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It was quite an eye opening experience for Glenn this weekend as he had the opportunity to baptize his son Raphe. As he stood there in the water with his son, Glenn was overcome with a sense of purpose and clarity on what our biggest job as parents truly is.

“My son got baptized this weekend. In my faith we don’t do infant baptism. We do it at 8 years old, the age of accountability when you can decide, you know. I don’t believe in original sin, and my son now knows if he’s stealing something, he now knows he’s stealing. Now he’s being held accountable. And so at 8 years old we get baptized and so he did that, and I had a chance to baptize him myself. And standing there in the water with your son at 8 years old gives you a couple of things: One, what a huge responsibility it is to be a parent and, jeez, have I taught him anything of value. Have I ‑‑ I mean, he’s there, but this is his first step. Does he even really understand it? And then the second thing that crosses your mind is how fast time is going.”

“I was talking to my sister yesterday and one of her friends who is a friend of mine, a childhood friend of mine, passed away. She was, what, 52? And we’re getting to the point, has anybody else gotten to the point in their life yet where you’re the next generation now? You know how you ‑‑ remember when you were a kid, you had the uncles who were like, ‘Oh, and I got bad gas and I got ‑‑ I had to have my liver removed and… and Ethel fried it up with some onions and we ate it and it was delicious but then it gave me some bad gas.’ And you always had those talks with the old people who were always losing teeth or something was going on with them. They were always having organs removed or exploratory surgery and then they would just die. And ‑‑ but you always had generations in between you. Now I’m to the point to where it’s my parents and then I’m the one that, with the bad gas. We’re the ones!”

“Time is going so fast. And for me at least, it ties in to the election because I don’t think I’m alone. I think some of us feel like we’ve wasted four years. We did all these things and we wasted four years, and more of our brothers and sisters out on the streets, they still don’t get it and they don’t care.”

“So what are we going to do? Waste another four years? I want to talk to you about that tonight if that’s the way you feel because that’s the way I feel, and I want to talk to you about it tonight because I think I have some perspective on it.”

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