Forward: Boston Tea Party being taught as an act of terrorism

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Progressives are apparently feeling quite emboldened after the 3 million vote win by Barack Obama because they’re really trying to distort history now. Case in point – the new school curriculum that turns the Boston Tea Party on it’s head and labels the revolutionaries as terrorists. Mike Opelka from TheBlaze joined Glenn on radio to discuss the story, promising more updates as he continued to research it this week.

  • imnoangel512

    Amazing re-writing history to fit a political agenda. This what communist countries do. Welcome to the United Soviet States of America

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Once again we see the revisionist view of history in which good becomes bad and bad is now called good.

    • GingerR


  • Politically Incorrect

    I Guess we modern day Conservatives can accurately say we know how the Founders felt… 

    • John

      What I question is the REASONS behind the left wing labeling the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism. There is always an agenda. In this case, what purpose could there be in labeling the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act? Could it be that the far left wing wants to try and paint the new Tea Party as extremists and hateful fanatics by labeling the Tea Party of old as an act of terrorism? That would serve their agenda, wouldn’t it.

      • BentGhazi

        Actually, John, they want to completely distort the history of this nation and the patriots who created it because they are in the process of destroying it. It’s really that simple. Their objective is to obliterate good and substitute evil for it in every aspect of life. Total domination and the destruction of individual liberty is what they are about. They will do or say anything to achieve their ends, if that means lying and programming your children they will and have been doing it via the NEA and other teacher’s unions and the Department of Education for nearly 20 years. It started when they told grade school children to inform on their parents, and started all that supposed child protection crap. They hid their true agenda behind protecting children, and they taught them not to trust or respect their parents. Not just the abusers, but all parents. They were told not to believe their parents because they didn’t know anything. Blame Mrs. Clinton for that. She and her husband were a little better at hiding it, but they are just as evil as the Obama crew.  

        The Marxists are programming the children, and they have an entire generation believing their lies. 

        • Todd Scheller

          Examples of rewriting history:
          Christopher Columbus found the new world, this became him discovering America, even though he only set foot on Cuba, which at its closet point is still 93 miles from the US.
          The Declaration of Independence contains 26 specific grievances against King George III, this became simply Taxation without representation.
          MOst of the Founding Fathers were Christians, this became most of them being Deist, all though Scholars can only point to Ben Franklin as a practicing Deist.
          There were 24 specific reasons for sending troops to Iraq in the Authorization to use force against Iraq (2002), this simply became WMD’s and oil (which is not even listed).
          According to Millard (1977) one of the first things a conquering country does is rewrite the history of the vanquished country. What country beat us? Why the need to rewrite our history?
          Reference: Millard, C. (1977). The rewriting of America’s history. Horizon Books, Camp Hill PA.

          • Ciloman FreeBSD

            “Christopher Columbus found the new world, this became him discovering America, even though he only set foot on Cuba, which at its closet point is still 93 miles from the US.”

            Who the hell home schooled you?    America is not a country, it is  the continent which  includes  north, central, and  south America,  and the Islands.    the U.S. of America is a country.  Hence the region named Latin America which includes  Mexico to Argentina, and most of the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic).   And  Columbus actually set foot in Puerto Rico, Cuba and  the Hispanola(Island of Dominican Republic and Haiti).

            Why even bother addressing the rest of your KKKonservative revision of U.S. American history, and Iraq war.   

          • whoever

            Please, go away, commie trash. 

          • MULTIVERSE

            hey, brother, I don’t think Todd ever said “America” was a country.

          • Anonymous

            Are you freakin’ kidding me?  LOL  You have NO clue what you are even talking about, Ciloman.  America is BOTH a country and NOT one but TWO continents.

            The two continents are North and South America.  Central America is simply a region joining the two continents.

            Now, the United States of AMERICA is also called AMERICA for a reason, lol.  It lies right in the middle of North America.  Now, discounting the fact that Columbus wasn’t even the first European to actually reach any part of the America’s, he did NOT discover America as we know it.  Heck, the Vikings beat him to it more than 500 years earlier, and various nomadic tribes long before that even.  Heck, there have been some evidence of Viking settlements reaching to the Gulf of Mexico.

            Just sayin’.  Before you attack others for their facts, you should, at the very least, know yours, lol.

          • Kurt Van Luven

             Interesting. The KKK was composed of 90+% Democrats! Remember the Dixiecrats? They actually ran a racist for the white house.  Point being, the folks that want you and me to fight over things while they destroy this country believe they will be in charge. Study the French Revolution and see what I mean. We need to stick together. Most politicians are confused or scary.  P.S. I quit Republicans for how they treated Ron Paul,  NOT what they have been labeled as.  Libertarian, when you are sick of government running our lives.

