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Glenn talked about the fiscal cliff today and the ridiculous deal put forth by the President which proposes no spending cuts and actually another massive spending increase. It was so laughable that Mitch McConnell actually laughed in Geithner’s face over the proposal.

“The president has given the Republicans such a deal on the financial cliff that there’s no way he could ‑‑ there’s no way anyone could possibly say yes to this. He is pushing the financial cliff. He wants the financial cliff. He wants us to go over. Why would that happen? How could that possibly be the case with the president? Because the Obama tax cuts then come. He wants to get rid of the Bush tax cuts, have us pushed over the financial cliff, ridicule and paint into a corner. And quite honestly, let’s be honest. The GOP, they’re the Whig party. It’s over. It’s over for the GOP.”

“He wants to go ahead and rip apart the GOP, which he will, and he’ll win because he has the press, and then institute the Obama tax cuts. So he’ll be a hero to anybody who is not paying taxes now.”

Oh, and by the way, if you want to make a charitable contribution to a university, God forbid, you want to make one to a church, you want to make one to a homeless shelter, you want to make it to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, you better do it now because they’re also now offering, as a way to get over this financial cliff, they’re offering the removal of the charitable tax deduction.”

Isn’t that the first thing he tried to do when he got into office? Answer: Yes. Why would you do that? Who is that going to help? Who is going to be helped by that? Certainly not the people who are at the lowest rung of the ladder. Certainly not the people who are ‑‑ who have cancer, certainly not the people who have to go to a charitable hospital, a Catholic hospital. Certainly not those people who go to churches, give to churches. Certainly not those people who go to soup kitchens. You will be dependent on the federal government. The federal government won’t be able to handle it. It will collapse and it will ‑‑ it will be able to go into a new global system.”