Two and a Half Men star: The show is filth

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The teenage ‘half’ part of Two and a Half Men recently recorded his testimony at his church, who then posted the video. On the video he begins talking about how the show is filth and actually advises people to stop watching it. Why would he lash out at his own show while he’s still working on it?

Angus Jones, who plays the “half” of “Two and a Half men” said:

“Two and a Half Men– if you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching [it]…I’m ​on ​Two and a Half Men; I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth.

Please– it’s, you know, people say it’s just ‘entertainment.’ The fact that it’s entertainment– do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make…it’s bad news.

“That’s about 7 minutes into a discussion about Christianity and his faith and all that. And then he comes around to 2 1/2 Men, stop watching it, it’s filth. And, you know, he’s probably right. I’ve never seen the show, but from what I hear, it sounds like filth,” Pat said.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. This is a show with Charlie Sheen. He was in it,” Glenn said. “It’s hard to believe that he would be in anything that has filth.”

“And Ashton Kutcher, I mean, nothing says pure beauty like Ashton Kutcher,” Pat added.

Pat wondered why he didn’t just walk away from the show if he hated it so much, but Glenn said he may have a contract that would make such a move difficult.

“If your contract is ironclad and you are going to be sued, it might be smarter just to end the contract, let the contract end naturally. You know, if he’s ‑‑ if his contract is up in a year, what does he care? So let the contract end naturally and go ahead and start speaking your mind. That way you’re not in any legal trouble,” Glenn said.


  • Sam Fisher

    Pray that he is telling the truth and this is not some stunt to get more viewers but if he his pray for him.

  • Anonymous

    The show has run it’s course….it was okay when the kid was young then it became the same-ol-same-ol type of show.  Maybe I have grown up and prefer something on NatGeo or the Science Channel yet, I’ll watch “The World’s Dumbest” before Two and a Half Men…at least I know these things happened to stupid people who deserve what they get.

    • Anonymous

       most sitcoms lose a lot after the first couple of seasons.

    • Anne Caluwaert

      I have become a watcher mostly of Science, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, History 1 & 2 because most of what is on the main stream media’s nightly shows is trash. I do like a couple, but that is all I bother to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome from a young guy putting himself out there to his own material detriment for his beliefs.   And his beliefs are spot on Christian!

  • Anonymous

    The little Chrsto-fascist is more than happy to take the money and run, though, eh?

    • Paolina

      How dare you. The only people who stood up to Fascism were Christians. The Operation Valkyrie people who tried to assassinate Hitler were Christians. Whereas the atheists in Germany all joined the Nazi party. The only people who stood up to the Nazis were people who were willing to die for their beliefs! Atheists are not willing to do so, because they believe there is nothing after life (therefore nothing has greater value than life to an atheist).

      General Eisenhower when speaking to our US troops landing on Normandy to invade the “fascists” said “onward Christian soldiers!”.

      It was Christian Britain and Christian America that resisted and defeated fascism and communism, which sought to destroy Christianity.

      But a progressive fascist like you can’t even see that you’ve become the monster you fear most!

      • corey williams

        There has been Fascism in Christianity(the with hunts, the crusades, & what happened to the native americans))

        • T

          Sure sure.. “with” hunts. Ever stop to ask yourself how many “with”s died in Salem? Of course not. You never take the time to research or investigate the things you sanctimoniously wring your blood covered hands over and pretend to care about. That would require effort.  The answer is 28 by the way.. What year was that? You have no idea. It was 1692 – and was caused by a hallucenegenic LSD-like blight which grew on the wheat supply

          The crusades? Oh far far more recent… 1095 – 1272 AD. 

          You only need to go back 917 to 740 years to invent fables for yourself about that one. The largest army fielded during the crusades was 10,000 men, a great many of whom weren’t even Christian, but were actually SECULAR cynics just like yourself who were simply looking for spoils, 

          In comparison, your “left wing” sectarian fore-bearers brutally burned, dismembered and butchered 40,000 devout Christian men women and children simply for their faith – during peace time – during the French “Revolution” from which you “left wing” devilcrats draw your “left wing” name. That the crusades were started by baby Islam deciding to murder and commit genocide against the Christians and Jews peacefully living in their home city of Jerusalem is detail completely lost on you as well. 

          And of course you are ignorant of the fact that it wasn’t Christians who attacked and murdered the Native Americans with “Manifest Destiny” and “Indian Removal”, but your very own Progressives – who both coined these terms and policies each of which was strongly resisted by the US Christian population.

          In fact, what you fail to realize is that YOU PROGRESSIVES have committed every atrocity in US history from inventing the KKK Klan to target and kill Republicans, to dropping 2 atomic bombs, to invading Mexico, to seceding form the Union to preserve slavery, to teaching the Nazi’s Eugenics, to opposing anti-lynching legislation (all the way to 1964), to starting Vietnam  to pushing drugs and illegitimacy on the black community in the 1960’s, to your communist “People’s Temple” in Jonestown fiasco, to rounding up Japanese Americans in concentration camps, filibustering EVERY Civil Rights bill, denying Jews sanctuary during WW2 etc. etc. etc.

          • corey williams

             You really don’t know much about history.

          • Anonymous

            LOL  Seriously?  You do realize that EVERYTHING T said there is ESTABLISHED, DOCUMENTED history put forth by nearly EVERY single historian on the ENTIRE planet, don’t you?  The one who doesn’t know much about history would be YOU, corey williams.