          • BentGhazi

            The radicals of the 1960’s have done most of this. They also are responsible for a goodly proportion of the whacky-er conspiracy theories – a lot of them inhabit the cities and think they are intelligent, but they ruined their brains with substances – and now we see the results of their unbridled selfishness.

        • Anonymous

          It is really obnoxious. This CSCOPE is completely anti Christian, pro Muslim, NOT vetted by the TX board of education. Teachers have to sign an agreement not to talk about the curriculum. Parents are not allowed to see it, textbooks and homework are discouraged to keep parental interest and involvement to a minimum. Teachers have grave concerns but are mostly afraid to speak out lest they lose their jobs. Here is a link to the actual lesson. It also explores the motivations of why terrorists commit these acts. Just revolting and another reason why I homeschool.*fOW3-jYoYtgbSraedaROsGgrmhQBBH9SG1LhEXNSk7f2Ts4NZKWPwfUeexiXCWpI*NFwVw5RS82MED5/Terrorism.pdf

        • GingerR


          • BentGhazi

            This is absolutely outrageous! They are programming a generation of people who will be ignorant of reality! It’s what the soviets did in Russia, and now someone has started up the propaganda equals truth machine here. Get your kids out of public schools if you can, and supplement their classroom instruction with the true history of our nation. Children need to be informed that they are being misled in a very heinous way by those that have been placed in positions of authority over them – and it has to come from family, not the public school system.

            I’d rather see a generation of uneducated people than what these outrageous people are doing to our children – and their children yet unborn. The left is planning for this stuff to be continual, you can bet on it.

            As adults, we bear the responsibility for letting this happen – let’s not double down on this by allowing it to continue. Force this communism out of local politics – we need to get rid of the influence these socialists have over children because they are abusing the public trust, and the children. Those who bring this stuff to the fore are guilty of willfully undermining our society and culture, and if we are to continue to exist as a nation, we have to stop them. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

            The assuming that educators will do what is in the best interest of the children is a fantasy we cannot afford to believe in. It’s been going on for far too long, and we all need to devote time to assure this is stopped. People need to be a little bit less busy and more involved in the the local school districts policy decisions, especially when it comes to deciding what is taught in the classroom.

            Why would we allow the teacher’s unions to dictate how math is taught? The fact is we would not. So why should we be so casual about history, and civics? We should not!

            Parents – this is a huge wake up for you! My kids are adults and have been for years now, but those of you with children in school need to be aware of this issue and understand it is your duty to assure that your kids are presented with apolitical instruction in the class room. This is how the left is taking over this nation – it is through the children. Remember that, “Barack Hussein Obama, MMM MM MMM”, video? That was more than a disturbing video – it is what and how they are teaching children, in place of the time honored basic educational standards that have always been taught in public schools before the Department of Education existed.

            First, they undermine the parent’s authority in the home, then they empower the children and teach them they are the ones in control of their lives. Next, they teach there is no such thing as responsibility, no consequences for misbehaving, and we wonder why this comes down the pipe next.

            This has to be stopped.

      • Anonymous

         Teaparty activists are already on watch lists.  LOL’s

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they want to put the TEA party in the same category as Hamas. That way the government will have laid the groundwork to hauling off TEA party members or those they believe sympathize with them to the FEMA camps or a firing squad. The young wouldn’t bat an eye because of what they are being taught. My kids are out of the school system, but if they were, I would find other like minded parents and pool resources like some provide their time and others can provide money for materials. If something isn’t done soon, all will be lost.

      • Suni Perkins

         SO American Patriots can then be labeled as terrorist…Like the “Tea Party”!! Then Obama can have us all rounded up and jailed under the NNAD!! ?? I think that is the right abbreviation????   

  • Don Day Sr.

    Unfortuately this is what has been being done for almost 15 years now. If people would pay more attention to school schedules for their children not many would be surprised.

  • Doug Schexnayder

    The arrogant apostles of utopian socialism have one great enemy…the truth…
    they have 4 tactics (ethics/morals no concern ever)…bold lies, smears, distractions and demons…because their naturally toxic policies that have failed all over the globe for decades must be shrouded…Fidel is so very proud of Barackaclaus.

    • Sue Austin

      So right, Doug, and very well put…I think the phrase “the ends justify the means” applies here.

  • KIM

    …and this (among other reasons) is why I have home-schooled my children for 7yrs.  It is your duty to protect your children from indoctrination.  Teach them to think for themselves!

