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Glenn has lived all over the country during the Christmas season, including New York City, but nothing compares to the lights he’s seeing people put up around Dallas. People go to unimaginable lengths (and cost) to deck their homes out for the holiday season — will Glenn be joining them?

“I got into the car, what was it, Saturday night. We went driving around looking at Christmas lights. Loved it. Loved it. I’m convinced that you could make a lot of money just getting into the Christmas light business if you live in cities like Dallas where you have, you know, wealthy neighborhoods where people apparently spend fortunes,” Glenn said.

“You should see the Christmas lights that people put up,” he said, “Some people are putting them out, I’m sure, themselves, but most of this stuff is professionally done.”

What was the cost for doing JUST the outside of the house? About $18,000!.

“I’m thinking about quitting my job and going into the Christmas decorating business because if you’re good at it and you live in, where there’s nice neighborhoods, there’s got to be big money in that,” Glenn said.

“This is the new funeral. They always talk about the funeral homes charge so much, people are in grief, they just do crazy things, they don’t care what they pay for the casket. That’s what the lighting is now,” Stu said.

“And as far as I’m concerned, neighbors, I hope you enjoy those nice little lights because you’re going to see them on every holiday. I’m getting my money’s worth. Ho, ho, ho. Happy Halloween. Ho, ho, ho. It’s Independence Day. Enjoy it.”

Pat and Stu also have spent a lot of money this year putting their lights on, but Jeffy had a different solution. This is the time of year he puts out “the Jewish candles” so everyone will leave him alone.

“It’s the time of the year Jeffy becomes Jewish,” Glenn said. “About the time his wife says, ‘Honey, we should put up the lights’ (he says) ‘I’m Jewish.'”