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Glenn may have convinced his daughter and her husband to move to Texas, but he hasn’t talked them into life in the suburbs just yet.

While continuing his attempt of scaring them away from the neighborhoods that they’re interested in — aka getting them in a house closer to him — Glenn tagged along for the house hunt. He was more than delighted to convince his daughter that there were serial killers in the homes next door, even after finding a home she really liked.

“She found one house that was really, really cute and she liked and I said, ‘just look out the window, because I think you’re looking into the bedroom of a serial killer right next door’,” Glenn told listeners.

“Dads know these things,” he added in an attempt to defend his scare tactics.

At another house — one in a seemingly less serial killer occupied neighborhood — Glenn saw a Roku box on the TV. For those who aren’t subscribers to TheBlaze TV, Roku is one of the more popular ways that viewers can get TheBlaze TV programming if they do not have DISH.

After seeing the Roku, Glenn, his son-in-law and his daughter continued their tour of the home. While they were upstairs, Tim [Glenn’s son-in-law] pointed out the books in the home: titles by Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Napolitano, and all of Glenn’s books.

“So I took the books out and I signed them all and I just said, you know, thanks for reading, you know, blah, blah‑blah, Glenn Beck,” he explained. “And as I was leaving, my daughter looks at those and she said, ‘what did you do?’  And I said, ‘I signed all of the books’.  And she said, ‘Dad, nobody can read your writing.  What the hell, they’re going to think that ‑‑ they’re going to think somebody came into their house, took all their books’.

Glenn signed all of the books, left no note to the owners of the home explaining what had happened, but left all of the books on the kitchen table.

“They’re going to be really confused.  So if that happens to be you, you’ve done wonderful things to their house,” Glenn said hoping the home’s owners were listening to the program.  “My daughter loved, loved the house.  I was a little concerned about the serial killer and I wanted her to live closer to me.  So I convinced her that that person living next door to you may kill her family.  But not yours.”