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“How old is the Earth?”

That’s the “all-important” question that the press asked Senator Marco Rubio this week. Rubio is apparently the “frontrunner” of the completely irrelevant 2016 election, which of course means the Democratic party is absolutely terrified of him.

And what does the liberal press need to do when they’re afraid? Destroy.

GQ gave the destruction of Marco Rubio a really pathetic effort this week by trying to press him with questions on the age of the planet in a recent interview — clearly trying to paint him as a “religious zealot.” Rubio responded by telling the reporter that he’ll “leave it to the experts,” he only knows what he’s read in history and in the Bible.

Marco Rubio can clearly now never run for president because he didn’t answer the question 4.54 billion years old…right? I mean WHO doesn’t know that? (aside from most people…)

Glenn, Pat and Stu mocked GQ accordingly for the ridiculous question and the left’s equally as ridiculous response. (see above)

“Is this an acceptable answer to how old the earth is?: ‘I don’t care’,” Stu joked.

Yes, Stu. And many would argue that it’s the only answer.