypt since the muslim brootherhood is a terrorist group then why is obama talking to them. Is it because the daughter of the pres of Egypt works with Clinton?
    check out Huma Abedin

  • mdkrause

    People that know the bible know that God is in control of this, and he will fight for Israel. That is one and one of the only things that keeps me sane why watching updates.  knowing the Jewish people that they are a very stubborn people and that scum as hamas, and CNN,BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Al Jash-tface, the White House, is not going to bring them to their knees.  Doesn’t matter what they say. God will have the last say
    IDF all the way

  • Anonymous

    I don’t look forward to when this happens to America. I have been sensing the possibility of a hundreds of thousands/million of Hezbollah terrorist invited across the northern and southern borders hooking up with those radical already living amongst us. I may be delusional, i hope so, yet it’s my belief that radical extremest have been pouring across our southern border, basically invited by this admin., for years, decades, waiting for the right time to thin out the white conservative USA citizen population-those attempting to hang on to our country-clinging to our guns and bibles. I hope i am wrong. Obama an this admin. and it’s criminal cronies shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Anonymous

    What’s coming has already been written about in the Book of Daniel and the book of Revelation in the Bible. The End of Days, the End of Times whatever you call it—it is here. We are living in the those days—NOW! God has a plan for humanity,mankind, this world and He is  carrying out that plan. The war in the Middle East will continue to expand involving All the enemies of Israel. The United States will do nothing, the United Nations will do nothing to help Israel or stop the Muslims from trying to completely and utterly destroy Israel from the Earth. Russia our enemy(  which has always been our enemy) will back the enemies of Israel. With only a few exceptions most of the rest of the nations of the world will also take sides against Israel. Until a politician, an ambassador, a false peace maker appears on the scene to broker a treaty between Israel and her enemies to stop a world war.
    Who is he? –The anti Christ !. He is living amongest us now.  Israel rather than be destroyed will agree to such a treaty and the man who stopped the war will be given All kinds of honors ,glory, riches, power and authority. If you know the rest of the story you know how it ends. Our hope is not in man, the government ,the UN, the GOP,etc.
     In  next 4 years the United States will cease to exist as a free nation. It will become part of the World Community, a global country patterned after the old Roman empire. People will voluntarily give up their freedoms to recieve government control over their food, housing, money, clothing, speech, travel, jobs,etc.Those that disagree or rebell will be imprisoned or killed.  From the cradle to the grave!. Whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter–it will happen. Don’t believe the Bible, Don’t believe in God, keep doing and living like you have been. When the time comes to choose between life and death–which one will you pick? To draw a parrallel— Life is like a horse race. You are betting on one horse and I am betting on another. If you win–what do you win? If you lose what do you lose? If my horse looses and there is no God,no Bible,no Jesus and what I believe is wrong–what do I loose?  Nothing! But if I am right and my horse wins–what do I win? According to the Word of God– the Bible– eternal life, salvation in Jesus, a place in heaven.  What are the odds for your horse or mine! Are you willing to bet your life?

  • Anonymous

    Why does glenn beck continually lie about his support of Israel?
    glenn beck has made Anti-Semitic remarks in the past and only changed his views after getting fired.
    glenn beck is a fraud!!!

    • Todd Scheller

      Why do you continually lie about Glenn Beck?

      • Anonymous

        Todd,  sorry to inform you but strlk is part of the dumbing down in America.  I believe that is referred to as a Troll.  

      • BentGhazi

        He’s a pathological liar, it’s what gets him off.
        He’s got nothing else – he cleans urinals for a living.

    • BentGhazi

      Looks like all that exposure to porcelain cleaning products has damaged your limited capacity brain.

      Give it a rest, liar.

  • Anonymous

    Something to calm us all down: This life is only a test. Do your best. Don’t cheat. Be on the right side. God will take care of the rest. Trust Him. This life is COMPLETELY unimportant. Just remember: BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE BEFORE YOU’RE DEAD. That’s all that matters. No matter how anybody spins it.

  • Take 2

    Barry’s Worst Dream.

    This is for all those people out their who were raised Islamist…had a pet Monkey (tata) as a child…prayed to the Monkey God’s AND later a suicidal drugie on blow-convicted and became a Communist-Marxist revolutionist…!

    The Dream:

    Hey Mom It’s me… Barry Baarack-perhaps Davis! I became President of the Country everyone we know loves to hate.  No no no it’s not ‘laugh in’… Benghazi… No mom but but sure…I went to bed I trusted them to wait like gladamire… Yes-no guns were left Yes they promised them 20 extra wifes. Dead them all dead them all dead them all… Stop screamed Baarack No Barry No TaTa No it’s Gladimire… No stop picking on the Black female American No African.  It was me “I” went to bed “I” AM “BAARACK” King of the Monkey God’s.    

