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With small business Saturday tomorrow, Glenn would like to thank you for supporting all of the hardworking entrepreneurs in The Marketplace by TheBlaze. Watching each business grow is a gift we cherish each day and one that would not be possible without your support. Please take a moment to view a few of Glenn’s favorite things in The Marketplace, we have a feeling you will find something you’ll love.

1. Danny Jameson of Saratoga Chips knows what he’s doing. He mixed potato chip crumbles in a milk chocolate cup and dusted it with sea salt, need we say more?

2. When ‘Made in the USA’ is a holiday shopping necessity, Bouncing Berry Farm has your covered with warm, handcrafted, American made scarves.

3. A family business dedicated to chocolate! Try Mrs. Cavanaugh’s most famous chocolate assortment in a 1 or 2 lb. variety.

4. This cranberry jalapeno jelly is amazing on crackers, bread, (We’ve found it works well right out of the jar too).

5. These extra-large Virginia peanuts happen to be the most addicting on the planet.

6. Your family will thank you for this Nebraska Star Beef (noticing a trend in Glenn’s favorite things?) package. Includes 4 14oz Ribeyes, 4 12oz NY Strips, 4 10oz Sirloins, 4 -4 packs 1/3lb Fusion Patties, and a 7oz bottle of Nebraska Star Beef seasoning.

7. Talk about an innovative small business woman – only 1 tablespoon of this all natural laundry detergent will wash up to 70 loads of clothes.

8. A spectacular bath and body gift idea that will arrive in an old fashioned wooden soap crate. Includes 8 oz. bottle of lavender body oil, a sugar scrub, shea body butter, and two bars of moisturizing olive oil soap.

9. Learn the U.S. Constitution while having fun with your family this Christmas, try out the Constitution Quest game.

10. These pillows are filled with the softest premium duck feather and down for the ultimate sleeping experience.

  • Jethro

    I am just guessing but I bet Glen and I have the exact same views.  I think all liberals should shave their danged mustaches.

  • Anonymous

    Good job promoting local businesses, its important.  while americans claw their way through walmart, punching and kick too buy shit they don’t need from china, by a company that doesn’t look after it workers and makes the taxpayer do it.  I this year will be spending a little more, buying good, locally sourced goods and more importantly useful.  What are people going to do with 3 flat screen tv’s.  Buy Local.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a good purchasing plan.  Hey, one thing that could improve Walmart’s treatment of employees:  maybe a labor union!

      PS  today there are 22 pictures of Glenn Beck on the homepage.  I do think that’s a new record — and something else to think about the next time he talks about “egomaniac” politicians.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Glenn Beck,

    From Manila I use to watch your program in Fox News but now this is not so anymore.  I have read that you have your own tv program/the Blaze – we dont have any tv station with your program, are there any plans that you may know on proposed arrangements to have your The Blaze here in Manila – your comments greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    Katie B. Blanco

  • Gluttony

    I think my sister will really enjoy the old fashioned wooden soap crate. 

  • landofaahs

    What’s good about the marketplace is I can visit your market(site) express my views, purchase what I want or leave if nothing catches my eye.
    I like a lot of things you say Glenn but you really come off so many times as contridictory.  You say the constitution is not a suicide compact but then you say we must stay in the system even though before that you said we cannot stand 4 more years of obama.
    You say that you are a devotee’ of Washington but yet Washington said that we should not get entangled in foreign alliances.  You then say we should stand by certain countries and commit ourselves to their protection at our expense.
    I am not against Israel but I feel you are severely deluded when your wronglusay that id we stick with Israel we will be blessed.  Let me ask you Glenn, are we more blessed now than in 1948 when we singed on to this deal?  We have gone down the road of debauchery, debt, endless war and self destruction.  Pray tell me how that is a blessing for standing Israel.  Mind you I do stand with Israel but if you believe that God is so coveteous for Israel, why would allow Israel to depend on America rather than him?  It’s a simple question  I wait for an answer.


    Thank you for your interest in products Made in the USA.  I feel that we need to have a “Trickle Up” effect to help boost our economy.  If you give tax incentives to consumers to buy products Made in the USA, they will save money, and increase the need for those products.  This will in turn increase all aspects all the way to the manufacturer.    I invite you to go to the site and read the article on this topic in the discussion forum.  It’s FREE for all to use.

  • Anonymous

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