Glenn talks 2012 Election, Agenda 21 with Bill O’Reilly

Glenn was in New York City this week and couldn’t resist stopping by the FOX News studios to visit his friend and the King of Cable News, Bill O’Reilly. Bill asked Glenn about the election, including how off-base his prediction of a Romney landslide was, as well as Glenn’s new book Agenda 21 that went on sale today. Check out the interview in the clip above.

  • Randy Layman

    Awesome just got it on kindle!

  • Anonymous

    Why all the fuss? He did not even write this, just stole the rights and changed it to suit his agenda.

    • Anonymous

      Why all the hate? Do some research on how many people have bought rights to stories for books, movies, etc. I take it you don’t go to movies, because the producer or director didn’t actually write the story, eh?

  • Charles Stanchick

    different?………spend more and spend even more…..take from the middle class and give to the poor or give to the rich………no difference to me.

  • Brian T

    It was the debt crisis, morons.  Or maybe even the neverending diatribe of stupid things coming from the mouths of Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Herman Cain, Joe Ricketts, Ted Nugent, Allen West, Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Clint Eastwood, Rick Perry, Glenn Beck, Scott Walker, Ann Coulter, Sheldon Adelson, Joe Walsh, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, or Joe Arpiao.

    • Carolyn Beckham

       Get real.  Have you “open-mindedly ” heard the message?  You do not sound like a stupid ass-hole; but you will be labelled that if you do not contemplate the message meaning of the other side.  Do not show your stupidity.   Show your real IQ by listeing to the points of the  “other side.”
      God bless, and happy Thanksgiving.”

    • Doug Davis


  • NewHampshire

    LOL stark choice? I think not. We had a hard time distinguishing the two especially at the debates where they fought over whose socialist programs were better. Romney’s handlers also alienated enough people by breaking legs and fingers in the caucuses to force them to vote for him that he turned off at least 4M of the electorate which he needed to win. He and the GOP got what they deserve — extinction.

  • NewHampshire

    We knew about Agenda 21 long before clown boy Beck jumped on it. A better resource would be Rosa Koire.. Look her up.

    • Paolina

      Umm Glenn links to Rosa.
      So you learned from the same place.
      But I knew about it half a decade ago.

      MY problem is Glenn thinks somehow we can stop D.C. from implementing Agenda 21, and he opposes secession. The TRUTH is the only way to stop it and stop the coming demographic wipeout of the GOP is to secede and seperate from D.C. and the North which are hellbent on implementing socialism.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, NewHampshire. You are kind of an ignorant person aren’t you! You come off as some kind of know it all fool.

    • Avila47

      Rosa Koire was on Glenn Beck show last week.  We’re all in this together.

    • Anonymous

      Arrogance. Not becoming New Hampshire.

    • Anonymous

       NH, you, and people like you, are the problem. You are so stuck in your delusional thinking that you cant understand the truth. You are the clown, a sad, pathetic clown

  • Will Taylor

    Wow, New Hampshire you’re a Beck hater if ever there was one. The problem I have is that it doesn’t matter who was “first” to talk about agenda 21, it is important that this insidious doctrine be denied by the free peoples of the world.  My initial instinct is to wonder what you so want to hide that you would so demean the messenger.

  • Kathy Kirchmeier

    So why is he hated in New York and what ever happened to Beck & O’Reilly show they did together out on the road??

  • Anonymous

    It will all work out? For who? America died on Nov 6,2012! The next 4 years will be a lot worse then the last 4 under Obama. The United Socialist States of North America will become part of the United Nations global community under the rule of the World Wide Community controlled by the Communist,the Socialist, and the Muslim nations of the world. The US Constitution will be suspended in favor of global treaties and committies. The Bill of Rights will be cancelled and personal freedoms i.e. speech,press,right to assemble, etc will all be controled by the government.Go back in time and take a  mental snapshot of the USSR and the Berlin wall and you will begin to understand what is coming to America. If you are in favor of Government control of every aspect of your life then–Happy Trails– your Shangrala is here.If you want the government to provide everything for you –as long as you voluntarily give up your freedoms,don’t cause any problems and are willing to do what ever you are told to do then—you will enjoy the years ahead. If not–then you’re in for a world of hurt and you can forget about trying to live in the America that existed in the past 200 yrs. It’s gone!
             Apparently there are several millions of people that want the first type of life and didn’t care for the old America. For those of us that disagree with that form of government and totalitarianism–you have some choices to make. At this point in history— you can continue to live as you have and ignore what’s coming, if you can afford it –move,but the question is where? Austrailia, New Zeland, an island some where in the pacific, ( I would suggest  first getting out of large cities and think about the mountains, the swamp lands, the Pacific Norhtwest or Alaska’s back country) you can stay here and try to work within the system and  use your vote to change things (we already know how that worked out) or at least move to the countryside and become a Prepper, a survivalist–begin to have a mind set that sees the future as it will be and get ready for it. The past is gone. Whether it will be a tsumnami, a metorite, a super storm, a nuclear war, a giant earth quake, an economic crash, a terrorist take over, whatever—it’s coming! Or you can chose to believe that things will get better like Glenn and Bill.
    Of course with their money they can believe that–even if things don’t work out.

  • L

    I love you Glenn Beck!  Thank you for this book and all the great work you do on the Blaze.  I started reading “Agenda 21″ and I’m hooked..  A little terrified, but hooked.   I think this is a great eye opener, and just as the other information you put out there, this helps me prepare better for the future.  Love, love, love you Glenn!!!