  • Elaine Lopez

    Look on the bright side…  We’re at war.  The propaganda isn’t new, but the in-your-face acceleration of Commie Progressivism is… meaning they’re coming out.  I, for one, thank God.  He’s making it easier to see them, easier to expose them, easier to take them down at a faster rate. 

  • Hayden Proborowski

    I can attest 

  • Elaine Lopez

    Write to  (according to above video)  Please, stand.  God bless…

  • greywolfrs

    So, the founding fathers were terrorists? We should teach our children that the founders were terrorists for bringing us FREEDOM. We should teach our children that the founders were terrorists for wanting to be FREE and wanting future generations to be FREE. We should teach our children that the founders were terrorsts because they were against taxation without representation. We should teach our children that the founders were horrible people for wanting freedom of religion, instead of being told what religion was right by the crown.
    Left wingers are such dolts. Is there really any wonder why this country is in such trouble? These teachers can’t teach our children basic math and economics, but they teach this s***. Our children and younger generations actually believe we can “spend our way out of debt.”
    Time is coming and these left wing dolts will not like the outcome.

    • Anonymous

       usually I agree with your leanings but here I would have to disagree.  While I don’t think its fair to label the boston tea party a terrorist act, I would go so far as to argue that the sons of liberty were borderline terrorists (tar and feathering usually resulted in death as a result of third degree burns, and was certainly done in order to terrorize those opposed to them, John Adams wasn’t even a big fan of them).

  • Anonymous

    I keep screaming in various threads about how the youth has been warped and corrupted by the educational system. Glenn says the ages 18 to 29 is gone. I have always said it’s a full 3 generations. They left took over the educational system back in the 50s in the collages. They stayed within the hallowed halls until the mid to late 70s, that’s when they started indoctrinating high school kids. Since the late 80s they moved downwards to the elementary grades. That’s 3 full generations of students that have been brainwashed. Granted, not all of the early kids were zombified since kindergarten. But the last croup of kids have been indoctrinated since kindergarten in one form or another. I keep saying that Republicans and conservatives have to start realizing this and take steps within their own movements to counteract it when they can, and adjust their message to the “new” voters. It’s bad enough you have a bunch of ex hippies running things now. Do you want the kids now running things eventually????

    Spoken by a boomer who knows.

    • Bradley Mattice

       We’re not all gone, but a good chunk is. I’m 21 and while I had a history teacher who was a Democrat, he was an old style conservative Democrat who at least taught things fair (unless it involved Bill Clinton). Still, my friends and I are all conservatives, though I think I’m the farthest to right.

      • John

         Bradley, I’m glad to hear about you and your conservative friends, it warms my heart. The problem is the other millions of other kids that are not intelligent enough or inquisitive enough to question the propaganda machine.

        • Bradley Mattice

           You certainly have a point. I was talking to one kid about the election and he proudly stated he was voting for Obama. Someone else asked “Why would you do that?”. He mumbled something about ‘I like his policies.” When I asked him which ones in particular, he started to mumble about immigration (bad idea here in AZ) and then just stated “I just really like his policies.” I don’t think he could have named one policy, he just wanted to do the ‘popular’ thing.

          Damaged my truck, too, the goof.

  • OscarK44

    That’s why we need to get rid of the department of education and let it fall to the state level. Then WE THE PEOPLE would have more to say on the curriculum and our children would receive a better education and more patriotic and maybe more moral citizens. That of course depend on the state.

    • Sharmane

       The useless Department of Education was started by the useless former president Carter.  It needs to be completely dismantled.  The federal government has no business getting involved in education at any level.  Carter – now the second worse president, outpaced by the useless and anti-American Obama.

  • Anonymous

    This has been unaware to many Americans for years. I have said it many times that history in our schools has been changed to where we don’t recognize it anymore. Wake up America, this is not the same country you grew up in. And it is not for the better.

    • Anonymous

      Fixall, I have to agree with my best friend of 25 years.  She said, “I’m glad I’m old.”  Both of us are armed, military retirees who are willing and (still) able to fight for Freedom.  She lives in Texas, I’m packing to move there.  Texas may well be the last bastion of Freedom-loving American Patriots.

    • Anonymous

      Parents across the country should be alarmed and rise up against this travesty. I blame them for giving up their authority over their children to public education. Things can be turned around; The time for keeping silent should be over!

  • Vic Burrack

    You have to see the bigger picture of where all this is headed. 

    Democrats and liberals celebrate all terrorists agendas as generally representative of the “downtrodden”. The purpose behind this change about teaching about the Boston Tea Party is to create a “perception change” in the maturing school students. Our revolutionary forefathers will be made-over to be similar to jihad style groups in order to accumulate the maturing students to the idea of accepting truly radical agendas. 

