First Look: The Glenn Beck Program Christmas Spectacular!

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The Christmas Special will air on December 13, 2012 at 8pm ET on TheBlaze TV.

  • Marko

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    • Anonymous

      What does this have to do w/ anything here. If your “program” was for real you would not have to pull this crap on sites like this – JERK

      • Anonymous

         He’s just a spammer.

      • Anonymous

        don’t you have something to do ??
        if not go find a  CHURCH to go to or maybe go find some b b
        Q or even a fish fry


  • Anonymous

    Your son is adorable Glenn.
    He is so… lucky and very fortunate to have you and Tania as parents.
    God Bless you and yours.
    Merry Christmas to all the Becks.

  • Anonymous

    Something tells me Glenn’s little boy is going to be the brains of the operation. :-)

  • Liberty Campus

    THE NATIVITY SCENE IS the Center of our Christmas Worldwide. In this still blessed Nation let US make very sure we FEATURE OUR NATIVITY SCENES EVERYWHERE: our lawns, windows, cars, coats, hats, earrings….aclu and islamists needs OUR MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR: America is a Judeao-Christian Nation First and Foremost…we accept and tolerate your differences as we are KNOWN TO HAVE tolerated, even welcomed all newcomers. WE are your HOST NATION. As such, learn our language and RESPECT our ways. WE THE PEOPLE REQUIRE YOU (in the process of joining US) to actively practice tolerance and acceptance of our VERY PERMANENT THINKING & TRADITIONS. 

    • Stacy Kristine Quick

       thanks for reminding me. gonna upload a page to facebook, “praying for muslims” circa 1997.
      it has a slightly different tone than todays era.
      in fact i doubt we have prayers for muslims today, except they all burn in hell, right?

    • ElectionFraudClick4Proof

       Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after a coup and cover up. Most comments online are financed with our tax dollars. They are trying to create the perception of public opinion and bury the truth about this last rigged election. They think you can’t handle the truth. Learn what the media cannot report on leaked in my name. It’s sick, twisted, and you’ll likely never pay taxes again after you read it.

  • Anonymous

    I love engaging young people at this age and following their lead.  This can put Raphe on the map!

  • Adventure

    Ross Perot button? Havn’t seen one of those in a while.

    • Charles Parker

      Makes you wonder what the US would be like had he won in 1992…  

      • Troi Ann Giorgi Andreola

         Makes you wonder what the US would be like if he hadnt run as a 3rd party candidate….. Clinton would never have been elected!

  • Anonymous

    Raphe for President haha

  • Carla Green

    They have more sense than all of the politicians put together. That is so cute.

  • Gert Kaiser

    Glenn, God bless you and your family, and all you do to promote Christian principles !

  • Michael J. Engel

    A love Raphe’s Sonic the Hedgehog shirt, your son has great taste Mister Beck.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, your radio program is becoming an infomercial for your other businesses.  As soon as I hear it I switch off.  I use to listen to Wilkow but it is the same too.  My listening time is valuable.

    • Sam Fisher

      Yah it is really pointless isn’t it? 

      • landofaahs

        Not for some people. Some people don’t research as much as I do. You also have people are homebound and need some levity during the day. It depends on what works for you.

  • Anonymous

    They’re so cute! Can’t wait to see:)

  • Anonymous

    You gotta love kids…too cute.

  • Charles Parker

    I want to see Ross Perot  Ride the Camel..

  • Troi Ann Giorgi Andreola

    Very cute!! I love the drawn thought-bubbles!! And they are such typical 8 year old boys!! The attention span of a gnat!!! Hehehe

  • Dawn Brayton

    Pleease give the kids all the budget they need for the directors chairs and stuff. We’lll help with giving the money if you need us to. OK? 

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    Wait, Raphe is the one in Sonic the Hedgehog drawing, right?

  • Carol Petersen

    Quick-witted boys.  Loved the 8+8=16 so we can drive

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