The Christmas Spirit in New York City

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Glenn’s visit to New York City this week has really put him in the Christmas spirit. First, Pat saw a woman get accosted in his hotel. But that’s not all – as America gets closer to the fiscal cliff, everyone in New York City is going shopping! He a plea for listeners on radio this morning: “Don’t go into debt for the holidays.”

“Just so excited about the Christmas tree lighting here in New York where it’s just going to be so many people here, festive,” Glenn joked. “There’s nothing that puts you in the Christmas more than New York City.”

“Pat was staying at the hotel last night.  There was a robbery on his floor,” he said.

“Apparently some woman got accosted in the elevator.  Somebody just followed her in, took her stuff and got off the you elevator,” Pat explained.

“What’s the problem?  That’s also ‑‑ all they did, there’s just redistribution of her stuff,” Glenn said.

” Right.  They are just following the government lead,” Pat said, “It seriously is no different than what the government’s doing to us.”

What else is the government doing? Plunging America further into debt.

“Everybody is in debt.  There’s no way to get out of debt.  This was the crazy apocalyptic scenario that when I was over at CNN, I was talking to one of my, you know, deep throat guys who has connections to all of the banks, treasuries, he was there in all of those TARP meeting and everything else and he said, Glenn, I’m telling you this is going to end, they’re going to print their way out.  They are going to inflate their way out of this debt.  And I said, that won’t work.  And he said, no, it won’t.  But that’s the only way they’ll have.  In the end that’s the only thing they’ll do.  And the entire world is doing it.  Do me a favor, just don’t get into ‑‑ don’t get into debt for the holidays.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Well, Obama wants the madness to come, to carry us over some hyped-up national emergency in which he will be handed absolute power ‘to do what must be done,’ and ‘for the duration’ which will never be surrendered by him.

    The future is at hand with Obama as his followers declare him to be the messiah, savior, and god in the flesh. When he is a madman and totally insane with his delusions of power and of grandeur.

    He grows madder by the day.

  • landofaahs

    DC is not having a nativity scene this year.  They cannot find 3 wise men although they have plenty of asses for the stable.  A search for a virgin continues. It won’t be a FLUKE if they find one.

    • americanathlete

       Oh, but they do have a messiah…just ask idiots like Jamie Foxx.

  • Sam Fisher

    So that is Obama’s gift to us on holiday day because we can’t call it Christmas that might offend an atheist. Oh yes comrades the end of the world. Thanks liberals!

    • corey williams

      What are you talking about if you want to celebrate christmas then celebrate christmas. if you want to say christmas then say it. But keep religion out of goverment and goverment places. You have to understand that when you have the nativity scene and the christmas tree you are useing the tax dollars from non christians to pay for a christian theme. If they decorated the city hall in your town for a Muslim Holiday christian would protest it. I would not mind to see the chrismas decoration around town but I understand why they should be put up. But you can in your yard on your propety put as much decoration up of what ever you want.

      • Anonymous

        Corey, do you mean like using tax dollars for contraception and abortion? Those may be a noble idea to some, but to the free thinkers of our nation, it isn’t.

        • corey williams

          No i don’t i disagree with the contraception being paid for by the goverment it is a choice to have sex. So the goverment should not be envolved with that. I do fell that only if a women is rape should she have an abortion and i have no problems with the goverment paying for that.

          • Anonymous

            Where do you suppose the gov. gets all the money? It come from those of us that pay taxes! Freedom of religion isn’t about us getting into the face of government; it’s about keeping the government out of our faces….our religious freedoms! If one is an atheist, No one stops one from believing in nothing; Notice how the atheists are trying to stop those of us that believe in something…namely, God, Lord Jesus. So please, The government should stay out of our lives and those of you that don’t mind the intrusion continue on your paths of destruction, just stop including the rest of us!

      • Sam Fisher

        It was part joke. Besides when Church and State start working together some pretty bad things happened. Again Hitler is a good example how the two should not really mixed. I was once an atheist myself you know. There has been one case in a town about thirty minutes away were what you said about putting up religious things on private property was taken to court. You might not feel the way that atheist felt buy you have to admit that some of you guys want to take faith out of this country. Not saying that is you. As for a town celebrating a Muslim holiday I would not have a problem with it.