    Eventually (long past our republic folding and then socialism taken over and collapsing from lack of economic support, the radical action groups will take over since they are perceived as the only ones who are the “righteous”. Then they can create the chaos they want and all countries around the globe can be equal. Right down to the economic point of remaking all countries to a donkey cart level society-wise. 

    Then its goodbye iPhones and worse.The bright side is that as a result, I bet our carbon emissions will be at an all time low since we all will be poor and walking. (this last part is a joke as I don’t believe in the carbon emission pollution making hurricanes worse thing- BTY: I live in Florida and in 40 years the water has never risen at all from the polar caps melting).

  • Laura

    Michelle obama did state ‘We need to change our History.”  Michelle you cannot change the past, it is what it is as you can now only lie about it.

  • Anonymous

    Boston Tea Party.. Who cares…  everyone know the revolution started in Rhode Island with the HMS Gaspee…  They re-burn the boat every year.

  • Anonymous

    i would not classify the boston tea party as a terrorist act, but the sons of liberty were definitely borderline terrorist (tar and feathering people usually resulted in death from third degree burns).

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Terrorists kill innocent people, not innocent boxes of tea.

    • Anonymous

       what about the people who died from tar and featherings?  i would not label our founders terrorists, however, the sons of liberty were very questionable, John Adams wasn’t exactly a fan of theirs. 

  • GingerR

    Check out… for more info on Cscope….

  • Frank Balcer

      They were NOT TERRORISTS, they were PATRIOTS,  any one who thinks that our founding fathers were terrorists is foolish. People have died so We can be free from tyranny. We need to teach the children the truth about our founding fathers and the sacrifices they made for our freedom & theirs. If its not done then the real history & truth will be lost through the fog of lies that is being taught by the traitors to this country.

  • Sandie

    They are teaching that anyone who stands against the existing government (against taxes?) is a terrorist. Don’t rise up against or resist the Socialist government that is in charge now.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    Its not just Texas…… Check this webpage out… Looks simular to what you are talking about..

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    its for California

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    The California Endowment
    The California Wellness Foundation
    Marguerite Casey Foundation
    Ford Foundation
    French American Charitable Trust
    Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
    The James Irvine Foundation
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 
    Mitchell Kapor Foundation
    La Vida Feliz Foundation
    Liberty Hill Foundation
    New World Foundation
    Seasons Fund
    The Solidago Foundation
    Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rockthese are the people funding the organization:

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    This is one of the funders:

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    The LIFT Fund is a new initiative designed to build greater alignment and synergy between the labor movement and community organizing and using philanthropic resources to advance that agenda.
    The focus of the Fund is on workers rights, decent jobs and a fair economy for the 21st century. The Fund is especially interested in creative approaches that broaden alliances and energizing community-labor coalitions to meet the economic and social challenges of our times. In partnership between Labor and Philanthropy, (current partners include: The New World Foundation, The Ford Foundation, AFL-CIO, and The Solidago Foundation) the LIFT Fund supports innovative models of organizing, collaboration between traditional and non-traditional labor organizations, and new opportunities in transnational organizing.For more information, contact Anna Loizeaux.The Ford Foundation, AFL-CIO, and The Solidago Foundation) the LIFT Fund supports innovative models of organizing, collaboration between traditional and non-traditional labor organizations, and new opportunities in transnational organizing.For more information, contact Anna Loizeaux.Anna Loizeaux.

  • Anonymous

    At the time it was an act of terrorism, and is now conceived of as a revolutionary siren, much like the Palestinians are conceived of as terrorist by occupiers like Israel (a latter day British Empire) by will be vindicated as freedom fighters when the time is right

    • Anonymous

      Robert Bird (D West Virginia ) RIP… was a member of the KKK. Anyone consider him a terrorist? Please recall what the KKK did to blacks in the US. The year was 1866. They also targeted whites who opposed them. Nice group of terrorists, weren’t they?

