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Hamas showed it’s true, terrorist colors today when it executed at least 6 people on a public street in front of children. Masked gunmen claiming their captives were suspected of being Israeli informants tossed them out of a van and one by one shot them to death. They also dragged the dead body of another suspected spy down the street, tied to a motorcycle. Will the media still be confused as to who the bad guys are?

Earlier today, Anderson Cooper tweeted:

The photo linked in the above shows a man being dragged behind a motorcycle through the streets of Gaza:

“Where is it? I’m watching CNN. Where is it?” Glenn asked. “It should be leading on CNN right now. That is atrocious and an abomination, and I can guarantee you that they are having a story meeting right now, and it is going through the Arab desk. I know them. I’ve worked with them. It’s going through the Arab desk.”

Glenn predicted that if the story got any coverage in the media it would likely be said to be the work of a few radicals rather than typical behavior by Hamas.

TheBlaze reports:

Hamas reportedly posted a sign on an electricity pole after the horrifying execution, naming the six alleged informers as a warning to other Palestinians.

The killings come during a resurgence of violence with Israel, which has now lasted nearly a week. Gazan officials report more than 112 fatalities, but the number cannot be confirmed at the current time.

Israel relies on a network of local informants to identify its targets, often so that it can isolate terrorists from civilians.

TheBlaze is reporting that the video below is aftermath of the attack: