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There is a sign in the town of Buhler, Kansas causing controversy in the news this week. The sign in the small town, described as a town rooted in “small town values”, featured a large cross, representative of much of the towns values. The sign is now being changed following a law suit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

The group complained, claiming the cross “violates the Constitution.” TheBlaze reported that the cross has been included in the design for the past 24 years, however the FFRF didn’t complain until the image was posted in a city park just four months ago.

After the city council decided to comply with the legal demands, the citizens responded with an extensive Facebook campaign. After just two days, the campaign gathered a lot of strength and the people of Buhler decided the sign isn’t going very far. They’re moving the sign across the street to private property.

Watch the local news report here:

This morning on radio, Glenn expressed his opinion on the FFRF’s campaign and the cities response.

“The really missed the point of this sign,” Glenn said this morning. “…nobody is talking about the progressives ideas being the problem on that sign.”

Glenn was referring to the slogan on the sign that on one version reads: “Our second century of progress,” and on another says, “Tradional Values. Progressive Ideas.”

Glenn pointed out that the town is ironically up in arms over a group wanting to remove the cross from the public sign — they don’t understand why.

Well, because it’s a progress organization and they’re pushing their “progressive ideas”.

“You’re eventually going to lose the cross in your seal if your seal has “progressive ideas” in it,” Glenn quipped. “No doubt about it.”

Glenn continued to point out the irony in the situation noting that the communities solution is to move the sign to private property.

“What is the progressive idea?  The elimination of private property,” he said. “If you continue with these progressive ideals and ideas, you will lose your private property.  Which means you have no place to have your point of view.  None.”

The situation with this town’s sign is a great example of what progressivism does to traditional values, Glenn pointed out. The sign mixed the church with progressivism from the get-go.

They took traditional values and the Bible together with “progress” — which is antithetical in the eyes of a progressive. But, in the name of progress, they got together and said ‘we’ll compromise to make this baby step’. But in doing that the “traditional values” are really what are continuing to be weakened — weakened to the point where they are now doing all of the compromising, not the progressives.

“The and thing is they didn’t have to move it in the first place.  This doesn’t violate anything constitutional,” Pat noted.

The FFRF even said that they sent a letter to the city council citing it was illegal based on federal rulings. Federal rulings are not the same as constitutional rulings — they’re simply acting on precedent, a progressive idea. Using precedent makes the Constitution nearly irrelevant in most court cases now. The law can just be progressed ruling after ruling.

“The you can change the constitution. That’s the way our system work. They [progressives] didn’t like that. What they decided to go — and they started at Harvard — they stop teaching constitutional law to teach precedent,” Glenn explained. “So now it’s what does the court say? It’s not about the constitution. What is the precedent from the public? Does the public — are they moving in this direction? Are they progressing in this direction because we’ll just use the evidence of the movement of the country is this way.  So they’ve completely taken the constitution out.”

Glenn pointed out another example of an anti-religious progressive attack that was highlighted on O’Reilly’s show just last night. This attack was directed towards Christmas. Watch O’Reilly’s confrontation with the anti-religion spokesman below. You can get the full story on TheBlaze.