  • Renee Proctor-Wills

    You have to realize, the kid was 9 when he started the show and he had no control over it. Now he’s 19 years old and able to decide for himself. Shame on his parents for putting him in show business anyway. It’s sick that some people see their child as a way to make easy money, and completely disregard the well being of the child. I pray that he is able to get off of the show soon. Who knows how long they own him for :/

  • Frank Balcer

    I don’t even watch the show although I have seen a few episodes, I do not find any good in it what so ever. The show needs to be cancelled, just like a lot of the shows on t.v.

  • Nicki

    you little cry baby…give all your millions you earned from that filthy show to charity or your new cult….whatever……hope you never work in show business again… little cry baby…JUST SAYIN!!!!!!!!

    • Renee Proctor-Wills

      You mean the millions his parents made off of him?? Give him a break. You’re probably someone who would also sell your child as a slave to the entertainment industry to make a buck. Money isn’t everything and it can’t buy happiness. Why do you think most of Hollywood is strung out on drugs & alcohol?? At least he’s not going that route..

      • corey williams

        Why doesn’t he quit?

        • Frank Balcer

           He might when His contract is up and does not renew it.

          • corey williams

            If he does not want to be part of filth leave the show he has lawyer to workout a buyout of his contract. he is a hypocrite.

    • Stephen Musclow

      What “tolerance” toward Christians you have…

      How do you know he doesn’t give his paychecks to charity? You don’t. How is he a crybaby for standing up for himself?? It amazes me how vindictive people can be just because someone becomes a Christian. It’s just so awful how we don’t steal, murder, or cheat on our spouses, right?

      • corey williams

        Why doesn’t he quit?

  • Joanne Newnam

    This show has been filth from its inception. I never understood how a parent could let a child essentially ‘grow up’ on this program. I use to shake my head in disbelief but stopped watching it long ago.  I would tune in out of curiosity every once in a while and then to see what changed when Ashton K. became the lead.  It got worse. 

  • GA Native

    You know, I’m really glad the boy got saved.  And everything he said was true concerning the show in a Christian perspective.  But considering that he is still receiving paychecks from them, and he’s still acting on the show (yes, I know he signed a contract)–well, it’s sort of saying,”Do as I say, not as I do”.  Honestly, his words would have had greater impact if he’d waited until his contract was up and walked away, or he’d quit the show and faced the consequences.  Now, he’s backtracked and apologized…and of  course, NOW no one believes he’s sincere in his apologies.  But overall, he’s lessened his message by his actions.  Glad he got saved, but I wished he’d thought this through a littler more before he ran his mouth.

    • Anonymous

       It is probably harder to ignore what he has to tolerate at this age than when he was younger. They expect him to act like a whoreboy just like the other male actors now. The adults probably speak to him as nasty as they do their other adult counterparts. When your under a certain age you are protected by law, and people watch what they say. It is a lot harder for him to deal with now. The news said he started using drugs, and every drug user I have known used drugs to escape the pain they felt inside. He is suffering, and his mother pushed him to apologize. She pimped him out, he has been betrayed by his own mother. The supposed minister stabbed him in the back, and didn’t stand up for him. A nineteen year old does not have the maturity to know how to deal with all this, especially when they have to stand alone. His own mom, supports him going along with the show. She could have at least said, I agree with my son, the show promotes garbage but we are in a contract and she would help file a sexual harassment charges against anyone who over steps their boundaries. His contract probably doesn’t state his has to say everything the script says to do. His a young person who looks like he doesn’t have anyone to stand with him and support his desire to live a different life than what was given to him by his parents. SHAME ON HIS PARENTS.

  • Anonymous

    Smut, Contract, Lawyer’s Lack of moral’s , Not a place I recognize anymore,And how about you .

  • Anonymous

    This young man’s actions do not equate to courage. He is an actor. He is contracted to the show. If he truly disagrees with the show, then he should have the courage to speak to the studio and take whatever financial hit is required in order to end his association with the show. To continue to take the studio’s money while participating in the creation of “filth” while concurrently being paid for that participation is not courageous, it’s an attempt to walk on both sides of the line. I have never once watched this show. The fact that Charlie Sheen is part of the cast was enough to keep me from it in the first place. I don’t know whether his faith is new or not, but true, Christian honesty would require that he FIRST talks to the studio and attempts to end the contract amicably before publicly advocating against it while continuing to work and reap monetary benefit for that work.

  • Harsha V

    Yet he isn’t quitting, and staying on for the last season because ‘god wanted him to finish this last season.’  Or maybe its because he gets paid $350k an episode…hmmm i wonder

  • Miss V

    I actually took a survey on this show before they put it on tv. When I watched the video and they called me for my opinion, I told them the show was stupid and irreverent and I would never watch it or recommend it to my friends. Then three months later I’m watching the first episode, never watched it since. 

  • Anne Caluwaert

    The ads for this show were enough for me to know it was definitely not my typr of show. Typical of so much of the “comedy” genre-full of sex and nasty language.

  • Frank Balcer

    there is never much of any thing good on t.v anymore that is decent. sometimes on the religious  channels there are good shows, I have watched t.v shows & movies from the 1930’s through the 1960’s on them, they are better than whats on now & those came out long before I was born,  I will watch old classics any time when I get a chance. there was never any swearing,sexual content, or any other kind of filth in them. We need more programs & movies like the ones from those years, kids will like them too.

  • Anonymous

    I think the kid’s doing the right thing.  But, I have to say that some of the language on that show is like reading Shakespeare compared with some of the vile, hate-filled, satanic words that I’ve seen from some “Christians” on this site.

  • Joshua Embrey

    This kid is in a cult, and they will bleed him dry of every dime he has. Notice how he repeatedly pauses and looks at the guy, as if to gain approval? I would not be surprised if he is fucking that black dude. Also, am I the only one who thinks Angus looks like a heroin addict?

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