    Tiptoe through the windowBy the window, that is where I’ll beCome tiptoe through the tulips with meOh, tiptoe from the gardenBy the garden of the willow treeAnd tiptoe through the tulips with meKnee deep in flowers we’ll strayWe’ll keep the showers awayAnd if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlightWill you pardon me?And tiptoe through the tulips with me

    No but 1/2 of America is…

  • Take 2

    Benghazi Admen is a Murder Case…! The Mexico Boarder Admen Guns was a Murder Case!  Water Gate was an after hours break in to make file copies. 
    Read My Lips was never spoke!  Moreover, I never had Sex…everyone ‘lived’…! 

    Are you a House member… don’t you think its time to stop allowing any further Presidential abuse of the Executive Orders Act and suppression of evidence like last time is a crime in it’s self.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    The Jewish people and other minorities e.g.: Coptic Christians are easy targets for the paranoid and the politically violent. Israel and the Palestinians are fighting over the same land; time along with either common interest or mayhem will effect a resolution. I expect that a limited, abortive ground invasion of Gaza by Israel will happen. However, if so, there could be revenge repercussions in the U.S and Europe against Jewish interests by the supporters of barbaric anti-semitism. In my opinion, having the means of lethal self-defense is paramount for all individuals who openly support Israel’s right to exist and to self-defense. The Obama administration is neither trustworthy nor influential which opens the opportunities for the savages.

  • Shane

     The Left just hates Israel. The liberal MSM is on the side of the Muslims. Hamas started this fight and they are shooting missiles from areas with lots of civilians.

  • Anonymous

    of course the media is backing there Pals, 100’s of rockets and all most all hit nothing (praise God), yes the media supports stupid, wasteful, evil,,,, overseas and here because birds of a feather,,, if it walks like uh a duck and talks uh like uh a duck and hangs around uh ducks, watch were you step  uh, uh uh He is such a great speaker even with his uh telepromp uh but he does represent the American low breed illiGetimate majority, but the comms did what they said they would do with out firing a shot,,,, ‘All nations will come against Israel’  ALL

  • Anonymous

    The media are a disgrace.  The biased slant of MSM,CNN, and PBS, and PBS gets some of Our tax money, and add the Alphabet networks.  Totally insulting to anyone who watches. Media are to REPORT NEWS AS FACT and NOT add their Spin.  They only disgrace themselves, and the Liberals have the sheer nerve to attack large corporations when they Neglect to include their favorite media corps.  This battle will Only be Fueled by the Media .  I pray this ends .

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Glenn, your staff and Mercury One for all you do for Israel. What ever you do will come back to you double fold. Our Lord God will bless those that support Israel and its people.

  • Anonymous

    Have any in MSM read the Hamas Charter?

    The main objective calls for the elimination of the Jewish State…at all cost.

    What’s even more troubling, the nation of Israel excepts foreigners to become legal citizens, of course there is no obligation for Israeli-Arabs to pay taxes, but yet, they receive all the services of the state. Israeli-Arabs do not serve in the military, nor in national service, yet they demand equal rights and enjoy representation in the Knesset, at the Supreme Court and elsewhere throughout Israeli society . They want to be recognized as a minority with national aspirations to bring down the Jewish state, nothing less, not withstanding…it is their right.

    There are many who claim that Israels (yet unfinished) Constitution, offers more rights and privileges than does even the United States Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    This is not surprising. Leftists take their cues from their supreme leader, Barack Hussein Obama. In 2011, Obama said, while Binyamin Netanyahu was in mid-flight on his trip to meet personally with the president, “Israel has the right to defend itself…BY itself.”

    This statement further inflamed the Arab Spring with the reassurance that, should Israel attempt to defend itself against Arab, Palestinian and Iranian aggression, they would be left completely undefended by the United States. This statement solidified the nascent Arab nations under openly terrorist organizations connected through the various subunits of the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack Obama, this year, has twice sent private messages to the Iranians that, should Israel attack their nuclear facilities, the US would turn a blind eye to any retaliatory actions on the part of the Iranian state. What was the reaction of the MSM when Fox News broke this story? The same reaction they always have when someone DARES to report any news that reflects poorly on their hero and god-they attacked Fox News, some going so far as to speculate on whether this constituted illegal actions because of releasing “classified” information.

    There was another result of this unprecedented aggression against Israel in this country as well.  Here at home, immediately following this statement, during the Occupy socialist uprising,  we saw the appearance of black teachers on the streets of the major cities who were openly carrying signs spewing racist venom against Jews. Then, liberal whites joined in and the idiot, brainwashed students who flocked to the protests and participated in the rioting were suddenly giving “scholarly” press conferences in which they detailed how Jews had ruined the world and were guilty of crimes against humanity. Obama openly supported the protestors and refused to correct his statement, only heaping praise on the protestors, no matter how racist or lawless their actions.

