Mainstream media: Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist group Hamas aren’t the bad guys!

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Think you can rely on the mainstream media for balanced and common sense reporting on the conflict Middle East? If you’re a progressive, you’ll have no problem finding reporters and experts who want to negotiate with terrorists and claim that Israel is committing war crimes and human rights violations. Don’t expect to see too much coverage of Hamas terrorists dragging bodies through the streets or using civilians as human shields, though. No, the media wants you to think Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are legitimate, peaceful political groups who just want peace in the Middle East. Of course, peace for them means the end of Israel and “death to the Jews”!

ON MSNBC, NBC’s report in Gaza Ayman Mohyeldin said:

Well the United States can definitely play a pivotal role. I don’t think people in this part of the world feel it has played the role it should be playing. And that really comes down to two very important factors: One, the United States does not have any direct contact with the Palestinian factions which it, and Israel, and others label as terrorist organizations. Despite the fact Hamas did win democratic elections here, despite the fact that it is a part of the fabric of Palestinian politics. That simply cannot be ignored or isolated or marginalized. They have instead focused on the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and this hasn’t necessarily produced tangible results. So, there’s a lot of problems in terms of getting everyone on the same table. Not everyone sits at the same table. So, people would first, and U.S. officials in the past, including President Jimmy Carter and others, they’ve argued that that dynamic in itself has to change; there has to be a bigger, wider table for negotiations in order for this problem to be solved. The other issue has to be able to rein in Israel in terms of the actions it takes on the ground. We referenced this yesterday, one of the biggest issues, and because Israel is such a dependent recipient of U.S. military aid, and money, that when it comes to Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank, it hasn’t stopped, despite the fact that the U.S. opposes this policy. People in this part of the world will say, very simply, well, how can the U.S., which gives so much money to Israel, not stop it from doing something against the U.S. interest, which is a two-state solution.


“We shouldn’t sit at the same table. Not everybody ‑‑ look. Everybody sitting at the same table at Thanksgiving? No. There’s a kiddie’s table, okay? There’s a kids’ table. Hamas you go sit at the kids table. You don’t belong with the adults. You’re putting your fingers up your nose and blowing your friends up. You don’t belong at the big, big people’s table. Sorry. We don’t ‑‑ what are you talking about?” Glenn said in disbelief.

“You know what else this is doing? This is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to look like peace brokers. They’re coming in, they’re arming. I’m telling you, when congress gets back in session, we have got to get on the phone and get the House to say cut the funding off for Egypt. Cut the funding off for Egypt.”

MSNBC wasn’t the only network Glenn took issue with. He was also critical of CNN contributors claiming that Israel had committed just as many atrocities in the region as Hamas.

“You know what CNN did this morning? CNN, I was watching the news and I’m seeing that they’re reporting now the bus bombing and somebody’s like, ‘This is really going to be bad for the peace process,’ and one of the anchors actually butted in and said, ‘You know, but we can’t look at this just as a ‑‑ just as an isolated incident. We can’t look at this just at today. Atrocities have been happening on both sides for a very long time and so you can’t just look at this one incident and try to figure out what to do based on this one incident.’ Are you kidding me?”

“Are you talking about retaliating for rocket attacks, 8,000 of them?” Pat asked.

“I mean, Hamas puts their rockets in the middle of schoolyards,” Stu said. “And then it’s Israel’s fault. I mean, is that an atrocity? It’s a tragedy. I mean, I don’t ‑‑ Israel’s not trying to kill families of nine.”

“People die in war. When you fire rockets at someone, people are going to die. And unfortunately that happens,” Stu added. “I think Israel does a pretty good job at trying to make sure those things don’t happen. They are not trying to kill innocent people. But they also have to protect their own innocent people.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Honestly what do you expect from the leftist-MSM?

    They are no more than a propaganda arm for the Democrats and Obama. This is no more than an extension of the support for terrorists Obama has already demonstrated with the arming of terror bands in Libya, Syria and probably Hamas.

    Our President and his cabinet supports terrorists, and the MSM tows the line, thus making them as culpable and guilty as Obama.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    These idiots and cowards of the left never understand history: with evil you cannot talk, talk and more talk and get them to understand and do as you wish.

    Chamberlain and so many other appeasers assumed they could do the same with Hitler, and they sold out Poland and Czechoslovakia for the sake of “peace in our time” and got the second world war.

