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There’s a disturbing trend resurfacing itself in the media following President Obama’s re-election. The president is being pictured as a Christ-like savior figure.

This morning alone, Glenn had two different examples of this. If the controversial painting depicting Obama as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns around his head and his arms outstretched like he’s being crucified wasn’t bad enough, actor and comedian Jamie Foxx referring to the president as the “Lord and Savior”.

During Sunday night’s Soul Train Music Awards Jaime Foxx had some over-the-top praise for the newly re-elected president. During an onstage appearance the Oscar winner referred to President Obama as “our lord and savior”.

Here is the clip:

“Now he’s saying now today that he’s joking,” Glenn pointed out. “Or does he actually believe that Barack Obama is his Lord and savior?”

“I’m pretty sure he did not necessarily believe that,” Stu responded. “He did seem to be joking a little bit.”

“It’s hysterical. Inside I’m rolling from the aisles on that. That’s how funny it is,” Pat sarcastically quipped, clearly less than amused with Foxx’s description.

So, while those on the far left and anti-religious protest landmarks or faith and Christmas decorations in the name of “being offended,” it’s perfectly fine to equate the President of the United States as the most sacred figure in the religion practiced by the majority of Americans.

Why aren’t conservatives up in arms? Because they actually believe in the right of free speech, offensive or not.

Like Glenn said on radio this morning, the First Amendment overrides hurt feelings. He also encouraged his audience to watch his show today at 5pm ET on TheBlaze TV, where he has something special in store — something he says he hopes “is not offensive to anybody who might think that the president is the savior.”

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