        • Anonymous

          Well, to be fair, Hitler and the Church didn’t really work together.  The Pope actually condemned Hitler.  Hitler, however, did try to control what part of the church he could.  You control the church, you control the people.  That was true than, and that is true today.  Approximately 1/3 of the planet belongs to some Christian church, after all.

          • Sam Fisher

            That was really because of what the confessing church why Hitler didn’t get the control he wanted. Think of how much easier it would be for someone like him to do so today. Their to many churches out there that got co-opted by socialist. If I had a nickel every time I had to explain to someone that Jesus was not a socialist I would be an evil 1%er myself. The question we should be asking as Christians is if a Hitler figure came back today and tried to co-opt churches would they be enough of us to make a stand? I heard pull number that said in this country that people who called themselves Christians only 10% of them believe the Bible is the truth. It may be because of the age of science and an age of not thinking for ourselves may be to blame for this. Without God’s word as a compass many may follow the guy wanting to give them free stuff. This could be the end times for all we know and there may be nothing we could do about it.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed. Obama has already co-opted the liberal wing of the Church. They are already vouching for him. The conservative wing is only half the Church and isn’t really enough to fight back. We need to get out there and fight. We need to take back the Church from the left wing who have taken control of it.

            By the way, it’s not the age of science that has really caused Christians to not believe in the Bible. Heck, most actual scientists are actually Christians who believe in the Bible 100%. The Bible is certainly not against science, you know. But the Bible does certainly warn of a loss of faith in the end of days.

          • Sam Fisher

            I was just guessing to why people are losing faith it is a question I think of often. I wonder how close we are to the end. It feels like things keep falling apart and soon anarchy will rule question is how long to we have.

      • Anonymous

        Uhm, when the nativity scene and Christmas tree were DONATED, as they usually are, how are the tax dollars from non Christians paying it, lol?

        Also, it is freedom OF religion.  It is NOT freedom from religion.  Learn the difference and quit being such a stupid tool.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I mentioned this very thing the other day! On one hand, We want to help businesses thrive; On the other hand, Will we do it at the expense of our debt? I say no! Buy needs, not extravagances. How many more games, toys and other fun things do we really need? Buckle up friends, We are headed for a bumpy ride.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows taxes is going up and businesses are going to be in trouble. I wouldn’t spend any money I don’t need to spend this year. Many are in part time work and can’t afford gifts.

  • Frank Balcer

    I will keep saying Merry Christmas no matter what anyone says or does. I will not tolerate or give into political correctness. If you get offended by it, to bad, every one gets offended by one thing or another. 

    Money will be tight this year, but that does not mean we still can’t give service or help to those that need it. you can donate old clothes that you no longer wear to people that need it, help out  at soup kitchen. you can also teach children the true meaning of Christmas, about the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and the love He has shown to us for us, it’s also about being with your family that also matters. showing love for each other is the best thing you can do. this kind of stuff should happen everyday not once a year.

  • Anonymous

    Christmas is about FAMILY, we will have a good old fashion traditional holiday by having a family dinner with all our children!

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry friend’s they will never be able to take CHRISTmas away it’s in our heart’s not in our wallet’s,purses,bank account’s etc,
    May the lord shine on us all even if you don’t believe,Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  • Ines DeLong

    Dear Glenn, it is like that every where. The difference is that we can noticed it more now. First because Obama, second we are older now. Why are  you and others Telling the American people what is wrong with Obama? They don’t care. It is like a child telling his mother what other kids are doing that is bad. Guess what? Mom doesn’t care. But, go and punch the kid. Even better have the kid punch you. She will get involved. The same with the people. Obama did that to Romney. Remember the bat?
    He destroy Romney and the people were then paying attention. They love a good fight.The problem was the other guy did not fight back. And the people did not like it. Obama will run again. We’ll see.

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