    Now the world demands Israel surrenders everything,to have ‘peace in our time’ at any cost, and in any means necessary. Israel is blamed for the incidents, and for ‘refusing to just give them the land that is theirs anyhow.’

    Why not look at history and see how the UN divided the land to begin with; and demand of Jordan the lands taken on their part from what was to be ‘Palestine.”

    • mspatdev

      Look at Gaza that Israel had to give up!   The “brotherhood, anti-muslim and Hamas” are very evil. We do not need them to rule any country. Then their is the MNBC and the other news media that is so FAR-LEFT SOCIALIST that they wouldn’t say anything good about anyone. I don’t understand how Far-Left Socialist Obammy can trade the USA in for all of them. I hope all the people that voted for Obammy is happy. Look at the Unions taking over and a lot of people have lost their jobs since the elections. Shame on him. They can’t even get the Obammycare in sink for the states, but they want the states to have their papers in by Dec. 15th. We are going down hill very fast.

  • landofaahs

    Let me see, the Muslim brotherhood cannot get along with Christians, Jews, Hindu’s, and anything non- muslim.  Heck, they cannot even get along with other muslims.  Oh, wait muslims who don’t believe as they do are not “real” muslims.  Even that would be fine if you believed they way you do and not murder your fellow man.  But there seems to be  2 types of Islam (1) Militant violent ones and (2) ones who let those in #1 do what they will.  Frankly when you have to kill in the name of your God, youdeclkare his own impotence.  Any God who “cannot” do his own killing needs to be questioned.  Of cource the Christian God also told his followers to do the same and there is a reason for the difference.  The reason is a reason for it whch I will excplain once the retards shoot their mouth off.

    • Anonymous

      C’mon already ! I wanna see your explanation !!

      • landofaahs

        For what?

      • landofaahs

        Not until you idiots reply by setting your feet in my trap. Be careful as even the answers have traps within them. I love teasing idiots. I made a good living gaming aholes like you and now I do it for fun. However they do call me from time to time but I have refused any effeorts under the present communist regime.

    • Tatiana Menaker

      You guys have no idea why Muslims are so angry! I did research on women of Afganistan for Soviet military. Can you imagine a girl who at the age of 8 separated from men, not allowed to go to school and sold into marriage in exchange for 30 ships at the age 14. It is a silent, stupid animal, clad in chador. She doesn’t know how to cook, how to dress, dirty children are crying in overcrowded dweling housing 2-3 families hating each other. She is ungly when she is young because she is always covered and cosmetics is forbidden, at the age 30 after 10 children she looks like she is 60, Dirt, illiteracy, ineptitude in everything. Husbands even getting bored from beating them. Do you know how many mutilated women in Afganistan and Pakistan? With their noses cut off, with acid thrown into their faces? It is only entertainment which Muslims allowed. No jobs, no economy. It is no wonder that the main thing you hear from their world is suicide bombing or homicide bombing. It is very easy to depart such a horrible life. They are longing for collective suicide. Maltus Law. Overcrowding leads to war.

      Poor Israelis. Small supercivilized nation, second Silicon Valley in the world in the middle of such XII century hell armed with Iranian and Russian rockets.

      • Jits Roller

        Good statement. Sadly.

      • landofaahs

        Who’s fault is that? You backward people pee on your own shoes and bitch that your feet are wet….RETARDS.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the females are tortured for being born!  But, it’s not the women who are striking out!  It’s the men, they are barbaric to anyone unlike them!  The women have every right to be angry!  Not the men, they release tension by abusing females and animals daily.  All this due to one man’s decision to make himself a god and anyone to follow him would abide by his horrific rules.  Do pray for these people!!!  

  • Anonymous

    have prospered from God but have committed two sins. We have forsaken God, the
    fountain of living water, and have dug wells that can hold no water.” Our immoral choices have
    changed our historically glory for that which has no chance of success and jeopardize
    our children.


    “There is nothing in the
    world to make man love his neighbor or strive for virtue. If there is no God,
    nothing can be immoral. Everything becomes lawful, even crime. Crime not only
    becomes lawful, but inevitable and contagious.”


    the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike,
    all practice deceit.” We refuse to elect a physician.


    how the dots connect for America’s future! It’s not a pretty picture! Fasten
    your seatbelts. Circle the wagons.


