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Glenn shared a horrifying story on this morning from the UK: a doctor admitted that sick and disabled babies are being put on “death pathways.”

Sick children and even disabled newborn babies, are reportedly being discharged from NHS hospitals in England only to die  slowly at home or in hospices in an unfathomable manner. The innocent children are being put on controversial “death pathways,” once only thought to have involved elderly and terminally ill adult patients.

One line from the report that shocked Glenn read, “”Once only thought to have involved the elderly and terminally ill adult patients.”

He noted that this story is even more shocking for us [in the United States], because unlike England, we don’t do this to the elderly either.

The Daily Mail has more details on this tragic story:

The investigation, which will include child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors’ decisions.

Medical critics of the LCP insist it is impossible to say when a patient will die and as a result the LCP death becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They say it is a form of euthanasia, used to clear hospital beds and save the NHS money.

The use of end of life care methods on disabled newborn babies was revealed in the doctors’ bible, the British Medical Journal.

“And what is the reasoning behind allowing, starving children to death?” Pat asked.

According to the doctor in the report, the disabled and sick children are being put on death pathways because, “They are not going to have a good quality of life,” Glenn answered.

“That is Third Reich,” Pat responded.

“It absolutely is,” Glenn said. “And who is responsible for the policies of the Third Reich?  Read their own letters.  We’ve read them on the air before.  Read the letters from the leaders of the Third Reich and the leaders of Nazi Germany and the eugenics program thanking American progressives for the ideas and the excitement level that they’ve been able to sell it to the German people.”