Glenn reviews Christmas Story: The Musical

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A Christmas Story is an American classic during the holiday season. It’s impossible to not see it on TV as it’s run non-stop round the clock on Christmas eve. Glenn went to check out the Broadway musical version of the hit classic – was it any good? He gives his review in the clip above from radio.

  • landofaahs

    By the way folks.  When someone asks you like they did Rubio how old the Earth is, just tell them I don’t know because I was not there When God created it.  Neither were you.  Read what God told Job about that.  Besides, if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, you better be worried more about when he is coming back to the Earth he made.

  • OscarK44

    Come on Glenn, the the way the Dad surprises the kid when he was the only one the kid didn’t even think to ask. And how the dad was just as excited as his son, was touching. I had one and bought my son one to, RED RYDER BB GUN. Loved that gun. The 24 hour thing is a bit much

  • dan pauley

    Hey Glenn,
    I am so surprised that you have not watched the movie. You look so much like Ralphie (Peter ,the director). When I first started watching you on Fox in “09, I told my husband then that you look like Ralphie from the movie “The Christmas Story”. I am surprise more people have not told that.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family. Make sure you watch the movie.  Sue Pauley

  • Anonymous

    I liked the movie…..the first time I saw it.  Now they’ll play it any time of year, and for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT at Christmas, either on TNT or TBS.(they take turns.)  Now I despise it so much, I’D rather shoot my eye out!  To py through the nose and see it as a Broadway musical? (shudder!)  No thank you!  If tha makes me a Grinch, so be it!  I can think of many other movies I’d rather be watching than THAT one!  Wonderful Life springs to mind.

  • Anonymous

    A great Christmas movie is “A Christmas Carol”, the one starring Kelsey Grammer. All the others pale in comparison to this version. It’s a must -see and is usually shown on one of the Hallmark channels.

  • Shane

    I love that movie and I think that Darren McGavin was great in the role of the flawed father.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    ?  what  movie  ? 

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