    • Doug Crawford

      my brother or sister how so right you are

  • Anonymous

    What?! Every peace treaty Hamas has made with Isarel has been broken soon after.Today. a cease fire was accepted by both Hamas and Isarel. Guess who broke the cease fire pledge 45 minutes after the fact?! (The Hamas)  History tells that early last century the palestinians were known as jewish folks. The present ‘palestinans’ never did have a history of love for country. After the dispersion of the jews during the early church years,the land of Isarel fell into ruin. When jewish settlers began t return to the landof Isarel late 1800.early 1900’s they found a dry,barren wasteland. (tells how much the arabs loved this land) It was the British that ruled this land. Jewish settlers bought plots of this wasteland at ridiculas prices from arabs who seized the land after the jews fled.So.the entire history the so called palestinans  known as today was totally made up.When Isarel became a nation arabs from all over the middle east migrated to Isarel because of job opportunites.Shortly after isarel became a nation the entire arab nations waged war on Isarel warning arabs to leave Isarel or be killed and may return after they won,grabbing the land and booty of the jewish people. The arab people never forgave the jewish race for winning this war or for simply existing.What is alarming is current history books taught in public schools are teaching fantasy about the history of Isarel.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Why sure. They should just jump in an alligator pit and reason with the ‘gators. It make about as much sense as talking with terrorists, and would be as productive.

  • Anonymous

    How does one broker a peace treaty with those that have vowed to destroy the nation of Isarel and its people? Look at what concessions the Isareli’s made with arabs for the sake of ‘peace’.?They gave up the Gaza strip and the West bank and it was a matter of time before missiles began hitting Isareli from these areas.Just think if the Isareli’s agreed with Obama to go back to the 1967 borders?

  • Take 2

    Mike Moore Utopia Letter to Obama is for little girls.

    America cannot be at war ‘or’ dishing out billions to ‘Islamist’ whom HATE America all the time and do Medicaid SS Health care free female condoms food stamps fixing Clinton era no peak Home Loan’s at Home.

    Meaning, the Utopian ends War-raises TAX but not Obama et al free to keep spending check book.

    Time the Utopian grow some and write this President like he would Bush…!

  • Anonymous

    “NBC Gaza” should say it all. Is there an NBC Israel? The commentator mentioned that Hamas was democratically elected by the people of Gaza. Why are they then surprised that Israel defends itself after a Hamas attack?

    • Felisha Witt

      thats the 1st reporter i have seen IN gaza-most have been in Israel-he better watch out-they may drag him behind a bike if he reports something not glorifying their side

      • Anonymous

        What reporter in his right mind would risk rape or worse, death? Who would elect an organization like Hamas? It’s like the Vatican wanting the Mafia to run their economy!

    • Doug Davis

      well we can very much thank  MR.B/O  for more of the problem’s in the mid east he is the one lighting fire’s all over the place. 

      • Anonymous

        Yes sir, I would have to agree with you.

  • Doug Crawford

    abdull raghead will only want peace  after they kill the last jew nobody but hitler like that. if they had some to think with most dem would be for true peace msnhc are all idots write them off they are way down the road to hell

  • Sherry Bailey

    These so called journalists are nothing but
    useful idiots to these terrorist groups. I’d like to see them go straight into
    the devils den feeling secure and comfortable thinking they are diplomats and
    oh so wise. Thinking they were among friends to discuss “peace”
    terms, only to have the animals turn on them. I wonder how they’d feel about
    the torture, rape, sodomy and dragging of bodies through the streets if it were
    one of their own? 

  • John Prewett

    Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 12-14.   Expect to see it

  • Anonymous

    All this talk about peace in the Middle East is all smoke and mirrors and a joke. They  are just biding their time. They need to regroup and wait until this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, half breed, foreign national, Muslim POTUS supplies them with more artillery After January we will see BHO finishing his promise of fundamentally changing the US. Blood will flow in the streets of America in time!!!

  • Donna Fallis

    It never ceases to amaze me that a man who talks about human rights violation as though it were some kind of present day atrocity against blacks, can have so little care for the same people who have been victims of other dictators in the past. The Jewish people know more about “rights violations” than Obama could ever imagine…I’m so sick of him and his lies and his race and class warfare, until I wake up wanting to puke and now to see what they’re doing to Israel!!

  • Joe

    “All roads lead to Cairo”  This bimbo watches too many movies.

