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After a long Thanksgiving break, the last thing Glenn wants to do is look at the news. No one wants to talk about geopolitical topics (unless it’s how Hamas is the victims of the evil Israelis) and there are too many stories about how Obama is the greatest president since Lincoln. It makes him want to unplug, until he remembers the first lesson he learned from the radicals: overwhelm the system. In the aftermath of the election, Glenn feels overwhelmed and knows that other conservatives feel that way too. But on Monday night, he had a conversation with the audience where he explained why and how they needed to keep everything in perspective.

“After the election we feel defeated, we feel like we spent four years and got nowhere. We feel discouraged and perhaps at times don’t have the will to want to bother fighting it anymore. And i have to tell you the natural man in me feels the same way. That’s why I thank God for my kids. They teach me more than even my parents did. They bring everything into proper perspective,” Glenn explained.

“On Saturday I went to my son’s baptism. I got to baptize him and let me tell you there is nothing more clarifying than standing in the water with your child. It were as if time suddenly stood still and nothing else mattered other than that little boy and the path being set before him. And the responsibility I have as his parent to help him stay on that path.”

“Is there any job more important than that?”

Glenn said he is often told he is a celebrity and an entertainer with the ability to impact millions, and in comparison to that what can everyday people do to change the world.

“If you are a parent, I have news for you: you are a celebrity, too. With little fans who look up to you. Who believe in you. Who love you unconditionally. They want nothing more than to just have even a few minutes of your undivided attention. That’s where it all starts.”

But that’s not where it ends. Glenn explained that with voter turnout at an all time low, it was time to come up with a new plan to change the direction of the country.

“We’re preaching to the choir and the choir gets it. And I’ve got news for you, we’re not going to bring people in with just anti-Obama stuff. That’s why Kerry lost in 2004. The left had everything going for them on paper: unpopular president, media lining up to bash bush, hollywood… And they lost. We have to be for something. We must present the solution. We must show people the way out how to lead,” Glenn said.

“My goal is this: When you watch the news, and you don’t know what to do or how to do it or how it all works — you also say ‘Yet’ because you know where you can find the answer.”

Glenn hoped that viewers knew that they could turn to his show as a place to find answers and solutions, a place to recharge and refocus on where things are going when the news of the day seems so overwhelming.

He also said that much like a person can make an impact on the life of their child and other members of their family, his audience also makes a tremendous impact on him and his life. He told the story of a woman who made him a quilt that he and his wife use at their home, and she saw the video and reached out to say she was glad to see it in their home. He said another viewer made him a Christmas sweater that he planned to wear this year as well.

“The time you take to spend with this program and the ways you go about showing your support makes a difference in my life,” Glenn said. “No matter how big or small the gesture, if you make a difference in peoples lives – even if it’s only one person, it’s worth it.”

Glenn said that he was going on a book tour later this week. “I know we’re not going to get to chat like we did in the days when it was just a few of us hanging out at the book store.But even the short amount of time means something to me. And I hope it means something to you.”

After telling the audience about his friend Marcus Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL, and his motto of “Never Quit”, Glenn encouraged the audience to take the time to keep perspective on the effects they have on the people in their lives.

“I hope you haven’t unplugged, because we may be wounded, we may be disorganized and a little dazed and confused. But we’re just getting started and we win in the end.”