Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi takes seizes dictatorial power in Egypt, leads short list for TIME’s “Person of the Year”

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So remember when Glenn said that the Arab Spring wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and the radical Islamists were all going to rise to power and turn against the West? Media pundits like William Kristol tried to say that Glenn was being overly pessimistic and that everything was going to be fine. Well, now Egypt’s President has pretty much given himself the powers of the dictators, and the mainstream media has praised him. TIME has even listed him as a potential “Person of the Year” for 2012.

“Morsi, definitely not a dictator,” Glenn said sarcastically.  “And, of course, he said originally that the Muslim Brotherhood definitely didn’t have any interest in any power.”

And while many said the Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t take control because they represented such a small percentage of the population, recent news has shown that isn’t the case.

” Then suddenly (the Muslim Brotherhood won) president and controlled parliament and the courts.  And then they suspend all the laws just for the good of the people and the democracy.”

TheBlaze reported:

Egypt’s president told the country’s top judges Monday that he did not infringe on their authority when he seized near absolute powers, setting up a prolonged showdown on the eve of a mass protest planned by opponents of the Islamist leader.

An aide to President Mohammed Morsi said the decree was limited to “sovereignty-related issues,” but that did not satisfy his critics.

The uncompromising stance came during a meeting between Morsi and members of the Supreme Judiciary Council in a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into a new round of turmoil with clashes between the two sides that have left one protester dead and hundreds wounded.

The judiciary, the main target of Morsi’s edicts, also has pushed back, calling the decrees a power grab and an “assault” on the branch’s independence. Judges and prosecutors stayed away from many courts in Cairo and other cities on Sunday and Monday.

A spokesman said Morsi told the judges that he acted within his right as the nation’s sole source of legislation when he issued decrees putting himself above judicial oversight. The president also extended the same immunity to two bodies dominated by his Islamist allies – a panel drafting a new constitution and parliament’s mostly toothless upper chamber.

More from this story at TheBlaze

And while Morsi has seized control of power in Egypt, people are wondering why the United States has stood by and done nothing.

“One of the protestors in Tahrir Square was interviewed by an Egyptian American journalist and he writes in his column about what she had to say. And she’s a student and she’s wondering why the United States supports those who don’t share their most basic values of freedom and democracy, sharply taking Amy at the coziness of the United States with the Muslim Brotherhood,” Pat said.

Glenn then shifted over to the media and Bill Kristol, who early in the Arab Spring called the critics too pessimistic over the uprisings in Egypt. He started off by playing

Early last year: “These skeptics have been proven to be too skeptical. The naysayers who have said, oh, it can never happen, it’s going to be violent, his departure will mean the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the next day or total chaos in the streets of Egypt, they’ve been proven wrong.”

One week ago: “If as appears to be the case the Muslim Brotherhood which now rules Egypt is not rallying to Hamas’ defense.”

Stu, Glenn, and Pat all pointed out that Kristol’s recent statements were more of an aside rather than a statement of concern, and he never mentioned that it disproves everything he said during the Arab Spring.

But even more concerning than Bill Kristol is the language being used by TIME Magazine as they consider him for Person of the Year. On their website, TIME is allowing people to vote on who they think should win the coveted award, won in the past by people like Mark Zuckerberg and President Barack Obama. But now they seem to be rewriting history and normalizing the actions of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.

Below is an excerpt from TIME:

His and his party’s electoral victory this summer heralded a new moment for the Arab world’s most populous nation, so long kept underfoot by the Western-backed authoritarian regime of Hosni Mubarak. Democratically elected, Morsy and his Islamist allies are now changing the landscape of Middle Eastern politics. The Muslim Brotherhood’s religiosity is moderate, or at least moderated by pragmatism; its politics are populist and likely the template for a number of other fledgling democracies in the region. In the space of a few months, Morsy outmaneuvered Egypt’s influential generals — the most significant vestiges of the Mubarak regime — and consolidated his grip on power. And as rockets exploded over Gaza and Israel, he played an instrumental — some would say historic — role in brokering a cease-fire between Hamas and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Moderate? Pragmatic? The people of Egypt once again protesting a dictator in power may not agree.