  • felix d

    If Israel ever get into peace agreement with Hamas, I hope Israel give them the ultimatum to be bombed into oblivion, if even one missile is fired into Israel after the peace treaty is signed. Israel should broadcast this ultimate intention by all means- leaflets; text messages; etc.. to all Palestinians so the better part of its population can police HAMAS and force them to comply.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Given the simple and eternal realities of Islam, as known to John Quincy Adams (but scrubbed from our textbooks by CAIR): “The precept of the Koran is perpetual war against all who deny that Mahomet is the prophet of God.     The vanquished may purchase their lives by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective.   The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.,” what do we gain from “diplomatic” dancing with Muslim mirages?

  • Anonymous

    The media loves a story,  what better rhetoric and propaganda to report than that of terrorists, despots, and tyrants. It is, after all, what they do best.  The truth is, as Glenn pointed-out, Palestinian terrorists  killed innocent civilians in Israel. Therefore, Israel has acted in the form any nation on earth would–under the same circumstances.

    It’s a shame that anyone has to die and suffer in all of this. However, let us not forget that it is Hamas that has brought this upon the Palestinian people, and it is the Palestinian people that elected this group of terrorists to represent them in government. In addition, there is no point in negotiating peace with terrorists since they all (globally) have a history of soaking the land in blood well before the ink has dried on the signed cease-fire agreements.
    As for certain members of the media I say “If your one-sided, whorish approach to journalism would have been around in the 1930’s and 40’s, we would still be fighting Nazi Germany. Often times, you serve as the vessels that propagate these never-ending conflicts.

    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt should not be funded in any way–period!

    God bless you Glenn, you have the cajones to tell it like it is. 

  • Anonymous

    Check out what is happening in Israel and how Hamas is using reporters.It would serve them right if it did happen!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get on with it! Israel should nuke their enemies –all their enemies back to the stone age and tell the UN and everyone else to go to hell. If we had done that with the chinese  in North korea we would be worrying about them now. If we had done that to Russia at the end of WWII we wouldn’t be worrying about them now. Sonner or later it is going to happen might as well be now! We, the USA isn’t going to do it. No one is going to help Israel. The quicker they realize that– the sonner they will drop the bomb and annihilate Iran, Syria, Egypt and the rest. Yes, People—-men, women, children, babies are killed in war–The question is do you want it to be your family, your children ,your friends or would you rather it be the guy whose trying to kill you. You can’t try to make peace with someone who wants you and all the people in your country dead. Ever since Israel,as a nation, returned to its native lands after WWII it has been attacked and its neighbors have tried to destroy it. Why would they stop now? Colateral damage is part of war–no matter what you do. You can’t reason with people that rasie their children from the time they are born to hate, with parents that strap bombs on those children and send them out to blow up the enemy or use their own children as shields to launch rockets on the enemy.
    Israel as tried swapping land for peace–it didn’t work and never will. If Israel dosen’t destroy them first–they will be destroyed. The Muslims don’t want peace–how many times have they said it–they want Israel gone, they want the Jews dead, all the Jews!

    • Anonymous

      They are the true forked tongue asps.

  • mdkrause

    NBC and CNN aren’t even a factor anymore. When we were in Israel our tour guide told us about the CNN reporter that got caught trying to start a pal. protest by paying young guys to throw rocks.
    We did say why didn’t the Israel govt kick CNN out, and they are more worried about the bad publicity. 
    So we wage war on what the media has to say.
    Sad and scary

  • mdkrause

    I wonder what China or Russia, even Syria, Egypt, Iran (if they weren’t buddies)  What would they do if hamas scum were firing thousands of missiles at them.
    I think we know what would happen

  • Frank Balcer

    Political correctness again. Most Muslims are hypocrites, they flee their country to be free from sharia law & live peacefully. but they go to other countries & try to force others to live under it. We need to stand against political correctness and get rid of it by calling what is good, good & what is evil, evil. it is not that hard to do or say. the media have no common sense left, if they did they wouldn’t be saying this.

    • Anonymous

      Absolute truth in all you have said!

    • Anonymous

      That’s right, if it was that bad where they came from that they had to leave, why try to convert their new home into the same thing that they ran away from? It makes no sense to me; you hate the Satanic, Imperialist, Zionist west, yet you can’t wait to get on the first flight over here. If I were living on holy ground where God is more present than any other place on earth, the law of the land  satisfies my creed, and there are virtually no undesirables to co-habit with–why leave?

