Sneak Peek: What does Glenn’s new chalkboard tell us about the future of TheBlaze?

Check out a full size image HERE


Glenn had more on the new chalkboard on his TV show Monday night:


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn why do I have a feeling we are seeing something new and wonderful about to come out into the open with power and force.

    • greenie m

      Because you’re an idiot? (joke)

  • Anonymous

    Have you or your staff checked out the Boy Scouts of America?  I have been involved with them for nearly 10 years and they try to promote the same values for our youth that you are advocating.

  • Marko

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    • Anonymous

      Funny: McAfee Site Adviser says to beware of that site, because bad things can happen to you and your computer if you do go there. What a coincidence: something that sounds too good to be true, might actually be too good to be true.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck ..You are fighting a losing battle with trying to change the education system that is almost completely controlled by Liberal immoral junkies. The Liberal would die before they give an inch of the public school system back to sane human beings.The education system is were they got there power and how they keep it. All red states must secede from the U.S.A and then go from there if the patriots of this nation want there country back..

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that this projection is missing is the inevitable fact that glenn’s career is ending much earlier than he ever thought.
    I can’t wait to see the news covering the raid on the “beck Complex” sometime in the near future.

    • Todd Scheller

      My money is still on Beck outlasting you.

    • BentGhazi

      You on the other hand will be employed as long as there is value in cleaning the porcelain in the bathroom. Please try to use normal cleaning materials instead of your usual licking them clean.

  • Anonymous

    Losing is a state of mind. We haven’t lost anything so long as we stay true and faithful to our values. This election was a temporary defeat. It taught me some valuable lessons about exactly what (and who) we are dealing with.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you have inspired me to be a better person, better Mother, better Christian and you allowed me to believe in…Faith Hope Charity, three words can change your life..Wear the Message, Share the Message, Live the Message…Many Blessings

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali
  • Nick Oz

    glenn u need to stop being afraid of the future if it turns out bad its cause its the universe (GOD)wants it to go this way people learn wisdom even in police states 

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a relevant chalkboard.

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