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    this is who scope is in California: SCOPE evolved from Action for Grassroots Empowerment and Neighborhood Development Alternatives (AGENDA), a South Los Angeles based membership organization established in 1993 following the major social uprising that captured international attention and spotlighted the severe conditions of poverty, crime and unemployment facing LA’s inner city communities. The organization was founded based on four principles:Building powerful vehicles for those locked out of decision-making processes to act on their own behalf. Democratically developing proactive public policy aimed at responding to reactionary social agendas and re-framing the terms of the debate. Constructing strategic alliances at the intersection of race, class and single-issue efforts. Organizing innovative policy campaigns that ignite broad social movement, win structural change and begin to realign power relationships in this society toward real democracy and justice.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    One political group’s terrorist is another group’s patriot. When compromise and majority rule fail to bind a society together, chaos, violence, separation and sometimes war result. There will always be a group, a government, a society that tries to enrich itself at the physical and emotional expense of others. It’s called History. That’s why our founders put the 2nd amendment into the Constitution. Being nice and playing well with others is markedly encouraged when the citizens are armed and both side have a lot to lose.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and the Second Ammendment is not about the government allowing citizens the right to hunt as Obama and many of the dems and practically all of the libs/progressives will tout publicly. First and foremost the Second Ammendment is yet another of the founders attempts to control the central governments powers by ensuring that it’s citizenry is armed well enough that the central government respects the citizens it is meant to serve through a real fear of reprisal.    

  • Anonymous

    Can’t help but wonder what the Brits think of this.

  • RC

    communist progressive liars

  • John Michaud

    what is incredible is the way we have hidden the largest body count in the history of mankind. the harbor was probably ridden with tens of thousands of victims. we should never have forgotten

  • Lee Sullivan

    We’ve let this happen in our schools because we haven’t been paying attention.  But now the most important thing is to keep our eyes on God and His Word. We are in the last days and the evil that is changing our history is also trying to destroy us.  Only God is more powerful than this movement.  Look to God.

  • Anonymous

    And it gets worse, because they’re trying to pass the UN Children’s Rights Bill and Disabled Children’s Rights Bill to let UN make decision for your child that you the parent used to make, even to the point of putting your child up for adoption without your consent.

    • Frank Balcer

       That is just legalized kidnapping / child abduction. I do not have any children of my own yet, but if I did I would not allow that to happen to them. Who knows what type of people they will end up with.

  • Anonymous

    We are now in a tyrannical state. Elections probably are no longer an option…yet where is the people willing to fight another revoluionary do what must be done for the cause of freedom.

    People complain, groan and whine…but in the end they allow Obama and his friends to win…because of our inaction.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Glen this is what u warned us abt too bad the rest of the country who wants the entitlements are not listening, they nd to understand, marx, communism, fascism and UN Agenda 21, global governmentalists, and Obama, Clinton.  They are progressives and want history not to b what it really is and thus is y obama ignores the constitution he does not believe in it

  • GingerR

    Texas Cscope is nothing but indoctrination of our children with the United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Why can’t parents see the lessons? Why would the teachers be scared to speak out for fear of losing their jobs? Can you believe this is happening in Texas?
    Well it is is over 80% of Texas schools, some charter and private. Check out Glenn Beck on his morning show speaking about it.  Glenn Beck Discusses progressive Texas curriculum, CSCOPE — … …

  • Anonymous

    This happened at my school in Ohio. My teacher compared the Sons of Liberty to al-quaeda.
    We have to stop the liberals from rewriting history.

  • Bar Hil

    This is very disturbing. What else are teachers secretly imposing on our children?

  • Anonymous

    wow the liberals are trying rewrite history.when i was in school they actually taught history
    not some political agenda stuff. so glad my youngest brother is independent study home school. he’s learning real history. of this country. welcome to ussa.

  • Cindy Woodman

    My God.  I can’t believe this….I just don’t WANT to, but…good God it’s THERE.  How disgusting!!  We have to get this fixed!! UGH!

  • Omegaomni

    Ok the facts.

    Men dressed up as indians to dump cargo into the water. Terrorism. it is terrorism. You wingnuts have used the word against anyone who doesn’t bow to the united states . So now when you have clear case of good use of terrorism, you are forced to call them freedom fighters, oh the irony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omegaomni

     Any act against a government and or its businesses, for the purpose of creating a reaction, rather than any tactical advantage ( territory,  possible threat etc)  is TERRORISM. You are creating terror in the british merchant class by dressing up as indians ( pretty dangerous back in those days) and destroying product to get a REACTION. Doesn’t  matter who or why they are doing it, you are creating TERROR. LOGIC PEOPLE

  • Amanda

    I can say not all 18-29 year old are gone!  Alot of us are coming back!!  We see what the “president” is doing and we don’t like it!

  • mexhapati

    well let’s see, we have tax protesters TRESPASSING, overpowering and injuring police, illegaly boarding a merchant vessel, destroying private property, and dumping valuable cargo into the bay….all the while impersonating indians?? (watergate deja vu all over again LOL),

    it’s got all the elements of terrorism, piracy, arson, vandalism…all depends on your point of view,

    terrorists or freedom fighters?

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