      As for the media, isn’t it funny that since 9/11 everything Muslim is becoming pop-culture? Maybe we in the west are whores; we reward acts of evil with understanding and empathy. Bin Laden made them media darlings.

  • Paul Marks

    The mainstream media reflect the Progresssive ideology they get from their education – and most people still get their news from the msm. I do not believe there is any hope in this context – perhaps if an area (such as Texas) could break away there might be hope. But in this context I see none.

    • J Cole

      I agree, let’s let Texas and Florida secede and we can watch them turn into third-world countries with no infrastructure or food source. Cause the US Govt. sure as hell won’t help them.

      Texas is the worst place on Earth. Just heard the idiots there had a 100+ car pileup. Were they whining about Obama too much and got distracted?

      • XenaWP80

        Just like a progeressive to get everything a$$backwards. Just like a progressive to say alot without saying anything of worth. It would be those socialist/progressive states that would regress back to 3rd world WITH the govt. help! And every second of your life would be regulated by your Big Daddy Govt. that would tell you how much you can eat, what you can eat, and what day of the week you can eat it. So it would seem you progressives think YOUR too dumb to make your own choices in life. Why make your own choices when the govt. knows whats best for you! You dont know what you need! The govt. will help you!

      • BentGhazi

        You are truly a moron. Where the hell do you live? Have you ever been to Texas? I seriously doubt you know anything about it apart from what some other moron has told you. 

        Texas was a republic before it became a state. You should read a real history book. Texas has it’s own oil income and doesn’t need to burden it’s citizens with taxes on their income to provide all the infrastructure the people need there. 

        A lot of your food comes from Texas and Florida, especially meat. Next time you are having that BigMac, try to imagine it without the meat.

        Calling people idiots for suffering a tragic accident is truly an asinine position to take, and shows you have the mentality of a garden slug. You are too stupid for words. 

        Let me guess, you voted for Obama too.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Progressives, i.e.: liberal Marxists, MSNBC, are akin to the dippy woman who just has to pet the polar bear or tiger or cute little lion so cruelly and unjustly caged in a zoo. When the petting  goes terribly wrong, it’s never the dippy’s fault. it’s the zoo’s, it’s society’s, it’s (you fill in the blanks). Whining for the plight of the Palestinians and Hamas is a feel good exercise that neglects the reality of the situation in the middle east. Hamas is a paranoid, psychopathic, borderline, barbaric, terrorist organization. Hamas can not be reasoned with; they are willing to die; they give the Israelis and others no lasting compromise, peaceful options; ignoring this reality is foolhardy.

  • Boomer

    Tennessee Elijah, the prophet without honor, warned of Middle East turmoil resulting from Iranian schemes. It is impossible for a servant of God to be respected in this culture dominated by infidels.

  • BentGhazi

    This story is the complicit press trying to protect their man in the White House and nothing more.

    Just as the subject of Behghazi started to get too hot for them, Obama and Clinton took a powder and left for Asia to get as far from DC as possible.They are running to get away from the hot seat. Now Clinton has jumped into the deal by trying to put a peace deal together in Egypt, and her boss is still hiding out on his Asia trip because his plausible deniability regarding Benghazi is crumbling around him. He will eventually have to return and face the music. The truth about all the lies they told during the last few weeks prior to the election, all the stalling tactics they employed to keep the voters from finding out just how ugly this president’s handling of the Libyan and Syrian affairs has gotten, are starting to come to light. I think it is really suspicious that they both had to suddenly leave town after they tried to wreck Petraeus reputation and discredit him, (and use him as a scapegoat), and then the President pulls that stupid feigned outrage over Ms. Rice’s offensive displays on the five Sunday news shows that she paraded that idiot story out before the people regarding the tragedy of Benghazi. No wonder he had to run and leave town. If he had stayed he might have had to answer questions and we can’t have that, now can we? 

    Never forget what these people are doing; we are witnessing events right now that make Watergate look like a parking ticket in comparison. 

    This habit of lying to the people has to be stopped. There is a price for what they have done, and the bill is overdue.

  • http://www.TakeBackOurMedia.COM/ Take Back Our Media


    In my pursuit of the obvious, I’ve realized I’m every bit as insane as the Right Media is corrupt.