As of publication of this article, Morsi leads the voting for who should be TIME’s Person of the Year.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a band of radicals dedicated to the restoration of the Caliphate and to the destruction of Israel. (Sadat was once of the Muslim Brotherhood, as had been Mubarak and Nasser). 

    Morsi is now becoming a dictator many orders worse than Mubarak had been when he was in power. We are seeing a theocracy on the order of Iran rising, one more linchpin in the soon-to-be reality of the restored Caliphate.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Once again, as in Iran, we see a true democratic movement arising, and Obama does or says nothing. This confirms what most have known for some time, the terrorists and extremists are his allies and he is arming them to the teeth.

    Once again I have to wonder if Obama is a follower of the 12th Imadi, or actually believes himself to be the 12th Imadi?

  • Draxx

    I never really believed anything Bill Kristol has said since I first saw his Live Commentary for news…

    This just reinforces that first intuition I guess!

  • landofaahs

    Liberals love dominating people,dictators and thugs.  It’s a sickness  that they need to be controled yet resist authority. It’s called Bi-polar.  Or just plain ole NUTS.

  • Sam Fisher

    Is it just me or has anyone notice how Obama supports Muslim dictators. That just weird. What is also weird we were right instead of racist to Arabs funny how that works out but I guess that is what you get for voting liberal 100% more dictators and 0% freedom thanks to the golden calf.
    Meet the new boss same as the old boss Egypt.

    • corey williams

      Our country has been supporting dictators since the country was born.

  • Anonymous

    Well gee, let’s see, he also shares the nomination with Sandra Fluke, another parasite on the ass of humanity.

  • Chris Dupuis

    Geeze, Glenn…you need an editor.  Bloggers are allowed to make the kinds of typos that your writers make, but your news organization needs to step it up!  Just sayin..

  • Karen Rose

    More than 200,000 people thronged Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, protesting against Egypt’s Islamist president Tuesday in an opposition show of strength, as the standoff over Mohammed Morsi’s assertion of near-absolute powers escalated into the biggest challenge yet to his and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule…TIME’s “Person of the Year” I don’t think so…Time is out of touch and is not up to date…the protest happened Tues Nov 27th 2012…Time has mudd on their faces…………..this is what happens when you are a liar…YOU GO DOWN LOL You can go see the video here ………..could this happen here in the USA lol….I hope not

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show you that Communists, Islamists, anarchists, and radicals now control the media (and our government at the highest levels).
    Last month I would have said that most Americans would never accept Mohammed Morsi or Sandra Fluke as TIME’s Person of the Year, but after witnessing the November elections, I guess these are the kind of morally bankrupt, evil individuals that will be held up as role models in the new Amerika. 

  • Derek Anderson

    Hitler also got similar honors when he was taking control of Germany

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that this is no surprise. Terrorists and Dictators have always been popular choices for Time’s person of the year. Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat(as a peacemaker?), Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin are some that readily come to mind. 
    This is no shock at all.

    I don’t know about whether Obama is a follower or believes himself to be the 12th Imadi, but Jamie Fox apparently believes he is his god and savior according to his public comments. He didn’t look like he was joking either. Of course was Jamie speaking in a Christian or Muslim context?
    Obama by his own admission (that is if you believe he actually wrote the book that was allegedly written by him.), said basically if times got tough, he would throw in with the Muslims.

    I knew a guy who converted to Islam because he believes that it eventually will wipe out Christianity and all other religions and he wanted to be on the right side to stay alive. It was pointed out to him that he would be considered a heretic and killed anyway for he was not born into it. He never really showed me that he was all that bright at anything much less his job competency.

    There have been some people that I absolutely agreed with for being Time’s person or what used to be known as “Man” of the year. Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich and Pope John Paul II.
    They actually did and accomplished great things.