    Seeing the MSM yet again reporting that Israel’s choice to respond to never ending terrorist rocket attacks against their citizens, NOT the government or military, is somehow, terrorism, is not surprising in the least. They, as a matter of course, condemn, spew venom against the Jewish state and express profound “solidarity” with the poor people being butchered by the horrible Jews for no good reason, without having to come up with a single alternative. Additionally, they are never held accountable for sympathizing with groups who have declared that they do not recognize the right to life of any person of Jewish blood, including the tiniest babies and children, not only in Israel, but throughout the entire world. Yet, somehow, these very people are held up as shining examples of stoicism and heroism in the face of “terror”.

    These fools will march to their own deaths if it means that they are following the great hero of the revolution. The Obama administration has signaled their support of the Palestinians by staunchly refusing to condemn the actions of Hamas and, just as staunchly, refusing to condemn other Muslim states that are openly encouraging even more violence against Israel and characterizing Israel’s response to terror as terror. Apparently, the only Israeli response that would be appropriate in their world would be to line up their citizens in the open so they could murdered more efficiently, and their refusal to do so is offensive and they are indignant about it.

    Why should any world leader condemn these people? Obama is understanding of their worldview and sympathetic to their hatred of Israel. He has practically declared to the terrorists who now comprise the governments of some of the most powerful nations of the Muslim world that these sentiments are legitimate. The MSM, always ready to join the Obama love fest will spew any raw sewage the president dishes out, including racism. No news there, anymore. It’s not news at all…it’s propaganda.

  • Vinny

    Glenn Beck is out of his mind with propaganda isn’t he!!  Even Jewish comedian John Stewart made fun of how bias the media is being in favor of Israel.  You guys must be super high to believe what Glenn Beck feeds you.  Here is the clip:

    • Anonymous

      Vinny, you do realize that your facts are coming from a guy who is an abject leftist propagandist, right? I have news for you…John Stewart does not know what he is talking about. The fact that he’s Jewish does not even remotely indicate that he is pro-Israel nor does it mean that he is pro-Zionist. In fact, some of the worst enemies of the state of Israel live right here in the United States. One of them is our president, Barack Hussein Obama. He talks a good line, but his actions match his previous words, which roundly condemn Israel for ANY response to terrorism. He takes out Bin Laden and he styles himself some kind of hero, yet he condemns Binyamin Netanyahu for taking out a Hamas terrorist bomb maker. Get your facts straight, get an education, stop listening to comedy shows for your news and information and stop making racist assumptions based on genetic ancestry.

  • Vinny

     Glenn has everything twisted.  What a sick man.  Please watch this, for the sake of peace.

    • Jeff

      Actually Glen Beck is spot on. You apparently are the one who is twisted!

  • Cecilie Gamst Berg

    I was roundly mocked for sharing the thing about more rockets over Israel than over London during the entire war, with people saying during the Blitz, London was hammered with several thousand bombs a night. Who is right? 

  • James

    Mr. Beck, you may be charged with contributing to terrorism someday. I support your cause and pray the best for you, your family, your staff and all of Mercury One’s endeavors.

  • Anonymous

    What is so disturbing is that if the media is so anti Israel (much more than the political echelons’) what’s going to be with the next generation of politicians?
    Why is Hamas always could ‘The Hamas Organisation’ by the BBC and not ‘The Hamas Terror Organisation’ as is English and European legislation? What does ‘Hamas organisation’ mean? Are they some Humanitarian Aid Organisation?
    Today it is no longer politically correct to be anti-semitic, so let’s be anti-Israel and anti-Zionist and brand all Jews as Israeli Zionists, so hay presto! you have politically correct anti-Semitim.
    Thanks Glenn for setting things straight! (It gets quite boring listening to the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, here in the U.K.)
    Kevin UK

  • Anonymous

    well Obama through Israel  under the bus again and now he supports Palestine. I’m sorry
    but he’s a Muslim. Hamas jihad are total different. i don’t think Obama understands that.
    yes thanks Glenn for supporting Israel. Obama were on the wrong side. i don’t give a crap
    about your Muslim friends.

  • Anonymous

    l stand w/Israel !! And support Israel in my prayers and financially !!!! bill davis

  • Anonymous

    By all means,,,lets keep helping Isreal. Lets help cut our (the U.S.) own throats. They, and American Jews keep supporting the Dems and Obama. And Obama is leading us down the toilet.
    I DO want to support Isreal,,,but they are making it really hard for me.

  • ForestRain Marcia

    Thank you for supporting Israel – it’s actually not even an issue of specifically supporting Israel, it’s just a matter of telling the truth about what is going on… Thank you. We do feel very much alone and it is good to know that this is not always the case.

    Blessings from Israel,
    writings from Israel:

  • John

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Glenn Beck and though his show on Fox News was the best show on fox but he really need to stop this support Isreal thing and start supporting America. How about he donated that $50,000 to Mitt Romney during the election. Why would I care about a foreign country of Jews who stolen land from some Muslims? How exactly is this an American issue? 

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