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Glenn’s visit to New York City this week has really put him in the Christmas spirit. First, Pat saw a woman get accosted in his hotel. But that’s not all – as America gets closer to the fiscal cliff, everyone in New York City is going shopping! He a plea for listeners on radio this morning: “Don’t go into debt for the holidays.”

“Just so excited about the Christmas tree lighting here in New York where it’s just going to be so many people here, festive,” Glenn joked. “There’s nothing that puts you in the Christmas more than New York City.”

“Pat was staying at the hotel last night.  There was a robbery on his floor,” he said.

“Apparently some woman got accosted in the elevator.  Somebody just followed her in, took her stuff and got off the you elevator,” Pat explained.

“What’s the problem?  That’s also ‑‑ all they did, there’s just redistribution of her stuff,” Glenn said.

” Right.  They are just following the government lead,” Pat said, “It seriously is no different than what the government’s doing to us.”

What else is the government doing? Plunging America further into debt.

“Everybody is in debt.  There’s no way to get out of debt.  This was the crazy apocalyptic scenario that when I was over at CNN, I was talking to one of my, you know, deep throat guys who has connections to all of the banks, treasuries, he was there in all of those TARP meeting and everything else and he said, Glenn, I’m telling you this is going to end, they’re going to print their way out.  They are going to inflate their way out of this debt.  And I said, that won’t work.  And he said, no, it won’t.  But that’s the only way they’ll have.  In the end that’s the only thing they’ll do.  And the entire world is doing it.  Do me a favor, just don’t get into ‑‑ don’t get into debt for the holidays.”