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  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Glenn, for the wonderful show tonight. It was so refreshing to see two people who disagree on many things have an honest discussion. Michael has a right to believe in ideas I may not agree with but I saw a flicker of understanding. He just isn’t there YET. I stopped watching FOX news when you started your own network. I can’t stand people yelling over each other. I like to have an adult conversation.

  • Gluttony

    Michael’s artwork is impressive, it’s causing discussion, which is good. He’s a Lib I could get along with. He was very reasonable. 

  • Deborah H Micheal said he didn’t know anyone else make Obama into  God. Check this website! He also said that McCain was the first to call him “The One”  but actuall McCain actually said “who voted for a bill filled with pork that one (pointing to Obama) and I am the one who voted againt it”

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree with this guy about only selling copies of his art, while keeping the originals.  That is a sound business decision.

    • Gregory Bacon

       Extremely well done Glenn. . . I would love to see an extension of this type of program. I feel you’re really onto something here, and this could no doubt bring the country closer together rather than dividing it. “Fox News” does hands down put out a more factual program, however the bickering, bitching, and talking over each other makes me want to hurl! I’ve been drawing this line for awhile now. It really turns me off, and when this happens, I turn them off! I do surf the other news channels just to see what the majority are Not hearing. This is seriously a sad situation. I’m a Libertarian by definition as I believe in Our Founding Fathers, We the People, and Our Constitution. I think you are right on the money and will hope to see more of this. There are most likely millions of “liberals” out there, that in reality “are not”, according to how they really feel about these simple things. There is Truly Hope for US ALL. Amen Brother!

      • Anonymous

        I have been saying that myself that there are liberals that are really conservatives.  They just do not know it nor do they understand.

  • Anonymous

    I am really impressed with that segment of the show.  Shame more folks cannot have a “sit down” exactly like that and carry on a civil, intelligent conversation about issues.  Very educational indeed.  Definitely exposes the depth of hypocrasy out there via so called news outlets on both sides.  Although I don’t agree with the assessment on FOX; they can be way out on the left as well as the right.  And I too cannot nor will I watch those segments where the guests get into angry discussions and end up talking over each other to the point nothing is understood; that is ridiculous and smacks of these stupid reality shows.  Thanks Glenn for a marvelous presentation and interview.  That is exactly why I am a Blaze fan!!!

  • Sam Fisher

    This has to be the most reasonable liberal that I have ever seen on this website. I don’t like his art but this guy is just refreshing. See left Glenn is not the anti-Christ and is a nice guy.

  • Dana Skehan

    It was a reasonable conversation, but it also showed how in the “dark” most liberals are. They have no idea of what’s really going on or our history.

  • Teri

    This “artist” is a bad actor.  Pretending like he is surprised at the interpretation of his art.  

  • Anonymous

    a cogent argument…………..
    libs are awesome?…………
    or libs are in denial.

  • Mike Boulrice

    Artists don’t intend to be “fair” or project reality but instead project perception. Art by its nature is “representational” meaning that it exists outside of the scope of reality and this thought is clearly demonstrated by Margritte’s  “this is not a pipe” illustration. Artists draw what they feel and what they see, concepts which exist in the mind, but this is far from objective truth. Glenn’s assertion that Michael should illustrate paintings that show both sides is misguided. Michael is not stating that his drawings are fair. Michael did however seem to backtrack on his depiction of Obama. Glenn should have asked “what where you thinking of/intending when illustrating this piece.” The true artist is not the hands or mind which assemble the strokes of a painting but the observer which gathers meaning from it.

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