    Of course it was Time back in the 1980’s that ran the face of gun violence where they attempted to put a face on everyone who was killed during a week by firearms as an effort to promote gun control. They failed because it clearly showed that most of the shootings were drug related. It showed a lot of African Americans killing each other, very few suicides, very few domestic dispute deaths and a lot justified shootings by law enforcement and civilians. Most of the incidents they were unable to show the face of the victim so they substituted a silhouette. They even had a credible study showing that with suicides, people who are determined to end their existence, will find a way without a firearm. We now know that people who commit suicide prefer over dosing with prescription and over the counter medicines.

    By the way for all of us Amendment fans out there, I found a great resource called the which has quotes from our founders on why we have the second amendment. Please check it out. If my instructor will let me, I am going to use it as one of my  sources for my final essay. Quotes from our founders with the original source information.
    It makes one wonder if everyone who argues in favor of gun control can read English. All four of our first President’s were very clear on the subject and there is really no room for interpretation or spin. The bottom line is that owning a firearm is an individual right and it was to guard against a government going out of control. Also our founding father’s wrote in their own hands in letters, legislation and books warning us about a run away federal government that will ultimately result in the lost of our liberty and all of our freedoms. It is true they did not know what Marxism and all of its off shoots are, but they would have recognized it as a totalitarian system designed to enslave the population that lived under it.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most reliable traits of Democratic Free Nations, is the ability to repeat history. Appeasement is the first weapon of choice and the dictatorial nations of the world feel honored and embolden by that pathetically-weak and backward approach. Hitler nearly succeeded in his evil-quest to rule the world, when Western Nations took the same approach as to what our politicians are taking today and once again, we are witnessing what happens when free nations turn their backs on reality.

    There is grave  trouble on the horizon of cosmic proportion. The Middle East, led by the radical dictates of Iran, has almost overnight, become an armed camp ready to explode,  but yet, Time Magazine, contemplates the idea of having a leading terrorist figure on its front cover, as ‘person of the year.’

    While America has turned its back on the real world and is now systematically pulling out of the  region, it doesn’t mean  other nations have the same naive approach, in fact, just the opposite has been demonstrated and witnessed by news reports from around the world. Europe has much at stake in the Middle East and they are quickly filling the gaping-hole  left by the passive American withdrawal.

    World war three could be avoided, but at the rate American foreign policy is being pumped out, it will be here sooner, rather than later. That is exactly what happens when strong nations no longer have the will to lead.     


  • Frank Balcer

    Most Muslims are Hypocrites. tolerance is a one way street for them and that is when anything goes in their favor.
    They flee from their countries to get away from sharia law but then they try to force it on others when they reach the new country that they moved to. They claim they want peace, but attack Israel (or allow others to do it) & kill innocent people.
    Obama will allow Morsi to take this power because He is a Muslim & has ties to the brotherhood.

    • corey williams

      Do not lump all Muslims in one group. Most Muslims are very nice and peaceful people.

      • Anonymous

        And than there are Muslim terrorists like, say, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Queda.  Should I go on, lol?

  • Boomer

    This is very important information for anyone who desires to understand the conflicting “forces” currently leading our world to the brink of Armageddon. Middle East “power players” have destabilized every aspect of modern civilizations. America, Israel, and isolated sympathizers in other nations tend to be seen as “antagonists” from the perspective of Islamists. They believe themselves to be superior to Jews, Christians or others who are in disagreement with the religion devoted to “Muslim messiah” philosophical principles. Obviously to ordinary observers, the “insanity” being demonstrated by hateful, murderous destroyers of peace for illogical reasons is a problem that only “THE FATAL BLOW” could potentially eliminate.;action=display;threadid=53

  • Anonymous

    You may or may not agreee with me (you might if your from Egypt like me and yes I said that so no loud mouth says anything about it).Morsi and his followers….well I don’t know what to say to you guys other than you sir are a bunch of heartless liars . For all those who think Egyptions had the CHOICE of electing this..this devil well you really don’t know much about the world’s crisis do you? First of all the elections for the president had been totally rigged by the police and those who worked for Mubarak.If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I guess you missed the news about some Election forms found burned in a farmer’s field. Just goes to show you. I just want to say to those who think Morsi is such an angle that so many protesters were killed trying to get there freedom…and I don’t mean in Mubarak’s overthrow but also in Morsi’s. Have you even thought for a second what those families suffer now….

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