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, Americans have the tools to depose tyranny(And Obama qualifies), the problem is they don’t have the will to do so. Its too comfortable in the recliner chair, I dont’ want to miss the next game, look at all my fancy gadgets(iphone, ipad, laptops) etc

    You want to save America your going to have to actually physical do something, and encourage your friends, family and everyone you know to do the same because tyranny is here in Obama, and unless we have another American Revolution(the system will no longer work to check and balance tyrants), then America will become, and it is already becoming, another state much like Nazi Germany.

    Mobilize and revolt…or sit down and don’t…the choice is yours.

    • Anonymous


  • nutt

    Glenn can’t even write his own fiction, let alone tell the truth. What a charlatan.

    Still – credit him for know how fools and their money get on…

  • Anonymous

    Well, this all sounds so impossible. Good God, I sit back in my reclining chair and watch the world go by in high definition, eating special things in my big comfortable home. What the hell is Beck thinking? This is America, always has been always will be. We are bad asses here in the outback and stuff like agenda 21 are silly. All this control crap happens in the third world and in make beleave Hollywood stuff. Beck, write a book on how to cure the pain in my feet and legs from nueropathy..If all this crap comes to pass the anti Christ will be in power and that is the moment the real Christ will step back into this world and set things straight. Now that I can’t wait for. In the meantime football is still in season and this is Texas amigo…..

  • nutt


    For somebody who likes to point out where credit lies, Glenn sure doesn’t mind taking credit for something he hasn’t done.

  • Jeremy Eliot

    Die-Hard Republicans had a rude awakening on election day. Clearly “their” Country is gone. There is no doubt about that at all. Not in me mind…
    Mr. Romney lost his bid because he never understood that Americas social makeup has dramatically changed and the Republicans did not and still don’t know how to get out the vote. America is no longer a Capitalist country . America is inventing “Social – Capitalism”.  Under “Social Ca[italism”,  its OK to be rich… but its no longer OK to leave the unfortunate ones among us, out on the street and in the cold. If the Republicans have any hopes to ever again, see a Republican President, than they need to reinvent themselves and understand, for example that National Health Care is not Communism … its not even Socialism… it the human and decent thing to do. We can argue as to the quality of one plan over another but under no circumstance can we ever allow a single American to lose his home because he or she could not pay their medical bills.  No one should die because he or she cannot pay for a medical procedure. 
    That is why I call it “Social Capitalism”. We have the right to be rich but just as we have no problem understanding that we must pay for the Fire Department, for the Police Force, we must pay for Health Care. All three serve the common good !!. 

    • Anonymous

      America did not invent ‘social-capitalism’.  This is an old system used in most of Europe  for some time now and economically was the basis of the Nazi model and now the Chinese model.  Wait and see who is left out in the street when the system collapses–and it wont take long.

    • Josey

       What world do you live in? Obama the lying corrupt idiot bought the election w/ welfare vampires ($1.028 TRILLION FY2011) and amnesty and through massive voter fraud he stole the rest!… HOW can liberals be so damn stupid and ignorant that even Putin called Obama’s voters ILLITERATE !!!  and He’s right!  The worst part is so many have committed treason & sold their citizenship for free Obama “FONS”..!!!!

      Obama is a complete failure except for using tax dollars for bribes, even to Congress.
      NEVER forget Fast and Furious, Benghazi and now the middle east is on fire and Iran we nuke us one day because of this stoned dog eating socialist SOB!

  • crazy betty

    God appoints the rulers… he appoints evil rulers for an evil nation.  that is why we have oboma.

  • Cindy Ford

    I bought Agenda 21 on Wednesday, started reading , could not put in down.  Good for Emmeline , her need for answers and drive to look for a better future for Elsa. I am now rapidly gobbling up information in order to fight against Agenda 21 in any way I can for everyone’s future.  Even though many think I am little paranoid, better paranoid now than a slave without freedom later!!!!  My husband and I have been preppers for a long time, but with the nation’s recent mistake, we are in hyper-drive. God bless this country, it is never too late to learn the truth and save our country.

  • lynn

    Pre-ordered the book, received it around noon the day after Thanksgiving. Could NOT put it down. Read the whole thing by 10 pm! While the book is fiction, it does make one think. Not if but when will the real life version of Agenda 21 come to full power? What will the tipping point in this country be? It is clear, as a result of the election, that a majority of the people look to one person to be the “savior”, so to speak, for all the ills of the world. As of now, though, our country is divided nearly right down the center. There is still hope for change albeit small, but there is still hope. There is still support here  for Israel. (I believe that is important)  The question remains. What will the tipping point be? When the takers, who certainly outnumber the makers, realize that their precious obama CANNOT provide their every greed, who will they turn to to? As the situation worsens greatly over the next four years, and it will, then who will they choose to put in power as their savior? The good news is, there is another book, the Bible,  written centuries ago and has already provided the one great hope… Jesus, the true Savior. My hope and prayer is that people will give their hearts and lives to him before it is too late.

  • Anonymous

     Brian, you are clearly an idiot. So, in your thinking, all conservatives are stupid and all liberals are smart? I see you dont bash any libs. You lose all credibility when you try to portray all conservatives as bad and evil while ignoring the ignorance on the left. By the way, I admire all the people you listed, Newt, not so much, Sarah, she’s smarter than your side will allow you to know

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