    To wit: I repeat the same action of attacking to end Democrat control of ABCCBSNBC, while expecting a different result (success), while the Right Media repeat the same action of attacking the Democrat control of ABCCBSNBC (but mis-characterizing it as “biased journalism” and their sole reason for existence), while praying for the same result (25 years of abject failure at fixing the problem that is their life blood: a fraudulent Democrat controlled msm).

    As long as there are billions in ad dollars flowing to those that  make hundred million dollar fortunes criticizing the “atrocity” of a Democrat controlled dominant media, while occupying the role of “conservative leader” but refusing to champion the obvious solution, our fate is sealed.

    I just can’t bring myself to accept it.

    If the entire Right Media could disgorge themselves from their 25 year long feast on the teat of “would you just look at that bias of the biased main stream media, isn’t it just appalling” and, my favorite “there’s such a double standard”; as if a lion is going to stop eating sheep, if you just complain about it strenuously enough, for one more year.

    Limbaugh, Hannity, FOX News, etc. preserve their river of fortune, by not demanding the problem be fixed. If the problem of a hideously Democrat ABCCBSNBC were fixed, their financial orgies would end. And as the voice of conservatives, they maintain absolute control over what fights we conservatives fight.

    Limbaugh, Hannity, FOX News, etc., know damn well that a media that could elect a 20 year member of Reverend Wright’s “mosque”, could sleep walk through his reelection. ABCCBSNBC never really had to even shift out of first gear in their casual occasional assaults to demonize Romney or their fawning deification of Obama. It was a cake walk. Obama/ABCCBSNBC did not ever want to build a clear lead for Obama because they feared the “Mormon-hating evangelicals” would vote for the “magic underwear wearing” Romney if he really needed them.

    Limbaugh, Hannity, FOX News, etc., know exactly what the simple fix is to end America’s death spiral: end the Democrat monopoly of America’s dominant media, ABCCBSNBC. They just love their gravy train, more than they love their country.

    Limbaugh’s only response to date on ending the Democrat monopoly of ABCCBSNBC: “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN”.

    Still not clear if Limbaugh meant “IT” was “the end of the Democrat monopoly” or “his support for the end of the Democrat monopoly”.

    Either way, we’re still screwed, and I’m still crazy.

    • Anonymous

      You see it’s misguided morons like you that throw everything out of whack.  Fox News gets outrageously successful ratings…they are No. 1 by far, and the reason is because they don’t distort EVERY NEWS STORY PERIOD with a leftist, and in a more creepy sense, anti-Zionist twist.  
      I personally don’t have a problem with the ABCCBSNBC media “bloc.”  They are who and what they are, and their opinions and reporting do have a place in public discourse. For me, as an unabashed Conservative and lover of Fox News, the Glenn Beck show, Hannity, Rush, and the whole sha-bang…I can’t condemn biased MSM.  I can’t as an American, and a patriot in good conscience ask for the leftist media bloc to be silent.  They can talk, we have freedom of speech.  
      But to say they only stay in business to “preserve their river of fortune” is 100% flat out wrong.  The reporters at ABCCBSNBC  and ALSO the reporters at Fox News are people getting paid to do journalism.  They aren’t preserving any of this greedy crap you are suggesting, none from either side.  You have a problem with Fox News because they are successful.  That’s it. 

      • corey williams

        Foxnews disort it with a rightist agenda

        • Anonymous

          And from the right those news don’t seem distorted. Thinking news from anyone side is “fair and balanced” is pure lunacy, if you ask me.

          • corey williams

            90% of the media is garbage no one in the media talk about real issues.

  • Anonymous

    “No. There’s a kiddie’s table, okay? There’s a kids’ table. Hamas you go sit at the kids table. You don’t belong with the adults. You’re putting your fingers up your nose and blowing your friends up. You don’t belong at the big, big people’s table.”

    What in the heck? Does anyone in their right mind think this kind of condescending attitude will bring peace in the middle East? And, furthermore, are we supposed to buy that it is only Hamas who is “blowing up” their neighbors? Israel is doing it too. WE are doing it TOO!!! Step away from your self-righteous fantasy a bit, meet us in the real world and help us achieve peace. Stop following this warmongering, fear-mongering lunatic called Glenn Beck.

  • OscarK44

    To quot Netanyahu “The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms, there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms, there would be no more war.”

  • OscarK44

    Golda Meir ” We will have peace when they love their children more than they hate us.”

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