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The Obama administration this week refused to denounce Turkey for referring to Israel’s military response as ‘terrorism’ and an attempt at ‘ethnic cleansing’ despite the fact that Hamas is designated a terrorist organization. One AP reporter expressed frustration at the lack of any sort of stand from the administration and took them to task for it.

“How do you — this whole thing of saying nothing, I’m not sure I understand why you think that that’s helpful to the situation. You say that it would not be helpful for you to discuss any of your conversations, that quiet diplomacy is the way to de-escalate that. Well, you’ve been doing your quiet diplomacy now for almost a week. How’s it going so far?” AP reporter Matt Lee asked State Department official Victoria Nuland.

When Nuland evaded giving a direct answer, Lee continued to press her on the issue until she ended up cutting off the argument saying “Rhetorical attacks against Israel are not helpful at this moment.”

“I haven’t heard that since Bush. It seems like forever. But that’s the way that a journalist used to do its job. You don’t hear it anymore. You hear maybe one tough question, and then they back off immediately,” Glenn said.

Before playing the audio on radio, Glenn also took issue with CNN calling Jerusalem an “international city” than as the capital of Israel. It is just another reflection of the bias against Israel during this conflict.